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36456 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

120 / Thursday, June 23, 2005 / Notices

Date Filed June 10, 2005. name of Polar Air Cargo, Inc. and re- telephone (202) 385–4510; e-mail
Parties Members of the International issue all certificates and exemptions Gene.Kirkendall@FAA.GOV.
Air Transport Association. held by Polar in the form of ‘‘Polar Air SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: On
Subject PTC31 SOUTH 0177 dated 6 Cargo, Inc. d/b/a Atlas Air and d/b/a October 25, 2002, the FAA published a
June 2005. TC31 South Pacific Polar Air Cargo,’’ effective as of the final rule in 14 CFR part 136, National
Resolutions except between French consummation of the operational merger Parks Air Tour Management (67 FR
Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand of Atlas into Polar, expected to occur in 65662), pursuant to the mandates
and USA r1-r35. PTC31 SOUTH 0178 January 2006. specified in the Act, enacted on April 5,
dated 6 June 2005. TC31 South Pacific Docket Number: OST–2005–21533. 2000. This final rule (part 136)
Resolutions between French Polynesia, Date Filed: June 10, 2005. completed the definition of
New Caledonia, New Zealand and USA Due Date for Answers, Conforming ‘‘commercial air tour operation’’ by
r36-r51. Minutes: PTC31 SOUTH 0179 Applications, or Motion To Modify
establishing the altitude (5,000 feet
dated 9 June 2005. Tables: PTC31 Scope: July 1, 2005.
above ground level) below which an
SOUTH Fares 0040 dated 6 June 2005. Description: Application of
operator flying over a national park for
Intended effective date: 1 October 2005. Friendship Airways, Inc. d/b/a Yellow
the purpose of sightseeing would be
Docket Number OST–2005–21516. Air Taxi, requesting issuance of
classified as a commercial air tour
Date Filed June 10, 2005. commuter air carrier authority to enable
operator. The rule also codified
Parties Members of the International Yellow Air Taxi to engage in interstate
provisions of the Act. In accordance
Air Transport Association. and foreign scheduled air transportation
Subject MAIL VOTE NUMBER S 082. with 14 CFR 136.7(b), before
operations utilizing small aircraft.
RP 1720a–013 Digit Numbering System commencing commercial air tour
for Traffic. Documents Form Code for
Renee V. Wright, operations over a unit of the national
Virtual Multiple Purpose Document Acting Program Manager, Docket Operations, park system or tribal lands within or
(vMPD). Intended effective date: 1 July
Alternate Federal Register Liaison. abutting a national park, a commercial
2005. [FR Doc. 05–12429 Filed 6–22–05; 8:45 am] air tour operator is required to apply to
BILLING CODE 4910–62–P the Administrator for authority to
Renee V. Wright, conduct the operations over the park or
Acting Program Manager, Docket Operations, tribal lands. Title 14 CFR 136.11(a)
Alternate Federal Register Liaison. DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION states that: ‘‘Upon application for
[FR Doc. 05–12430 Filed 6–22–05; 8:45 am] operating authority, the Administrator
Federal Aviation Administration shall grant interim operating authority
under this section to a commercial air
Notice of Interim Operating Authority
tour operator for commercial air tour
Granted to Commercial Air Tour
DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION operations over a national park or tribal
Operators Over National Parks and
land for which the operator is an
Office of the Secretary Tribal Lands Within or Abutting
existing commercial air tour operator.’’
National Parks
Consistent with the Act, 14 CFR
Notice of Applications for Certificates AGENCY: Federal Aviation 136.11(b)(3) also states that IOA granted
of Public Convenience and Necessity Administration, DOT. under that section would be published
and Foreign Air Carrier Permits Filed in the Federal Register to provide notice
ACTION: Notice.
Under Subpart B (Formerly Subpart Q) and opportunity for comment.
During the Week Ending June 10, 2005 SUMMARY: On October 25, 2002, the Prior to issuing this notice, the FAA
The following Applications for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) became aware that there may have been
Certificates of Public Convenience and published the final rule for Title 14, some errors in the number of
Necessity and Foreign Air Carrier Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) commercial air tours initially reported
Permits were filed under Subpart B part 136, National Parks Air Tour and received. There are several reasons
(formerly Subpart Q) of the Department Management (67 FR 65662). The rule why these errors could have occurred,
of Transportation’s Procedural became effective on January 23, 2003. such as (1) Operators were not required
Regulations (See 14 CFR 301.201 et On January 27, 2005, the FAA published to keep records of the number of
seq.). The due date for Answers, a notice of opportunity for commercial commercial air tours conducted over
Conforming Applications, or Motions to air tour operators granted interim national parks prior to the adoption of
Modify Scope are set forth below for operating authority (IOA) under the the Act; (2) there was a 21⁄2 year time
each application. Following the Answer National Parks Air Tour Management lapse between the passage of the Act
period DOT may process the application Act of 2000 (the Act) to review and self- and the effective date of the part 136
by expedited procedures. Such correct annual authorizations (70 FR rule; and (3) there appeared to have
procedures may consist of the adoption 3972). based on the responses to that been confusion over how to initially
of a show-cause order, a tentative order, notice, the FAA made some corrections report information, especially for
or in appropriate cases a final order to interim operating authority. The Act operators flying over more than one
without further proceedings. also requires the interim operating park. The FAA understood that
Docket Number: OST–2005–21445. authority granted under the Act to be operators should have requested and
Date Filed: June 6, 2005. published in the Federal Register for received IOA that reflects the actual
Due Date for Answers, Conforming notice and the opportunity for number of commercial air tours that
Applications, or Motion to Modify comment. This notice fulfills that were conducted during the relevant
Scope: June 27, 2005. statutory requirement. time period set forth in the statute and
Description: Joint Application of Atlas FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: the rule and that every effort should be
Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc., Atlas Air, Gene Kirkendall, Flight Standards made to standardize the counting of
Inc. and Polar Air Cargo, Inc., requesting Service, Federal Aviation flights requiring IOA.
the Department commence registration Administration, 800 Independence Consequently, the FAA provided an
of ‘‘Atlas Air’’ as an additional trade Ave., SW., Washington, DC 20591; opportunity for air tour operators to

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