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Proof and Perception

Some have asked me the proof of how the body was changed, when we
was born again and we just have not recognized it. Well for one, those that
new my Pastor, I have sent out verbatim quotes where he said this very
thing. Plus as I was pondering some things this day, I thought of this.
When a Husband has relations with is Wife, we see the Man or the typical
Law with its serpent, entering into the 2nd heaven of the secret place of the
woman. She receives His Seed and bears His Child. As we know from the
Bible, it is by the birth of the child that the woman has an Inheritance. If
she does not bare a child she has no inheritance. So the proof, she as a
Body, belongs to and has become ONE, with Her Husband, is the fact that
She has born His Child or Image. The Birth of the Child, Being Born Again,
indicates She is One and is the Bride of Her Husband. In this respect we see
that she became His Body, One with Him in the act of relations behind the
secret veil, and that the birth of the child is the Proof that She is One with
her Husband. So the moment we conceived of the Seed of Christ in our
hearts, we as His Body and Bride and Him as our Husband, then We became
One with Him, the moment we repented and conceived of Him. See how the
Natural or Physical proves the Spiritual and vice versa. The Birth of Christ in
you, is proof your Body is become One with Him and if He be in Heaven as
the scriptures say He is, then our Body is become One with Him, then is our
Body, Your Body, In Heaven as well. He hath translated YOU, into the
Kingdom of His Dear Son. Where He is, There you are also! We are they that
dwell in Heaven. Jesus was in Heaven, though we say in our carnal
perception that His Body was in the Earth. Well he certainly proved us wrong
so many times, by passing through the walls, in His Body, walking on Water,
in His Body, He also transfigured, His Body, showing it was in Heaven. He
said, eve the Son of Man, who is in Heaven. His Body, Soul and Spirit, were
all 3 in Heaven, because they were all One. In One Place. Notice the
separation came as to when He was made sin and crucified and then when
He became our darkness, we see the shadows that separate made known,
as we suppose, His Spirit went back to God who gave it, His Soul, went into
Hell, and His Body into the Grave. However we see once the 3 reunited, that
death, nor hell or grave could separate them any longer. In the Light, they
are One!

Remember Perception is Key. When I say Perception, I am speaking of Faith,

according to the divine revelation of the Lord. Seeing things the way they
are in His Mind, not in our own mind. However as Children of God, we do
have the Mind of the Lord. We as imperfect humans see life or existence as
good or evil. In God however there is no good or evil, but just His Will. In
talking to someone recently, they was telling me of how they found out the
Courts charged them illegally and that they were soon going back to court
to show the court how it itself charged them with guilt when in turn, what
the court did, in charging them, was an illegal way in itself, and the court or
the Law itself was guilty in that it charged one with guilt that was not
guilty, in the sense that it was not possible for the Law or courts to charge
this person in the systematic way it did so. Now that in itself is one
incredible divine revelation, concerning God and the Law and the charging
of guilt to us by the Law, in a systematic way that we should not have been
charged. Thus the Law was guilty by breaking the law in charging humanity
as it did, thus it had to cancel out itself, and in doing so, we say the Law
died by its own sword. He who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. I
will write more on this later.
I want to move on to a key of perception if you will. In talking to this certain
person who was in prison, we was speaking of, well you know Prison is Hell,
only because of the contrast of life in general. If we had been born and
raised in prison, we would not know it was hell. But coming from a life of no
prison and enjoying liberties, we see in entering prison, that it is hell. See a
person not being in prison, then by unlawful means, comes to be in prison,
they have, in that sense, made it a necessity for society to create a prison.
Thus we as humanity, we created hell, by our own disobedience. Hell was
created, the Bible tells us. Lucifer was living life as we say in general,
enjoying the habitat of heaven so to speak, then He breaks a Law, making it
necessary for a Hell to be created, a bottomless pit. Now He is become as
we say Satan, and Hell was created for and by them, Satan and His Angels.
Being cast OUT of the Mind of Light, they created a world of Unbelief, of
darkness, of Evil and Pain and suffering. God did not create Hell, though it
was created, it was Satans Unbelief that created it. Heaven is the Faith of
Christ, Hell is the Unbelief of Satan. Sin cannot dwell in heaven, God cannot
look upon Sin, He is Faith and Faith cannot see Unbelief. So this sovereign of
unbelief, in sharp contrast to the shadow of the Law, we find a dark world
created that the first couple had fallen too, God said, Adam, where art thou?

Now lets look in another view and see that we are born in sin and shapen in
iniquity, that in this sense we are born in the prison of sin itself already. So
we are in hell, but we just do not know about it yet. We say sin is not
imputed, until the Law comes. Sin is there but not recognized or charged as
Sin. So a typical heaven of sorts. One day after living in the sin prison, we
hear about someone who paid our debt and went to court for us, on our
behalf and we have now be acquitted from our Sinful State. We are now
given a Change of Clothes, and we exit the House of Prison, which is just on
the other side of the Middle Wall of Partition that kept us in prison, and we
exited those walls and entered Heaven itself. Heaven was all around us to
begin with. Hell was a prison we kept ourselves in by the shadow of unbelief.
Perception is Key, According to Your Faith so it is unto You, As YOU think in
your heart, so you are. You was born with the Mind of Satan and Sin and
Darkness and now born again you have the Mind of The Lord, of Faith and
Love and Light. Two in the Field, One translated by Faith in the Word of God
and is in Heaven, the other left in the dark world to face tribulation and hell
on Earth. Faith is Paramount! Faith is the Eternal Pivot Point of it all. Faith
must be cherished and nurtured like a new born baby. Do not let any unholy
things come before its precious eyes.
So we easily see the revelation of God is true, that we did and do indeed
change the body at the point of our new birth. We see it also in the other
realms as proof that the Body becomes one with the head at conception. We
know God or Christ only enters His Seed into His Bride and not the whores of
the world. So we see God proving His own words by these various means
and showing us the indelible key of perception is what makes the world of
difference in Heaven or Hell. This world was created in the Fall, as Hell was
Created in the Fall. This world that has been placed in the heart of our first
birth, is ended with the brightness of His Coming into our Hearts. We pass
from the Blood Fire by Night world and enter the Day time of the Cloud by
Day World.
We have crossed the Jordan and we are they that do indeed dwell in
Heaven. Our Body is already changed and dwells in Heaven with us. We are
no longer in the world and are already kept from the evil. God is Heaven and
no man can pluck us from His Hand, and His Hand is in Heaven, in which we
are hidden. Amen and Glory to God.
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