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> Subject: Coastal Agriculture Element of the proposed LCP

> Date: Wed, September 30, 2015 12:43 pm

> To:
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> Dear PRMD,
> I am writing to comment on the Coastal Agriculture Element of the proposed
> LCP.
> I object specifically to the language that actively promotes additional
> events and tourism in an area that simply cannot handle increased traffic
> or water use. This coastal area is unique and fragile. Its preservation
> is important to both residents and visitors. The rural coastal area is
> completely different from inland areas, and should be protected, not
> developed.
> Agriculture is important to this area, and there are many residents who
> farm and manage timberland with love of the place and respect for the
> natural resources. However, the word promoting is very alarming.
> Tasting rooms and large-scale or frequent events are not agriculture, but
> could be the next step if this language remains in the plan.
> Specifically, the language in the Proposed LCP Coastal Agriculture Element
> that I feel should be removed, since it opens up the Coast to the
> development of alcohol based industrial event centers, is presented below:
> While economic pressure on farmers and ranchers to subdivide or convert
> their land to non-agricultural uses is not a major issue on the Sonoma
> County Coast, successful promoting and marketing of agriculture on the
> Coast can reduce this type of pressure on farmers and ranchers. In the
> future, Sonoma County can expect challenges to its resources, particularly
> energy and water. Currently many inland farms, ranches, and agricultural
> businesses are finding innovative ways to implement renewable resource
> programs and conserve energy, water and soil while increasing the economic
> viability of agriculture and thereby strengthening the local food system.
> Economic sustainability is being encouraged through niche marketing,
> direct marketing, and evolving practices improving farm business
> management and inter-generational transfer of farms and ranches. The
> organic agriculture industry has grown rapidly. The success of this
> industry is projected to influence the agricultural economy in the coming
> decades. In addition to generating additional income, this industry has
> the advantage of providing diversity in the agricultural base of inland
> areas and could do the same for the agricultural base of the Sonoma County
> Coast. This Element establishes policies which will assist in promoting

> and marketing agricultural products grown or processed on the Coast.

> Therefore, I respectfully request that the above language be eliminated
> from the proposed LCP Ag Element or a specific prohibition of
> winery/alcohol event centers in Agricultural zoned areas added.
> Thank you,
> Drucilla Hamilton
> Timber Cove resident