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Senator Mike Rounds

October 2,2015

Pat Powers


Brookings, SD 57006

Dear Pat,
I support Gov. Mike Huckabee for President with all my heart, and^ I hope you will too.
Huckabee is a great American and has my deepest respect. My wife Jean and I have known
Mike and Janet for years. They will lead our country with moral clarity and bring their
experience in actually governing to Washington, something we have been desperately
missing for years.

After years of President Obama's deficits and destruction, America needs a President who
is a real leader and Mike Huckabee is the best man for the job,
When I was Governor of South Dakota and Mike was Governor of Arkansas, I saw his
incredible leadership first-hand. I always appreciated his counsel and friendship. Jean and
I have contributed to his campaign, and I hope you will join us by making an immediate

contribution - TODAY.
Your urgent and generous gift of $30, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even the maximum
gift of $2,700, will help Mike Huckabee deliver his message and lead our country.
Huckabee is right on the issues that matter most:

0n immigration, Mike Huckabee gets it. America is a nation of laws. He strongly opposes
amnesty and government benefits for illegal immigrants who violated our laws. The
greatest nation in the world must control its borders, and Huckabee will fight to secure and
defend our border. On his first day in office, Huckabee will repeal Obama's
unconstitutional immigration executive orders and tackle the serious problems of
sanctuary cities.
On the key issue of life, Mike Huckabee

will defund Planned Parenthood and fight to end

abortion in America. In the face of these disgusting and morally reprehensible videos of
Planned Parenthood officials, Huckabee will stand tall for every unborn child. Life is more
than just a political issue for Huckabee, it is a moral issue that defines us as a nation.
Our economy is weak, and Huckabee will fight to make it strong again. Huckabee

understands the challenges facing American families, farmers, and workers. He will build
our economy and restore our nation's security with American-made, homegrown
energy. As he has said many times, "We shouldn't import from our enemies basic
necessities we can produce ourselves. A country that cannot feed itself, fuel itself, or fight
for itself can never truly be free."

With conflict and chaos brewing across the globe, President Obama's leadership has clearly
been a failure. Look no further than Iran, Syria, Russia, or North Africa, America faces
serious threats like never before. Huckabee will call "radical Islam" by name, and honor our
soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines no matter the price. As Presidenf Huckabee will
stand strong and defend America, just like Ronald Reagan.
Huckabee has the right combination of executive experience, electability, and conservative
convictions we need to take back the White House and fix the mess in Washington. I have
watched him defeat the Clinton machine, cut taxes and welfare, balance the budget L0
years straight, and raise average family income 500/o - despite facing the most Democrat
legislature in the country. He'll make a great president for the same reasons he was a great
governor - he knows how to lead and solve big problems.

know and trust Mike Huckabee. He grew-up poor in a little rent house in lJope,
Arkansas. His father was a fireman and his mom was a schoolteacher. Huckabee was the
first man in his family to graduate from high school,let alone go to college, and through
hard work and faith in God, he has lived the American dream. That's why Mike Huckabee is
running for President - so every American can go from Hope to Higher Ground - and why he
needs our help.

Huckabee will never apologize for America. He will never apologize for our values, He will
never apologize for his faith or our freedom. But he needs our help today! Will you join our
team with a donation today?

Your generous contribution of $30, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000, or even the maximum
gift of $2,700, will fuel his commonsense, conservative campaign to restorerAmerica's

With your help, we can win the fight for what matters most. We can restore the American
dream for our children and grandchildren.

Mike Rounds
U.S, Senator

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