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Who can register?
1. Staff and student at University of Malaya with UM e-mail address.
2. Only a delegated project team member. The delegated project team member is
responsible to design and develop database, and oversee the project.
Requesting a REDCap Account
1. Send an e-mail to REDCap Administrator: containing the
subject line: REDCap Account Request - your name. Your e-mail should contain the
following details: Your First Name, Last Name and UM e-mail address.
2. Complete the REDCap Registration Form in REDCap. Once submitted, your
application will take up to 5 working days to be reviewed by our REDCap team.


REDCap allows users to assign their team members in a REDCap project. Only a registered
REDCap user of the project is allowed to complete the form on behalf of the team members.
Who is eligible for user rights?
1. Project team members.
2. Anyone who is collaborating on a project from any institutions.
Requesting User Access
1. Once your project is ready to move to production, a request will be sent to REDCap
Administrator. The administrator will then approve/decline your request and if
approved, a form of user rights will be sent.
2. You can also request of adding users by emailing your REDCap administrator at containing the subject line: Request REDCap User Rights
your project ID.
3. The REDCap administrator will then send you a link to complete a form in REDCap.
4. Complete the field for each user that will need access to your project. You should see
additional form for the next user once you click on adding another user button.
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5. Once submitted, your application will take up to 5 working days to approve. The REDCap
administrator will notify you through e-mail.
6. See the glossary below for your reference.

Add New Users, Remove Users, or Change User Rights

1. We expect that many projects will require the adding or removing of users, or modify
permissions. When you need to make changes or additions, you can access the same
form and make the appropriate changes.
2. Once complete, please contact the REDCap administrator to notify the new changes.


1. It is necessary to test the essential components of your project before moving it into
2. Try creating a few test records and entering some data for each to ensure that your data
collection instruments look and behave how you expect, especially branching logic and
3. Then review your test data by creating reports and exporting your data to view in Excel
or a statistical analysis package.
4. If you have surveys, complete the surveys as if you were a participant by using the
Public Survey Link or Participant List by sending a survey invitation to yourself. If other
project modules will be used regularly, test them out a bit too.
5. The best way to test your project is to use it as if you were entering real production
data, and it is always helpful to have colleagues (especially team members) take a look
at your project to get a fresh set of eyes looking at it.
6. Once you are ready to move your project to production, a request will be sent to
REDCap administrator for approval. The administrator will notify you through e-mail and
attach a form of user rights.
7. You must complete the form if you would like to add your selected team members in
REDCap project.


What is the REDCap Mobile App?
1. The REDCap mobile app is an app that can be installed on a tablet or mobile device so
that data may then be collected in an offline fashion on that device, after which it may
then be synced back to this project on the REDCap server.

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2. The app is most useful when data collection will be performed where there is no
internet service (e.g., no WiFi or cellular service) or where there is unreliable internet
3. Once a user in this project is given 'REDCap Mobile App' privileges, they can navigate to
the mobile app page on the left-hand menu and set up this project inside the mobile app
on their device.
4. Once the mobile project is set up on the device, the user can collect data (which is
stored locally on the device), and then at some point sync that data back to this project
on the REDCap server.

How to Get the App?

1. You must first download the REDCap mobile app on your iOS or Android device. You can
search the App Store or Google Play Store for 'REDCap' on your mobile device to find the
app there to download. The app is available for the following platforms: iOS 6.0 or later
(iPhone 4 and up, iPad 2 and up) and Android 4.3 or later (phones and tablets).
2. You must first request an API token from the REDCap administrator by clicking on the
button that is provided in REDCap.
3. After you received an approval from the administrator, open the app on your device;
click the 'Set Up Mobile Project' button, then click the 'Scan QR Code' button, and then
scan the QR code that you see in REDCap.
4. You may create your account as admin and automatically add your selected team

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Full Access

The existing registered REDCap users will be given full access

to the project in order for them to develop database and
manage the project database throughout the period of study.
It recommends that only Principal Investigator (PI) and study
coordinator should have full access to the project in REDCap.
Project Design & Setup
Access to project editor, data dictionary, online form and
event definitions. Recommended to high privilege members
of the project (e.g.: Principal Investigator, Study Coordinator)
Expiration Date
Provide a date for user accounts that you would like to disable
after a specific data (e.g.: contract staffs)
Data Access Groups
Allow you to provide user access to specific records that are
entered. For example, people from user group A can only
access data entered by people from that group. This option is
important for multi-site studies.
The calendar module was designed to track events for the
project. In a longitudinal design, the calendar is used in
conjunction with the scheduling module to link records,
events and data entry forms. The calendar application also
can be used as a project calendar to help organize your
schedule and keep track of any upcoming events. It will allow
you to add or modify calendar events.
Data Export Tool
The data export tool allows users to export the project data to
Microsoft Excel, SPSS, Stata, R or SAS.
No Access If No Access was chosen, the functionality would
not be available.
De-Identified If De-Identified was chosen, the user would
only be able to export de-identified information.
Full Data Set If Full Data Set was chosen, the user would
have access to all data collected.
Data Comparison Tool
The double data entry feature allows two users per study to
perform double data entry. Other users are then able to
compare the data entry results, using the data comparison
Users can see all changes made to the project, including data
entry, data exports, data changes, and the creation or
deletion of users. The date and time of the changes will also
Reports & Reports Builder The report builder builds and saves custom reports, which will
query the project in real time and display the resulting data in
a table format.
Lock/Unlock Records
Any data entry form can be locked to make sure that existing
data is not altered by unauthorized users.
Create Records
Users with the ability to create records can create a new
"Study ID" on the first data entry form by entering a new
record name into the text field. If users do not have this
privilege, they will not see the text field on that page and will
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only be able to access and edit existing records.

Rename Records
Renaming a record means that you are changing its "Study ID"
to another value. Users with this user privilege will see an
editable text field at the top of the first data entry form after
selecting a record. That text field will contain the current
record name, and by changing its value and saving the form,
that record will now be changed to the new value that was
designated. If a user attempts to rename a record to a value
that already exists, they will be prevented from doing so.
Delete Records
When the delete record right is active, there will be a delete
record button at the bottom of each form. Deleting a record
deletes all data for all forms for that ID for that arm of the
database, not just the form on which the delete button is
pressed. We strongly suggest that only an important person
of the project has access to this module.
REDCap Mobile App
REDCap mobile app is an application that gives you the
capability to collect your REDCap data in an offline (without
internet) environment and sync the data back to your project
on the REDCap server when there is internet connection.
File Repository
The file repository is used for storing and retrieving files and
documents used for the project. You may upload files to save
for retrieval later, or you may download previously uploaded
Graphical Data View and The graphical data view and statistics tool assists in data
cleaning and quick evaluation. You can run both descriptive
statistics and plotting simple graph of your project.

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