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Terms of Use - Sika Mobile Computing Services

IT User Policies are applicable
Users of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks and other movable IT devices
must be aware that the SIKA IT User Policies extend to any type of IT device on which SIKA
information is stored, processed, transmitted or accessed. Please ask your HR department for a
copy of the IT User Policies of your SIKA company.
In addition, you should be aware of the following:

Device Management
SIKA IT asset management and IT security implementations for mobile devices accessing SIKA
information will typically include the following functions:

Remote wipe Remote lock

If a device gets lost, stolen or ceases to be managed by SIKA, SIKA IT may have to remotely
inactivate a device or delete all data on the device. This could include deleting more than just
the SIKA apps/data, including private data and even the entire device. It is recommended that
you maintain a backup of private data.
Do not lend the device to anyone else. Immediately inform SIKA IT support in case a
mobile device with SIKA data gets lost or stolen. Time is critical !

Technical security requirements

Certain functionality of the mobile device may be restricted due to IT security requirements.

Password requirements
The device may require you to enter a password to unlock the device, The device will lock
itself if a wrong password is entered repeatedly.

Data encryption
By default the SIKA data will be stored in a secured and encrypted storage area of your mobile
device. You may not move SIKA data to storage solutions not provided by SIKA (such as
external disk drives, cloud storage services (iCloud, etc.)).

Device tracking and monitoring

Sika respects the privacy rights of mobile device users. By default many mobile devices include
location based technology and will exchange location, usage and other device information with
backend infrastructure components.

Procurement of mobile devices and responsibility for the investment and operating cost is defined
individually by the SIKA company providing the mobile device and/or access to mobile device
Please contact your IT support if you have any questions.

Sika Informationssysteme AG, In der Luberzen 1, CH-8902 Urdorf, Schweiz,

Tel: +41 (0)58 436 52 36, Fax: +41 (0)58 436 56 75,



I have read and understood the text of this document. I will do my best to protect the device and
the data stored on it.
Dont sign this document if you are in disagreement or dont understand what you are signing.
Contact your local IT department in case of any questions.

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Important Note

Sika Informationssysteme AG, In der Luberzen 1, CH-8902 Urdorf, Schweiz,

Tel: +41 (0)58 436 52 36, Fax: +41 (0)58 436 56 75,