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Class : II B.Tech-I Sem
Name of the faculty: M.Chiranjeevi, ECE Dept.
Subject Name: Electronic Devices And Circuits (13A04301)

Branch & Section: EEE -A

1. a) Discuss PN diode VI characteristics with neat sketch?
b) Calculate the factor by which the current will increase in a silicon diode operating at a
forward voltage of 0.4 Volts, when the temperature is raised from 25 C to 150 C?
2. a) With circuit and necessary waveforms explain the operation of Bridge Rectifier?
b)An AC supply of 220V is applied to a Half Wave Rectifier circuit through a Transformer
with a turn ratio of 10:1Find i)DC output Voltage ii)PIV . Assume the diode to an Ideal one?
3. a) Discuss temperature dependence of PN diode VI characteristics?
b) The voltage across a silicon diode at room temperature is 0.65 Volts when 2.2 mA current
flows through it. If the voltage increases to 0.75 Volts, Calculate the diode current?
4. a)With circuit and necessary waveforms explain the operation of Centered tapped FWR?
b) Derive the expression for Ripple factor for the circuit FWR?
5. a)Discuss about working of a Zener diode using its V-I characteristics?
b) The current flowing in a silicon PN junction diode at room temperature is 10A, when the
large reverse voltage is applied. Calculate the current flowing when 0.2V forward bias is
6. a)With a neat circuit diagram explain the working principle of a Zener voltage regulator?
b) For a zener shunt regulator if Vz = 10V, Rs=1k, RL=10k and the input voltage varies from
25 to 40 V.Find the maximum and minimum values of Zener current?
7. a) With circuit and necessary waveforms explain the operation of Half wave Rectifier?
b) Ideal diodes are used in a Bridge rectifier with source of 230V , 50Hz.If the load resistance is
150 and turns ration of transformer is 4:1 find the dc output voltage and pulse frequency of the
8. a)Derive an expression for Continuity Equation ?
b) Write note on Hall Effect?
9. a)Explain in detail about L-Section filter with the help of neat waveforms?
b)Calculte the Ripple factor for an L-section filter with inductance of 5 henrys and capacitance
of 5F?
10.a)Derive an expression for diode current equation?
b)Draw the energy band diagrams for Conductors, Semiconductors & Insulators?

1. a)With neat structure explain the principle of operation of Depletion MOSFET?
b) Explain Drain characteristics of JFET?
2. a)Explain input characteristics of transistor CB configuration?
b)A transistor = 0.95 has a reverse saturation current of 1A in CB configuration. Calculate
the value of
leakage current in the CE configuration. Also find the collector current and the
emitter current if the value of base current is 25A?
3. a)With neat structure explain the principle of operation of JFET?
b) Explain how Depletion mode MOSFET can also act as Enhancement mode MOSFET?
4. a)Define and .Derive the relationship between and of the transistor?
b) For a PNP transistor = 0.98 connected in CB configuration and reverse saturation current in
10A.Calculate the base and collector currents for an emitter current of 5mA?
5. a)With a neat diagram explain how a transistor acts as an amplifier. Give the DC load line
analysis of a BJT?
b) For a transistor calculate i) and ii) if base current is 20A and the collector current is 5mA.
6. a)Explain the working of an Enhancement type MOSFET with a neat construction diagram
and its characteristics?
b) An n-channel Enhancement type MOSFET has k=25mA/V2 and V =2V.Determine drain
source resistance DS for i)VGS =4V ii) VGS=6V ii) VGS=10V
7. a)Give the comparison between BJT and JFET?
b) What is the value of for a BJT that has a of 90? Find the base and the emitter current if
the collector current is 4mA?
8. a)Explain the working of a Depletion type MOSFET with a neat diagram and its
b) An n-channel Depletion type MOSFET has I DSS = 10 mA and Vp = -2V.Determine the actual
value of drain to source resistance rDS when i)VGS=1V ii)VGS=2V.
9. a)Explain the input and output characteristics of a transistor in CE configuration.
b) Define dc and dc of a transistor?
10. a)With a neat construction diagram explain the principle of operation of a JFET.
b)An n-channel JFET has IDSS = 10mA and VP =-2V .Determine the Drain source resistance
rDS for
i)VGS =0V , ii)VGS = - 0.5V.