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Launching Place Primary School

Issue 30 Thursday 8th October 2015

Welcome Back to Term 4

Welcome back to all of our families for our final term for 2015.
We hope that everyone had a very relaxing term break and that you are ready for the many events
planned for this term. One of the highlights will undoubtedly be our Twilight Country Fair.
Some of the important dates to put on the calendar for this term include:

Spring Challenge Aerobics Competition: Saturday 17th October.

Twilight Country Fair: Friday 23rd October.
Launch Cup, held on the school oval: Thurs 5th November 2.00pm. All welcome!
Prep/ Grade 2 Sports: Friday 6th November.
Orientation Day: Tuesday 8th December.
Year 6 and 2016 Foundation students to visit their new school/s.
Christmas Concert: TBA
Grade 3-6 Warburton Bike Ride: Friday 11th December. All welcome!
Grade 6 graduation: Thursday 17th December.

Please note: Term 4 Parent Planners will be sent home tomorrow.

Preparing for 2016 - Student Placement Request

The process of allocating children to grades is very complex, with teachers, coordinators and the schools leadership team spending
many days developing class groups based on sound educational factors. Over the next few weeks, class teachers will work with
children to nominate four of their friends who they believe they would work well with. We endeavour to place them with at least
one (1) of their nominated friends.
We consider the following factors when determining grades: even distribution of academic ability within grades, separation of
children who do not work well together, gender balance, interpersonal development, friendship groups, attitude, maturity, individual needs and
behaviour. We are however, always happy to consider input from parents.
Parents are invited to put in writing a placement request based on educational and social factors only. Naming of a preferred class teacher is
NOT part of this process.
Written requests are to be addressed to Principal/ Assistant Principal, and handed to the office by October 30 th. Verbal requests will not be

Student Absent Hot Line Number 5964 7783

Important Dates:

Working Bee
Aerobics Spring Challenge
School Council 7pm

Twilight Country
Melbourne Cup Day
Launch Cup 2.30pm
Grade Prep - 2 Sports Day

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Only this years letters will be considered, so please do not rely on previous letters (or conversations) with the Principal or Assistant Principal from past years.
Your child will have the opportunity to meet their teacher and their classmates towards the end of the year. All students will also have the chance to be
involved in transition sessions during term 4. This gives them the chance to spend some time getting familiar with their new learning environment while
spending time with other students not presently in their grade.

Working Bee
A reminder that there
is a working bee
tomorrow for all
families. This will be a
great opportunity for
us to do a general
clean up of the
school before our
Twilight Country Fair.
Please bring any
outside tools
(blowers, rakes,
brooms etc) that
might be useful.
We hope to see you

Mental Health Week 2015

In 2015, Mental Health Week will run from Sunday 4th to Saturday 10th October. World Mental Health Day is marked every
year on the same date: 10th of October.
Mental Health Week aims to activate, educate and engage Victorians about mental health through a week of interactive
events across the state including an official launch, community festivals, art exhibitions, music, theatre and seminars.
From its beginnings in 1985, the week has grown to encompass hundreds of events and a multitude of
individuals, community groups and service providers throughout the state.
KidsMatter Primary is a mental health and wellbeing framework for primary schools and is proven to make a positive
difference to the lives of Australian children. It is an excellent resource and one which we consistently refer to. There is an
excellent Parent and Community section. We recommend that you take the time to look at the topics covered, which include
things such as social and emotional learning, bullying and school refusal.
For more information please go to:

Launching Place Primary School Carter Street Launching Place 3139 Telephone 5964 7783 Fax 5964 6171 Email

ABN 96 199 518 803

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What is the Education State??

On Monday 14th September, the Victorian Government announced a series of landmark reforms to build and define Victoria as the Education State.
The announcements included a focus on strong school leadership, better teaching, more collaboration between teachers and schools and resources
targeted at student need.
Next year all government schools including ours will receive extra needs-based funding for to better respond to every student's needs.
Our teachers will receive training to implement the new Victorian Curriculum, which will include new subjects like digital coding and respectful
The government also set new state-wide education targets goals for our students in areas like maths, reading, science, the arts, resilience and
critical and creative thinking.
This is an exciting time for Victorian schools, and these new initiatives will inform our planning for 2016.
We encourage you to visit the Department's website to find out more about the Education State initiatives:

So the Holidays are Over..

Most kids look forward to extended holidays free of homework, getting up early, assignments and after school sports practice. Holidays are the time when we
recharge and relax in a less structured way. So how do we get our kids back on track? A new term is coming into full swing and somehow we need to motivate
young minds to get back into the learning groove.
Maybe you've already done some groundwork by stocking up on reading material over the holidays, or spent time in museums or libraries. Or maybe your kids
have been heavily into Apps that tease their brain or raise skill levels to rival an android.
Whatever they've been doing, it's now time to make the switch from holiday mode to school mode. Flicking the switch can be frustrating, so here are a few tips to
help get our last term for 2015 off to a flying start.
Sleep is good and essential to concentration, so set definite times for waking and going to bed.
Put a lid on 'anytime' snacking and stick with a regular eating routine.
Liven up the lunch box with nutritious favourites.
Prepare homework spaces and discuss study strategies.
Make the most of how much time they'll be spending with their school friends.
Pick up the pace on talks about the things your kids love about school; things they're good at; the fun class activities they've been missing while on holidays.
Encourage excitement about their grade, teacher, friends and upcoming school events.
Inject some inspiration by talking about achievement, celebrating success, and what it's going to feel like to learn new things.
Enjoy a week of special school breakfasts.
Get grandparents (or other extended family) to send an SMS, email, card or note wishing your child a great term at school.
For more tips please go to:

Please Note: That other advertisements and publications published in this newsletter do not imply school or Department of Education and Early Childhood Development endorsement.

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Note from the School Office

Book Club - Please make sure you supply correct money and fill
order forms with name and grade before sending to the office.
From the first day of thisterm, the General Office opening hours will be 8:15am until
4:00pm, no payments will be accepted outside these hours. Messages for staff may be
left via massage bank and will be addressed the following business day.
Thank You for your co - operation .

Parents and Friends Association

Hi, hope you all got to have a break over the holidays, and enjoy some sunshine and rest.
This term we are only two and half weeks away from country fair, also our Christmas
raffle at the end of the year.
Fundraising help.. If you purchase from the The Chookhouse and Lace n Things in
Warburton, mention that you would like the total value of purchase added to Launching
Place Primary School, and at the end of each month we can receive goods to help the
fundraising effort for the school.
P&F Team

Max N

Prep N

Persia L

Prep N

Jake R

1/2 C

Ruby D

1/2 T

Declan L-H

1/2 T

Liam I

3/4 K

Lincoln S

3/4 K

Kobi C

3/4 M

Darcy T

3/4 S

Storm L

3/4 S

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