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Diploma in Business Management

Level 7

Assignment: - H.R.M




Introduction of pizza hut

The first New Zealand Pizza Hut restaurant opened in New Lynn (Auckland) in September 1974.
We currently have over 80 Pizza Hut stores throughout New Zealand made up of dine-in
restaurants and our delivery and takeout delco stores. Nearly everyone anywhere can enjoy a
Pizza Hut pizza. Were constantly on the lookout for ways to improve our customer service -that
means fine tuning this website, our call centre (0800 83 83 83) and keeping our incredibly
motivated team members up to date with the latest customer service trends.
Pizza Hut in New Zealand stands for serving the best quality pizzas in New Zealand. To do this
were constantly looking at new products which weve developed for Kiwis or delicious dishes
that may have been hugely successful overseas and which we know will appeal to discerning
New Zealanders.

Differences between managing HRM in small and large organisation:-

Small Organization
In small companies, all the HRM functions
are performed by the owner/manager who
has the authority to hire the people. At this
point, it can be proposed that recruitment/
employment process is quick and cost
effective in small companies.

Large Organization
Large firms, normally, have separate HR
department because of the workforce size and
requirements. Its function is to devise
strategies for; employment, placement,
training and development, health and safety,
and human resource planning.


Improve HRM
Appraisal and evaluating choice sources of applicants, inside and outside the organization:
consultants, e-recru.

Why your organization managing HRM practice:The mean of HRM is generally provide the employee to the organization according to the job
and specialty of employee thats the main reason for manage the HRM practices. Pizza hut
follows the HRM rules because HRM creates environment and culture in which employees
voluntarily contribute skills, ideas, and energy and HRM recruits new employees.

Strength of HRM:Specific and accurate method strength of HRM means gives fully concentration for new
techniques and recruitment staff activities. First screening method it means when Pizza hut
Recruits that time they arrange an special team who recruits new candidates and check ability
this practice with respect to strength:-

Adjust Your Attitude

Make time for quality improvement.

Dont manage by fear. Help people feel secure in their jobs.

Dont let the statement, "Weve always done it this way," keep the firm from trying new
approaches to problem-solving.

Be open to new ideas!

Change the "Us vs. Them" culture of management and staff by adopting quality
principles and methods. Working together to solve common problems will help break
down these barriers.

Collect Data to Help in Decision-Making

Survey clients to find out what the firm can do more effectively.

Does a confidential survey to find out what staff thinks could be done more effectively.

Use the results from both surveys to make improvements to operations.

Make a regular effort to determine the changing needs ("requirements") of your clients in
order to meet them effectively.

Survey clients and staff on a regularly basis to determine whether improvements that
were made have had a noticeable impact

Make management decisions based on gathering data and determining facts, not based on
hunches or gut instincts.


Spend more money on training. Send your managers and staff to classes in effective
client service, leadership training, teamwork, and conflict-resolution.

Invest more money in training staff in effective client service, conflict-resolution,

teamwork, stress management, job-skill building.

Train everyone in the principles and methods of quality improvement.

After the training, form quality improvement teams to improve work processes.

Job analysis and Talent management

Job Analysis
In the company the job analysis is the process to assembling the responsibility of each day
situation which is known equally to single employees.

Job specification:
A work prerequisite condition, the littlest capacity that an individual must go past to perform a
certain work productively. It arranges the data, capacity, and emotions needed to do the work

Team Member

Our Team Members are at the heart of our business. They're a big part of why Pizza hut is such a
great place to work. They deliver fantastic service as well as delicious food and we're proud of
what they do.

Shift manager
Some people are looking for a job to fit around their studies or family, and want a position where
they can grow. Because we offer such strong training and development support, this can be a
perfect first step in kicking off your new career.

Assistant Restaurant Manager

This is a real opportunity to prove yourself. You'll be working closely to support your Restaurant
Manager, train your team and meet sales and profit targets. But you're also the driving force
behind ensuring your restaurant achieves the level of operational excellence that meets the high
standards Pizza hut strives for, and that our customers deserve.

Restaurant Manager
That's right, you're in charge, but you're also the one who really shapes the character and
atmosphere in the Pizza hut You'll be responsible for all aspects of managing your own Pizza hut
restaurant, including recruiting the best team possible and coaching them to achieve excellence.
You'll also need to be commercially minded. Fostering a great team environment means better
customer service; and an increase in sales and profitability is one of your key goals. To help you
out, we'll also give you the chance to shape our products and procedures through providing
frequent feedback and insight into what your customers

Talent management:We look for three big things which I categories as smarts character and ambition'. So do they
have the smarts and the intellectual hardwiring to be a great leader in our business, from a
character perspective are they the right kind of people, so are they a good cultural fit, can they
really help our organizational values really live and breathe, and bring them to life, and walk the
talk on them. Because culture is a huge deal here at Yum, and people don't succeed in the
organization unless they can genuinely walk the talk on our culture. So looking for people that
will maintain and add to that culture is absolutely vital. Somebody can be the smartest person in
the world, but if they can't walk the talk on our culture then they don't get to join us or they will
not win.

Talent Management in human Resources:-

IN Pizza hut Many people are beginning to use the phrase Talent Management" to refer to the
activities of attracting, developing and retaining employees.

Personnel planning and recruitment:Personnel planning:Attracting candidates:

Social media, advertising, and agencies.
Selecting candidates filtering the applications, interviews, conducting test, candidate assessment,
putting forward employment opportunity, verifying the references, preparing the contract.

Forecasting demand:In the organization the impotent factor of human resource planning is predicting the figure and
types of people, compulsory to get collectively decision making aims. For the reason that it is an
open structure that we stay in, a combination of administrative issues, as well as prepared for
action plan, ability, arrangement, and production can force the demand for employees

Forecasting Supply:The organization has forecast its upcoming needs for workers, it then goes on to the subsequently
instigate that is from everywhere can it fulfilled its wants. It therefore requirements to decide if
there are enough figures and types of workers and how many are qualified for the reasonable
position. Supply examination thus, involves arrangement for procurement: who, from where,
how and when of staffing. It scans the inside and outside surroundings for the best-fit applicant
for the positions in enquiry.

Recruitment:In the organization the procedure of searching and arranging to apply for vacancy is called

Objectives of Recruitment:-

The recruitment improves the production. It gives the information workers or employees will be
necessary in the organization according to the requirement.

Sources of Recruitment:Internal Resources:1. Promotion In the organization workers are promote from one area to another area with many
2. Departmental exam:-This process is use by government division to choose workforce for
superior level of position.
3. Transfer In the organization workers are move from one sector to another sect according to
their skill and practice.
4. Retire Many company call back workers who have already retire from the company.

External resources:1. Management consultant Management advisor helps the organization by providing them with
administrative personnel.
2. Employment agencies: - In the organization they give a agreement to service organization. The
HR administration will make all the arrangement.
3. Walk in interview: - Another method of staffing is walk in interview method.

Employee Testing and Selection Practices:At external recruitment is done only for front-end employees whereas back-end employees are
recruited internally. The basic requirement for front-end employees to qualify for the job is to
have minimum high school education. After the resumes of the applicants are short-listed, an
aptitude test is conducted. The results of the test are recorded on the basis of colors Pizza hut i.e.
red, green or yellow.
Red color rating indicates a clear No, indicating not to hire that employee, whereas, Green
color rating indicates that the candidate is best suited for the job and Yellow color rating
indicates that the candidate can be hired but he/she needs to be watched during work. After the
tests results, the interviews are conducted and final selection is made in the second interview.

Training session of employees:After the selection of the employee, the individual is sent to the companys training centre where
the training sessions are provided for one week. In addition to giving proper orientation, he is

briefed about the organization policies and culture. Once the training period is over, the
concerned person has to give a test.

Trainee Team Members:The team members that are hired may be serving at Pizza hut on part-time basis, because they are
allowed to continue their education on regular basis. When a Trainee Team member is hired, the
individual is supposed to work at Pizza hut for 3 months (probation period). After completing 3
months on the job, Trainee Team member becomes a Team member. During that period of 3
months, the trainee is required to serve at four stations of Pizza hut namely.

Kinds of choice test:The following are the choice tests are implementing by Pizza hut depending upon their
necessities. Following are the selection test;
1. Aptitude test
2. Intelligence test
3. Personality test
4. Performance test

Selection:In the organization the process of selecting the right employees on the behalf of the accurate

Appointment analysis:The organization human resource department cans analysis the vacancy.

Advertisement:In the organization the vacancy can be announce through different channel, for example
electronic and print media.

Application form:In the organization a vacant request form are fix with the job vacancy

Interview:In the organization the peoples who select in the examination test, call for interview

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Procedures Followed in interview:At the assessment day, there was a number of different activities, including a one-on-one
interview with senior management, a group discussion involving designing a new brand and a
group task in which we were given a budget and asked to make changes to a new opening store
of Pizza hut we had to chose different options which had different effects on customers, staff and
overall appearance of the Pizza hut brand.

Interview steps:Interviews
First phone of all staff do the call to the person and get the interview and they ask simple
questions then call to person for face interview

Verbal reasoning

Assessment centre
Group exercise
Background check
Competency based question
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Employee Training and development:-

Training System
A diverse workforce like kfc has different learning styles. In 2011, we introduced a learning
management system known as the Learning Zone which is now the lynchpin of our training and
development programs for our teams. Every team member has at least one laptop with access to
our e-learning system, where team members can complete a variety of training modules which
combine e-learning with coaching and on the job training. This training covers all types of k f c
roles, including apprenticeships, and is accredited by City and Guilds.

Team leaders:Developing Champions is our management training programs for team leaders, assistant
managers and restaurant managers. To progress to team-leader level, employees must complete
13 modules within three months via our e-learning system, Learning Zone.

Development opportunities:A lot of people at Pizza hut move between roles, which are often very different. This helps us
keep people in the business for longer and provides our people with broader experience, during
which they learn new skills.
We also give people the chance to lead or be part of a project team in an area they are interested
in. A number of our employees have been seconded into a team developing a potential new
approach to our management structure. This allows them to gain great project management
experience and further exposure to the head office environment.
We offer work experience to people with a link to our business. These range from school
placements which involve spending time in different parts of the business, to university
placements for people looking for a career in a specific function. We also offer internships for
people who need to complete a project as part of their studies.

Performance Management and Appraisal:Performance of Management

A process of ensuring employees performance.

Consists on three phases.

Setting expectations for employee performance.

Maintaining a dialogue between supervisor and employee to keep performance on track,

Purpose of the performance management system

Work performed by delegates is as shown by Pizza hut's destinations..

Employees have clear understanding with expectations.

Award and bonus salary for ensuring performance.

Opportunities for employee development are identified.

Employee performance that does not meet expectations is addressed.

Appraisal system

Designed to serve the company's and employee's interests.

Used to check the ability of Employees and to ensure that where they are standing.

Measure Processes

Begin to regularly measure the cost of waste and rework inside your organization, and
use the results to drive improvements to processes.

Adopt a Balanced Scorecard Approach to Process Measurement. That is, start measuring
processes from 4 perspectives, not just from the financial point of view. The other three
perspectives are: 1) Client Perspective, 2) Internal Business Operations, 3) Innovation
and Learning.

Once one process is improved (as demonstrated by measuring it), move on to another
critical process. Never stop measuring and improving processes!

Conduct a cost-of-poor-quality audit.

Reward system

Employees are motivated.

Pizza hut also rewards their employees in terms of promotion, incentive, payoff free
meals depending on the level of the employee and how much they perform their job well.

Bounces are given to the employees on the basis of "My growth body" points. If the
person has 5 points he or she can get benefits in term of financial bonuses.