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People have always found ways to destroy themselves. They

went from stones and sticks arrows. Then came gunsmuch
more powerful. Finally, people made atomic bombs. These are
a danger to us and to the earth.
In some places, people have damaged land by too much
farming or too much grazing. Without grass or trees, rain may
wash away the soil. Sometimes soil is blown away by strong
But people have found another way to harm themselves arid
the earth. It doesnt blow up. There is no loud noise. In fact,
people dont even know it happens. It is done by chance, but
its here. It is pollution: the poisoning of the water, hand and
air. The poisons are chemicals, garbage, and wastes of all
Air is dirtied by smoke and by the gases from automobiles and
airplanes. Soil may be harmed by chemicals. Rivers and lakes
are polluted. So are the oceans where cities are on the chores.
Wastes have even been found floating in parts of the middle
of the oceans. There they kill the small plants and animals
that fish need for food.
Think about the last time you went swimming in a river or a
lake. Did the water really look clear and pure? Dr was it dirty
and unpleasant to swim in? What do you see when you look
out your window in the morning or early evening? Is there a
line of haze*? Can you see the hills, mountains, or buildings
clearly?. Is anyone doing anything to clean up the air? How
many ugly junkyards** are there in your neighborhood? Why
are they there?
Taken from People and Ideas

1. Which of the following kinds of pollution is not mentioned in

the text?
A) Air pollution.
B) Land pollution.
C) Water pollution.

Noise pollution.

2. What is the theme of the article?

A) Mankind is endangering the place where it lives.
B) People cannot swim in rivers and lakes anymore.
C) Junk is an important source of air pollution.
D) Man has invented different kinds of weapons.
A continuacin se le presenta un texto que usted deber leer
con atencin y exclusivamente con base a este deber
contestar las siguientes preguntas.
Who was Dame Agatha Christie? Her father was a rich
american financier, buth she grew up in the english
countryside among the genteel upper middle- class society
she describes so well in her books, during the first world war,
she developed an interest in poisons which was to be so
useful to her later in many of her stories. She divorced her
husband in 1928 and a few years later, married sir max
mallowan, a Young archaologist. She accompained him on

many of his expeditions and drew from them the plot of

several of her novels.
3.- which of the following ideas is present in the text?
A) Agatha Christie became her first husbands nurse.
B) The critics rejected Agata christies first books.
C) Books on archaeology were written by Agatha Christie.
D)Agatha Christies Works provide a good portrait of the
british bourgoisie.
4.-which of the following titles best suits the tex?
A) The road to succes
B) from husband to husband
C) The literatura afther the war
D) A medical writher of war times

Statistics show that rapid population, growth creates problems

for developing countries. So why dont people have fewer
children ? statistics from the developed countries suggest that
it is only then peoples living standards begin to risk that birth
rates begin to fall. There are good reasons for this. Poor
countries cannot afford social services and old age pensions,
and peoples income are so low they have nothing to spare
for saving. As a result, people, look to their children to
provide them with security in their old age. Living in a large
family can be a form of insurance. And even while they are
still quite young. Children can do a lot of lawful jobs on a small
farm, so poor people in a developing country will need to have
better conditions ahead, before they think having smaller

families, but their conditions cannot be improved unless there

is a reduction in the rates at which population is increasing.
This depend on a very such wider acceptance of family
planning and this, will mean a basic change in attitude.
Taken from: Roding for Adults.By R. Luis, Mc. Vincent and S.

5. The expression look to underlined in line 5, can be

substituded by
A) Take care of.
B) Search for.
C) Consider.


6. According to the text, large families in undeveloped

countries are convenient because
A) Young children help do minor tasks.
B) Young children can mostly work in agriculture.
C) Many children are expected to feed their families.
D) Many children provide the adults with the insurance
A continuacion se le presenta un texto que usted debera leer
con atencion y contester la siguientes preguntas.

Styles of dress changed a lot particulary in or near cities in the

last twenthy years, many people have begun to wear exactly
what they whant or what is
7.- whitch of the following statemen is true according to the
A) Its was easier to dress in a formal way before.
B) Young people often go to work in conventional clothes.
C) People usually waste a lot of money to be fashionable.
D) It is more common to wear informal clother in our
8.-Be careful !you could _________ the vase.
A) endure
B) waste
C) ease
D) drop
9.-the view of Mexico City from the plane was__________.
A) desolute
C) ecological
D) breathtaking
10.-that man has___________his fortune gambling.
A) risked
B) dreaded
C) rattled

11.- The baby was____________ up blocks to from a tower.
A) spreading
B) breeding
D) piling
12.- Mr. nelson___________ a beautiful concert las night.
A) performed
B) realized
C) displayed
D) featured
13.-Sallys party has been _______ commented on all around
the town.
A) wide
B) width
14.-The policeman on the motoreycle wasnever able to
_____________ Sally. She was driving very fast.
A) overdo
B) overtime
C) overtake

D) oversight
15.- We were very grateful ________ our hostess.
A) of
B) to
C) four
D) with
16.- the plane ___________ two houre late.
A) overtime
B) overseas
C) took off
D) drove off
17.-come back ______

away ! I need the medicine urgently.


18.-joels alarm clok is not set.

He will ____________.
A) Overtime
B) Oversleep
C) overtake
D) overnight
19.- ______________away! The bom!
Might explode in seconds!

A) Put
B) Take
C) Keep
D) Right
20. Gaby will never trust anybody. Shes always filled with ________ giving
A) in
B) an
C) mis
D) dis

21.-you ________ not buy that car if you dont have enough
A) would
B) might
C) should
D) could
22.-I wish I ________ there when paul received his trophy.
A) would be
B) had been
C) might be
D) have been
23.-Who discovered the children__________ Candy before
A) ate
B) eaten
C) eating
D) toeat

24.-If you__________ better, you __________ have some fruit.

A)would feel / could.
B) will feel / can
C) feel / could
D) feel / can

25.-I _________ my son ________ fail in his studies this year.

A) wish / wouldnt
B) wish / couldnt
C) wished / wouldnt
D) wished / couldnt