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Relevant Background Information: The observations in this analysis of the show Friends

takes place in a few imagined places in present day downtown Manhattan. There are a few sites
that are very important and are running themes in the show. One is the coffee shop on the corner,
Central Perk, which is a play on words of the famous Central Park. This is where the group of
Friends come together and become a family throughout the show. Some being friends and
family members from childhood, college roommates, and then just meeting certain people and
becoming close with the rest of the group. They are practically inseparable. Another important
area in the show is the apartment owned by one of the characters (Monica), which is in the West
Village of Manhattan. It is where the group spends the other large portion of their time together
throughout the show. Last but not least, the third most often place to be for the group is another
apartment across the hall from Monicas (Joey and Chandlers). They are roommates and a lot of
mischievous ideas go on one that side of the hall.
Figured World: a large social structure complete with its own conventions of appropriate
behavior, manners, and communication factors
I have chosen the very popular and very funny show from the 90s and early 2000s, Friends.
Friends is a show that ran from 1994 to 2004. It is recognized as a sitcom with a lot of romantic
and some inappropriate references mixed in. I would say that a lot of people have seen this show
and most of our parents probably watched it. Even though it began before any of us were born,
Id say that a lot of people my age have at least seen an episode or two. Then, theres the people
like me that have seen every episode at least once and some episodes 10 times. There is a
number of different places that the Friends gang go to hang out. The most known and most
often place they are all together is the coffee shop in their part of town, Central Perk. It is
owned by an acquaintance of the gang that is in love with one of the main characters. They all
live in apartments because the show is based in downtown Manhattan, New York City. Four of
the characters live in two apartments right across from each other and those two places are two
of the other main hang out spots for the group. This is 1990s New York so not too many things
are frowned upon in this show. A lot of adult activities take place and not much besides one of
the main characters going back to their ex or cheating on their significant other is frowned upon.
One of the other things that is inappropriate is talking bad about one of the other group members
behind their back, because they always end up finding out and then getting into an argument.
There is also a number of different communities of practice that I expect to find throughout the
show episodes that I watch. There is each group that live in each one of the apartments. There is
the whole group itself is one community of practice. There is groups of white collar and blue
collar since some of the characters have very influential jobs in the community and some that
kind of just live off of the others. Then last but not least, there are also the different groups and
colleagues that each of the members of the group directly associates with (where they work).
Actors/Actresses: people who play a significant role in the figured world and they fill a specific
role to the other actors/actresses
Rachel Green: A young female that early in life had everything handed to her by her rich
parents, but once she walks out of her wedding ceremony to live on her own everything changes.
She must find a job so she works at the coffee shop Central Perk just around the corner from

Commented [AB1]: Good job with most of the detail

here. I like how you included the other sites and explain
how they contribute to the series as a whole. The only
thing I would reconsider doing is the very part. What
sort of mischievous things go on concerning the
Dillon Foreman
Commented [AB2]: Although I have seen the show
plenty of times, what is the actual goal of the actors?
What is the main idea or purpose of the show? Do they
have a mission each episode, or is it just a TV show
about their life?
Zachary Funderburke
Commented [AB3]: Great job with the background
information. Its pretty resourceful on finding out how
they met. This gives good insight on where the show
will take place.
Walker Yates
Commented [AB4]: One thing I think Ashlyn would like
is to consider reformatting your assignment. You could
number the main points like "Actors", or "Relevant
Background Information" with Roman numerals. Then
bullet the subordinate topics underneath like the type or
actor, or an example of a community practice.
Dillon Foreman
Commented [AB5]: I especially like how you gave a
time line in which the series ran. Also I found it cool
how you mentioned you watch the show even though it
is before your time. I found it interesting that even in
New York there is Blue and White collar workers.
Maybe give examples of what type of work those
characters do?
Dillon Foreman

Commented [AB6]: Nice job on defining the actors

and actresses. I have seen the show plenty of times
and these line up perfectly.
Zachary Funderburke

her apartment with Monica. She and Monica were best friends in childhood and through high
school. She is slightly promiscuous and participates in an on and off relationship throughout the
show with Monicas brother, Ross.
Monica Geller: Another young female and chef in assorted restaurants in the city. She is
normally referred to as the mom of the group because she is a perfectionist and also has OCD
about everything being clean, neat, and orderly. She is also very, very competitive especially
with her brother Ross since he was the favorite child amongst the two. She along with Rachel is
also a bit promiscuous and happens to get into a long term relationship with her fathers best
friend, Richard. They end up breaking up because she wants children very bad and he doesnt
want them, and she ends up dating and marrying another member within the Friends group.
Ross Geller: At the beginning of the show, a paleontologist at the Museum of Natural History in
New York City, but later in the show becomes a professor at New York University. Made fun of
for his nerdy qualities, also for his social awkwardness especially with women and to make it
worse he is also a bit clumsy. He is always trying to help others learn and sometimes ends up
boring them in the process. Throughout the show he is in an on and off relationship with his
make believe high school sweetheart Rachel. He has a little bit of trouble with women because
his first wife turns out to be a lesbian even though she has a child named Ben with Ross.
Through the series Ross goes through a couple more divorces, but ends up with his one true love.
Chandler Bing: Joeys roommate and is the sarcastic comment and joke maker off the group.
He is always trying to make people laugh and make them feel better about themselves by making
fun of his own life. He is the sweetest and most emotional of the guys. He is a statistical analysis
executive for a large company based in New York, but later in the show decides to change his
career and do what he really wants to do and that is to be a writer for an advertising company. He
led a childhood that was a little different than most in that his mother is a famous erotic book
writer and his father is a cross-dressing, gay man owning an all-male strip club in Las Vegas.
Generally not too confident with women, but ends up marrying the sister of one of his best
Joey Tribbiani: DOES NOT SHARE FOOD and a struggling actor with a very old agent with
only three clients, whose name is Estelle. His biggest act on the show is Dr. Drake Ramoray on
the soap opera Days of our Lives. He is the very promiscuous male of the group using his
infamous pick up line, How you doin? that works with almost every girl he tries it on. He is
great with the ladies and has very many girlfriends throughout the show, but never really
commits to a long term relationship. He is roommates with Chandler who is his best friend and is
very kind and a really great friend to all. If someone is sad, he always tries to cheer them up and
make them feel better.
Phoebe Buffay: She is a little bit of the outsider of the group with not any direct ties to the other
characters. She is kind of in her own world most of the time and is very sweet, honest, and
almost childlike. She always tries to help people and push them out of their comfort zone. She is
a masseuse and also a musician and plays her self-written songs at Central Perk on the
weekends. She had a very difficult childhood because her dad left her and her family and her

Commented [AB7]: You have the best descriptions for

the characters out of all of us. Its obvious you spent a
lot of time on these. I feel like i have a great
understanding of who these people are and how they
may act throughout the episodes.
Walker Yates

drug-addict mother killed herself when Pheobe was 8. She lived on the streets most of her
childhood living with random people and mugging people for money. She has a twin sister that
she does not talk to and she believes her to be evil. She also has a step-brother that she learns
about in the series and has some interesting things that go on between them.
Artifacts: physical items, emotions, or feelings that are culturally or socially important to
members of the group or a community of practice
Pin-Ball Table: In one of the early episodes, Joey and Chandlers kitchen table breaks, so they
decided to go out and get another. They go to all of these different furniture stores, arguing
which furniture and table to get. When they come home, they dont have a normal kitchen table,
they bought a pin-ball table instead. They use it because it will be more fun to play with, and
they even eat on it sometimes too. It becomes an known part to their room and to the show as
Idea of Monicas OCD: It is a known thing by the Friends and throughout the series that
Monica is a little crazy about everything being clean and in order. She numbers all of her glasses
so she knows she has all of them, fluffs and re-fluffs pillows. So, the group always tries to make
sure they dont upset her by making something messy, spilling something, or breaking
Communities of Practice: is a shared craft or profession. It is members of a domain that
engage in joint activities and discussions, they also can help each other and share information
between them. They normally all have a certain characteristic in common amongst all of them
and do things together to learn more.
Joey and Chandler: They are a community of practice because they on and off are roommates
throughout the show along with best friends. They are together most nights when one are the
other isnt on a date of some sort. Together they are always thinking of crazy or fun ideas or just
watching Baywatch together. Also they have very common ground in that they are always trying
to get the girls attention and to be able to go out with someone on the weekends.
Rachel and Monica: They were best friends during their childhood and through high school,
and now they are best friends again. Since they live together on and off they also share a lot of
feelings and time together as well. Then, when the boys were making them angry they would
include Phoebe and make plans against them.
Ross and his nerds: He has two main jobs during the show. One is that he is a paleontologist
at the Museum of Natural History and his second was a professor of anthropology at New York
University. He is generally known throughout the group to be kind of a nerdy know it all type of
guy and overly infatuated and smart in what he knows. This generalization of him carries directly
over to his career and who he is with at work, because they are just like him.
Literary Practices: ways that the figured world communicates to each other and is either
through speech, writing, verbal and non-verbal, etc.

Commented [AB8]: Great idea for the communities of

practice, grouping people together as they act alike.
This comment is a praise to you, but did you talk to
Ashlyn about this? A community of practice is a group
of 3 or more, but nice work.
Zachary Funderburk

Commented [AB9]: What sort of crazy ideas do they

normally come up with? How does this affect the
community as a whole? Consider listing other
characters (if there are some) who might have some
influence on this practice.
Dillon Foreman

Commented [AB10]: You have good literacy practices

but i think they are kinda vague and common. Maybe
you could find one that a little more personal insight to
the show. for instance i know joey does a little "how
you doin" expression and that may be a good literacy
practice to observe and write about. it would give the
audience a little insight on joey and his personality as

Face-to-Face: Face to face interaction in the show is probably the most important and clear
literary practice. They are always together as a group telling them how they day was and all the
good or bad things that happened. It is also how most fights are started and along with that how
most of those conflicts are resolved as well.
Phone Calls: The other main way that this figured world communicates. If the group isnt
together they will call each other to get something set up or know what the others are doing.
Normally a lot of voicemails are left as well if someone is at work or out on a date with someone
Domain: the shared commitment of the community or practices shared goals and interests, the
main focus of the group that allows them to learn from one another
Having money to keep their nice apartments: Each member of the group whether they are
rooming with someone else or living on their own, they all have nice and big apartments for it
being New York City. So, these apartments probably cost a lot of money so they have to each
make good money and be able to support each other to keep the apartments. Because New York
is expensive so they have to be focusing on their careers to keep their homes.
Helping Each Other with Relationship Issues: Through the show, the characters go in and out
of relationships with people and even each other. It is a part of life. When relationships end,
people get hurt and they get sad. So, the group has to always be there for each other when a
relationship isnt going right or ends. They help pick each other up and keep everything off of
their mind. Thats what good friends are for, theyre there for you in the bad and the good times.

Commented [AB11]: A thing you might consider with

the Domain is using one to beef up the other. One
listed is "helping each other with relationship issues",
does this mean that they could help each other
financially instead concerning the first domain? Finally
could you give an example for the relationship and or
conflict domain?
Dillon Foreman
Commented [AB12]: Good choice of domain, but what
about what the actors do outside of the room? Do they
have jobs? are they ever struggling or stressing about
Zachary Funerburke

Keeping Group Conflict Low: Friends are going to fight. That is also a part of life, sometimes
people fight. But, you have to keep it on the low or it will overtake all the good times. When you
are fighting, you have to calmly figure the situation out without getting more upset at each other.
So, when they fight, sometimes they have to get other people involved so that there can be a
middle ground with the whole argument. It helps everything to go a lot smoother and helps to get
everything resolved quickly.
Practices of the Community: beyond just habits of the community, practices of the community
revolve around a set of shared ways to accomplish tasks, accomplish a goal, communities of
practice must do regular activities that help further their ideas
Going to the Coffee shop: The group always hangs out at the coffee shop together. They go
there to get coffee, talk, listen to Phoebe play the guitar, to meet other single adults, the options
are endless. Normally, the group will be in there talking about new things that have come up in
their lives recently or just really random things as well. Plus, Rachel worked there for a while so
she was there even more than the other friends were.
Accompanying one another in Monicas apartment: The other thing the group always does is
relax at Monicas apartment. All kinds of things go on in her apartment throughout the show
from eating dinner, breakfast, holidays, birthday parties, random parties, and a lot of hook ups
for different members of the group.

Commented [AB13]: Again, what do the actors do

outside of the friends? Does their jobs have any
correlation as to why they go to the coffee shop? Or
any correlation at all about the stuff they do? If that
makes sense..
Zachary Funerburke

Taking Trips Together: The group takes a lot of trips together throughout the series. Whenever
one of them goes on a business trip normally the whole group goes with them. There are multiple
episodes where Ross has a business and the group goes together with him. Also, sometimes the
whole group goes on vacations together or takes trips to different parts of the world for different
purposes. Those episodes are either two part normally or a little longer than normal.
Observation One; Season Three Episode Nine:
22:06: It is Thanksgiving and the whole group is in Monicas apartment. They guys are watching
football intently while sitting on the couch holding footballs and are not paying attention to the
girls. The girls are nearby in the kitchen starting all of the food for the evening and of course
Monica is being a perfectionist and telling Rachel how to put the marshmallows on the sweet
potatoes. Phoebe is trying to get the guys to come help them with the food preparation, but they
kind of blow her off and continue watching the game.
20:32: Phoebe decides she wants to learn about football so she sits down to watch the game with
the guys. Right as she sits down the game goes into halftime. Then, Joey has the good idea for
the group to go out and play a game of touch football, but Phoebe doesnt know how to play. So
Joey jokingly says that she can guard Chandler inferring that hes not very good, but hes not in
the mood to play. He has just found out that his girlfriend Janice was cheating on him with
another guy so he is really upset and depressed. Joey says he needs to move on from her because
hes way better than her and playing some football will keep his mind off of it for a while. So,
Chandler ends up agreeing with Joey and chooses to go play.
18:51: Joey, Chandler, Phoebe, and Rachel ask Ross and Monica in the kitchen if they want to
play too. They both say that they cant and Chandler sarcastically jokes that their mom said so,
but that is the truth. Monica and Ross tell the story of their last Geller Bowl that they used to
play every Thanksgiving with their family. Apparently, to score the winning touchdown, Monica
threw a savage elbow to Rosss nose that ended up breaking it just so her team could win the
game. She said it was an accident, but Ross still doesnt believe it. So, after that incident, their
dad threw the Geller Cup into the lake so the legacy was over and their mother firmly told
them that they are not allowed to play football ever again because it is too dangerous.
16:00: Monica decides to talk to Ross privately to tell him that they should play another game
because its been 12 years since the incident. Ross disagrees so Monica starts calling him some
mean and childish names so he decides to play. The other members of the group joke that asking
if theyre old enough to even cross the street. Then the camera pans over to them warming up in
the park across the street. They have to pick teams and Ross and Monica are captains and the
teams end up being: Ross, Rachel, and Chandler on one, the other is Monica, Joey, and Phoebe.
Rachel is upset that she was last pick even though her best friend and boyfriend were the
captains. Monica has to set a timer so she knows when she has to go cook again and Chandler
jokingly says just like in the pros. Rosss team is kicking off and Chandler is pretending the
ball is Janice when he kicks it. He ends up accidently kicking Ross so they decide to throw the
ball for the kick-off instead. Phoebe doesnt know how to block, but joey still catches the kickoff and runs it back for the first touchdown of the game.

13:15: They continue playing and Rachel isnt doing very well for Rosss team because she cant
catch the ball. Monicas team gets the ball back and on the first pass, she over throws Joey and
the ball rolls far away to the foot of this woman watching. Joey runs to get it and finds that the
woman is very pretty and he begins flirting with her and finds out that she is Dutch. Then,
Chandler runs over and introduces himself and starts flirting with her as well. They walk back to
the game and Joey wants to ask her out but so does Chandler, but Joey decides to let him have
her to be able to get over Janice. Chandler takes offense to this and wants to prove that he can
get her without Joey letting him have her.
10:30: The group continues playing and then when Chandler tags Joey he rips his favorite jersey
when he does so right in front of the pretty girl. Now, Joey decides to go all out to try and get
this girl so that Chandler feels bad about himself. Rachel starts feeling like she is not a part of the
team because Ross just keeps telling her to go long just so that she gets out of the way so she
doesnt mess the play up. Monicas team gets the ball back and right as they snap the ball the
buzzer goes off, then Monica throws the ball and they get a touchdown. Ross says it doesnt
count because the buzzer went off, so then the teams start arguing if it was fair or not. Ross
accuses Monica of trying to cheat to win so she decides to say that it is half time and theyll
finish the cooking and finish the other half afterwards. They all go up to the apartment and
Monica shows Ross the Geller Cup. She tells the story that while all the family went to go get
Rosss nose fixed at the hospital, she stays at home and goes into the lake and swims to the
bottom so that she can keep the trophy. By trophy means a troll doll that is nailed to a piece of
8:00: After they get the cooking they need done, done, they go back down to the park and so
Joey continues to want to play, she tackles Chandler in front of the Dutch girl to show he is weak
because a girl tackled him. Ross gets mad because they were playing touch so he says that its
time to play dirty. Joey and Chandler start going extra rough on each other to try and impress the
girl and then Ross sees Rachel with a big pretzel and she just says that she went really long(like
he said) to get it. Monica begins bragging to Ross because her team is up 42-21 and Ross says
its because she got first pick so therefore she got the better team. So, Monica decides to prove it
to Ross and they switch the teams to boys versus girls. Monica knows that the girls can win, but
Phoebe and Rachel are doubtful.
5:10: Joey and Chandler start arguing over the Dutch girl again so finally Ross decides to just
ask her to decide it. She picks Chandler and he begins to dance and make jokes at Joey, so she
decides to change her mind to neither of them. Now Joey, knowing that Chandler just messed up
his chances, has saved himself from a few months of sex. But, at this point Chandler doesnt
care because she still picked him over Joey. Now, Ross gets both of them refocused on the game
so that they dont lose to the girls.
2:35: The girls decide to use what they have and flash the boys to get them to stop and look so
the other girls can get the ball. Rachel is sick of going long and tells Monica to use her so she
makes a play where Rachel gets the ball. They run the play and Rachel runs the wrong way then
gets to Monica and hits her in the eye with the ball. Monica is hurt and they hurry to huddle and
Rachel is upset because she knows she messed up and isnt going to get the ball again. They get

to the line of scrimmage and theres 30 seconds left in the game and Monica tells Rachel to go
long again while she is upset and they snap the ball.
00:30: Monica has to throw it because she is about to get hit by Ross and Phoebe is being
guarded by the other two boys. Rachel goes up to grab it and finally does and catches it and is so
excited that she throws the ball down before she reaches the end zone. The boys point that out
and are excited because they think they one, but Phoebe points out that if no one touches her then
the play is technically not done. Monica and Ross race to grab the ball laying on the ground and
the rest of the group piles on top of them. Chandler says after everyone except Monica and Ross
get up that since its Thanksgiving that its not important who wins or loses, just that the Dutch
girl picked him and not Joey. The other four go inside and decide to eat all of the food,
meanwhile Monica and Ross are still fighting over the ball till late in the night. They realize that
it has started to snow and then begin squirming and trying to take the ball from the other again.
Observation Two; Season Three, Episode Ten:
21:10: It is right before Christmas and Chandler and Rachel are sitting in the coffee shop talking,
then Gunther, the manager of Central Perk comes up to her and tells her she has to do her
waitress training again. Rachel cant believe it and asks Chandler what he thinks and he
understands it because shes not that great of a waitress.
19:00: Chandler and Ross are going back to Monicas apartment after a game of racquetball.
Chandler didnt do very well so Ross is telling him what he was doing wrong and what he should
fix for the next time. When Ross swings his racquet to show Chandler, he hits a little girl scout
that is walking up the steps. The little girl falls down the steps and breaks her leg. So, Ross goes
to the coffee shop and tells the group and they cant believe that he did that. He decides that he
needs to go to the hospital to check on her and wants to bring her something, but doesnt know
what to get her. He decides to just leave and go see her and so Joey decides to leave to go to
work along with him. He is working at a place that is selling Christmas trees. Phoebe gets mad
because she doesnt want him doing that because she doesnt like to see all of the trees cut down
and killed. But, Joey tells her that the trees are just fulfilling their Christmas destiny and that it is
good and that is what is supposed to happen. He asks the others if they and signals to them to
agree with him so it makes Phoebe feel better about the whole thing. Then he has to leave so that
he isnt late for work.
18:15: Rachel is mad that she is having to do the waitress training over again, but once Gunther
starts going over everything with her, she realizes that she really does not know as much as she
thought she did. She gets upset and apologizes to Gunther for not knowing much and walks
away. Once shes gone he says Its okay, sweetheart, since he is in love with her, yet no one
knows it.
15:30: Ross goes to the little girls house to visit with her. They start talking and she tells him
how she wants to be able to sell all the boxes of cookies for the Brown Birds, but she cant
because she is for the most part stuck in bed with the broken leg. Ross tries to cheer her up by
saying its not so bad since she doesnt have to go to school every day and says that hell buy the
cookies so she can get the prize. Whoever sells the most cookies will get a trip to space camp and

she wants that really bad because she wants to become an astronaut when she grows up. She
needs at least 400 more boxes sold to be at the same level as the girl that won last year. So, since
he cant buy all the cookies himself he decides to go out and start selling the cookies. But, once
he starts going apartment to apartment selling them, no one wants to buy because it is a 30 year
old man selling Girl Scout cookies and that is a little sketchy.
14:20: Phoebe goes and visits Joey at work to tell him that she believes him now about the trees
having to fulfill their Christmas destiny. Then, she sees one of the older, smaller, and browner
trees getting taken away. She asks Joey where they are taking it too and he says that they throw it
in the back to get put through the chipper. Now, she gets upset again because it seems like the
tree is getting murdered and she doesnt like that. Joey motions for the guy to stop putting the
trees through the chipper because Phoebe is getting upset.
10:55: Ross goes back to Joey, Monica, and Chandler. He tries to sell boxes to each of them and
convinces them to buy more cookies than they actually want. Then he gets to Monica and she
says she only wants one box because when she joined the Girl scouts as a child she gained a lot
of weight. When it came time for her to sell cookies, she ate all of her boxes of cookies so her
dad ended up having to buy them all. He starts to try and convince her to buy more but she gets
upset and yells no and runs out the door. Ross chases her saying that she knows she wants to buy
more than just one box. Rachel walks up to Joey and Chandler complaining about her job. She
wants to go into the fashion industry, but they point out that she hasnt even sent out a resume for
a job in over two years. They tell her that she needs to quit her job at the coffee shop and go try
and find another because then she will be motivated to get one since shed be unemployed. She
decides to go tell Gunther that she is a horrible waitress and that she is giving him her week
notice and quits right there on the spot.
8:15: Chandler and Ross are counting all of Rosss cookie sales for the little Girl Scout. Monica
runs in and looks for a certain kind that she wants and is trying to find them. Ross tells her that
he has no more because he sold them all and also that he is deciding to cut her off. She says no
and that she only wants a few more boxes and begins to freak out again. Ross points out that she
has cookie crumbs on her neck and that she has a problem and that she needs to stop. Chandler
asks how many Ross has sold and hes sold 517 boxes because he found the new trick to selling
them. He figured out that he needs to sell the cookies to people with the munchies. So, every
night he has been going to NYU and selling them to all of the college kids that need them. Then,
Rachel comes rushing in needing help to put her new resumes that Chandler made for her into
envelopes to mail out to different fashion companies. She is really scared because her last day at
the coffee shop is the next day and she doesnt even have an interview lined up. So, she thinks
that she wants to call Gunther to ask him for her job back. Then, Joey busts in the door.
7:30: Joey says that he has really good news for Rachel. His dad is a plumber and is doing some
plumbing at this fashion company and he overheard that they have a positon open. So she gets
really excited and thanks Joey for finding that out for her. Then Joey says that he has more great
news and its that he got snow in a can at work. Its in an aerosol can and it makes windows
and other things look like they have snow on them.

6:10: Joey is at work selling all of these different and really large Christmas trees to different
customers. Then, out of the blue Phoebe comes in and tries to sell the older and browner trees to
them. They give a weird look to them and then walk away saying that theyre going continue
looking elsewhere. Joey tells Phoebe that she has to stop doing that because he is working off of
commission. Then, Monica walks up to both of them looking to buy a really nice Christmas tree
herself. Phoebe gets emotional because she wants people to be buying all of the trees even the
not as pretty ones just so they fulfill their Christmas destiny.
4:15: Ross goes to the Girl Scout meeting about the cookie sales. The little girls there dont like
him because they know that he is the one that broke the other little girl, Sarahs leg. One girl
sells more than him so he decides to rewrite how many he has sold to one more than the number
that she sold. But, the head Girl Scout mom notices and also points out that he bought most of
the boxes himself. So, he tells her that that is because his doctor told him that he has a nougat
3:10: Ross goes back to the coffee shop and Phoebe and Chandler ask him what happened while
at the meeting. He tells them that he lost and that the girl that won lent her uniform to her 19 year
old sister and went to the naval ship on the harbor and sold over 2000 boxes of cookies. Rachel
gets back from her interview and is upset and says that she wouldnt have even hired herself.
Chandler tells her that maybe she should get the job back at the coffee shop, but she says she
cant because they already hired another girl with waitress experience.
2:15: Rachel, Chandler, Ross, and Phoebe walk back up to Monicas and when they walk in they
see a bunch of the smaller and browner Christmas trees and Joey and Monica yell surprise. The
group went in together and bought all of the old Christmas trees so that it would make Phoebe
really happy. They are finally getting to fulfill their Christmas destiny. Then, the phone rings and
Rachel answers it and it is the fashion company calling to tell her that she got the job and that
shes hired. Everyone congratulates her and now everyones day has been made.
1:30: Rachel serves her last cup of coffee at Central Perk to Chandler as the group hums the
graduation song. Rachel makes an announcement to the shop that it is her last day and that she is
happy to be leaving and not to be making a cup of coffee ever again. Gunther is upset that she is
leaving because he doesnt want her to.
00:20: Rachel starts her job at the fashion company and the manager of the store is teaching her
how to work the coffee machine and she is not too happy about it. Then, Ross brings the little
girl back to Joey and Chandlers apartment and he makes the room look like space. They turned
the lights off and put foil on the recliner and puts starry looking lights and stars hanging from the
ceiling. Since she wasnt able to go to space camp because Ross and her didnt sell enough
cookies, the boys her her own little space camp in their apartment to make her feel good.
Observation Three; Season Three Episode Eleven:
20:15: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey are in Monicas apartment and Joey is doing a
few not very good magic tricks. The group is pretending not to know how he is doing it, when
really it is obviously very fake. Then, the apartment above them took out the carpet and the

Commented [AB14]: You have VERY detailed

observations which isn't a bad thing at all. It shows how
hard you wired on this assignment and what not. I think
it makes the reader acknowledge every aspect of the
show. Its very clear whats going on and i like how short
the times are.
Walker Yates

peoples steps are very loud. Monica has told him to keep it down, but she says that he is very
charming so then she ended up apologizing to him. Phoebe is mad that he didnt respect Monica,
so she decides to go up there and talk to him and tell him to be quiet. Joey begins to tell the rest
of the gang how he did his card tricks and they pretend to be amazed at how he did it. Then, they
hear Phoebe knock on the guys door upstairs. They can vaguely can hear the conversation
upstairs and it seems like he is flirting with her and she is falling for it.
18:55: Chandler walks into Monicas apartment to Monica, Rachel, Ross, and Joey sitting an
talking and he is upset because he saw Janice with her new husband and they seemed really
happy. He tells them that he almost feels bad for taking a little kids pretzel and throwing it at
them. Joey tries to make him feel better by telling him that a girl that he saw his ex-girlfriend
laughing with one of her friends on the street and it was really awkward. Chandler proceeds to
tell him how he also ended up having sex with both of them later that afternoon. Joey says that
he knew that, he just likes to tell that story to people. Ross reassures Chandler that he will be
able to have fun and forget about her at Joeys birthday party the next day. They hear Phoebe
upstairs with the guy again and they are laughing and messing around and the group is shocked
that shes still up there with him.
16:50: Rachel is at her job, procrastinating on the couch reading a magazine when her boss
walks in asking for coffee so she hurries to get up and make him some. He says that he has a task
for her that is more closely related to fashion. She gets very excited and he takes her to a closet
and opens it and tells her that it is her job to untangle the entire closet full of clothes hangers.
Rachel gets upset and the camera pans over to her at Monicas diner job and she is complaining
about her job and how much she hates it. Monica feels the exact same way as Rachel does
because she wants to be the chef of her own restaurant. A gentleman a few seats down from
Rachel begins laughing at her job struggles and she turns to tell him to shut up because it isnt
funny. He says that he understands because he used to sort manikin heads and Manikin Mart, but
now works at Bloomingdales and has a job possibility for her so she takes her attitude with him
15:00: Everyone is at Joeys party and Phoebe tells Monica shes going on a date with the guy
from upstairs and Monica disapproves. Monica wants a hello shot so she asks Joey where they
are. He says that Chandler is supposed to be passing them out. Joey, Ross, and she turn around
and Chandler is attempting to give a shot to a dog sculpture because he is very drunk. Rachel
runs through the door to Ross and begins to tell him about how she may have a job opportunity
at Bloomingdales from a random guy she met at Monicas diner. Ross is skeptical and thinks
that this guy just wants to have sex with her. She cant believe that Ross would think that and he
asks for Joey to back him up that guys arent just nice for no reason and Joey agrees that its just
to get sex.
13:35: Joeys seven sisters finally come to the party and Chandler tells some of them that hes
taking his ex-girlfriend, Janices, number off of his speed dial and they feel bad for him. But,
since he is drunk he told them not to feel bad because it is a good thing. Then, hes so drunk that
he points out to all of them that one sister has really big breasts. Ross starts talking to Monica

about the Mark guy that she and Rachel met and talks about how dreamy and attractive he is
which makes Ross feel worse.
10:45: Ross brings Mark up again at breakfast at Monicas the next morning with Monica,
Rachel, and Phoebe. Ross thinks that he is still up to no good and Rachel jokes that shes
probably going to have to shower with him, like at most jobs. Chandler comes in and is very
hung over. He tells the others that he woke up in the storage room (the group lost him) and he
wasnt alone. He was with one of Joeys sisters but he cant remember which one it was. Ross
makes an example of Chandler saying that this is what men do and that men arent nice. The
group starts telling Chandler that Joey is going to kill him when he finds out, but Chandler is
already very aware of that. Then, Joey busts through the door, obviously pissed off and wanting
to talk to Chandler. Joey tells him that he knows that he messed around with his sister because
Mary Angela (the sister Chandler fooled around with) called telling Joey that Chandler told her
that he could really fall for her. Chandler says that it is true just so that Joey isnt very upset with
him and so he doesnt sound like he just used her to get over Janice. Since he said this, Joey gets
very excited because his best friend and sister may get together.
9:25: Rachel gets to Monicas asking if Mark has called yet, but he hasnt. Phoebe us at the guy
upstairs apartment again and has just gotten back from their date and seem to begin to be doing
certain inappropriate things. So, Rachel and Monica run out of their apartment so that they dont
hear what is about to happen up there. Ross is reading a note that Chandler has written to give to
Mary Angela to break up with her. Ross says that Joey is going to be extremely mad at
Chandler if he does that to Mary Angela through a letter. Ross tells him that he needs to do it in
person and tells him how to do it and that he needs to let her down easy.
6:00: Chandler goes to Mary Angelas house and Joey answers the door because he said his
grandma is finishing his laundry. Chandler tells him that he is coming to see Mary Angela and
Joey gets excited. Joey invites him in and tells him that he just needs to be smooth and to make a
good impression on his grandma. Then he shows Chandler where Mary Angela is, but the rest of
the sisters are there with her. Rachel is with Monica and Ross at the coffee shop and she is upset
because mark still hasnt caller her yet. Ross pretends to be upset about Mark not calling, but
Rachel knows hes not being honest. Then, Ross does reassure her that he does want the best for
her. Monica suggests that Rachel should call Mark first, but Ross doesnt like this idea. Rachel
decides this is a good idea and does it. Mark answers and apologizes because he forgot her
number at the office over the weekend and wanted to call. He invites her for an interview the
next day and also for lunch so he can help her prepare for it. Ross doesnt seem excited, but
Rachel is very excited and says bye and runs out the door so she can get everything ready for the
next day. Ross gets mad at Monica for her telling Rachel to do that because he thinks that Mark
is trying to steal Rachel from him. Monica says that its not about him and that he needs to trust
3:40: Chandler is eating dinner with Joey and his family and still doesnt know which sister
Mary Angela is. He keeps trying to figure out which one she is, but Joeys grandma keeps
interrupting. One of the sisters tells Chandler to take a bathroom break and he goes. She meets
him there and starts kissing him and he tries to tell her that he is not ready for a commitment

place since he just got heartbroken by Janice. But, this sister is not Mary Angela, it is Mary
Terese. Mary Angela sees this going on and calls for Joey to come in there. All the sisters and
Joey rush in and they begin to gang up on Chandler because he thought that Mary Angela was
another girl.
2:30: Chandler says that because they all look similar and the sisters begin to yell for Joey to
punch him. Joey just asks him why he did it and Chandler says that sober her would never try
and hurt Joey or his family because he is his best friend and that it is never going to happen
again. Joey believes him and says it is okay and that he just has to apologize to Mary Angela
directly. Chandler still has no clue which one she is so Joey gives his sister, Cookie permission
to punch Chandler out and she does.
1:25: Ross is waiting for Rachel right outside the elevator when shes done with the interview.
He asks her how it was and she says that it was tough, but she did well because of Mark
preparing her. Ross apologizes for being so jealous and that it is just because he likes her so
much, Rachel totally understands. Mark gets off the elevator and tells Rachel that they loved her
and that she got the job. She hugs Mark and not Ross, so he looks a little sad.
00:15: The whole group is in Monicas apartment and Phoebe says that her date went really well.
Then, through the ceiling they can her the guy upstairs has another girl in the apartment doing
inappropriate things and Phoebe gets upset. Joey, Chandler, and Ross decide to go up there and
beat him up for hurting Phoebe. Rachel and Monica reassure Phoebe that it sounded like he was
having a lot more fun with her than the other girl. They hear the guys knock on the door, the man
smooth talks the boys too and they seem to strike up a nice conversation.

Interview Questions:
1. Tell me what is appealing to you about the show Friends?
The show Friends is appealing because living with your friends in the same apartment
and being like a big family seems really interesting and plus all of the characters are very
2. Give me an example of Monicas OCD.
She and Chandler are in bed and he threatens to go and spill coffee grounds all over the
floor if she doesnt wake up and she immediately jumps out of bed.
3. Explain how the Friends became like one big family.
They are like a big family because they all love each other, take care of each other,
relate to each other, and wouldnt let anything bad happen to one another if they could
potentially prevent it from happening.
4. Tell me your likes and dislikes about the romanticized parts of the show.
My likes are that Monica and Chandler end up together and that certain people that the
characters date are very realistic to real life situations that someone could come across.
My dislikes are that at certain times during the show the episodes just focus on the
relationships or the sex people were having and it took away from the group of friends

5. Why do you think that Monica is so competitive with everyone, especially Ross?
Because when she was younger she was fat and also not the favorite child, so she
became competitive and skinny to show people that now she was on top to make up for
her not so flattering younger years.

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