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Assignment One

The figured world I chose to observe is the unpleasant, gruesome environment that lies behind
the doors of an insane asylum called Briarcliff, hence the title of the second season Asylum.
Although not every scene is set in the asylum itself, for example some scenes switch back and
forth to the past and present, almost every character has a connection with the mental ward itself.
The mental institution appears nothing but a madhouse filled with a staff that cares for patients
who are mentally unstable as well as mentally deranged criminals who have been convicted. The
staff also consists of people in religious positions such as the nuns who assist in running the
mental ward. There are two health personals whom supposedly treat the insane patients but in
fact has every evil intention behind their moves. But throughout the season, we see that some
staff has treated these patients unfairly or inappropriately and even a couple of patients have
been convicted to the ward in an unjust manner. Throughout the series one can notice that the
patients are treated as if they were actually prisoners with no way out. These patients were
locked in their own cell, and are often verbally if not physically abused. Most patients were
expected to behave inappropriately because of their state of mind. For example, there was a
patient in the first episode who constantly banged her head against the wall. Being that most of
the show was dated back before technology became more advanced, the effective forms of
communication was through speech or face-to-face communication. Any type of loud unpleasant
noises was always to be expected since it always created the form of suspension from the shows
eerie setting. It was unacceptable to act against the staff since they had the authority over how
the institution was maintained. Of course any act of violence was prohibited as well as
trespassing or entering any part of the ward that was off limits. Communities of practices can be
seen through the actions of the three main protagonists, who have been convicted and enclosed in
the ward against their own will, and they each try to work their way through escaping the ward.
The three have even collaborated in their effort to escape but have failed in both their attempts.
Figured World: It is the society or complex structure that includes an array of conventions
which people follow in order to fulfill the expected norms.
Artifacts: They are symbols, ideas, emotions and/or objects that possesses a value to the people
within the figured world.
The Aliens: We are first introduced to these foreign creatures in the first episode where Kit
Walker becomes abducted. They have become a crucial factor to the border between his own
sanity as well as the idea if there is any spiritual God in this world. In essence, they have become
nothing short but an idea that they are God.
The Record Player and the song Dominique: The record player in the common room plays
and repeats the same upbeat French melody throughout the season, which is ironic for the likes
of the eerie setting that is the asylum. The record player and the song itself has become nothing
short but a melody that keeps those in the common room at a sense of peace and harmony. The
characters have become accustomed to the tune and if anyone were to stop the record player then
they would have to face the consequences.
The Secret Tunnel: The secret tunnel was originally a secret short route for Sister Mary Eunice
from the asylum and out into the woods. But eventually, it takes on a symbol of hope for those
who were trying to escape (Lana, Kit and Grace). It is not just a simple shortcut to the woods, but
a gateway to freedom and escape from the hell and corruption within the ward.
Sanity: Being sane held as much value to those who were institutionalized in the asylum for
unjust reasons. Characters such as Kit Walker, who has experienced an alien abduction is being
blamed for the gruesome murder of his wife Alma and obtaining the reputation of the killer

Comment [GV1]: This is alluding to something you

never really elaborate on. The second season of what?
If I were to want to find this, it would be harder to do
because I don't get informed what the show is until the
(Amalia Striker)

Comment [GV2]: This description of the show is

excellent, and I really get a powerful image in my head
as to what this asylum is like. A suggestion I have is to
add a time period. It would make the visual image more
period oriented. It could really help reveal what kind of
methods of "treatments" of evil intentions were. It could
help a reader with some previous/ existing knowledge
of insane asylums and some of the awful things
patients endured. (Amalia Striker)
Comment [GV3]: I really like how detailed and
meticulous you were when writing this introduction. I
like that you explained everything in a way that
someone who has not ever seen this show could
understand what this show was about. I think that
thorough explanations of these sort of things are
important. I also like how you pointed out the little
things, like the out-dated technology. I can tell that you
like this show a lot. (Rahda Patel)

Comment [GV4]: This sentence personally took me a

couple of re-reads to understand its meaning. The "as"
alludes to a comparison that I could not find the result
of. Adding or removing that as could lead to less
possibilities of confusion. (Amalia Striker)

Bloody Face. Lana Winters who risked meeting Kit by trespassing the ward, has been unfairly
admitted to Briarcliff because of her homosexuality. Both characters are now having to
encounter the mistreatment within the ward and somehow fight to stay within the borderline of
their own sanity.
Trust: Trust became a key factor to the characters Kit, Lana and Grace in order to find their their
way out of the institution. Kit and Grace both created a bond out of desperation of escaping the
asylum and feeling as if they had each other to rely on. Even though they had no one to grieve
for them, they built a trust between each other especially believing that they were admitted in the
asylum for the reasons that were put upon them. Lana was convinced that her girlfriend has
betrayed her by putting her in the ward and she had no one else to confide in. Grace seemed to be
the only person she could trust but failed in trying to convince Grace of her beliefs about Kit. All
in all, ones own trust could easily be tampered with.
Skepticism: Despite the supernatural theme that surrounds the show, skepticism was a quality
that the majority of the characters seem to possess. There was a major doubt about anything
supernatural, for example, Kits alien abduction seemed to be nothing short but a sad cover up
for a murder scene to those that convicted him. It is skepticism that got Kit at his place in the
institution and it is skepticism that will keep everyone else away from the truth.
Wine and Alcoholism: Wine serves a significant importance in the Catholic church since it used
for sacrifice, but in Sister Judes case, it holds the sin of her past as an alcoholic. Her alcoholism
contributed to her past behaviors which included nights at the club and sleeping with multiple
men. And it was after her fatal car crash that resulted in her running over a girl and leaving her at
the scene, where she then renounced from her use of it.
Red Lipstick: Red lipstick has been associated with the lack of modesty. Sister Mary Eunices
use of it was deemed unacceptable by Sister Jude since it was impure. Prior to her possession,
Sister Mary Eunice used to be a woman of purity with much innocence. Since Dr. Arden
witnessed the way she has changed, he has become upset and used the red lipstick and drew on
the statue of the Virgin Mary that he ended up breaking.
Actors: They are people who have a particular function amongst those in the community of
Kit Walker: He is the main protagonist of the show and a man that has defied the norms of
society in that period because of the fact that he eloped with an African American. And he has
above all become a character that has been subjected to much abuse since he is claimed to be the
murderer of women referred to as Bloody Face. Not only does he want to clear his name in
wake of these murders, he will do anything to escape the torture that he endures in the asylum.
Lana Winters: She is journalist who is determined to write a successful story but she is stopped
in her pursuit as she has become a prisoner of Briarcliff. She has also defied societys norms in
that period by living in secret as a homosexual with her girlfriend who is a 3rd grade teacher.
After coming under the care of the institution, Lana works her way through escaping the
institution with the help of Kit and Grace.
Sister Jude: She is a nun who runs the institution and maintains order within the ward. She is
cold, strict and is unforgivable in her punishments. She is the reason that Lana became trapped in
the institution after she has blackmailed her girlfriend Wendy into signing legal documents that
would put her under the care of the institution. She also holds concerns over the acts of Dr.
Arden as she feels threaten by his authority in the medical treatment of his patients. Sister Jude
was not always a pure woman since her past proves the opposite.

Comment [GV5]: I understand what you men when you

are talking about Skepticism. But what I do not
understand is how this is an artifact. I also understand
that this may be an emotional artifact but I am unable
to grasp the concept of this idea being an artifact. I
could see this idea being more of a theme than an
artifact. I think that you should specify a bit more, how
skepticism got 'Kit' where he is. (Rahda Patel)

Comment [GV6]: I think this may be more of a

grammatical error. I think you should specify who the
"Bloody Face" is. I get that it may just be a simple
accusation, but since I am a first-time reader of a story
like this I got confused. Confused about who is the
"Bloody Face:" the women or Walker? There needs to
be, either, a semi colon or comma next to murderer
and women to make sure that the reader understand
that Walker is accused of being Bloody Face, and not
the women he has killed. (Rahda Patel)
Comment [GV7]: Why does she have to hide her
sexuality? If it's because of the time period, you should
state that in your summary. If it's because of her job,
then you should state that in her description and that
will bring some clarity to the reader. (Valentina Sosa)
Comment [GV8]: I like how your perception of Jude
made me want to know more about her. Leaving this
sentence the way you did, gives us readers an insight
into what we could potentially expect from the show.
What we could expect or see from the behaviour and
personality of Jude.(Rahda Patel)

Sister Mary Eunice: She is the purest and most innocent soul that would hesitate to harm a
thing. She fears the authority of Sister Jude and is careful in following her orders. She may have
been a nervous wreck in the start, but after an exorcism which proved to be a failure, she became
possessed by a demon which completely changed her attitude. Her acts of purity have turned into
immodest behavior and she even taunts Sister Jude about her past as an alcoholic.
Grace: She is a patient at the ward who acts anything unlike the rest of the patients there, which
is being sane. Kit first meets her in the common room as she stops him from turning off the
record player. She has been put in the asylum because she was accused of murdering her family.
She later becomes involved in Kits plan to escape the asylum.
Dr. Arden: He is a physician at Briarcliff who was appointed by the Monsignor. He has become
a threat to Sister Judes authority and he is suspected of doing gruesome practices on the bodies
of patients who have fallen sick and apparently died of natural causes. He also seems to become
lovesick over Sister Mary Eunice because of her innocence and pure spirit. And he even uses her
to deliver the feed to the creatures that hide in the woods. All of his acts are explicit and he has
no good intention for the patients he puts under his care.
Dr. Oliver Thredson: He is a psychiatrist that has been ordered by the court to review the
condition of one patient (Kit Walker) at the institution. But during his time at the institution he
grows dissatisfied with the state of the institution as well as the mistreatment of the patients. And
despite his skepticism he even helps in the exorcism of Jed.
Shelley: She has been admitted to the institution having been diagnosed as a nymphomaniac or
one who is referred to as a sex addict and is often ridiculed as a whore. She even helps Kit, Lana
and Grace in their attempt to escape the institution but eventually falls under the hands of Dr.
The Monsignor: He, along with the help of Sister Jude has helped establish the asylum as well
as the vision behind it that the mentally ill lack a presence of a holy spirit in their lives. Sister
Jude is infatuated by the Monsignor and even fantasizes about him. He also appointed Dr. Arden
as the head physician of the institution being that he was aware of his inhumane practices.
Literacy Practices: It is the way that people interact with one another within the figured world
Face to face communication: Throughout the episodes the most common form of
communication is face to face conversation. And sometimes secretive conversations that wasnt
expected to be overheard.
Telephone calls: Since there was no form of texting back in the 1960s, telephones calls were a
common form of communication but is rarely used in the show. For example, Sister Judes
anonymous phone call from what she believes to be a victim of her past.
Radio broadcast: When there wasnt a TV, radio was another form of not only entertainment
but a way to connect with people for live updates, such as the weather broadcast in episode 3.
Writing on paper: After Lana was admitted to the ward, she wrote on small scrap pieces of
paper as a way to document her experience in Briarcliff. She also writes small notes as a way of
remembering things as well.
Domain: The common goal that the members of the community seek or what they attend to in
order to learn more and gain skills from that certain knowledge they are determined to obtain.
For example, a group of civilians who get stranded on an island becomes a part of a community
that has to interact efficiently in order to survive in the wilderness that surrounds them.
Escaping the institution: Those of the patients who have been ensnared in the cells of the
institution, especially for those who believe that have no just reason to be there, have sought out

Comment [GV9]: This sentence is a little confusing. I

think that if you reword it, it can bring clarity of who she
is and the role she plays in the show. Also give
examples of how she acts the way she does.
(Valentina Sosa)

Comment [GV10]: What does this say about the

doctor? How is this sentence relevant to the show? I
think that is you answer those questions, your
description of Dr. Arden can be more clear to the
reader. (Valentina Sosa)
Comment [GV11]: You can state what this says about
the doctor and that can help the reader have an idea of
who he really is. This can make scenes in which he's in
easier to understand. Also can help you go above and
beyond by looking deeper into things. (Valentina Sosa)

Comment [GV12]: This seems to be more of a

description of Sister Jude to me. The second half of the
sentence seems to be the part that really makes it feel
out of place to me. Unless he knows about this and
acts upon it in some way. (Amalia Striker)

escaping the ward. And this commonality between the three victims, Kit, Lana and Grace is what
has brought about their collaborative efforts in order escape Briarcliff.
Maintain orderly conduct: Sister Jude has made herself to be a strict nun who helps run
Briarcliff. Her strict attitude and unforgivable acts of punishment which includes whipping the
bare behinds of the inmates is what has shined light on maintaining order throughout the
Communities of practice: What results when multiple people or members who all have the
same goal, work together in order to learn and achieve their intended purpose (the domain).
The three innocent inmates: Kit, Lana and Grace are all victims of their own community
after having been admitted to the institution despite their innocence and their obvious sanity.
Each one of them has endured the harsh treatment that the staff members or orderlies of
Briarcliff have given them. They each refuse to be trapped in the institution any longer and make
long awaited attempts to escape through the secret tunnel.

Comment [GV13]: This definition is a bit confusing. I

suggest that you reword it and make it easier to
understand. This will help the reader really get the idea
of what Communities of Practice are. (Valentina Sosa)

The visionaries of Briarcliff: The Monsignor and Sister Jude both have built the vision behind
the institution of Briarcliff together. The institution was built upon the base of Catholicism as the
institution is run by nuns and a staff of orderlies who maintain the state of the ward. The
practice is to care for these victims under the holy environment that surrounds the institution.
But in reality, the patients are often mistreated by staff members and punished whenever they
have committed a small misdeed.
Practices of the community: They are all the means, which the members of the community
have obtained through their experiences and how they have dealt with an issue pertaining to their
domain in the past. A practice is not something you can learn from someone, it is something that
is developed overtime because of how that one member has attended to certain challenges in the
past, not just by themselves, but with members of their community of practice. And by applying
previous experiences, members of the community can in turn, create a successful practice.
Trusting one another: Having trust issues is what kept Kit, Grace and especially Lana from
being able to find their way through the secret tunnel. Lana was convinced that Kit was a
manipulative murderer who was only trying to use Grace as a mean to escape the institution. And
after their first attempt of escaping, it was Lanas distrust in Kit that caused her to yell for help so
that they wouldnt get out. But in the second attempt, Lana has changed her mind about Kit after
she has been convinced that he may indeed be the wrong Bloody Face. And it was not only an
act of desperation but an act on trust that allowed Kit to let her come with Grace and him.
Episode 1
8:00: Kit Walker (main protagonist) arrives home where his wife Alma waits for him as she is
about to prepare dinner for him. Kit then puts on his wedding ring that he intentionally left at
home and then he tells his wife Lets tell everyone where he is referring to his marriage that
they have kept a secret due to the fact that his wife is African American. He wants to let all his
family and friends know of their marriage but his wife disapproves of his idea.
10:10: While Alma goes to the kitchen, he remains smoking in his bed while the radio is playing
music. Radio static begins abruptly and he sees bright white lights shine through his doors. He
then retrieves a rifle and proceeds with caution ordering Alma to stay in the kitchen. As he walks

Comment [GV14]: I think that you should state the time

period of the show. There has to be a reason why the
main character cant tell everyone that he's married to
an African American. So I think that stating the time
period can give the reader some relevant back ground
info that can be helpful. (Valentina Sosa)

outside the door with his rifle in hand, a bright white light flashes over him as he hears Alma
screaming for help. He then goes inside the house searching for her as all the furniture has been
scattered all around the house while the series of bright lights continues until an unbearable noise
has him on the ground covering his ears. As the noise and lights come to a sudden stop, Kit
notices that the objects surrounding him are rising to the ceiling as he follows behind and drops
back to the ground and flips over on his back. The scene then changes and he is seen without
clothes in an empty room filled with bright white lights that illuminate throughout the setting
where he is struggling to move and ends with a bizarre hand appearing before him.
11:30: The scene begins with Lana Winters arriving at the mental institution called Briar Cliff
who claims shes writing a story on the bakery there. As she is walking up towards the entrance,
a patient by the name of Pepper gives her a rose asking Lana to play with me. Then a nun who
works at the ward proceeds to guide Lana to Sister Judes office who is the head of the
institution. Both ladies walk in to find Sister Jude attempting to shave off the hair of a patient
named Shelly, who Sister Jude claims is a victim of her own lust or rather a nymphomaniac.
As Sister Jude is explaining the visionary behind the bakery, her assistant interrupts the interview
and informs her that the killer nicknamed Bloody Face will arrive at the institution any minute.
Lana then begs permission from Sister Jude to meet Bloody Face.
15:57: Outside the entrance of Briarcliff, staff members including Sister Jude and journalist Lana
are outside waiting for the arrival of Bloody Face where Sister Jude explains that he is to be put
under the institutions care until it is determined whether he is fit to stand trial. Upon entering
the institution and being brought out of the car, the man behind the infamous name is no other
than Kit Walker who is cuffed at his feet and arms while being escorted inside by police
authorities. Following his entrance, he has been strapped to his bed as he continues to struggle
for release where he has been injected with a syringe by a staff member and blacks out. Sister
Judes speaks as she then appears sitting beside Kits bed while he remains strapped down. Their
confrontation was very brief as Kit said it wasnt him that committed any crime and expressed
his belief there was no God, simply because of what he experienced as what we assume to be
what occurred earlier in the episode. Sister Jude refutes such a claim saying All monsters are
human. As she is about to leave the room, she then asks a question to which Kit takes offense
and spits in her face. Sister Jude then opens a cabinet where she stashes multiple crops and whips
Kit as punishment.
18:10: Kit enters what seems to be the common room of the institution where he witnesses the
various odd behaviors of the patient at the ward. All while a record player that repeats the same
French song throughout the room which Kit could not tolerate any longer and attempts to turn it
off. But to his surprise, a seemingly sane patient immediately stops him from turning off the
record player warning him that he will be subjected to punishment and that it is a rule that as
long as the common room remains open, the music is to be playing at all times. A male patient
intervenes on their conversation and bullies Kit about skinning a colored woman because he
didnt like it. A fight then starts between the two and then Sister Jude enters and blows her
whistle interrupting the brawl. Two staff members proceed to get Kit and the scene ends with
him getting hit.
20:50: The same patient who has warned Kit to not turn off the record player snuck in food to a
cell he has been locked in with a straight jacket on. While her visit remained short, she explained
that she volunteered at the kitchen and the reason she was convicted to the ward was because
they thought she killed all of her family. When they hear someone enter the hall, she leaves Kit
telling him her name is Grace.

Comment [GV15]: I think it could help understanding of

the reader to elaborate on this "Bakery" even more. I've
only seen it mentioned this one time and it makes me
curious, but in your observation I cant find anything to
tell me what this bakery is. When I asked you in person
you gave a good description of what it was, and i really
think it could add to your piece. (Amalia Striker)

22:00: Sister Jude confronts Dr. Arden at his wing of the institution because of a patient that has
recently died and whos body that has been taken under his care. She also mentioned that three
other patients have disappeared under Dr. Ardens watch to which he simply explains they died
and their bodies have been cremated. All this while a graphic image of red flesh in a bowl is
dropped into someones cell and someones hand is digging into it. Sister Jude also continued to
say how that each patient that disappeared coincidentally had no family or friends that would
grieve over them. She expressed her suspicion that he was indeed hiding something then leaves
his office.
32:00: Sister Mary Eunice who is followed by Lana who has encountered her outside in the
woods, is leading her down toward an eerie dark hallway which is her shortcut down woods. As
they enter upon a room, the Sister blocks off the door behind them as Lana asks why she was out
in the woods by herself, especially what exactly she was feeding. Lana then threatens the sister
that she will tell Sister Jude about her nightly ordeals and her secret shortcut if she didnt let her
look around the institution to look for Kit Walker. The scene then switches back to Dr. Arden
and Kit who he has taken under Dr. Ardens watch. Kit is wheeled in a room where Dr. Arden is
about to perform a medical procedure on him. Meanwhile both Sister Jude and Lana are trying to
see where Kits cell is located. Lana then confronts Shelley in a hallway and asks her where Kit
Walker is being placed at, then Sister Jude enters the hallway as Lana immediately hides inside
Shelleys cell.
36:20: While Kit is strapped down to a bed, Dr. Arden is preparing to perform a procedure on
him. Images then flash back to Kit, when he was abducted as the strange alien like creature
appears before him. Then Alma face appears right before him as she disappears screaming for
help. Dr. Arden continues to debrief on what happened to the victim (Almas) body. While Lana
is still searching for Kit, she comes upon an enclosed cell where she hears someone muffling,
and as she peaks through an opening something grabs her by the neck and the scene ends.
39:30: Lana wakes up with Sister Jude before her. She is strapped to the bed with head gear on
her. Sister Jude hints that she wont be getting out anytime soon as the scene switches to a
flashback where she has met with Lanas partner who is a female and a teacher to 3rd grade
students. Sister Jude threatens Lanas girlfriend that if she does not sign a legal document giving
the court permission to remand Lana to the institution, then she will expose their relationship
ultimately causing her girlfriend to lose her job as a teacher. Lanas girlfriend falls under the
threat and signs the document. Sister Jude shows Lana the signed document telling her that she
will be cured of her homosexuality in time.
Episode 2
1:20: Lanas girlfriend grieves over having Lana locked up in Briarcliff to her friends. And she
plans on getting her out of the asylum. Later that night, after a hot shower, she then encounters a
someone with a bloodied mask who then kills her.
4:40: Back at the asylum, security officers/guards go around the cells for an inspection. As an
officer inspects Lanas room, Sister Jude suggests for him to check her pillow case where they
discover small entries that she has written throughout her stay. As Sister Jude walks off, Lana
claims she didnt need the entries because of her excellent memory.
6:25: Sister Jude visits Dr. Ardens office to make a request for him to perform an electroshock
therapy on Lana in order for her forget memories that Sister Jude suggests may be terrorizing
7:25: Lana screams for help as she struggles against the staff members who are buckling her to a
bed as Dr. Arden is about to perform the electroshock therapy on her. Sister Jude is then asked to

hold a tool against Lanas temples as Dr. Arden turns on an instrument which induces the shocks
to the patient.
8:50: Kit who is cuffed at hand enters the common room area along with two staff members at
his side. Dr. Oliver Thredson, a psychiatrist, awaits Kit and introduces himself. The scene
alternates from his own review of Kits behavior and his confrontation with him. While Kit tries
to convince Dr. Oliver about how they (the aliens) have Almas body, Dr. Oliver concludes
Kits diagnosis of having acute clinical insanity.
10:30: While Sister Mary Eunice is taking a stroll through the woods with a basket at her hand,
Dr. Arden appears before her. She tells him of her unexpected surprise about the basket not being
torn into pieces and how they had a ferocious appetite the night before to which she asks what
these creatures are. Dr. Arden responds with a simple reply saying All in good time. He then
offers a her a caramel apple as a token of his gratitude but Sister Eunice tries to reject the offer
by saying that Sister Jude told her sweets lead to sin. She gives in to the offer after he insists
on her taking a small taste. And they both walk back to the institution together as Shelley
witnesses them from above the window.
11:56: Lana sits quietly in the common room as a close up of her face reveals healing burn
marks at her temples from the aftermath of the electroshock therapy. She recalls back to seeing
Sister Judes face as the electroshock therapy is performed on her and she writes on a scrap piece
of paper Dont forget. Burning flesh. Sister Judes face. Meanwhile she sees Kit enter the room
and sit before Grace. She listens in on their conversation hearing Grace ask a series of questions
when Kit says he cant fake being crazy. He suggests escaping the ward before Dr. Oliver files
a report of Kits so called diagnosis. Grace tries to convince him that there was no escaping.
And Lana then writes down the word tunnel on her paper.
12:50: Dr. Oliver introduces himself to Sister Jude while she is walking through the ward. They
both discuss Kits case, whether he will officially become patient at the ward or go to trial. But
Dr. Oliver reveals he has yet to determine Kits condition. Dr. Oliver discusses the conditions of
the institution, mentioning that he is appalled by the abuse he has witnessed, as well as the
malpractice they have issued for these patients. But Sister Jude responds with much apathy
reassuring him of the reason he came to the institution which was to report the recommendation
to the court regarding the sanity of one patient. She excuses herself and goes back to her office
to meet with a family who are in need of their assistance.
14:07: Sister Jude meets with two parents in her office but Dr. Oliver then interrupts their
meeting and introduces himself as the psychiatrist of the institution. The mother (Mrs. Potter)
asks for his assistance and goes on to explain her sons condition. Her son Jed apparently has
seen strange things, or hears voices and never gets out of bed for days. The father interrupts by
expressing his fear that his own son will bring harm to both of them. He then tells his story of
how he heard cries from their barn only to find Jed inside speaking an unrecognizable language
and witnessing the aftermath of his gruesome act to their farm animal. He describes this act as
something unholy. Dr. Oliver who stands speechless, suggests to see their son in order to make
a diagnosis for himself. They all enter a cell where the son (Jed) sits cringing with fear. Suddenly
his persona changes after he growls at Dr. Olivers attempt at examining him. He then speaks the
same unrecognizable language. And Sister Jude then realizes medication is will not be the
solution to Jeds condition.
17:50: Both Lana and Grace are both in a bathing room. Lana asks Grace if she ever dreamt of
escaping the ward but Grace simply mocks the idea of ever escaping the facility saying there was
no way out. Lana mentions the tunnel that she came through and asks her to plan an escape.

Grace replies by saying that Kit had to come along but Lana insists on making the claims of his
murderous acts and saying any killer will manipulate anyone.
21:30: Dr. Oliver tries to convince both parents of Jed that is is better for the county hospital to
treat their sons condition but the mother informs him that the so called specialist has already
been called in. The monsignor who holds an honorable title as the clergy of the Roman Catholic
church at the institution, meets Dr. Oliver as he expresses his disbelief over the exorcism that is
about to be performed. The monsignor expects the psychiatrists presence at the exorcism since
he is a medical personnel as well. He threatens the monsignor that he will report his findings of
the institution if he is expected to assist in such an act. The priest who is in a wheelchair
interrupts them acknowledging the fact that Dr. Oliver is an unbeliever but will in turn allow
him to do better during the exorcism.
24:07: The monsignor and Dr. Oliver both strap Jed onto the bed as he begs them to stop. The
priest advises them to continue to act against the possessed patients wishes as it is the demons
way of manipulating them. After Sister Jude hands the priest the prayer book she is then asked to
leave the room meanwhile Jeds appearance and behavior has taken on a completely disturbing
28:30: Monsignor returns and requests for Sister Judes presence once again since the other
Father has been taken to the infirmary because of an injury that occurred during the exorcism.
While Sister Jude looks over the Jed, he cries out saying the light is burning his eyes. And while
Sister Jude tries to help him, his persona changes once again to the demon inside him. He taunts
Sister Jude with claims about her past of being a whore. And then Jed asks about the girl who
Sister Jude accidently ran over while she was driving drunk.
32:08: The power goes out after Dr. Oliver tries to sedate Jed and everyones cell doors come
open with the sound of a fire alarm going off in the distance. Lana and Grace immediately run
off together since it is their chance to escape.
33:00: Sister Mary Eunice enters the room of the exorcism informing Sister Jude of the problem
that occurred at the ward. The scene switches back to Grace and Lana trying to find their way out
when the encounter Kit. Lana refuses to let Kit go with them and when Grace and Kit go their
own way to find an escape route, Lana screams for help catching the security guards attention
and catching the two in their attempt. And while the exorcism is continuing, Jed is going under
cardiac arrest and finally he rises and looks directly at Sister Mary Eunice. She suddenly falls
back while Jed lays dead on the bed.
40:00: Sister Jude and Lana are both in her office. The Sister then acknowledges Lanas
bravery saying she did the right thing by stopping both Kit and Grace from trying to escape.
And she rewards Lana by letting her witness the punishment theyll endure. As Kit and Grace
prepare for the punishment, Kit interrupts saying that he is the only one who should be punished
and Grace was simply a pawn. And the scene ends with Kit receiving his punishment (a
whipping) from Sister Jude.
Episode 3
3:30: Sister Mary Eunice enters with mail that she leaves on Sister Judes desk. While Sister
Jude goes through the small pile her attention falls upon a newspaper with an article that includes
a picture of a familiar face (the girl that Sister Jude ran over prior to becoming a nun). And she
notices that the newspaper dates back to well over ten years before (1949).
7:00: Sister Mary Eunice enters the common room and stops the record player which captures
the attention of everyone in the room. She announces the movie night that Sister Jude has
planned to arranged in order to distract the patients from the big storm that will hit them later in

the evening. One patient looks at the Sister in worry and fear as she is being approached and
begs her to Go away and calls her Satan.
8:45: Sister Mary Eunice enters Sister Judes office with a bottle of wine and pours her a glass.
She suspects that someone has been drinking the communion wine and offer Sister Jude a taste
of it but she refuses it reminding her that she doesnt drink anymore. But Sister Mary Eunice
innocently taunts what her reason was and mentions that in 1949 Sister Jude renounced from
alcohol in response to the calls of Jesus Christ. And she leaves after giving Sister Jude red
lipstick that Dr. Arden apparently wanted her to have.
9:55: Dr. Arden holds up a mason jar to Kit and asks him if her recognizes the small bug like
creature that he cut out of his neck on his last procedure. Dr. Arden notices that the bug wants to
get back inside Kit, and he asks a series of questions that revolve around him being sent to spy
on the Dr. Arden himself.
11:17: The same patient who referred to Sister Mary Eunice as Satan, sits in her cells praying
with a rosary in her hand. Sister Mary Eunice interrupts her prayer and approaches her once
again as the patient begs her to go away. Sister Mary Eunice commands the fearful patient to get
on her knees and pray with her. But while praying, the Sister pulls out a pair a scissors and stabs
the patient to death.
15:10: While the movie night is being arranged in the common room with the assistance of Dr.
Oliver, Lana asks him to speak in private. She asks him if he can be able to send a message to
her girlfriend (Wendy). She expresses her concern over having zero contact with Wendy and
tries to give him a note that she has written for her. Dr. Oliver gladly takes the note in
satisfaction of betraying the authority of Sister Jude.
18:30: Sister Jude confront Dr. Arden about the lipstick that he wanted her to have. He responds
with his disbelief over the purity that has been taken from Sister Mary Eunice. He believes she
has been corrupted by the influence of those around her such as Shelley. Sister Jude refutes such
a claim and blames him for her behavior. And Sister Jude leaves being convinced that Dr. Arden
is trying to take away her position.
20:18: Sister Jude is alone in her office praying when the telephone rings. She answers only to
hear a girl on the other line saying you left me there. She then asks who the person was, and
the girl responds by saying you never even bothered to get out of the car, Sister Jude then
apologizes and cries in disbelief after she sees a pair of glasses with cracked lenses on her desk
(the same pair that the girl she ran over was wearing).
21:55: Sister Judes guilty conscience has resulted her in giving in to her old habit of drinking
alcohol once again. She eaves her office after having finished an entire bottle of wine.
23:00: Sister Jude who appears at disarray enters the common room and blows her whistle in
order to get the attention of chaos that seems to be accumulating amongst the patients. The
patients are ordered to sit down. Sister Jude then walks in an unstable manner towards the front
of the audience (the patients and staff) and reads from a piece of paper explaining what they are
about to see in the movie. Sister Jude leaves the room to look for the Mexican patient who Sister
Mary Eunice has killed earlier. While the movie begins, Lana speaks to Dr. Oliver and asks
about Wendy. He explains what he has encountered the empty house and expresses his concern
over finding clues that lead him to believe that the police may not have found the right Bloody
Face. Meanwhile Grace asks the security guard if she can use the bathroom as a mean of
distracting him from while Shelley and Kit walk out the door. Grace then follows. The film then
shows images of women which gives Lana the opportunity to go to the bathroom since it is
inappropriate to be watching it.

Comment [GV16]: This sentence causes some

confusion for me. The wording could be changed more
along the lines of "of the people in chaos" If that is the
meaning. The sentence could be rearranged multiple
ways to make slightly different meanings. (Amalia

29:45: Sister Jude enters and searches the ward for the Mexican patient. Then the high pitched
ringing starts to which she tries to find where it is coming from.
30:15: As Kit, Grace and Shelley plan on going through the doors that will lead them through a
tunnel, Lana appears asking to go with them. Kit agreed to let her join them since she knew the
exact way out and through the secret tunnel. When they see that a staff member is in the hallway,
Shelley volunteers to be a distraction in order for the other three to go through the doors.
33:26: As Sister Jude is trying to look for a strange figure she spotted, she turns around to see an
alien like figure looking down at her.
34:00: The three patients come to the idea that Shelley may not have found her way out, so they
continue with their escape route. They find their way outside in the midst of the storm.
37:00: As they are running towards a road, the three find the body of the Mexican patient. After
hearing growling in the distance, Kit looks for where it is coming from only to find a hunger
ridden creature feeding on a body parts. The three immediately run from the creature and back
into the tunnel.
I conducted my interview over a phone call with a friend of mine who has in fact suggested for
me to start watching the American Horror Story series. And she has always said that the second
season was always her favorite out of all the four seasons that have premiered which is why I
chose to interview her.
Describe the key features of the show has kept your interest throughout the season,
such as the plot, setting or characters.
I liked the setting and the fact that the plot took place in the 1960s, all the characters such as the
nuns and even the doctors had an insane feature to them. I also liked the plot twists that took
place throughout the season.
How would you compare this season of American Horror Story to the others you
have watched?
I liked the second season the most because it was gory and there was a scary aspect that actually
kept me on my toes. The others werent as scary enough as the title appeared to be.
Who was your favorite character in the season and why has that character appealed
to you the most?
Kit Walker because he was rebellious in the fact that he was going against societys norms
because he was married to an African American. He tried to rebel and escape from the asylum
and also he is a classic favorite to those fanatics of the series in general.
Are there any aspects of the show that you werent satisfied with?
I didnt like the sexual harassment that happened near the end of the season. I didnt like the fact
that the aliens became such a big factor in the show and how they made the plot of the show
jump around abruptly. And I didnt like that the plot moved from one thing to another, such as
going from the asylum to focusing on the aliens.
Were you satisfied with the season finale?
No because it was not what I really expected and it got too bizarre for me to really try and
understand what was going on.

Comment [GV17]: I understand that you are trying to

get as much detail as you can. I also understand that
the scenes may change rapidly. With that I want to say
that I would like to see you write down when scenes
change. (Rahda Patel)