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Pre-Conference Assignment

Name: Valeria Celi

School: The British School of Caracas
Role Name: Jack Lew
1. Who is your role? (4-5 sentences) What position does he or she
hold? What are his or her priorities? What issues are most
important to him or her?
Jack Lew
Lew is the 76th and present United States Secretary of the Treasury; he
has been in office since the 28th of February of 2013. He has worked in
Clinton and Obamas offices and is a member of the Democratic Party.
His priorities involve combating economic inequality; also he seeks
negotiation. Obama trusts him, seeing as Obama himself nominated
him, and hes main issues involve social security, taxes and debts.
2. Please write a two-minute speech summarizing your stance on
the first issue. Please be sure to include at least one potential
proposal that might be featured in a solution addressing this issue.
Urban Gun Control is a problem we need to resolve. There are two
ways we can make this happen: we need to diminish the opportunity a
citizen may have to obtaining a weapon, either legally or illegally,
furthermore, we need to regulate the behavior of gangs.
Buying a licensed gun demands few requirements: Being over the age
of 18 (to buy a rifle or a shotgun) or 21 (to buy a handgun), also, you
cant have been convicted for a crime punishable for more than one
year in prison, domestic violence, cannot be a user of controlled
substances, and must not be committed currently to a mental institution.
But is this enough? How can we be sure that a person who suffers
bipolarity, or has a social disorder, and has previously bought a gun,
will spontaneously decide to go on a killing rampage while not being

himself? While buying a gun, buyers should have a 15 day trial period
where there will be intense background checks investigating about said
persons antecedents, criminal records (either punished by one year in
prison or less, seeing as a person who has committed a crime is
potentially going to commit one again). Also, they will receive both
psychological and medical exams as to further investigate their health.
People should also need to have certain certification to be able to own,
and be able to use a gun legally.
The illegal ownership of guns consists of more than 50% of the
weapons used to commit homicides, and anyone, could own a gun this
way, irrelevant to past convictions or their health. Federal law only
requires licensed gun dealers to conduct background checks, so after
that, it is impossible to track in which way somebody has obtained their
gun. That means that millions of guns are exchanged each year without
a check, most often online or at gun shows through unlicensed private
sellers. However, most inmates have not acquired guns directly from
gun shows, most probably bought it from a retailer. This retailer will
distribute weapons, to an insecure area, or to a gang, as to create more
violence in specific places.
Gangs are responsible for an average of 48% of violent crime in most
jurisdictions, and they acquire their weapons illegally. Gangs are a
group of individuals with an internal organization focused on theft,
violence, or other forms of illegal behavior, such as Drug smuggling
and sales, or arms trafficking. Gangs identify themselves in a
community by claiming their territory. They can be formed by families
without the sufficient financial income to sustain themselves, or
socially troubled people who resort to theft and murder to be able to
survive. People who may not have received a correct education since
they were children, who dont have ethics or positive ideals, may be
prone to join gangs, thinking it may be a correct thing to do. If all
public schools gave complete education, they will not be pressured to
live a life of illegal activity. Moreover, by emphasizing the importance
of values and morality, students will understand and give importance to
their choices, which will guide them to live a better life.

3. Please write a two-minute speech summarizing your stance on

the second issue. Please be sure to include at least one potential
proposal that might be featured in a solution.
Spying our allies is unnecessary, completely dishonest and immoral.
Allied countries are that way for a reason: they trust each other. Since
the creation of the Five Eyes in the 1940s, this intelligence alliance
have laid down rules for intelligence sharing, and this agreement
formalized and cemented the relationship between the UK and the
USA. It is simply immoral for one nation to be spying on another.
It is said that an ally today could be an enemy tomorrow, but even if
spying on another country will give us a lot of valuable information we
may not have received through a formal discussion, the consequences if
we get caught cause great dispute between us and other governments. If
we stop spying on foreign nations with which we don't have any kind
of mayor and legitimate reason, who may put our people in risk, we
could help solve any diplomatic issues that have resulted from
revelations that we have been spying. We shouldnt eavesdrop on the
heads of state or government of our close friends and allies, unless
there is a compelling national security purpose. Even if the government
is confident that we can spy others, it doesnt mean we should.
If we build an honest relationship of trust with other countries, we will
receive full honesty back, therefore giving us information we couldnt
have learned through espionage anyway. The leaders of the US close
friends and allies deserve to know that if we want to learn what they
think about an issue, we will communicate with them through a proper
manner, not in a secretive way. Furthermore, this would prevent the
violation of any more privacy rights, which the United States consider
the dignity of every human being.