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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

125 / Thursday, June 30, 2005 / Rules and Regulations 37675

DEPARTMENT OF LABOR § 57.5066 [Corrected] Administration Branch maintains the

■ 1. On page 32967, in the second public docket for this rulemaking.
Mine Safety and Health Administration column, on the first line, place quotation FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Ms.
marks before and after the word Cindy Herrmann, Bridge Administration
30 CFR Part 57 ‘‘evidence’’ in § 57.5066, paragraph Branch, at (504) 589–2965.
(b)(1), so that the sentence reads, ‘‘The SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION:
RIN 1219–AB29 term ‘‘evidence’’ means * * *.’’
■ 2. On page 32967, in the second
Regulatory History
Diesel Particulate Matter Exposure of column, in the second paragraph, in the On March 1, 2005, we published a
Underground Metal and Nonmetal second sentence, place quotation marks notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM)
Miners before and after the word ‘‘promptly’’ in entitled, ‘‘Drawbridge Operation
§ 57.5066, paragraph (b)(2), so that the Regulation; Bayou La Batre, Bayou La
AGENCY: Mine Safety and Health sentence reads, ‘‘The term ‘‘promptly’’ Batre, AL,’’ in the Federal Register (70
Administration (MSHA), Labor. means * * *.’’ FR 3919). No comments were received
ACTION: Final rule; corrections. regarding the proposed rule. No public
Dated: June 23, 2005.
meeting was requested, and none was
SUMMARY: This document contains David G. Dye,
corrections to the preamble and rule text Deputy Assistant Secretary for Mine Safety
of the final rule that was published in and Health. Background and Purpose
the Federal Register on Monday, June 6, [FR Doc. 05–12817 Filed 6–29–05; 8:45 am] The U.S. Coast Guard, at tæ097he
2005 (70 FR 32868). The rule relates to BILLING CODE 4510–43–P request of the Alabama Department of
diesel particulate matter exposure of Transportation and supported by the
underground metal and nonmetal Mayor of the City of Bayou La Batre and
miners. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND the Mobile County Public School
DATES: Effective July 6, 2005. SECURITY System, is changing the times of the
existing drawbridge operation
FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Coast Guard regulation. Currently, the bridge opens
Rebecca J. Smith, Acting Director, Office on signal except that the draw need not
of Standards, Regulations, and 33 CFR Part 117 be opened from 8 p.m. to 4 a.m. daily,
Variances, MSHA, 1100 Wilson Blvd., and from 6:30 to 8:30 a.m. and from 2
Room 2350, Arlington, Virginia 22209– [CGD08–05–001]
p.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through
3939; 202–693–9440 (telephone); or RIN 1625–AA09 Saturday except holidays.
202–693–9441 (facsimile). In an effort to assess and accurately
The document is available on the Drawbridge Operation Regulation;
determine the needs of the community,
Internet at Bayou La Batre, Bayou La Batre, AL
traffsic counts and bridge tender logs
REGSINFO.HTM. AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. were supplied by Alabama Department
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: As ACTION: Final rule. of Transportation. A review of the logs
published, the preamble and rule text of drawbridge openings and traffic
contain errors which may be misleading SUMMARY: The Coast Guard is changing counts reveal that adjusting the marine
and need to be corrected. the regulation governing the operation traffic closures to coordinate with
Accordingly, the preamble is of the State Highway 188 vertical lift vehicular rush hour traffic should not
corrected as follows: span bridge, across Bayou La Batre, mile significantly impact the flow of marine
1. On page 32889, in the first column, 2.3, at Bayou La Batre, Alabama. This traffic. Allowing the bridge to remain
on the last line of the first paragraph, rule will allow the draw of the bridge to closed to marine traffic during times
the Federal Register cite should be open on the hour during the that coincide with the heaviest
changed from (66 FR 5765–55767) to (66 predominant daylight hours, remain vehicular traffic counts would help
FR 5765–5767). closed except for emergencies at night relieve the morning and afternoon rush
2. On page 32929, in the third and remain closed to navigation at hour commuter traffic congestion across
column, in the second full paragraph, specific vehicular peak rush hour the bridge while having minimal impact
on the eighteenth line, the word periods. This rule will allow for better on vessel traffic.
‘‘insure’’ should be changed to ‘‘ensure’’ coordination and facilitate movement of Navigation at the site of the bridge
so that the sentence reads, ‘‘NIOSH’s both vehicular and marine traffic at the consists primarily of recreational
written response to MSHA * * * prior bridge site due to an increase in pleasure craft, fishing vessels, crew
to selection and installation of DPM commuter traffic Monday thru Friday. boats and tugboats with barges.
filter systems to ensure a successful DATES: This rule is effective August 1, Alternate routes are not available to
match between filter and application.’’ 2005. marine traffic.
3. On page 32935, in the first column, ADDRESSES: Comments and material Discussion of Comments and Changes
in the first full paragraph, on the received from the public, as well as No comments were received in
seventh line, the measurement ‘‘5 dpm’’ documents indicated in this preamble as response to the NPRM Public Notice 04–
should be replaced by ‘‘5 ppm’’ so that being available in the docket, are part of 05 dated March 2, 2005.
the sentence reads, ‘‘Per company docket [CGD08–05–001] and are
policy, whenever an NO2 monitor available for inspection or copying at Regulatory Evaluation
(carried by equipment operators) the office of the Eighth Coast Guard This rule is not a ‘‘significant
exceeded 5 ppm at the operator’s District, Bridge Administration Branch, regulatory action’’ under section 3(f) of
location, that operator was removed to 501 Magazine Street, New Orleans, Executive Order 12866, Regulatory
the surface. Louisiana 70130–3396, between 7 a.m. Planning and Review, and does not
■ In addition, the rule text is corrected and 3 p.m., Monday through Friday, require an assessment of potential costs
as follows: except Federal holidays. The Bridge and benefits under section 6(a)(3) of that

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