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Another face of the ISI mouth

piece and Musharraf’s

sympathiser – Mr
Zaid Hamid
Posted by Fidai e Rasool SAW on March
16, 2010
The article “Another face of the ISI mouth
piece and Musharraf’s sympathiser – Mr
Zaid Hamid” was first published by
Abidullah Jan on his infamous website
Dictatorshipwatch. Unfortunately the
website was banned in Pakistan by the then
Military Dictator President Musharraf.
In due course Abidullah Jan was unable to
keep the site running due to unknown
reasons. However, he still has an entire
archive of everything that he wrote about
Zaid Hamid. Abidullah Jan communicated
with Zaid Hamid for around 4 years and
published this entire communication on his
site as well.
This article that we are publishing now
published on Dictatorshipwatch on Sep 21,
2008 and was written by N. Shahrukh. It is
one of the first articles that started the
awareness campaign against Zaid Hamid.
The article is being reproduced here in
Another face of the ISI mouth piece and
Musharraf’s sympathiser – Mr Zaid
Sunday, September 21, 2008 – 06:38 AM
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Section: Lies and Deception
Another face of the ISI mouth piece and
Musharraf’s sympathiser – Mr Zaid Hamid
by N. Shahrukh
Ghalib’s verse which later became a proverb
“Hain kawakib kuchh, nazar aatay hain
kuchh” is true for Mr Zaid Hamid, the fiery
young expert of strategic issues and Jihad
who has shot to fame in a few months
through a programme Brasstacks on TVone.
Yes, Zaid Hamid is really IMPRESSIVE
and he is taking the simple idealistic people
of Pakistan, especially youth and women by
storm. Had I not known him for the last 20
years, I would, too, have been all praise for
this ‘new’ bright face on the TV talking
about Zionism, Muslim conquests, Afghan
Jihad, good and bad Talibans, and what not
through his self-sponsored TV programme.
Just a REMINDER and WARNING to all
my friends who trust my words:
If you guys remember the Pakistan false
prophet, YUSUF ALI, who was arrested and
sentenced to death by the Lahore High Court
and then murdered in Kot Lakhpat jail by a
fellow prisoner – this guy Zaid Hamid was
known as Zaid Zaman at that time and was
the Khalifah of that Kazzab. Zaid is still
leading that cult which belongs to the firqah
batinyah of sufism and they have a different
aqeedah altogother which they only profess
within their inner core. Many of my personal
friends fell prey to his charisma in the
1990s, some of them reverted back to
Hidayah and were instrumental in filing a
case against Yusuf Ali which ultimately lead
to his death sentence and the cult members
dispersed for a few years.
All of the followers of Yusuf Kazzab are
now gathering once again in Islamabad and
after 11 years Zaid Zaman has reappeared as
Zaid Hamid.
I first came to know about Zaid Hamid when
he acted as a translator to Hekmatyar in
1989 during his visit to Karachi. I was really
impressed by the bright faced young
engineer from NED University who spoke
excellent Persian, Pashto, Urdu and English.
Later, I came to know that the training
centre for Pakistani mujahideen in Posta
Fez, Jalalabad was run by this man.
I soon got introduced to new friends who
were part of his team in Afghanistan. I even
tried to run away from home in 1991 at the
age of 14 to go to Afghanistan but was some
how caught and persuaded by my family to
refrain. In the same year I distributed several
cassettes of a documentary – Qasasul Jihad
– produced by Zaid Zaman, which showed
live scenes of combat between Afghan
mujahideen and Russian forces and was the
first of its kind. For me Zaid Zaman and his
team were like the re-incarnation of the
heroes of Muslim medieval history.
However, soon Zaid Zaman was the centre
of a scandal of misappropriation of funds of
a large UK-based NGO, Muslim Aid, of
which he was a representative in Pakistan
and Afghanistan. He also then parted ways
with Hekmatyar and Haqqani and joined the
ranks of Ahmed Shah Masood. Later he
abandoned Jihad altogether and became a
In 1994, when I was in aitikaf in Ramazan,
one of Zaman’s close associates, who was
also a very close friend of mine, came to
meet me and started talking strangely about
the “real” meanings of Islam denouncing
each and every known Islamic scholar. He
said that all translations and commentaries
of Quran till date were blasphemous. He
also said that every century has an ‘Imam-e-
zamana’ who we should take bayah (oath of
allegiance) of and he would soon arrange
my meeting with that Imam.
Alhamdulillah, because of my strong beliefs
I never ever met that so-called Imam-e-
zamana but many of my friends fell into the
trap. Soon, Yusuf Ali was being invited to
dinner parties in many of my friends’ homes
who were seen holding beads (tasbeeh) in
their hands and preaching zikr and sufism
here and there.
I lost many of my closest friends as I felt
very uneasy with their beliefs and
discussions. The basis of their belief was a
‘maudhu’ hadith that Allah (SWT) created
the noor of Muhammad (SAW) before the
creation of the Universe. That ‘noor’ will
remain till eternity and even if the Prophet
(SAW) is physically not with us today, his
noor is present in the ‘Imam-e-zamana’ and
hence he should be followed as the Prophet
(SAW) was by his companions.
Meanwhile, Muhammad Tahir of Weekly
Takbeer broke the news of Yusuf Ali and his
cult quoting statements of some of the
defectors who realized what was wrong and
were ready to go to court against this fitnah.
Yusuf Ali was accused of claiming to be a
false prophet, immoral practices including
sexual abuse of his women followers and
homosexuality. Soon, a case was filed
against him and the Tahaffuz Khatme
Nabuwwat people also became a party.
Yusuf Ali was sentence and sentenced to
death based on irrefutable evidence of his
misguided beliefs including the claim of
false prophethood.
Click to the link below to read a BBC report
by Zafar Abbas on the death sentence of the
Pakistani false prophet Yusuf Ali:
The Tahaffuz-e-Khatm-e-Nabuwwat office
at Numaish, MA Jinnah Road and journalist
Muhammad Tahir still has the record of that
case and clippings of related news reports
containing statements of witnesses who
were once part of the cult themselves.
The name of Zaid Zaman Hamid also
appeared in several of the news reports
appearing in those days in Takbeer, Ummat,
Khabrain, Jasarat, etc as he was the key
promoter and khalifa of Yusuf Kazzab and
the witnesses during the court proceedings
and the press statements mentioned his
According to my knowledge, Zaid Hamid is
still leading that cult in Islamabad and
sources close to him confirm that he still
proclaims the same beliefs of Yusuf Kazzab.
It is not confirmed, tough, whether the new
“Imam-e-zamana” is Zaid Zaman himself or
some other person.
If you want to warn your friends and family
from this fitnah, please spread this message
to everyone you know.
May Allah (SWT) guide us all to the right
path. Ameen.</b>
There was another link to another article
which is obviously not working as
Here is the Evidence about Zaid Zaman
Hamid’s past, who has been promoted to the
level of a security analyst by ISPR in less
than two years -
Monday, September 29, 2008