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Manual on Barangay Peacekeeping Operations and
Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team
PNP Ethical Doctrine Manual This manual prescribes the Ethical Doctrine for the
Philippine National Police. Its purpose is to provide moral and ethical guidance to all
PNP members.
PNP Ethics Value Formation Manual
All members of the PNP shall faithfully
observe and take to heart the provisions of this Ethics and Values Formation Manual.
Towards this end, a truly capable, efficient and credible police organization shall be
developed whose uniformed personnel shall be endowed with an ethical and moral
understanding of their responsibilities as police officers and peacekeepers.
PNP Standard Uniforms

Detailed description of PNP GOA Type "A" and "B"

Revised PNP Operational Procedures

Regardless of the type of function to
be performed and/or police operations to be conducted, all PNP personnel must
know by heart and shall comply and apply this operational procedures
RA 6713
An act establishing a code of conduct and ethical standards for public
officials and employees, to uphold the time-honored principle of public office being
a public trust, granting incentives and rewards for exemplary service, enumerating
prohibited acts and transactions and providing penalties for violations thereof and
for other purposes
RA 6975
An act establishing the Philippine National Police under a reorganized
Department of the Interior and Local Government, and for other purposes
RA 7610
An act providing for stronger deterrence and special protection against
child abuse, exploitation and discrimination, and for other purposes
RA 7877
An act declaring sexual harassment unlawful in the employment,
education or training environment, and for other purposes section
RA 8551
An act providing for the reform and reorganization of the Philippine
National Police and for other purposes, amending certain provisions of republic act
numbered sixty-nine hundred and seventy-five entitled, "an act establishing the
Philippine National Police under a re-organized Department of the Interior and Local
Government, and for other purposes"
RA 9165
An act instituting the comprehensive dangerous drugs act of 2002,
repealing Republic Act No. 6425, otherwise known as the dangerous drugs act of
1972, as amended, providing funds therefor, and for other purposes

RA 9262
An act defining violence against women and their children, providing
for protective measures for victims, prescribing penalties therefore, and for other
RA 9344
An act establishing a comprehensive juvenile justice and welfare
system, creating the juvenile justice and welfare council under the department of
justice, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes
RA 9372

An act to secure the state and protect our people from terrorism

RA 9708
An act extending for five (5) years the reglementary period for
complying with the minimum educational qualification for appointment to the PNP
and adjusting the promotion system thereof, amending for the purpose pertinent
provisions of RA No. 6975 and RA No. 8551 and for other purposes
RA 9851
An act defining and penalizing crimes against international
humanitarian law, genocide and other crimes against humanity, organizing
jurisdiction, designating special courts, and for related purposes