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Volume 1- Issue 1

Employee Manual
Volume 1- Issue 1

Managers & Associates
(KEC International Ltd.)

*Not applicable to KEC International Ltd.- Officers- Refer Volume 2

Release Date: April 2012

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Table of Contents
1. Welcome to RPG ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4
1.1 About RPG Group & Business Sectors ----------------------------------------------------------- 5
1.2 Vision -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
1.3 Values ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6
1.4 Human Resources Mandate ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
1.5 Employer Brand Proposition ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 7
1.6 Reward and Recognition Programs-------------------------------------------------------------- 8
1.6.1 RPG Outstanding Achievers Award ( VP & Above) --------------------------------- 8
1.6.2 RPG Top Gear Award ( AM to GM) ----------------------------------------------------- 8
1.7 Communication Channels------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
1.8 Grow @RPG ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 9
1.9 Group CSR Initiatives------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 10

2. Welcome to KEC International ------------------------------------------------------ 11

2.1 About KEC International -------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
2.2 Historical Milestones ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
2.3 Vision -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12
2.4 Mission ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13
2.5 Organogram ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13
2.6 Management ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------13
2.7 Grade and Designations --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 14
2.8 Business Spectrum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------15
2.9 Culture Pillars --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
2.10 HR Vision ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
2.11 KEC Felicitations ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17
2.12 KEC CSR Initiatives -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 20

3. Workplace Guidelines ----------------------------------------------------------------- 22

3.1 Ethics and Code of Conduct ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 23
3.2 Open Door Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30
3.3 Equal Opportunity Employer -------------------------------------------------------------------- 30
3.4 Payroll Guidelines ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31
3.5 Social Media Policy --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 31
3.6 Dress Code Policy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------34
3.7 Office Timings and Attendance ------------------------------------------------------------------- 35
3.8 Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) Policy ----------------------------------------------------38
3.9 Quality Policy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------38
3.10 Office Security Guidelines--------------------------------------------------------------------- 39

4. Information Technology Policy ---------------------------------------------------- 40

4.1 Electronic Communication Policy--------------------------------------------------------------41

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4.2 Hardware Procurement & Disposal ----------------------------------------------------------44

4.3 Information Security Policy --------------------------------------------------------------------45
4.4 Virus Combat Policy -----------------------------------------------------------------------------46

5. HR Policies/Procedures and Entitlements/Benefits--------------------------- 48


Parichay - The KEC - Employee Referral Policy --------------------------------------------49

Travel Policy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------51
Transfer Policy / Assistance for shifting of residence-------------------------------------52
Exit Policy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------53
Entitlements & Benefits -------------------------------------------------------------------------54
5.5.1 Policy on Mobiles / Landlines/ WLL------------------------------------------------54
5.5.2 CAP Customised Allowance Pool Rules-------------------------------------------55
5.5.3 Leave Rules ------------------------------------------------------------------------------56
5.5.4 Conveyance Expenses and Meal Allowance----------------------------------------59
5.5.5 Annual Health Check Up---------------------------------------------------------------60
5.5.6 Kit Allowance----------------------------------------------------------------------------61
5.5.7 Health and Medical Policy -------------------------------------------------------------61 Group Medical Policy (Hospitalization)---------------------------------------61 Personal Accident Policy---------------------------------------------------------63 Group Term Life Insurance-------------------------------------------------------64
5.5.8 Retirement Benefits --------------------------------------------------------------------64 Provident Fund --------------------------------------------------------------------64 Gratuity -------------------------------------------------------------------------------65
5.6 Procedure ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------65
5.6.1 Reimbursement of official expenses ------------------------------------------------65

6. Policies applicable to Domestic Sites ---------------------------------------------- 67


Field Travel Allowance (FTA) -----------------------------------------------------------------68

Site Accommodation Allowance--------------------------------------------------------------68
Transfer Reimbursement Policy --------------------------------------------------------------69
Disturbance Allowance--------------------------------------------------------------------------69
Procedure to Apply for Leave------------------------------------------------------------------70

7. HR Processes & Practices at KEC --------------------------------------------------- 71

7.1 On Boarding ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------72
7.2 Performance Management System ------------------------------------------------------------73
7.2.1 Goal Setting-PRIDE----------------------------------------------------------------------73
7.2.2 Mid Term Review------------------------------------------------------------------------73
7.2.3 Annual Performance Appraisal------------------------------------------------------ 74
7.2.4 Career Dialogue------------------------------------------------------------------------- 74
7.3 Capability Building------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 74
7.3.1 Development Action plan (DAP)-----------------------------------------------------75
7.3.2 Blended Learning Curriculum--------------------------------------------------------75 Classroom training---------------------------------------------------------------- 76

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7.8 E-Learning-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 76
7.3.3 Training Institute @ Butibori-------------------------------------------------------- 76
7.3.4 Organization Management Review------------------------------------------------- 77
Culture Building---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 77
7.4.1 KEC Role Model Behaviour Workshop--------------------------------------------- 77
7.4.2 Transform-360 Degree feedback tool---------------------------------------------- 78
Employee Engagement-------------------------------------------------------------------------- 78
Reward and Recognition Programs---------------------------------------------------------- 79
7.6.1 Challenger Award-----------------------------------------------------------------------79
7.6.2 U R the Brand Program---------------------------------------------------------------- 81
7.6.3 KEC Role Model Award---------------------------------------------------------------- 81
7.6.4 Well Done Award----------------------------------------------------------------------- 81
Fun @ Work Initiatives------------------------------------------------------------------------- 82
Communication Channels---------------------------------------------------------------------- 83
7.8.1 KEC Connect----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 83
7.8.2 HR Online-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 83
7.8.3 Forum-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------84
7.8.4 InfraTimes------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 84

8. Annexure ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 86
8.1 Forms and Templates ---------------------------------------------------------------------------87
8.2 Process Documents ------------------------------------------------------------------------------88
8.3 Important Links ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 88

*Wherever grades are mentioned it is with respect to designations only, please do not confuse it with

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Section 1Welcome to

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1.1 About RPG Group & Business Sectors

RPG Enterprises, established in 1979, is one of Indias fastest growing business groups
with a turnover of around US $3 Billion. The Group comprises of multiple companies with
diverse business interests in the areas of Tyre, Infrastructure, IT and Speciality.
Below are the companies under the leadership of our Chairman, Mr. Harsh Goenka.

Business Sectors

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Respond.... Perform.... Grow....

These are the pillars on which RPG has built its foundations to become one of the largest
business houses of India with assets of over US $2.5 billion. Today the Group companies
have worldwide presence and partnerships with many transnational corporations.
Wide-ranging businesses, growing returns and a reputation to reckon, makes working
with RPG an enriching experience. At RPG entrepreneurial skills are valued, excellence is
the by-word, and performance is a pre-requisite.
RPG touches us in every sphere of our lives with infrastructure providing the foundation
for modern lifestyle, with tyres that transport us, with technology that helps us perform
better, with tea that refreshes us, with medicines that save lives, and in many other ways.
It is truly a culmination of efforts highlighted by the qualities of Response, Performance
and Growth.

1.2 Vision
We shall be a leading Indian Group with a focus on market capitalization through:

Leadership in profitability and revenue growth in our chosen businesses.

Being a customer-centric organization, and
Being the most exciting workplace.

1.3 Values
A value system acts as a compass for a persons actions. Similarly, the RPG values are
guidelines that determine the ways in which RPGians interact with internal and external
stakeholders. The values are Customer Sovereignty
People Orientation
Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Transparency & Integrity
Passion for Superior Performance
Anticipation, Speed & Flexibility

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1.4 Human Resources Mandate

We at RPG believe that one of the most important competitive advantages of an
organization is its employees. Thus, it is critical that we use the right practices to acquire,
develop, engage and retain our people. Moreover, our human resource strategy needs to
be aligned with our business requirement. The HR mandate for RPG is as belowBuild a High Performance Organization
Align HR Interventions with Business Objectives
Drive People Development & Growth Opportunities
Champion RPG Values
Creating an Exciting Workplace

1.5 Employer Brand Proposition

RPG has a value proposition for its present and prospective employees who outline what
the Group promises to offer and what makes RPG an exciting place to work. The Employer
Brand Position is as below-

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1.6 Reward and Recognition Programs

1.6.1 RPG Outstanding Achievers Award (VP & Above)
This award was conceived and communicated as a part of the RPG Rewards and
Recognition policy aimed at driving high performance orientation across the RPG Group
and honour and build visibility for outstanding achievements.
Selection Criteria
Evidenced accomplishments that meet one or more of the following five parameters:

Impact on Bottom Line

Impact on Quality and Customer
Impact on Process Flow / Work Method / Operational Efficiency
Impact by Exemplary Leadership
Contribution Outside Scope of Principal Accountabilities
Adherence to/Demonstration of Group Values in action

Eligibility, Nomination and Selection

Full-time employees of the RPG Group (VP and Above).

Accomplishment in the 12-month period prior to the nomination for awards
Nominations from Managing Director of respective Companies & Sector Heads.
Group Chairman/ Vice Chairman to select winners.
There would be up-to 5 Awards across the Group.
Winners will receive a Holiday package for two to London or equivalent

1.6.2 RPG Top Gear Performance Award (AM to GM)

The purpose of this award is to encourage high performance orientation among
employees of all Group companies. People selected, who display the defined performance
parameters, from across the RPG Group will be recognized and awarded for their
outstanding achievements.
Selection Criteria: Evidenced accomplishments that meet one or more of the following
five parameters:

Impact on Bottom Line

Impact on Quality and Customer
Impact on Process Flow / Work Method / Operational Efficiency
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Contribution Outside Scope of Principal Accountabilities

Adherence to/Demonstration of Group Values in action

Eligibility, Nomination and Selection

Full-time employees in the managerial cadre of the RPG Group i.e. Assistant
Manager to General Manager.
Accomplishment in the 12-month period prior to the nomination for awards
Nominations from Functional Heads / Customers (internal or external)
Sector Business Heads to select the winners for each sector. MD/CEOs, Company
Management Committees and Sector HR Heads to facilitate selection process

In addition to the annual increments and performance incentives

Up-to FIVE Awards per Sector

All individual awards; no quota based on grades / function applicable
Winners to receive a Holiday package for two to a South East Asian destination
within the sanctioned budget of Rs. 120,000.

1.7 Communication Channels

RPG believes in establishing a strong connect with its numerous employees in various
Group companies. Common platforms used to engage employees are as below

RPG Lounge An intranet spanning the entire Group. A place for all RPGians to
connect, share ideas and discuss issues. A virtual forum for the Group leadership to
address all employees. Visit it at
Forum Forum is a monthly information sharing session between the senior
management and the other employees of the company which is partly face to face
and partly through electronic media. This is an occasion where the employees
across locations can connect with Group leaders and voice queries.
RPGCom RPGCom is the official quarterly group magazine. This magazine helps
keep employees updated with events across Group companies and various

Grow@RPG is a way to inform employees of openings and to identify qualified and
interested applicants who might not otherwise be known to the hiring manager.

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In general, notices of all regular, full-time job openings are posted, although the Company
reserves its discretionary right not to post a particular opening. For information
regarding the latest job openings visit

1.9 Group CSR Initiatives

RPG is a socially responsible organization; it believes in giving back to the community
what it has gained from it. The Group has a centralized CSR team that co-ordinates teams
and volunteers at company level. CSR is encouraged as a company policy. Individual
employees are also encouraged to do their part to give back to society.
Education, employability and environment, are the three broad focus areas for the RPG
Groups CSR initiatives.

Education & Employability:

Saksham Program- Understanding the vitality of soft skills in our lives, the Group
initiated a flagship training programme for adolescents called Saksham. It is an overall
grooming and confidence building programme focused at the age group of 16-20 years of
AKSHAR Program- It has been initiated since April 2010. This intervention is focussed
on spoken English proficiency and reading English text among students.

We often tend to take for granted what Nature has gifted us. However, at RPG we realize
the importance of the global environmental crisis, and we intend to optimize resources,
reduce wastage of paper, power and food. Our aim is to become environmentally
responsible. Towards this end, RPG celebrates the World Environment Day to create
awareness about recycling wastes, reduce usage of plastic and initiate action to reduce
global warming by planting saplings with the support of the forestry department.
Our Group companies have taken several initiatives in creating awareness about global
warming, conservation of trees and recycling of paper and reduce plastic. Effective waste
management apart, one of our companies has also initiated a kitchen garden and a biosanitisation project.

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Section 2Welcome to KEC

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2.1 About KEC International

KEC International, the flagship company of the RPG Group, is a diversified global major
in the Infrastructure Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) space. Earlier
known as Kamani Engineering Company, KEC was taken over by RPG in 1982. Today,
with revenues exceeding a Billion Dollars, KEC has project footprints in more than 45
countries. 6 decades of comprehensive experience has made KEC a force to reckon in
diverse areas such as design, testing, manufacturing of towers and cables, project
management, construction of turnkey projects in areas of power transmission, power
distribution, telecom, railways and water infrastructure projects.

2.2 Historical Milestones

2.3 Vision
To be a global leader in Power Transmission and Distribution EPC business and a
significant player in other infrastructure businesses, providing superior value to all
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2.4 Mission

To be a global player in the power transmission and distribution industry.

To meet customer requirements in terms of quality and time.
To be the most cost effective contracting and manufacturing company, by
institutionalizing processes and utilizing state-of-the-art technology.
To provide a challenging and fulfilling work culture to our employees.

2.5 Organogram

2.6 Management
KEC Apex Management Body- Management Review Members (MRM) are:

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Leadership Team

2.7 Grades and Designations:

KEC International has a strong organization structure that forms the back bone of all its
businesses. The organization structure has defined grades and designations as per their
expertise, experience and capabilities. They are:

Vice President
Chief Manager


Managing Director
Executive Director
Chief Executive/
Sr. Vice President
Vice President
General Manager
Dy. General Manager

Sr. Manager
Asst. Manager

Chief Manager
Sr. Manager
Manager M2
Manager M1
Asst. Manager
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2.8 Business Spectrum

KEC International Ltd is involved in Design, Supply and construction of high voltage
Overhead Transmission lines. They consist of bare overhead line conductors supported
on galvanized steel structures. The tower manufacturing factories are at Jabalpur,
Butibori, Jaipur, Mexico & Brazil. Items like conductors, insulators hardware are
outsourced from various suppliers. They are designed to resist the various loading
conditions at the design department of the company using various softwares.
Construction of the Transmission Line at site is done either by KEC departmental gang or
by using Sub-Contractors.

KEC is involved in design, supply and construction of distribution lines. Typically a
distribution line comprises of concrete, wood or steel poles supporting bare overhead
line conductor. The concrete poles are manufactured at site in a pole plant this was done
by the company for projects in Ethiopia and Afghanistan. Steel poles are either
manufactured in the manufacturing units or outsourced. Wooden poles, conductors,
insulators and accessories are outsourced. Construction of distribution line is done at site
using Sub contractors or departmentally.
Power Systems
Designing and construction of substations ranging from 11KV to 220KV is done at
KEC. Items like Transformers, Isolators, Fuses, switches, Lighting, Arrestors,
conductors, insulators, cables and panels are outsourced. Steel structures used for
mounting various structures are manufactured at KEC factories. Construction is
done by Sub-Contractors.
KEC is positioned in the field of telecom, among leading vendors in providing
turnkey infrastructure solutions, to operators and tower management companies
as the company has:
o Successfully implemented about 400 sites for USOF in Chhattisgarh,
Meghalaya & Mizoram on BOO basis.
o Commissioned 210kms repeater less Optical Link in Afghanistan.

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Since 1990, Cables division has supplied more than 400 kms of EHV XLPE cables
from 66 V to 132 KV in India. They are the highest suppliers of 132 KV grade 123
kms to utilities in India. Their products have been type tested & approved by CPRI
Bangalore since 1993. RPG Cables merged with KEC in March 2010 with a view to
consolidate KECs presence in the post-generation power value chain.
Cables SBU has its manufacturing plant at Mysore, Silvassa, Thane & Vadodara.
They have a dedicated Design team capable of designing cables to customer
specific requirements & various international standards.

KECs Railways division has transformed into a complete turnkey solution provider
in the EPC space. The services include:
Civil Infrastructure including earthwork, bridges, tunnels, station building and
New Track laying and rehabilitation of existing tracks.
Railway Electrification and power systems.
Signalling & Telecommunication network.
KEC executed the first Railway Electrification Project when the Indian Railways launched
the electrification of tracks and has been continuing to do so for major projects across the
country. The main client in this sector is CORE (Central organization for Railway
Electrification). The division has developed a strong vendor base and logistics provider
network in India.

It is the latest addition to KECs diverse business domain. It made its foray in this area in
2011. The waters business is an up-coming sector with tremendous growth opportunity
in the near future and KEC is poised to tap it. KEC possesses the capabilities for execution
expertise at every phase of water and waste water management. It has a tie-up with a
German company BIOWORKS AG for advanced technologies such as Activated Sludge
Process, Sequential Batch Reactor, Rotating Bed Bio Reactor, Moving Bed Bio Reactor as
well. The expertise covers activities like Irrigation and Hydroelectric construction
Embankment and Flood Control
Sewage and industrial effluent treatment
Potable water treatment and distribution
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2.9 Culture Pillars

Culture is the common thread that connects KECians across SBUs and geographies.
Moreover, it is this culture that has contributed to KEC evolving from an Indian
engineering company to a global infrastructure major.
The combination of cultural attributes that define a KECian areDelivery Focus
Cost & Profitability Focus

To deliver any job within agreed time without comprising on quality.

To internalize ownership of task & accountability of its results.

Ownership & Accountability

To have a cost conscious approach for increasing Profitability for all jobs.

Cross Functional Teamwork

To collaborate across functions by improving transparency and communication.

Empowering Performance
Valuing People
Providing Diverse Opportunities
Forward Looking

To ensure high performance by empowering people.

To nurture an environment of mutual care and respect with focus on personal
and professional growth.
To leverage the diverse opportunities across SBUs and functions for
employees to experience and learn.

To be a more energetic, diverse, inclusive and dynamic workforce.

2.10 HR Vision
Creating an exciting workplace which inspires superior people performance.

2.11 KEC Felicitations

In its journey towards excellence, KEC has been recognized in many spheres for its
numerous accomplishments. Some notable awards are mentioned below:
KEC International wins Top Exporter Award for the Year 2010-11

KEC won Top Exporter Award for the Year 2010-11, at the prestigious 43rd edition of
Engineering Export Promotion Council (EEPC) INDIAs National Awards for Export
KEC has received the Gold Trophy in the Merchant Exporter category which is the highest
recognition given to Indias largest exporter of engineering goods.

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Mr. Vimal Kejriwal, President - Transmission Business receiving the Award from Mr. Milan
Hovorka, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Czech Republic
KEC International wins CII Design Excellence Awards 2011

KEC wins CII Design Excellence Awards 2011 under Industrial DesignCapital Goods
In the very first year of this New Award Category, KEC won the "Best Design Award"
for Excellent Power Transmission Tower Design work.

Award being received by E V Rao

KEC International wins NHRD Awards

KEC won one of the most prestigious awards in the HR domain - The JURY AWARD
for the Best HR Practice conducted by NHRDN at their 15th Annual Conference.
Apart from the Jury Award KEC also bagged the 'Most Popular Practice Exhibit
Award' with the highest number of votes.
KEC wins Certificate of Merit from Indian Society of Training & Development (ISTD)
for making it to the Top 20 in the category of Innovative Training Practices.

MD & CEO , Sr.VP-HR and Team

Award being received by HR Team

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KEC wins an award for "Top 10 green IT Enterprise Awards 2011"

KEC received trophy from IDG media.

This award is given in recognition of contribution made to save energy, space and to
improve data security.
The publisher (IDG Media), of international magazines like CIO, PC World and
Computer world in association with Schneider Electric have instituted this award.

KEC Wins Export Excellence Awards at All India level Consecutive for last 3 years

Wins Gold trophy from EEPC India.

Highest Exporter in Merchant Enterprise category for years 2006-07, 2007-08 &




Corporate Leadership Awards

Mr. Ramesh Chandak, MD & CEO, wins CA Corporate Leadership Award 2008 by the
Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.
Mr. Vardhan Dharkar, CFO, wins the Best CFO 2009 Infrastructure & Construction
Category by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India.

(Mr. Ramesh Chandak Year 2008)

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(Mr. Vardhan Dharkar Year 2009)

Others Awards & Recognitions

Received Maharashtra State Top Exporter Award in Merchant Exporter Category by

government of Maharashtra for 2006-07 & 2007-08.
Winner of Logistics 2.0 Supply Chain Award 2009 for RPG Cables.

Amity Corporate Excellence award for having achieved the enviable position of one
of the best and most admired business organization.
Second best exporter Award to our Nagpur plant for 2009.
Best employer award to our Jaipur factory from Employers' Association of
Rajasthan for 2008 & 2009.
Award of merit for Quality Circle Competition by Quality Circle Forum of India
(QCFI) in 2003 and 2009.

2.12 KEC CSR Initiatives

Akshar: 1557 students being touched by Akshar program in FY 2011-12 and are
continued to be positively impacted.

In Jabalpur 530 students are benefitting in 3 Government schools

In Butibori this program is being executed and 344 kids are benefitting. The
response from the children is encouraging.
In Jaipur, 8 Schools have also been identified and this program has been launched in
Jan12. 497 students are being touched through this initiative
Cables SBU launched Akshar program in 3 primary schools near Vadodara covering
186 students

ITI Ashti:
ITI Ashti near Butibori, was adopted in Feb 2011 with Mr. Kaushal Kudesia (VPManufacturing) as the chairman of the Institute Management Committee (IMC)
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constituted to look into the functioning of Ashti. The Institute was shifted from its old
premise to a new and bigger premise. Functioning from the new premise has already
been started. In 2011 84 students were enrolled, who are currently being trained on four
trades- Fitter, Wireman, Plumber, Cutting & Sewing.
Old Premise:

New Premise:

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Section 3Workplace

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3.1 Ethics and Code of Conduct

Although KEC recognizes and respects the right of employees to participate in activities
outside their jobs, those activities must be lawful and free of conflict with their
responsibilities as KEC employees. KECians should ensure that they do not misuse
company resources or influence or discredit KECs reputation and goodwill. They must
ensure fair and transparent dealings with their customers, suppliers and colleagues.
Following are the broad parameters of the policy and the framework for proper employee
Examples of conflicts of interest which are to be avoided
a. Holding financial interest directly or indirectly, including through close relatives in

A company to which business is given.


In a company in which the employee is involved in making a buy-out


b. Directing business to a supplier managed by a relative or close friend.

c. Soliciting subcontractors and vendors for donation/ advertisements to a charity, in
which the employee is involved.
d. Using company facilities for personal purposes or for spouses / relative business.
e. Treating personal expenses / trips as business expenses/ trips.
f. Taking a part-time job requiring the employee to spend time, during normal
working hours or using office equipment in meeting personal responsibilities.
g. Making a promotion decision about a spouse or relative.
This should be avoided by all full time employees of the company.
Membership Of Social Service Organisations
Potential conflicts arise when an employee takes up memberships of Organisations and
Associations that undertake Social Service of various kinds. Conflicts arise in the form of
fund-raising from RPG Companies for such Associations / Organizations, using company
infrastructure and facilities to discharge responsibilities towards that organisation and
providing use of such facilities directly to the Association / Organisations and its
members. Prior approval from President / CEOs should be obtained, for undertaking such

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a. The Employee shall not seek or solicit any kind of favours, cash or kind, either directly
or through, and/or for, spouse or any other relative, from suppliers, contractors and /
or vendors.
b. Buying equipment from suppliers for personal use at high discounts is absolutely
c. Accepting free trips / holidays within India and / or abroad and / or members of
employees family, from suppliers is also absolutely prohibited.
d. Business associates such as JV partners, technology suppliers and other closely related
companies may also make similar offers. These should be reported to Sector Heads,
who shall provide guidance.
e. Small value gifts and flowers on festive occasions from anyone are normally
acceptable but, high value gifts those in excess of Rs.500, should be reported to the
CEO / Sector Heads, before acceptance.
Directorship Of Firms and companies outside the company
All Directorships should be cleared by the Chairmans office.
Relatives As Competitors
Close relatives in the employ of competitors should be disclosed with details of
relationship and responsibilities held.
If employment is unavoidable or an ongoing one for a long time, employee should
exercise great discretion in maintaining confidentiality of Group / company information.
Confidentiality And Discretion
Employees should, at all times, realise that they are in possession of sensitive, classified
and confidential information that should not be parted with, in any circumstances to
Competitors, Investment analysts, Stock brokers, Newspaper reporters and Media
persons. Some illustrations of such information are given here.

Financial Information.
Tax Planning measures.
Potential Joint Venture deals being negotiated.
New product introductions.
Manufacturing process and recipe for products.

Employees should maintain total confidentiality with any such classified information. In
the event of any query, clarification or explanation sought by any statutory authority,
government official and/ or police or judicial authority, the employee may, after taking

Page | 24

prior approval of the CEO/ MD/ President, part with such sensitive, classified and
confidential information.
Common contractors for residential homes of decision-makers and of the plant
Employees should not have the same contractors / architects, who are doing work for the
company, for their personal jobs.
Accepting honoraria for lectures outside
This is permissible provided:
a) Advance clearance is obtained from CEO / Sector Heads.
b) Proprietary KEC information is not revealed in the talk.
Financial interest
Among the most common types of financial interest are:
a) Ownership of equity.
b) Partnership interest.
c) Direct or indirect interest through a trust or other relationship.
Financial interest is a problem as soon as it presents a potential for conflict of interest
with responsibilities as a KEC employee.
For example, the employees job might involve selecting suppliers, selling to customers, or
extending credit to other companies. A potential problem might exist if the employee or
a relative also had a personal financial interest in one of those companies.
The interest could be direct or indirect what matters is the fact that actions as a KEC
employee might affect the value of the interest in the other company.Discretion and great
care are recommended for all such opportunities, The Sector Head must be kept
Setting up part time business or taking part time Jobs
This is not permissible. Every KEC employee is expected to give the best in terms of time,
creativity and energy. Moonlighting will impede employee performance and will result in
a conflict of interest situation.
Insider trading and stock tipping
SEBI prosecutes insider trading and imposes severe penalties on persons and
organizations involved therein. Avoiding this kind of activity within the Company is of
utmost importance. An insider trader is one who
Page | 25

a) either on his own behalf or any other person, deals in securities of a body corporate
listed on the stock exchange, on the basis of any unpublished price sensitive
information; or
b) communicates any unpublished price sensitive information to any person with or
without his request, for such information, except as required in the ordinary course of
business or under any law ; or
c) Counsels, or procures for any other person, to deal in any securities or anybody
corporate, on the basis of unpublished price sensitive information.
We are committed to the principles of fair and open markets for publicly traded securities
where everyone has an equal chance to succeed. At the same time, all Employees must
exercise great care that none of the above is ever violated.
Personal integrity
In day to day work most employees are called upon to support broad company
objectives like providing equal employment opportunity and environmental protection.
Some responsibilities are on a more personal level. For example, every employee also
has a direct role in helping to keep the companys records accurate and in protecting
company assets. Other issues can challenge individual integrity. Sometimes the chance
for illegal or unethical personal gain will arise. That is when employees must remember
that integrity depends on individual integrity. Every employee should develop the ability
to distinguish the right from the wrong and relentlessly follow the right - even when it
may be very tempting to do otherwise.
Financial controls & records
Every employee should follow financial accounting, reporting and control procedures, as
well as rules for the release of financial information outside the company.
Whether a time card is being filled-out, purchase orders are being prepared or financial
status of the company is being reported, strictly follow the accounting, reporting and
control procedures. Keep records accurate, timely and complete, and protect the security
of assets.
From time to time auditors may want to look at files and discuss matters with employees.
Every employee should welcome these reviews because they are designed to prevent
problems from occurring. Under company policy, every employee is obligated to give
auditors full access to records and any other co-operation required. Also, all financial
information should be kept confidential and should be released to others, only after
considering the interests of the company as a whole and after appropriate authorization.

Page | 26

Sexual harassment at workplace

The Supreme Court has laid down stringent rules in this regard. Equality in employment
can be seriously impaired when women are subjected to gender specific harassment such
as sexual harassment at workplace. Such conduct is discriminatory when the woman has
reasonable grounds to believe that her objection would disadvantage her in connection
with her employment, including recruiting or promotion, or when it creates a hostile
working environment.
KEC strongly believes in Equality in employment. KEC understands that Equality in
employment can be seriously impaired when women are subjected to gender specific
harassment such as sexual harassment at workplace. Such conduct is discriminatory
when the woman has reasonable grounds to believe that her objection would
disadvantage her in connection with her employment, including recruiting or promotion,
or when it creates a hostile working environment. It is expected of all the KEC employees
to always maintain equality of employment and to prevent the commission of acts of
sexual harassment.
Sexual harassment is defined as unwelcome sexually determined behaviour as 1. Physical contact and advances;
2. A demand or request for sexual favours;
3. Sexually coloured remarks;
4. Showing pornography;
5. Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature.
In this regard, the Employee can refer to the procedure for resolution, settlement or
prosecution for acts of sexual harassment. For this purpose, a full set of guidelines is
available with each company. Any such incident must be reported to the Head of the
Company and or the Person (s) in-charge of work place so that appropriate steps are
taken to prevent sexual harassment.
Corrective action
a) Corrective action may be required even if an employee reports a Potential conflict of
interest. There need only be a realistic possibility of injury to KEC for a manager to
consider taking corrective action. If situation could impair an employees judgment or
performance of company duties, damage KEC reputation, or result in a direct financial
loss to KEC, steps should then be taken to correct the situation.
b) While the code has attempted to cover a number of areas, it cannot be comprehensive.
Whenever any conflicts are perceived, it is best to consult the President / CEO /
superior before taking any decision, in such cases.

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c) A RPG Group Level Ethics Committee comprising of the President Human Resources
and two Sector Heads nominated by Group Chairman, has been formed. Any queries
related to the ethical policies may be referred to this committee, for resolution.
Query in this regard can be sent to President Human Resources of the Group.
d) Similarly, any breach of ethics or any anonymous letters should be referred to this
committee, for further action. This committee has been empowered to initiate any
inquiry proceedings / investigations and decide upon penal actions. The decision
taken by the committee will be final and binding.
Code of Conduct
a) Employee shall devote his / her whole time and attention to and use his / her best
skills and care in the business and affairs of the Company and at all times faithfully
and diligently perform such duties assigned to him / her by the Company.
b) Employee shall not at any time during the continuance of the employment
hereunder solicit, seek, engage or be interested or concerned either directly or
indirectly or alone or jointly in any other office, trade, business or occupation save
the previous permission in writing of the Company.
c) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this document if, in the opinion of the
Company, an employee commit any breach in the observance of performance of
his / her obligations hereunder or if the employee is, in the opinion of the
Company, guilty of any misconduct, including disobedience, breach of duty or
gross carelessness or if the employee is absent himself / herself without leave
then and in any and every such case it shall be lawful for the Company,
(notwithstanding any waiver by the Company of antecedent breach or
circumstances justifying the termination of the services of the said employee
under this clause) to terminate this employment forthwith without notice
whatsoever and/or to dismiss the employee from the services of the Company
without prejudice to the Companys remedial rights in respect of such breach or
circumstances. In the event of such termination or dismissal the employee will be
entitled to his / her salary, if any, only upto the date of termination.
d) As a corollary to his / her obligation, the employee shall devote his / her wholetime attention to the Company and will use his / her best skills and care for the
benefit of the Company.
Any discovery or invention or secret process or
improvement in procedure made or discovered by the employee or any work
capable of copy right whilst in the service of the Company in connection with or in
any manner affecting or relating to the business of the Company or capable of
being adopted for use therein or in connection therewith shall forthwith be
disclosed to the Company and if and whenever required to do so by the Company,
the employee shall, at the cost the Company, apply or join the Company in
applying for letters patents or other equivalent protection in India and in any
other part of the world for any such discovery, invention, process or improvement
as aforesaid and shall at the cost of the Company execute and do all instruments
Page | 28

and things necessary for vesting the said letters patents or other equivalent
protection when obtained and all right, title and interest to and in the same shall
vest in the Company absolutely and as sole beneficial owner or in such other
person as the Company may specify.
e) During employees association with the Company, he / she will have access to and
be furnished with such information, trade secrets, processes, inventions,
customer/supplier lists, etc. which would be sensitive for the Company and
therefore would be treated as absolutely confidential (Confidential Information)
and he / she may himself / herself develop or be a contributory to such
Confidential Information. Hence, as a corollary to employees bounden duty to act
always in the interest of the Company, he / she shall be obliged not to divulge or
communicate to any person other than necessary to those who need to know such
information for Companys business and use such Confidential Information solely
for the benefit and in the best interests of the Company.
f) (i) As such Confidential Information belongs to the Company and is always to be
used for the Companys benefit, needless to mention, such obligation on the part of
employee will have to be honoured, even after he/ she ceases to be associated with
the Company. Considering the sensitivity of the confidential information which
will come to the knowledge of the employee, he / she shall not engage in any
activity even after ceasing to be in employment with the Company, which will
adversely affect the interest of the Company including advising and utilizing the
information for the benefit of any party to the disadvantage of the Company.
(ii) Hence the employee shall not, either directly or indirectly, at any time within
twelve months after cessation of your employment with the Company, take up any
employment or assignment or partnership or proprietorship or become a director,
shareholder, agent or associate or be associated in any manner, whatsoever, with/
in any business or organisation, which is in competition with the Company.
(iii) Employee can also during the tenure with the Company and during the notice
period prior to your separation with the Company, be restrained from coming to
work, associating or communicating with the Company officials for such time as is
considered necessary.
g) Employee shall not at any time within twenty-four months after the cessation of
his/ her employment with the Company, either directly or indirectly, or through
any proprietary firm or a partnership firm in which he/ she is a partner or through
any Company in which he / she is a shareholder or director, or associated in any
manner whatsoever, solicit or employ or appoint as agent, or associate with, any
employee or officer of the Company unless a period of twelve months has elapsed
since the date of separation of the concerned employee, agent or associate, unless
specifically approved by the Chief Executive of the Company.
Page | 29

h) It is hereby agreed by the Employee that in the event of a breach of clause ( f) and
(g) above, the Company shall be entitled to initiate appropriate legal proceedings
for the redressal of the damage including proceedings to restrain him/ her from
continuing the said breach.
i) Employee shall also not request, encourage or cause any of the past, present or
prospective customer, supplier, employee, independent contractor to withdraw,
curtain or cancel a business relationship with the Company or otherwise interfere
in any manner with the relationship between the Company and such past, present
or prospective customer, supplier, employee, independent contractor.
j) Employee shall fully comply with all rules and regulations as applicable in the
Company as well as KEC Enterprises Corporate Governance Policies.

3.2 Open Door Policy

Our company has adopted an Open Door Policy for all employees. The purpose of our
open door policy is to encourage open communication, feedback, and discussion about
any matter of importance to an employee. Our open door policy means that employees
are free to talk with any manager at any time.
Ones immediate supervisor is ones First Point of Contact for all employment related
issues. One is encouraged to first discuss ones personal / official problem with him for
An open door policy means that you may also discuss your issues and concerns with the
next level of management and/or Human Resources staff members if these are not
satisfactory resolved by your immediate supervisor. No matter how you approach your
problem, complaint, or suggestion, you will find managers at all levels, even the MD,
Functional heads of the organization willing to listen and to help bring about a solution or
a clarification.

3.3 Equal Opportunity Employer

KEC International Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. We do not discriminate on
grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic or social
status or disability. We recognize that having a workforce that broadly reflects the
composition of the local communities in which we operate, places us in a unique position
to understand and respond to the needs of our customers. We thus use diversity as a
competitive differentiator, both in employment and in customer markets.
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3.4 Payroll Guidelines

Salary to all Employees is paid monthly, usually, on the last day of the month. The
Company pays the employees by way of a direct credit into the employees bank accounts
with Bank.
Employees shall be notified, in the event of a change the Companys bankers. The salary
is credited into respective employees accounts at the bank after deduction of Tax,
instalments towards loans and advances and other statutory deductions.
Payroll for an individual is confidential information, and secrecy of the same is to be

3.5 Social Media Policy

This policy invites all the RPG employees to use the Social Media as a constructive tool for
business or otherwise, while, at the same time, restricting them from inappropriate usage
of this new and powerful internet communication medium.
This Social Media Policy applies to all RPGians and interns globally, who may be using or
planning to use any of the following for Personal or Business needs:
Multimedia and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn,
Google Plus and YouTube etc.
Blogs (Both external and in Group intranet sites)
Wikis such as Wikipedia, Knoll and any other site where text can be posted
Review and Question-Answer based portals like Glassdoor, Yahoo Answers etc.
Forums like Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, etc.
Image and Power point sharing websites
Chat engines
While all RPGians are welcome to participate on the social web, we expect everyone who
participates in an online commentary, to understand and to follow these simple but
important guidelines. The goal here is simple: to participate in online activities in a
respectful, relevant way that protects our business interests.

Page | 31

1. Dont leak out any RPG or Client Secrets:

NEVER to disclose non-public information of the company (including confidential
information**). Any information about clients or customers including their logos,
sensitive data, presentations, videos or any mention of privileged information should be
completely and inexcusably avoided to be put up on Social Media.
2. Respect your audience, clients and your co-workers:
RPG Enterprises has a global presence whose associates and clients reflect a diverse set of
customs, values and points of view. While using the social media space as an RPG
employee, don't be afraid to be yourself, but do so respectfully. This includes not only the
obvious (no ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, etc.) but also proper consideration of
privacy and of topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatorysuch as
politics, religion and work culture.
Maintain RPGs Legal obligations towards its clients:
Never use any of the clients or customers names in any social media posting unless you
have written permission to do so. Any sharing of clients intellectual property and other
assets including pictures, videos, Power Point slides etc. on social media is strictly
4. Be conscious when mixing your business and personal lives:
Online, your personal and business personas are likely to intersect. RPG totally respects
the free speech rights of all of its employees, but one must remember that customers,
colleagues and supervisors often have access to the online content you post. Keep this in
mind when publishing information online as it can be seen by more than just friends and
family, and also know that information originally intended just for friends and family can
be forwarded on.
5. Be yourself and own up to your comments:
Identify yourself on the web with your true name and, when relevant, role at RPG and the
respective company, while you discuss any company related matter externally and write
in the first person. You must also make it clear that you are speaking for yourself and not
on behalf of your company. You can use a disclaimer such as: the postings on this site are
my own and dont necessarily represent RPGs/ Name of your Companys position,
strategies or opinions.
6. Speaking on Organizations behalf:
Only the authorized spokespeople have the authority to speak on behalf of the
Organization and all the other employees will need to get prior permission from the

Page | 32

Corporate Brand Communications Team or any of the Management Board members in

case they need to write anything on RPG/Group Companys behalf.
7. Negative Branding:
All employees are barred from writing defamatory comments about RPG, its
clients/customers or their fellow employees. RPG also has the right to ask the employees
to remove any of such posts that they may have published online intentionally or
unintentionally where it is directly or indirectly being mentioned.
8. Be a Scout for critical issues but do not return fire with fire:
Even if you are not an official spokesperson, you are one of the organizations most vital
assets for monitoring the social media landscape. If a defamatory or a critical post or
comment is encountered online about RPG, do not counter it with another post. The best
way to deal with this is to report the matter to the Corporate Brand Communications team
Remarks on Competition:
Always try and avoid publishing any remarks (positive or negative) on competitors
10. Respect the law and do not indulge in spreading rumours:
Always respect the copyright law and all the other internet laws as laid down by the
Cyberlaws wing of your respective country. Apart from that, always double check on the
data you are publishing to avoid spreading wrong information on the internet
11. Dont forget your day job:
With Social Media having a quality of being addictive, it should be always kept in mind,
that your day job or regular work of the day important assignments, projects , timely
deliverables and meetings should NEVER be compromised due to your overuse or extra
indulgence in social media.
**Confidential Information: Important or valuable business information that is not
available to the public. It includes trade secrets and other intellectual property that has
been developed, licensed or acquired by RPG. It can also include information of
customers, business partners or others that has been disclosed to RPG companies under
obligations of confidentiality. Examples include unannounced Financial or HR
information, strategic business plans, unannounced products or services and solutions
offerings, planned or contemplated mergers or acquisitions, lawsuits and other legal

Page | 33

proceedings, product design and technical knowledge, customer and team member
personal information.
* With Social Media itself being an ever changing and evolving phenomenon, this policy is
subject to iterations and changes as and when required.

3.6 Dress Code Policy

* This is not applicable to places where there is uniform given by the company.
At KEC, we encourage work place atmosphere that meets business requirement. The
dress code policy aims to define appropriate business attire to ensure uniformity and
employee comfort in the workplace. At the same time, our company should establish a
professional image to its customers, employees and partners.
Dress Code: Monday Thursday
Employees are expected to dress in appropriate business formals/ business casuals
Dress Code: Friday
Employees may opt to wear Smart Casuals on Friday. In case of a customer interface
please stick to Formal wear.
Dress Code
Business Formal


Western Suit
Formal Shirt (Full/ Half Sleeves)
Formal Trousers
Formal Matching Shoes and Belt
If long hair keep it neat, tidy and
Accessories or ornaments should
be minimal and not be a reason for
distraction from work


Business Casual

Full/ Half Sleeves Shirt

Formal Trousers
Formal Leather Shoes and Belt

Page | 34

Western Suits
Formal Shirts(Full/ Half
Formal Trousers
Formal skirts
Salwar/Churidar Kameez
Formal Shoes (closed) or
Accessories or jewellery should
be subtle and not be a reason
for distraction from work.
Churidar/ Salwar Kameez

Smart Casual

Full / Half Sleeves Shirt

Trousers / Denims
T-shirts with collar
Sport shoes

Churidar/ Salwar Kameez,
Trousers/ Denims
T-Shirts with collar
Sport Shoes

What is not appropriate:

For Male Employees:
Traditional attire, kurta-pyjamas, round neck T-shirt, casual dressing such as
shirts or sweaters with logos or message (other than company logo), shorts, track
pants, embroidered or torn trousers / cargos / denims.
Unpolished shoes, sandals, floaters, open shoes, bathroom slippers, or leisure
Multiple piercing, piercing other than ears, untidy hair, offensive tattoos, funky
wrist jewellery or visible funky pendants.
For Female Employees:
Casual dressing, round neck T-shirt, tight and short tops, shirt or sweaters with
logos or message (other than company logo), shorts, short skirts, track pants,
embroidered or torn trousers/ cargos, Denims, capris.
Floaters, bathroom slippers.

3.7 Office Timings and Attendance

Mumbai Offices:
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Lunch break 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM

Contact Person:
DD Chavan (Officer HR)
Contact No: 022-66406437
Email id:

Weekly Offs - Saturday & Sunday

Gurgaon Offices:
Working Hours:
Monday to Friday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Lunch break: 1:00 PM to 1:30 PM
Weekly Offs: Saturday & Sunday

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Contact Person:
Purabi Sarkar, (Sr. Officer - HR)
Contact No: 0124-6757952
Email id:

Supply Chain SBU:

Jabalpur Plant
General Shift 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
1st Shift 6:30 AM to 2:30 PM
2nd Shift 2:30 PM to 10:30 PM
3rd Shift 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM

Contact Person:
Mr. K. Bohra, (Sr. Executive HR)
Contact No: 0761-2350024
Email Id:

Weekly Off Staggered due to 24X7 working

General W/off - Saturday
Jaipur Plant
General Shift 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
1st Shift 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM
2nd Shift 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM
3rd Shift 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM

Contact Person:
Mr. Ranbir Singh

Weekly Off Stagerred due to 24X7 working

General W/off Sunday
Butibori Plant
General Shift 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
1st Shift 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM
2nd Shift 3:00 PM to 11:30 PM
3rd Shift 11:30 PM to 6:30 AM

Contact Person:
Mr. Tushar Kharalkar, (Officer II)
Contact No: 07104-662203
Email Id:

Weekly Off Stagerred due to 24X7 working

General W/off - Wednesday

Cables SBU
Vadodara Plant:
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Lunch Break: 1:00 PM 1:30 PM /
1:30 PM 2:00 PM

Contact Person:
Mr. Abhijeet Kale(CM- HR Cables)
Contact No: 022-66670307
Email Id:

Weekly Off: Sunday

Thane Plant:
Monday to Saturday: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Lunch Break: 1:00 PM 1:30 PM /
1:30 PM 2:00 PM
Weekly Off: Sunday

Page | 36

Contact Person:
Mr. PKN Nair, (Sr. Officer HR)
Contact No: 9833951822
Email Id:

Silvassa Plant:

Contact Person:
Mr. Dheeraj Kumar, (Manager HR)
Contact No: 02606618506
Email Id:

General Shift: 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Rest Interval: 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM
Shift A: 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Rest Interval: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM

Shift B: 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

Rest Interval: 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Shift C: 11:00 PM to 7:00 AM Rest Interval: 3:00 AM to 3:30 AM

Weekly Offs- For different shifts there are different weekly offs

Mysore Plant:
Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM
Lunch Break: 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM
Weekly Off: Sunday

Contact Person:
Mr. Alwyn Kumar, (Manager HR)
Contact No: 0821-6553375
Email Id:

Office timings for other offices and project sites will be applicable as per their respective
location rules.

All employees are required to swipe their attendance cards on reporting for duty and
while leaving after completion of working hours.
Late Attendance
Late coming is not encouraged. However in very exceptional cases the same needs to be
approved by HOD. However for every late coming beyond 10 minutes for 3 occasions in a
month will result in deduction of half day leave or absence as the case may be. Frequent
late arrival will render an employee liable for disciplinary action.
*However some locations may have additional guidelines under this section, which can be
checked with SBU HR.
Maintenance of Attendance Register/Leave records
The attendance and leave records of all employees will be maintained by HR &
Administration Department of respective location.
General Attendance Rules
Working hours, paid holidays, weekly offs will be location specific.
When a Manager is transferred, deputed or posted to a new location, the working
hours, paid holidays, weekly offs applicable to new location will stand.
Page | 37

Each respective location will spell out the policy / practice with regard to the
above in writing and communicate to concern Managers in that location.

3.8 EHS Policy

Environment, Health and Safety Policy
We are committed to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and
contractors while protecting the environment.
To achieve this, we shall:
Comply with Environment, Health and Safety regulations and other requirements
Continually upgrade our processes to monitor and control adverse impacts on the
environment, occupational health and safety
Institutionalize pollution prevention and conserve resources
Have an accident free workplace
Enhance awareness, skill and competence of our employees and contractors to
meet our EHS objectives.
The management and supervisory personnel will have the ownership to uphold
the principles of this policy and integrate them throughout the company and its

3.9 Quality policy

We are committed to providing superior value to our stakeholders through continual
improvement of our Quality Management Systems.
We will achieve this by:
Excellence in project management and innovative designs
Being cost competitive through continual up gradation of our processes
Providing an exciting and challenging work culture to our employees by fostering
teamwork and enhancing their skills and competence
Complying with all applicable regulatory requirements
Every employee is committed to this personally

Page | 38

3.10 Office Security Guidelines for

Your belongings should be kept in safe custody (drawer) while you move out of
your work place during office hours.
Please remember to collect back your belongings kept while leaving wash room.
No direct contact with Office facilities servicemen for any services required
without Admin permission.
Visitors shall not be allowed to enter beyond reception area unless escorted by
concerned employee/security Guard.
Employees getting any un-known / new material should disclose the reason and
the description before it is taken to their work place or Department.
No equipment/materials would be allowed out of the premises without proper
gate pass issued from the Security. Employees need to co-operate and adhere to
the norms.
Security Guard will maintain list of employees who are staying beyond office hours
and employees need to co-operate with required formalities requested by the
Daily compulsory frisking of all the outside service providers including,
housekeeping and security agencies by the Security Guards.
Staff staying back late and especially coming on Sundays will need to obtain prior
approval from Admin or their SBU Head, which shall be intimated to the security.
Guards will maintain strict vigil on the premises at all times.
Security staff shall ensure every visitor shall display / swipe card entry pass while
in the Office premise.
It is important to keep record of all visitors entering into Office premises and
security staff shall ensure to collect details of visitors in designated register
maintained at their desk.
Security staff shall ensure entry pass is collected back from the visitor while
leaving premises.

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Section 4Information
Technology Policy

Page | 40

Information Technology Policy

KEC International is extensively dependent on information technology (IT) for
performing its business operations. Owing to rapid use of advanced communication
network connecting multiple locations, implementation of applications with large
databases and implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Solution, management of
IT function has become significantly critical. Also, due to the growing dependence on
technology for managing business, the organization is exposed to substantial IT security
We observe and follow security policies and procedures in regards to information
technology, the policies mentioned below are the guidelines for the same.
Scope of Policy
This Policy applies to all staff within the Organization who use or who have access to IT
resources. This Policy therefore applies not only to member of the Organization, but also
to temporary workers, contractors and agency workers. This Policy equally applies to
mobile user whose work patterns fall outside traditional working hours or who may use
IT resources from outside the office.
This Policy is not intended to have contractual effect and it may be amended from time to
time by the Organization.
The company reserves the right to amend this policy at its discretion. In case of
amendments, users will be informed appropriately.

4.1 Electronic Communication Policy

The electronic communication systems of KEC International Ltd. including, without
limitation, electronic mail (e-mail), voice mail, Internet, personal computers and
software (collectively Electronic Communication), are valuable Company resources
which allow us to communicate effectively and to perform our jobs in an efficient manner.
In using Electronic Communication, the following shall be adhered to:
E-mail is used primarily for conducting the Company business, and is not used in
any illegal, offensive, or unethical manner. Employees are prohibited from the
unauthorized access to other employee's e-mail messages.
E-mails are Company property subject to inspection by an authorized Company
representative at any time. All messages composed, sent or received by way of
Electronic Communication are and remain the property of the Company. The
Page | 41

Company reserves the right to review, audit, intercept, access and disclose all such
messages, including Internet usage.
In terms of its content, email should be treated like any other form of written
communication and, as such, what is normally regarded as unacceptable in a letter
or memorandum is equally unacceptable in an email communication. Email must
not be used to make defamatory or offensive comments, including jokes and
inappropriate remarks made at someone elses expense.
E-mail should not be used to conduct personal business, non-Company commercial
ventures, religious or political causes, outside organizations, or other non-jobrelated purposes.
The forwarding of chain letters, junk mail, jokes and executables is strictly
Email is a business communication tool and users are obliged to use this tool in a
responsible, effective and lawful manner. Although by its nature email seems to be
less formal than other written communication, the same laws apply. Therefore, it is
important that users are aware of the legal risks of e-mail.
By following the guidelines in this policy, the email user can minimize the legal risks
involved in the use of e-mail. If any user disregards the rules set out in this Email
Policy, the user will be fully liable and company will disassociate itself from the user
as far as legally possible.
Emails may be monitored for numerous purposes including, but not limited to,
technical maintenance or problem resolution.
You must have no expectation of privacy in anything you create, store, send or
receive on the companys computer system. Your emails can be monitored without
prior notification if company deems this necessary. If there is evidence that you are
not adhering to the guidelines set out in this policy, company reserves the right to
take disciplinary action, including termination and/or legal action.
The Organisation reserves the right to monitor (by retrieval or interception) the
destination and source of email. In addition, the Organisation utilises automated
mail filtering software to detect inappropriate use of language. In exceptional
circumstances, where the Organisation suspects serious misuse of email, it reserves
the right to monitor and access the content of email sent or received.
Composing Messages
Caution should be exercised in composing any messages. One's style should be that
of a business communicative nature, not conversational.
Electronic Communication must not contain vulgar, obscene or dismissive remarks nor any other
words which may reasonably be considered offensive, harassing, disruptive or embarrassing to
anyone, regardless of how they may be intended. Messages should not be disparaging of any
Company employee or any other party.

Page | 42

In order to lower IT storage costs and to minimize system capacity constraints, email, should be retained for the shortest period of time on server.
Owners of e-mail files should review them regularly (at least once per quarter) and
delete files which no longer serve a business purpose. Review should include not
only the inbox, but also other folders, particularly folders such as sent (that
automatically retain copies of e-mails), as well as personally created folders.
Although it may in limited instances be necessary to preserve e-mail by copying,
such copying should be restricted to information which serves a compelling
business purpose
and the copy should be retained for not less than the period prescribed by
applicable statute or regulations or Company requirements.
Electronic Communication subject to a locations record retention policy or which
may be subject to retention periods required by law, should be copied and such
hard copies should be retained for the applicable retention period as set forth in
such policy or law.
The following disclaimer will be added to each outgoing email:
KEC International accepts no liability for the content of this email, or for the
consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless
that information is subsequently confirmed in writing. If you are not the intended
recipient you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action
in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited.
Note: Please don't print this e-mail unless you really need to.
While the Company generally supports the use of Internet to obtain information
strictly for business purposes, precautions must be taken to ensure the security of
the Company's computer network. In order to reduce the risk of viruses, all
Company equipment utilized for Internet access must have virus scanning software.
Internet access provided by KEC must be used exclusively for business purposes.
Please note that sending messages over the Internet is never fully secure.
Information received via the Internet, unless received from reliable sources, must
be validated before being used for business purposes.
All files downloaded from the Internet must be scanned and cleaned of viruses.
Appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against those who fail to take
precautions against the spread of viruses in the KEC network.
Any text, pictures, sound, video or other graphic objects that can be considered
offensive (e.g. pornographic material) or in any way discriminatory must not be
Page | 43

displayed, stored or transmitted. As KEC staff, we are all expected to conduct

ourselves in a decent and professional manner
Harassment of any individual, corporation or organization on the Internet through
access of company facilities is strictly prohibited. Access of any third party
computer systems without the express authorization from the owner is also not
permitted. Committing such acts could subject you personally to various legal
Internet users must report all Internet security problems to the IT department
Line managers have the responsibility of affecting the appropriate sanctions on
those who violate any of these provisions. I request everyone to strictly adhere to
the above policy to ensure secure and productive use of the Internet in KEC
International Ltd.

4.2 Hardware Procurement & Disposal

Desktop or Laptop
The standardized minimum configuration for general procurement of PC and Laptop is as
Processor RAM
2 1 GB
Desktops Core


XP - Pro

TFT 17


2 2 GB


XP - Pro

TFT 15



Make & supplier of desktop & Laptop are to be kept common & are to be monitored
centrally by corporate IT.
LAPTOPs are given to General Managers and above and to certain depts. as a
common resource enabling the dept. personnel to carry the virtual office with them
wherever they travel on office work.
For procurement of laptop or desktop, IT access request form to be prepared by the
concerned dept. with proper justification and to be approved by the SBU head.
Send approved copy of IT access request form to IT dept for obtaining quotation and
preparation of CPDC proposal. The CPDC proposal for LAPTOP to be approved by
the MD.
Page | 44

Replacement/upgrade of Laptop/Desktop would be after four/five year

respectively. However in exceptional cases (due to new technology deployment) it
can be reviewed with MDs approval.
Computer Peripherals
The Make and model of all peripheral at all location has been fixed and is monitored
centrally by Corporate IT.
For procurement of peripherals also need to follow the same process as laptop.
Computer Accessories
New requirements of accessories such as Flash drive, webcam, speakers, TFT,
mouse, data card for internet access, external hard disk etc to be provided on
request from user dully approved by SBU head.
Disposal of Hardware
Preparation of list for the hardware to be disposed after hardware gets older as per
IT policy & dispose off the same after getting approval from MD.
Note: All IT resources provided to users for performing job related responsibilities must
be returned to company in good working condition whenever requested by the company
or at the time of retirement or in case of resignation.

4.3 Information Security Policy

KEC defines the Information Security Forum (ISF) as the top-level authority responsible
for coordinating information security strategy across the corporation.
The ISF shall determine what level of information security risk is acceptable to KEC.
The ISF as well IT staffs at each branch are responsible for implementing and executing
the procedures mentioned in this document. The execution of the procedures will be
monitored by the Branch IT staffs at branches.
Disposal of Hardware
Reviewing and approving Company information security policy and overall
Monitoring exposure to major threats to company information assets.
Review and monitoring security incidents within company.
Approving major company initiative to enhance information security.

Page | 45

Desktop Security
As per domain policy your desktop is having password protected screen server.
User should lock the desktop whenever he or she leaves the desk by applying the OS
based auto lock feature.
User password should remain confidential and not be shared or otherwise disclosed
to another person in any manner.
Passwords should consist of at least eight alpha and numeric characters. The users
should not use their name or user-ID as a password. As far as possible, the
passwords should not be proper words.
Passwords will expire after a maximum of 45 calendar days from last date of update.
A given password should not be used more than once in 180 calendar days.
Additionally, if the password alteration cycle is less than 45 days, the same
password should not be repeated within a cycle of 3 password changes.
If a user is provided with an initial password by the system administrator, this
password should be changed immediately by the user after the first time he/she
logs into the system. (One-time password).
NT user ID and password is used to access for Webmail and KEC Connect web

4.4 Virus Combat Policy

There have been a number of virus infections spreading around the globe. The loss of
valuable information and time spent from a virus infection result in substantial costs to
our company. Thus, for protection of IT resources from all possible computer viruses, all
desktops has been installed with latest antivirus software and Auto update of latest Virus
definition and scan engine, respective I.T. staff to provide the required technical support
for timely distribution of anti-virus software, its updates and upgrades as well as ensure
prompt reporting of virus incident reporting and management.
It is the responsibility of the IT Security Controller to protect the company's
information systems from possible computer virus attacks. The Branch IT staff
should have this responsibility at the branch level. Individual users should take
necessary precautions like downloading files only from trusted internet sites to
prevent exposure from possible computer virus attacks.
It should be ensured that the Anti-virus (AV) software is installed and active on
every machine and couldnt disable by user.
The Anti-virus software should be scan all local disk at least once in a day and it
should be properly scheduled, preferably during the lunch hours of the office.
Page | 46

Every diskette, DAT, tape, pen drive, CD, DVD should be scanned for virus before
Upon encountering the virus attack, the users should immediately stop using the
involved computer and report it to the Local IT staff. As the viruses have become
very complex, users should not attempt to eradicate them without expert advice.

Page | 47

Section 5Policies/Procedures

Page | 48

Policies & Procedures:

5.1 Parichay - Employee Referral Policy:

To leverage our employees social and professional network to identify & attract
competent talent
This program would ensure that:
Quality CVs are received by HR department
The prospective employee gets an insiders view of the organization before making
the career decision
Organization leverages on employees professional network
Employee gets rewarded for the referral and also gets a friend on-board
All employees of Infrastructure Sector can refer a candidate for AM and above
Exceptions (Not eligible for reward)
Immediate Superior of potential employee
Person responsible for hiring decision
VPs and above
HR Departments across group
The Scheme
An employee may refer individuals who fit and can be hired for the specific
vacancies for Asst. Manager & above levels.
The referred candidate will undergo the regular recruitment process
The employees involvement would be limited only to the submission of the
resume There should be no specific canvassing by the employee
The Procedure:
The recommending Employee should clearly state as to how he /she knows the
Only a resume sent to the email id by an employee before
the referred candidate meets anyone in KEC will be considered for Employee
referral reward.
HR will acknowledge the receipt of the CV by email within 48 hours.

Page | 49

The final decision regarding the employee qualifying for a payout of an Employee
referral reward lies with the Sr. Vice President HR.
There is an online module of Parichay on HR Online. The link of the same is given in the
annexure. A list of current vacancies are given, the employee can upload the CV to refer a
candidate against suitable vacancy, which will automatically reach the talent acquisition
The Reward
For candidates selected in Infrastructure Sector, results in the referring employee being
eligible for a monetary reward as detailed below:
Designation at which the referred
candidate joins

Reward to Referrer



Sr. Vice President


Vice President


Chief Manager to General Manager


Manager to Senior Manager


Assistant Manager


All Ex KEC Employees hired at any level


REWARD will be paid through salary account after referred employee completes 1
month in KEC
An employee will be eligible for a Reward only if the recommended candidate joins
at the level of Assistant Manager and above.
Any tax liability arising out of the Scheme would be borne by the employee.

Page | 50

5.2 Travel Policy

This policy aims to provide guidelines to employees travelling on Company business
within the city where the employee is based or to another city
All management employees including trainees and probationers shall be covered by this
Entitlement for travelling outside the city:
The company has special tie ups with hotels at different locations. Before planning a
business tour, please contact the Administration department for booking details.
For reimbursement of expenses incurred by an employee on boarding & lodging, the sum
total of his daily entitlements (the no. of days the employee is on tour) will be taken into
consideration for arriving at his overall limit.
For arriving at overall limits for expenses incurred by an employee on boarding, 24 hours
shall be taken as a base for calculation.
Entitlement for travelling within the city
All Managers

Mode of transport
Company car where ever provided by the Company or otherwise
public taxi / petrol reimbursement in case of own car usage.

Note: All exceptions on account of business exigencies will be approved by next level
Normally an employee is expected to visit his place of work first before he proceeds for
attending any official meeting(s) outside. Any deviation from this has to be with the
consent of HOD. In case such consent is given, the reimbursement for conveyance
expenses will be restricted to the expenses incurred on travelling from Office to the place
of meeting or residence to the place of meeting whichever is lower.
Use of Vehicle:
Whenever an employee who is not being reimbursed petrol expenses uses his own
vehicle for travelling on company business, the expenses incurred by him will be
reimbursed as per the following rates:

Page | 51


Rate Applicable

Two Wheelers Rs 6/- per km


Rs 8/- per k.m

Domestic/International Travel
Employee should get the approval of their Supervisor before initiating any travel
Administration department will organize booking of rail/air ticket through travel
In case of short distances like overnight travel the individual will be eligible for
train fare. In case the same is not available the individual on approval from HOD
and in exceptional cases only will be available for economy air fare
Cancellation charges for reasons other than business exigencies shall not be borne
by the Company
Counter foils of boarding pass & e-ticket shall be attached with the expense
statement for reimbursement of claims, as far as possible
In case an employee travels by train, he should attach the ticket or a photocopy of
the ticket along with the expense statement for reimbursement of claims.
All employees are required to submit their tour bill after having undertaken
Domestic/International travel within 7 working days to accounts department
through internal audit for reimbursement of expenses/settlement of advance etc.
*Please check with your SBU





5.3 Transfer Policy / Assistance for

shifting of residence
*This policy is not applicable for transfers from and to construction sites. Transfer
policy applicable to domestic project sites is given in Section 6.
1. Incase of transfer from one location to another the following will be reimbursed:
Transportation, packaging, loading, unloading of household goods will be paid at
actuals. The maximum of load should be 1 full size truck.
Page | 52




Car transfer in truck where octroi and taxes if any payable at new place will be
paid. A car can be sent along with driver, in which case the drivers expenses, fuel
expenses and other incidental expenses will be paid.
Travelling of self and family by budgeted airlines / AC 2 rail fare.
Brokerage for house.
Transportation for self and family to finalise accommodation in the new place of
posting and other local conveyance will be provided.
Insurance will be paid at actuals.
One pre-transfer & post transfer visit with family for a period of max. of 7 days and
15 days respectively to a new place of posting will be allowed. However this is subject
to actual requirement. The arrangement will be made in the guesthouse or hotel as
the case may be.
Donation to school for admission of children actuals subject to a Maximum Rs.
10000/- per child. It can be claimed for two children; Rs.10000/- per child up to 2
One week joining leave.
Re-settlement allowance subject to maximum of Rs. 20,000/-.
Help and support from administration department.

5.4 Exit Policy

KEC International Limited recognises the contribution made by an employee throughout
its lifecycle in the company. It would like to build and sustain Brand KEC not only during
an employees tenure but also when an employee decides to leave the company. KECs
Exit Policy aims to support an employee during his separation from this company. It also
aims on using the feedback constructively for improving its employee practices and work
environment by understanding trends in employee attrition.
Notice Period
Any employee exiting at any time will be required to serve 3 months of notice as per
the terms of employment defined in the appointment letter.
In the event of an employee's request to be relieved earlier than the notice period; the
employee will have to adjust the shortfall in days of serving the notice period against
the basic salary, management allowance and the Customized allowance pool.
In case a person leaves without serving the requisite period of 3 months, an amount
equivalent to the remuneration for the unserved notice period is payable by the
employee to the company. The remuneration includes 1. Basic Salary, 2. Management
Allowance and 3. Customized Allowance Pool (CAP). The unused privilege leave will
be not be adjusted against the notice period. Even if the employee is ready to pay for
Page | 53

the unserved notice period, the date of release has to be decided by the department
Privilege Leave cannot be taken during notice period, if taken under the notice period
will accordingly get shifted ahead by the number of Privilege Leaves taken.
Encashment of un-availed privileged leaves can be done against the basic salary only
for a maximum of 90 days.
An employee who has separated from the company or is serving notice period is not
eligible for Performance Bonus.
Approved Notice Period: This refers to the number of days an employee has to serve
before leaving the organization, calculated from the date of resignation.
Approvals for Notice Period waivers: As a part of process compliance, all notice period
waivers (decisions regarding whether an exiting employee will serve full notice period,
partial notice period with recovery of shortfall of days or complete waive-off) is to be
approved by respective Department Head/SBU Head in accordance with the SVP
Human Resources.
Relieving Date: This refers to the employees last day in the Company (date on which he
will be exited from the company and from office records).This date is specified as the end
of employees tenure and is used for calculation of Final settlement. Employee will not be
entitled to receive the salary for any unapproved leaves which he would have taken
during the notice period.
The exit process is explained in detail on HR Online. The link of the same is given in

5.5 Entitlements & Benefits

5.5.1 Policy on Mobiles / Landlines/ WLL
The following policy on Mobile / Landline/ WLL will be applicable wef October 1, 2003.
For Chief Managers to General managers
In case an employee owns or acquires a Mobile or WLL of his/her own, the company will
reimburse Rs.400/- per month towards rental, including itemized billing charges. Calls
made for Official purposes will be reimbursed on submission of itemized bill statement.
The company will not provide the handset to the employee.
For Associates, Assistant Managers to Senior Managers
a. If an employee who is eligible for any type of reimbursement for a landline
connection (as per the existing terms and conditions) opts for a Mobile or WLL in lieu
Page | 54

of the landline, the company will reimburse Rs.400/- per month towards rental,
including itemized billing charges. Calls made for official purposes will be reimbursed
on submission of itemized bill statement. The company will not provide the handset to
the employee, and the employee will have to acquire the same on his/ her own.
b. If the employee opts for the above , then the existing reimbursement towards the
landline connection will cease to be payable to him/ her.
c. Alternatively, if the employee opts to continue with the landline connection, then
the existing scheme of reimbursement to him/ her will continue.
Generic guidelines
All employees are eligible to apply for a Corporate Sim Card with CUG facility. The
point of contact for submission of applications is relevant HR Administration incharge.
Re-imbursement for higher amounts to be done on a needs basis with prior
approval from the Head of Department
Employees belonging to VP and above levels will be provided Blackberry handsets
Point of contact for queries: HR Admin manager of respective locations.
Procedure for reimbursement:
Employees are requested to use the expense management system (through the link in
KEC connect - to record the expense in the
expense head telephone exp.) and submit scanned copies of the proofs online.

5.5.2 CAP Customised Allowance Pool

Customized Allowance Pool (CAP) is a set of allowances to provide an employee the
flexibility to tax-plan according to his/her specific needs. A CAP offers the employee a
bouquet of choices. One can allot the amounts to each allowance head ensuring the total
of the amounts claimed by the employee is within the Customized Allowance Pool (CAP).
CAP can be allocated to the following heads as per the limit defined under the Income Tax
Medical Reimbursement
Page | 55

Children Education
Flat Taxable Allowance
*LTA current slab is 2010-2013 (calendar year), in which it can be claimed twice.
CAP form is available on HR Online, the link to the same is available in the annexure. CAP
form needs to be submitted to Mr. P.D Jakhi at (for AM to SM) & to
Mr. P. Ram at ( for CM above).

5.5.3 Leave Rules

Rules applicable
Any paid holiday or weekly off/offs falling in between two leave days will also be
included in total leaves availed.
In case of location change, leave policy as per the new location would apply and
supersede all leave policies in the previous location.
Privilege Leave
Consistent with our value of People Orientation, RPGs Privilege Leave Policy aims at
providing the employee an opportunity to take planned break from stress of business so
as to :
a) Re-energize himself; and
b) Achieve better balance between work and his other social / family
Operating Guidelines
Keeping in view the spirit of the Policy, it is important that every employee is
encouraged to actually go on leave except in extreme situation of an emergency where
leave cannot be granted.
Employees are entitled to 30 days privilege leave every year from January to
Privilege leave is earned first and availed later. One is not entitled to any Privilege
Leave in the first year of joining the company. Whatever leave he/she earns from the
date of joining till December of that particular year is credited to employees account
after completion of one year.
Number of times privilege leave can be availed during the year is location specific.
A minimum of 5 days privilege leave needs to be applied and availed at any given
Approving Authority
Employees immediate superior in consultation with the head of the department.
Page | 56

Leave Calculation
The Privilege leave is calculated on pro rata basis in the year of joining and in the year
of leaving the company.
Period of leave without pay will not be eligible for earning privilege leave.
Leave Accumulation
Unutilized leave can be carried forward for maximum three years. This will mean that
maximum accumulation of leave will be ninety (90) days at any point of time.
If anyone has more than ninety (90) days leave at present, then he/she must plan to
avail of the excess accumulated leave at the earliest or it will lapse.
At the time of leaving the Company / retirement, encashment will be of only maximum
ninety (90) days of accumulated leave. Excess leave will lapse.
As an exception, those who are due for retirement during the course of next three
years will be allowed to carry forward their accumulated leave. On retirement they
can encash or avail leave at the discretion of the Business Head/ SVP HR.
Leave Encashment
*Strictly discouraged during the tenure of the employee
An employee becomes eligible for privilege leave encashment only when he has
availed the leave for 10 days or more at least at one occasion during the year.
The employee will be entitled to 1.5 times of 10 days privilege leave (minimum) or of
total availed Privilege leave (maximum) at any single given occasion for encashment.
This means a minimum of 15 days encashment is a bare minimum at any time.
However to encash leave the employee needs to ensure that after availing and
encashing, a balance of minimum 15 days privilege leave is available to his/her credit
for future use.
Casual Leave (CL) & Sick Leave (SL)
All Managers will be entitled for casual leave as per the practice followed at
respective location.
The No. of days of Casual Leave, Sick Leave, Prefix/Suffix provision, procedure for
sanctioning, accumulation and encashment if any, will be applicable as per the
practice followed at respective location.
Special Sick leave: There is no provision for special sick leave. However, for life
threatening illnesses requiring confinement to bed e.g., heart surgery/ surgery for
cancer etc, special sick leave may be sanctioned only after full exhaustion of
accumulated and accrued privilege leave, sick leave and on the approval of Managing
Director. Leave can be given to the extent he can avail leave in the next year or 30
days can be given and adjusted against next years leave. Such special sick leave may
be adjusted against all future leave entitlement.
In case of more than 1 day sick leave, the employee has to submit a medical
Page | 57

Half Day casual leave can be taken, but not sick leave.
Casual leave and sick leave are calculated on pro rata basis in the year of joining and
leaving the company, which can be used from the date of joining till calendar year
Sick leave and Casual leave cannot be adjusted against Privilege leave.
Leave without Pay:
Leave without Pay would only be granted in exceptional cases and at the sole discretion
of the management.
Maternity Leave:
All female employees, AMs and above of the company would be eligible for maternity
leave, as per the provisions of the Maternity Benefits Act, 1971, or as per the
regulations in force from time to time, regarding the same. To be eligible for benefits,
as per the provisions of the act, the Officer, manager or executive should have put in
at least 10 months of continuous service with the company.
An application for maternity leave should be made at least 8 weeks in advance, with a
doctors certificate stating the expected date of delivery.
Maternity leave will be allowed for a total of 12 weeks to be taken before / after the
date of confinement at the convenience of the applicant, at the earliest, from 6 weeks
before date of delivery.
Maternity leave may be attached to any other kind of leave, other than casual leave.
Ladies availing of maternity leave will have to complete the following forms:
Form No.1- for declaring the pregnancy. This will state the expected date of
Form No 2- for informing the date from which leave is to be taken.
Form No 3- to be filled after resuming work. To inform the date of resuming and
assurance from the doctor that you are fit to resume work.
These forms are available on HR Online. The link of the same is given in the annexure.

Paid Holiday
To enable Managers to celebrate festivals and observe national holidays.
To comply with the statutory requirements where such requirements exist.
The company will observe holidays as per the approved lists of paid holidays for
the various locations.
The list shall be prepared by the respective HR Department and by Corporate HR
Department for locations, which do not have their own HR set-up.
Page | 58

The HR Department shall circulate an approved list of holidays to all the

concerned employees and send a copy of the same to Corporate Personnel.
Online Leave Management System
All managers in Mumbai, Gurgaon, Butibori, Jaipur and Chief Managers & above across
locations have to apply for leave through the Online Leave Management System. Access
of the same is available through kecconnect under Leave Managementsite.

5.5.4 Conveyance expenses and Meal Allowance -for late sitting and
work on holidays
Coverage: Mumbai and Gurgaon
All managers who are required to work on weekly holiday/holiday/weekend (office
departments) or are required to do late working for more than two hours (after office
hours) on a working day are eligible for the following conveyance expenses and meal
allowance reimbursement
Weekly holiday/holiday/weekend (office departments)
To and fro Taxi/Auto rickshaw fare from residence to work place plus meal allowance
as applicable (refer to policy on Meal Allowance).
Late sitting on working days
Return journey Taxi/Auto rickshaw fare from work place to residence plus meal
allowance as applicable (refer to policy on Meal Allowance).
Late working for more than 2 hours after
office hours

Taxi/auto fare to the nearest railway station

Late working for more than 3 hours

Taxi/auto fare up to the residence

Reimbursement for use of personal conveyance

Managers who use personal conveyance would be eligible for reimbursement of
conveyance expense on a kilometre basis as per applicable travel policy.
Managers are required to swipe their ids to record attendance during any occasion
of late sitting or working on holidays.
There shall be no compensatory off or any other monetary compensation for any
extra full day/half day/late working
Page | 59

Point of contact for queries: HR Admin manager of respective locations.

Procedure for reimbursement:
Employees are requested to use the expense management system (through the link in
KEC connect - to record the expense under the
expense head local conveyance and submit scanned copies of the proofs (if any)
Meal Allowance Policy
Meal allowance eligibility is as below:
Associates, Assistant Managers & Managers
Senior Managers and above

Rs. 90
Actuals within permissible limits

Meal allowance for lunch is payable when an employee is on outdoor duty during
lunch timings or lunch timings are a part of working on Weekly

Point of contact for queries: HR Admin manager of respective locations.

Procedure for reimbursement: Employees are requested to use the expense
connect to record the expense under the expense head
lunch allowance and submit scanned copies of the proofs (if any) online.

5.5.5 Annual Health Check Up

The company has annual health check up benefit scheme, under which a comprehensive
health check up specially customized with relevant tests for KEC is available. The cost of
the check up is borne by the company. We have tied up with the best diagnostic centre
having PAN India presence for the same. The window for this check up is generally
between May-July. Employee is supposed to confirm the date of check up and his/her
preferred centre to his/her respective SBU HR. Once the diagnostic centre confirms the
appointment, an authorization letter along with a sample kit is handed over to the
employee. The detailed report is directly sent to the employee by the diagnostic centre.
This negotiated check up rate can be also utilized by the employee for its immediate
family (parents, spouse and children) as additional benefit. The employee is supposed to
book the appointments directly for such cases and the cost is borne by the employee.

Page | 60

5.5.6 Kit Allowance

All employees travelling to International project sites from Mumbai are eligible for Kit
Allowance. It can be claimed once in two years.
Eligibilities are as mentioned below:

Associates: Rs. 2500/AMs and Above: Rs.4000/-

Health and Medical Policy Group Mediclaim Insurance Plan
KEC has tie-up for hospitalization day treatment under the Hospitalization Scheme with
M/s. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Ltd.
Coverage Amount
VP and Above
6.00 Lacs
CM to GM
4.00 Lacs
Senior Manager
2.00 Lacs
Manager M2
1.75 Lacs
Assistant Manager to M1
1.25 Lacs
1.0 Lac
*Amounts and Guidelines for Cables need to be checked with SBU HR.
Guidelines Hospitalization
All inpatient expenses in case of illness and emergency are covered under the
policy for hospitalization for more than 24 hours.
Coverage restricted to self, spouse and children.
o Married children are not covered under the scheme.
o Unmarried children above the age of 21 years are not covered under this
Guidelines - Day care treatment expenses
The policy covers Surgeries / procedures that requires less than 24 hours
hospitalization due to advancement in technology like kidney stone removal,
Page | 61

coronary angioplasty and catheterization, Endoscopic resections, chemotherapy,

radiotherapy, cataract etc.
Coverage restricted to self, spouse and children.
o Married children are not covered under the scheme.
o Unmarried children above the age of 21 years are not covered under this
General Guidelines
Any expenses related to diagnostics/tests are not payable.
Cash less facility is not provided under the Policy.
All claims must be submitted within 30 days from the date of discharge from the
Claims up to Rs. 1500/ are not payable.
Maternity cover is excluded under the Policy.
Parents are not covered under the Policy.
The Policy is on Family Floater cover for the employees, subject to the maximum
limits as mentioned above.
Cashless facility is not provided in the mediclaim policy; hence the employee will
settle all the bills at the Hospital himself and collect all the documents pertaining to
the hospitalization from the Hospital

Procedure for Claim Settlement

1. Original Claim:
The employee will fill up the original claim form of ICICI Lombard General Insurance
and attach all the bills and documents with the same.
2. Address & Contact No. Send Claims Forms:
The full file (along with original claim documents) the claim form needs to be sent to
Mr.Anil Chaudhary, Insurance Cell, 247, Park, 502 B Wing, 5th Floor, LBS Marg, Vikhroli
(West) Mumbai 400 083 (Direct No. 02267138108).
3. Claim Documents required:
For reimbursement for a GHI Claim, the following documents (in Original) will be
required to be submitted within 30 days of discharge from the hospital:
Duly Filled and Signed Claim Form
Original Final Hospital Bill along with Payment Receipt
Original Discharge Summary / Card
All Investigation Reports
Original Bills & Receipts for investigations done outside hospital (with summary).
Doctors prescription, Pre Post Hospitalization bills ( dated and in original)
Page | 62

Original Bills of medicines and surgical appliances ( If purchasesd by the claimant)

* Kindly retain a copy of all documents for future reference.
We have renewed the policy with M/s. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd., who
have agreed to depute their person in Vikhroli Office on every Tuesday afternoon for coordination and settlement of claims. In case of emergency, please feel free to contact the
below mentioned representatives of M/s. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Co. Ltd. 403,
Centre point, JB Nagar, Andheri (East), Mumbai 400059.
First Contact

Contact Person
Mr. Ravi Anand 9619080055
Ms. Deeksha Hora 9820682875

Second Contact Personal Accident Insurance

KEC has a tie-up with ICICI Lombard to provide Group Personal Accidental Policy to the
employees for covering Accidental death.

Coverage Amount

Chief Managers and above

10 Lacs

Assistant Managers to Senior Managers

7.5 Lacs


5.0 Lacs

Changes in the nominee details should be intimated to the HR department.
The death compensation amount to be payable to the notified nominee only.
The entire premium amount for the above coverage will be borne by the Company.
Request for a change in a category by paying a difference in premium will not be
entertained. Also, no payment will be made to employees who do not wish to cover
their immediate family members.
Point of contact for queries:
Mr. A P Choudhary Insurance Cell, Vikhroli - Mumbai (022- 66670200(Ext: 210),
Page | 63

Mr. Dilip Gole HR dept, Worli Mumbai (022-66670200(Ext: 258),
Email: Group Term Life Insurance

We have Group Life Insurance policy with ICICI Prudential LIC as per the sum assured
mentioned below:-

Management Trainees
Associate , AM to M2
Sr. Manager to GM

Sum Assured in (Rs.)

Rs. 5 lacs
Rs. 10 lacs
Rs. 20 lacs

Point of contact for queries:

Mr. Vishal Mokal Admin, Worli - Mumbai 022- 66670200(Ext: 264),

5.5.8 Retirement Benefits Provident Fund
To provide for retirement benefits and to comply with statutory requirements in force.
All Associates and above subject to the provision of the EPF Act, 1952.
The rate of contribution payable shall be 12%.
Contribution shall be made on basic salary & D.A. (wherever D.A. is payable)
P.F. shall be paid into the company PF Fund Trust wherever such Trust/fund exists
or else sent to the Regional PF Commissioner.
All relevant procedures and provisions of the EPF Act shall be followed.

Page | 64

Administration & Control

The PF section, salary cells and Unit Accounts department shall be responsible for
administration of this scheme. Gratuity
To provide a lump sum payment to an employee who leaves after the specified period of
employment, in recognition of services rendered.
All associates and above
All Managers will be eligible for Gratuity as per the provision of Payment of
Gratuity Act 1972 without any ceiling limit; on the date of their separation
provided they have served 5 years in the company continuously.
In case of employees of KEC International Limited who were already eligible for
Gratuity as per the old scheme announced vide letter-dated 15.9.1994, will be paid
gratuity as per that scheme.
Administration & Control
Corporate HR and Corporate Accounts shall be jointly responsible for the administration
and control of this scheme.
Point of contact for queries:
Mr. Mardikar Vikhroli, Mumbai (022-66406435) email:

5.6 Procedure
5.6.1 Reimbursement of Official Expenses
An employee incurring expenditure for official purpose on behalf of KEC is eligible to
claim actual on the production of supporting documents through the expense
management system. Here, the employee would have to record details of the expenditure
incurred under the appropriate expense head.

Page | 65

Procedure for reimbursement:

Employees are requested to use the expense management system (through the link in
KEC connect - to record the expense in the
appropriate expense head and submit scanned copies of the proofs online.

Page | 66

Section 6Policies Applicable To

Domestic Sites

Page | 67

6.1 Field Travel Allowance (FTA)

All employees on permanent roles of the company, working at project sites are eligible for
FTA. The amount payable to individual is as per their designation.


FTA (pm)

Dy. General Manager/General Manager


Chief Manager


Senior Manager


Manager M2


Manager M1


Assistant Manager


Disbursement Criteria is based on attendance. Trainees are not eligible for FTA payment.

6.2 Site Accommodation Allowance

This allowance is applicable to employees attached to domestic project sites.
(Rs. Per month)
Chief Manager
Senior Manager
Manager M2
Manager M1
Assistant Manager
Site Accommodation allowance is a voucher payment which is over & above CTC. It is
paid for the duration spent by the employee at the site location.

Page | 68

6.3 Transfer Reimbursement Policy

In case of inter-construction sites transfer, the following reimbursements are made:
Cost of transfer of personal belongings, upto max of 1 truckload.
(3 quotations to be submitted to HR team for approval)
Lorry receipts to be submitted on arrival to destination location, where this cost
will be reimbursed on submission of original bills. Cost of insurance is also paid.
Cost of one-way travel (Second AC train fare) to be paid for the family members, to
be reimbursed on submission of original bills.
Hotel stay of maximum 10 days for finalizing new accommodation.
As and when the bills for the above reimbursement submitted to Site Office or
Regional Office, it should be intimated to HR Department for further action in the
No special sanction shall be considered unless duly approved by SBU Head.
Travel Bills submitted by the employees shall be approved on verification of the
Number of family members accompanied with him/her needs to be verified
according to the number of person mentioned in railway ticket attached.
Check post endorsement of Lorry Receipt (LR) for the materials entered into the state
as proof of transportation.
In the case of retired employees, they are also eligible to avail the same to proceed to
their native place as per address available with the company. Booking of railway
reservation and arrangement of lorry/truck shall henceforth be done by the field office.
Should you have any queries for any clarifications please feel free to contact your SBU HR.

6.4 Disturbance Allowance

The Disturbance Allowance is currently being paid to the employees deputed in Jammu &
Kashmir, Bihar, Jharkhand and North East Region (NER). Further keeping in view the
present security situation, Additional Disturbance Allowance will be given to the
employees deputed at NER.

Page | 69

S. No.


Disturbance Allowance for J&K,

Bihar, Jharkhand, HP & NER

Additional Disturbance
Allowance only for NER

Chief Manager



Senior Manager



Manager M2



Manager M1



Assistant Manager



6.5 Procedure to Apply for Leave


Employee writes an email to his/her immediate superior requesting for leave
The superior replies with a confirmation of leave
The employee sends mail to site commercial manager for records in the log book, the same is
shared with Vikhroli Time Office (Mr. C.D. Jadhav) on monthly basis.

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Section 7HR Processes &

Practices @ KEC

Page | 71

7.1 On-Board
KECs induction process is called On-Board. This process helps familiarize the new joinees
with his new team members as well as different functional heads with whom she/he will
be interacting on a regular basis. The program also provides an introduction to RPG
Group & KEC International Ltd, as well as be a one stop information guideline to all
queries that a new joinee might have.
OnBoard Guidelines:
A) The new joinee needs to submit the following documents to the company along
with the signed copy of the employment letter and signed copy of the Code of
Business Conduct:
Proof of Age (Copy of Birth Certificate or school leaving certificate).
Academic certificates and other Merit certificates.
Release letter from the previous employer.
Previous Companys Salary slip indicating last salary drawn from previous
2 Photographs
Provident Fund details
Details of Family Members
Bank Salary Account information
Medical Fitness Report & Medical History
Nomination Form for Gratuity
B) New Joinee must browse through the following:
KEC Website (www.
RPG Group Website (
KEC Connect (
HR Online (
C) New joinee must ensure the completion of the following within one month of
joining the company:
Goal Setting Sheet - PRIDE
OnBoard Feedback Form

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7.2 Performance Management System

The objective of the performance management system is to outline a process
Aligns individuals and their teams to the Strategy, Objectives and Values of the
organization by defining their annual goals each year.
Periodically reviews progress on goals.
Identify strengths and developmental needs of the individual.
Reward true success and contributions.

7.2.1 Goal Setting ProcessPerformance Review and Individual Development Enabler (PRIDE)- The goal
setting process.
Goal setting is to be done in the month of April or within one month of the joining at KEC.
At the end of the financial year, the goal setting document becomes the basis for
employees performance assessment.
Standardised format for goal setting across Group companies are used. The format
consists of 3 sheets P01, P02 and P03. A minimum of 5 goals and a maximum of 7 goals
with the weightage between 10- 40% can be set. P01 (Goal-Mean) form is for employees
to capture his/her goals the means to achieve those goals and these means become the
goals for his/her direct reportee. This cascading will continue till the goal becomes an
activity. Thus goal setting follows a top down approach.P02 form contains goals with
respective along with weightages. This form will be part of the appraisal form. P03(Goal
Planning) form will act as a performance diary based on individual roles and
responsibilities. Improvement projects, execution project and regular management
activities are captured with respect to each of the goals. P03 needs to be reviewed every
month and action plans to be crafted in case of variation observed vis-a-vis targets.
These are made available on HR Online with a detailed document on how to use the three
sheets. The link of the same is given in the annexure.

7.2.2 Mid Term Review

A Mid Term Review is a part of the performance management process where the superior
offers the employee feedback and guidance to improve his performance. It happens in the
middle of the assessment period (6 months after Goal setting), if externalities force a
reassessment of Goals & its actual and planned targets, this serves as an opportunity to

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7.2.3 Annual Performance Appraisal

In the annual appraisal, assessment on the basis of performance against pre-set goals.
The process starts at the beginning of financial year and all employees who joined on or
before 30th September in the previous financial year will be eligible for appraisal process.
The Process involvesSelf Appraisal
Performance Review Meeting with the immediate supervisor.
Final review is done by the manager of the immediate supervisor.
There is also a discussion on employees development needs and future career
The performance appraisal form is available on HR Online. The link of the same is given in

7.2.4 Career Dialogue

This is a formal interaction between the employee and the reporting superior at the time
of MTR and final performance review to discuss The employees career aspirations
The career opportunities currently available in KEC
The development action plan required to help the employee grow and assume
greater roles which is captured in CDAP form.
The aspirations and action plans are recorded and reviewed during future MTRs
and performance reviews.
Related forms and templates are available on HR Online. The link of the same is given in

7.3 Capability Building

KEC commitment to its employees growth is a passion that runs deep. We dont just
believe in training. We believe in Enabling.
Making our employees equipped in the latest capabilities is the need of the hour. The
learning and organizational development interventions at KEC are poised to achieving
Assessing Needs:
Employee development needs are assessed and discussed in various processes.
Development action plans are made post appraisal and then inputs from other sources
are added as and when the processes are being conducted.
Page | 74

7.3.1 Development Action Plan (DAP) Creation

Once the manager in consultation with the employee captures the development needs, HR
creates the development action plans which are then discussed with the reporting
managers and finalized. Various sources of input for DAP Creation are:

7.3.2 Blended Learning Curriculum:

Page | 75

Training initiatives are aligned to the requirements of the business and specifically, the
different SBUs. Trainings are customised to meet the requirements of a role of a specific
function in a particular SBU. Classroom Training:
KEC organizes a series of technical and behavioral classroom training programs at its
various office locations. The trainers in most cases are internal resources who are subject
matter experts. This helps create a favorable learning atmosphere. E Learning:
In order to reach out to the innumerable KECians who work at remote projects sites in
India and abroad, KEC employs a very robust E Learning system. Self learning is
facilitated by the over 100 technical & behavioral courses available on-line.
It is an e-learning platform which offers easy online learning for all who cannot spare
time for classroom trainings. These trainings are directly aligned to the classroom
training curricula.
What makes e learning experience a special one:

On demand availability: Employees can choose their own time for learning
Choice of courses: 100 course available aligned to RPG competencies

Highly interactive with simulations & role plays

Duration of courses: between 0.5- 5 hrs

Self directed learning: Anyone can choose to do any course based on development
needs and interest.
E-certificates are awarded on completing courses with 75% and above.

7.3.3 Training Institute at Butibori

In April 2010 KEC inaugurated its Training Centre at Butibori, built on a sprawling 3 acre
plot. The objective is to create a large pool of supervisory talent for Transmission &
Distribution and other infrastructures industry and train them in the latest technology
and techniques in the infrastructure field.
Page | 76

Facilities at the Training Institute:

2 Training Halls well equipped with latest training aids

A Dining Hall,
2 Dormitories for residential programs
A Pantry,
A Library,
Recreation Hall for Indoor games facility,
Volley ball court and,
Offices for the Head of Training and staff.

7.3.4 Organization Management Review

It is formal process to discuss and identify and develop human capital, prepare the
leadership pipeline.
Levels- This is first done at the SBU/Business level and then discussed at the company
Participants: Top leadership team.
Coverage: All managers
The process consists of:
Discussion on present organizational structure design & modification, if any based
on business growth plan
Plotting of employees on talent matrix
Identification of Critical Talent, HighFliers and Low Performers
Succession planning

7.4 Culture Building

7.4.1 KEC Role Model Behavior WorkshopThe objective of the workshop is to educate managers on KEC Culture Pillars with specific
inputs emphasizing alignment of managerial behavior with KEC Culture, simultaneously
spreading awareness on the positive business impact due to this alignment.

Pedagogy :

Page | 77

o Experiential Learning with role plays, videos, case studies and interactive
group tasks.
o Project sites Coverage: A 2 hours capsule version of the workshop is
created in an audio-video format to cover
managers at project sites where forming a batch
is not possible.

7.4.2 Transform 360 Degree feedback @ KEC

TRANSFORM is a cultural intervention applied using the 360 degree feedback tool to
embed the KEC culture pillars in the DNA of every Manager. Here, every stake holder of
an employee his superiors, subordinates and peers give feedback with respect to his
alignment with KEC Cultural pillar in daily life.
The feedback analysis from Transform is aimed at helping managers understand and
introspect the scope of behaviour development in line with Kec Culture pillars. The
intervention is to bring about the desired behavioural change as required for our
business excellence and to sustain the pace of growth.
Transform survey is conducted online through an external vendor.

7.5 Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement is defined as the extent to which an
employee feels committed to an organization and achieving its
stated or unstated objectives.
The RPG Engagement model considers 11 drivers of Engagement as
mentioned below:
Drivers of Engagement


Career & Personal Growth

My future growth opportunities look good here


Overall, my communication needs are being met


I am appropriately paid for the contributions I make to the companys success


There is enough fun and excitement at my workplace


I always feel excited and enthusiastic about my job

Performance Management

Our performance appraisal system is working effectively for me

Policies and Procedures

The companys policies and procedures create a positive work environment for me

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Rewards & Recognition

I receive adequate recognition (beyond compensation) for my contributions/


Senior Management

I see strong evidence of effective leadership from senior management


My supervisor provides all the support I need to do my job well

Work Environment

The physical working conditions are appropriate for the work I do

Key objectives of the survey included:

Assess employees attitudes and beliefs about employees work activities,
opportunities, leadership, quality of work life, relationships and rewards
Assess employee understanding and support of the business goals and strategies of
Identify the extent to which employees are observing and managers are supporting
desired behaviours throughout the organisation
Reinforce the idea of shared responsibility for improving business results
Learn whether different groups of employees have different needs or issues
The Employee engagement survey is conducted by an external vendor through an online
questionnaire every year in the month of April/May. All Managers on or before 31st
December of previous year are eligible to participate in the survey.

7.6 Rewards and Recognition Programs

7.6.1 Challenger Award
The purpose of this award is to Recognize & Reward KECians for exemplary
performance, process improvement, innovation, customer orientation & displaying
culture pillar behaviours.
An ideal candidate for the Challenger Award is one who demonstrates KEC Culture values,
an ability to think out of the box to come up with innovative solutions to business
problems, and may be seen as a role model for others to emulate.
The common drivers across the stipulated criteria for granting awards are as

Exemplary performance demonstration;

Employee Innovative thinking and idea implementation;
Total quality improvement activities, in systems, processes;
Customer (Internal/External) Service Orientation;
Page | 79

Cultural values espoused by KEC

Nomination and Selection Process

1. There will be winners from each SBU. The total number of winners from a particular
SBU will depend on the number of employees of the SBU (Approx 5% of the Average
Headcount of Current Financial Year).
Selection Process

Corporate HR to Facilitate

SBU HR to Facilitate
Business President
SBU HR to Facilitate
SBU Head
SBU HR to Facilitate
Department Head/MCM


All employees in the Managerial cadre i.e. from Assistant Manager to Chief Manager
Level are eligible to be nominated.
Nominees must be full time employee of KEC at the date of nomination.
The achievements should have been accomplished in the 12-18 month periods prior
to the nomination for awards.
The employee must have completed 2 years in KEC on the date of nomination
The employee must not have received Challenger Award in the previous year
All winners will receive a Gift hamper worth Rs 10,000/-, a certificate of merit,
Challenger Trophy and personalized congratulatory letter addressed to the Family.

Page | 80

7.6.2 U R the Brand- Recognition Program

The KEC culture pillars represent behaviours that will help KECians perform and excel at
their roles. In an effort to encourage alignment to the culture pillars, KEC has instituted
the U R the Brand program. This an online peer recognition program, wherein you can
send Tokens of Appreciation to any KECian for displaying any of the KEC culture pillars
at work.
Process for sending a U R the Brand token:

Think of a colleague you would like to send a 'Token of Appreciation' for exhibiting
any of the culture pillar behaviours.
Visit HR Online- Reward & Recognition section and select My Module
Select your colleague's SBU and his/her name from the drop down list
Select the culture pillar you have noticed your colleague aligning his/her behaviour
After selecting the culture pillar, select the corresponding behaviour(s) from the
dropdown list & send your token
Indicate where/when you have noticed your colleague exhibiting the culture pillar
behaviour. Give an example of how s/he has displayed the behaviour you want to
appreciate him/her for. Write appreciative words.
See the 'Token of the Appreciation' Template and press the send button

U R The Brand module is available on HR Online. The link of the same is given in

7.6.3 KEC Role Model Award

KEC Role Models are people who live the KEC Brand by upholding the KEC Culture Pillar
values in their everyday life. KEC Role Model Award recognizes such individuals who go
out of their way to imbibe and display these values in their professional and personal
This award is given annually to those individuals who get the highest number of U R the
Brand-Tokens of Appreciation during the year.

7.6.4 Well Done Award

As an organization that values and encourages capability building and training, it is
important for KEC to create a climate that encourages the application of knowledge
gained from trainings on the job.
Page | 81

Well Done Award was launched to capture the effectiveness of trainings employees have
undergone and also to recognize the individuals who maximized the application of the
learning from these trainings in their day to day work.
The process captures feedback from both the training participant and the reporting
manager with regard to learning from the training and its overall impact on our
Individuals, who are nominated by their reporting managers for effectively putting the
learning back on to their daily work, are given Well Done award having met the minimum
criteria w.r.t to training effectiveness score.

7.7 Fun@Work Initiatives

At KEC, we take fun @ work every seriously. It is our belief that an engaged and happy
will excel at his work. Given the demographics and the sheer diversity of locations in
which KECians operate, engagement is a challenge.
KEC has many location specific Fun @ work interventions such as-

Festival celebrations
Picnics and out bound programmes
Sports and recreation activities
Annual Get Together with families

Virtual Fun@WorkApart the initiatives mentioned above, Fun @ work is supplemented by a host of Virtual
Engagement initiatives. KEC is one of the pioneers of virtual engagement initiatives. This
initiative was recognized by the NHRDN and conferred the award for best practice. Each
SBU is given a unique team name and a distinguished logo. Innovative ways are
incorporated for winning engagement points in various theme based initiatives.
Competing Teams

Page | 82

Some of the Virtual Engagement initiatives for Fun @ work are:

7.8 Communication Channels

7.8.1 KEC Connect
KEC Connect is the official intranet of KEC. It is a common platform where information,
links, etc. pertaining to various businesses and functions is updated for example, leave
management system, expense management system. To explore, visit it at

HR online is a part of the KEC Connect intranet. HR Online is often described as a virtual
HR department. HR Online is an e-enabled channel to ensure convenient, constant and
consistent communication needed in our dynamic business environment. It is designed to
keep KECians connected to relevant updates about current and future people related
events, HR services and much more 24 hours a day. It is a diligently architected platform
to facilitate enhanced delivery through easier and faster availability of requisite
information and HR applications.

Page | 83

To visit HR Online- Click at

7.8.3 Forum
Forum is a monthly interactive face to face, information sharing session between
the senior management and the other employees of the company.
Purpose of this session:
Sharing of Business Updates of respective SBU/Plant/ Location/Project
Screening of MD/MRM Forum Session CD
Open House- Q & A
Knowledge Sharing Session
Sharing of new HR initiatives
Employee Recognition
Birthday Celebrations

Previous forum videos can be accessed through HR Online. The link of the same is given in
the annexure.

7.8.4 InfraTimes
InfraTimes is the quarterly newsletter available both in e-format and hard copy. This
newsletter updates employees about company/SBU performance, the latest
developments in business, new initiatives taken, special achievements or awards won and

Page | 84

any Fun at Work or CSR initiatives taken. This is a vibrant newsletter that keeps KECians
in tune with the latest happenings at KEC.
Current InfraTimes along with 2 previous issues is always available on HR Online. The
link of the same is given in the annexure.

*Wherever grades are mentioned it is with respect to designations only, please do not
confuse it with categories.

In case of any clarifications w.r.t to the Employee Manual, kindly write to Swati Jain at (Contact No: 022-67216287)

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Section 8Annexure

Page | 86

8.1 List of Forms and Templates

Joining and Onboarding Forms
o Onboard feedback form
o Stationary Request Form
o Business Card Request Form
o Provident Fund Nomination Form
o Gratuity Form
o Maternity Forms
General Forms
o CAP Form
o Investment Declaration Form
o Investment Proof Submission Form
o Medical Reimbursement Form
o LTA Form
o Maternity Form
o Group Mediclaim Insurance Form (Hospitalization)
Performance Management
o Pride- P01, P02 & P03 Forms
o Appraisal Form
o Career Dialogue- CDAP Form and Minutes of Meeting Template
Reward & Recognition
o RPG Top Gear Performance Award Nomination Form
o Challenger Award Nomination Form
o Training Effectiveness Cum Well Done Form
o Travel Reimbursement Form
o Conveyance Form
o Expense Reimbursement Form
Separation Form
o Exit Interview Questionnaire
o No Dues Clearance Form
o Provident Fund Transfer Form
These forms are available on HR Online @

Page | 87

8.2 Process Documents:

RPG top Gear Guidelines

Culture Pillar-Definition and

Behaviors Document

Exit Process Document

Appraisal Form Guidelines

Challenger Award
Guidelines Document

8.3 Important Links:

Sites/Web Pages


RPG Website

RPG Lounge

KEC Website

KEC Connect
Online Leave
Management System
HR Online



U R the Brand

Previous Forums


Contact DirectoryList of Guest Houses

Meet your HR

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