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The reason why corruption occurs in the Philippines is that many officials
want to get rich in a very simple way. They get the money allotted for the
improvement of the country. When this occurs, the Philippine treasury will
lose the money that can be used for the improvement of the country, and
then, the Philippines will borrow money from other countries to meet the
needs. As the country continues to borrow money, it will still lack the needs
that result to poverty, unfinished projects, and economic loss.
The cause of corruption is generally too little money. When a government or
organization is low on cash, dishonest individuals looking for extra money
sometimes choose to gain it illegally. This usually results in a further
breakdown of the system, as no one can be trusted to act responsibly with
the remaining money.
Governments are too selfish
Two people & a sum of money. Thats all you need. Sadly it is human nature
to be dishonest & if people can do a dodgy deal some think that is the best
way to get on in this world. Few indeed are beyond reproach in financial
dealing at one time or other and the temptation to cook the books is very,
very high.


No equal distribution of economic Resources



Punish the vote sellers

Annual assessment of all public officials by the BIR
More effective and efficient tax system
Increasing number of Unemployment rate

Recession With the increase rates of unemployment other economy factors are
significantly affected, such as: the income per person, health costs, quality of
health-care, standard of leaving and poverty.All these affect not just the economy
but the entire systems and the society in general. Here are some aspects of the
impact of unemployment on our society:
Non Educational attainment
Not suitable for the job they are applying
1. Tension at home: Quarrels and arguments at home front which may lead to
tension and increased numbers of divorces etc.
2. Lose of skills usage: The unemployed is not able to put his/her skills to use. And
in a situation where it goes on for too long the person may have to lose some of
his/her skills.
3. Mental health: Mental health problems like: Law self-confidence, feeling
unworthy, depression and hopelessness. With the lost income and the frustration

involved in it, the recently unemployed may develop negative attitudes toward
common things in life and may feel that all sense of purpose is lost. Frequent
emotions could be low self-esteem, inadequateness and feeling dejected and
1. Going out of the country (OFW)
2. Lower their tax burden.
3. Stop mandating foolish regulations
4. Stop providing grants and gifts to large corporations to unfairly compete against
small businesses
5. Increase work output by eliminating union mentalities in the work place.

Out of School Youth

POVERTY, even the education is free, many Filipinos cannot afford still to go
to school because of the lack of essential needs like bag, notebooks, paper,
writing materials etch.. We cannot really deny the fact that the Philippines is
a third world country where poverty is rampant and the hardships of life is in
one package deal already. To very poor people they cannot even afford to eat
three times a day that's why it is more important for them is food rather than
investing for the education for their children.
UNSUPPORTABLE PARENTS, what are the qualifications of unsupportable
parents; one is they are the anti-motivator they don't motivate their children
to go to school instead they are manipulating their children not to go to
CHILD LABOR, child Labor refers to the illegal employment of children below
18 years old in hazardous occupations. Under-age children are being forced to
manual Labor to help their families mainly due to poverty. About 2.06 million
children all around the Philippines are compelled to do Labor, such as in crop
plantations, mining caves, rock quarries and factories.
BAD PEER PRESSURE, some common reasons why children, and teens drop
out are there bad peers. What are these bad pressure they are influencing to
them?. Here are some examples ;(by: ashetreemeadow)
premarital sex [or even sex between minors]under-age drinking liquor drugs
of any kind (marijuana, cocaine, shabu etc.)self-mutilation even hygiene
practices that are potentially unhealthy or harmful, like eating habits that
lead to disorders vandalism theft bullying pornography


Soil erosion destruction.
Soils (and the nutrients in them) are exposed to the suns heat. Soil
moisture is dried up, nutrients evaporate and bacteria that help break
down organic matter are affected. Eventually, rain washes down the
soil surfaces and erosion takes place. Soils never get their full potential

Water Cycle
When forests are destroyed, the atmosphere, water bodies and the
water table are all affected. Trees absorb and retain water in their
roots. A large part of the water that circulates in the ecosystem of
rainforests remains inside the plants. Some of this moisture is
transpired into the atmosphere. When this process is broken, the
atmosphere and water bodies begin to dry out. The watershed
potential is compromised and less water will run through the rivers.
Smaller lakes and streams that take water from these larger water
bodies dry up.
Loss of Biodiversity
Many wonderful species of plants and animals have been lost, and
many others remain endangered. More than 80% of the world's species
remain in the Tropical Rainforest. It is estimated that about 50 to 100
species of animals are being lost each day as a result of destruction of
their habitats, and that is a tragedy.

To make more land available for housing and urbanization

To harvest timber to create commercial items such as paper, furniture
and homes
To create ingredients that are highly prized consumer items, such as
the oil from palm trees
To create room for cattle ranching


The best solution to deforestation is to curb the felling of trees, by employing

a series of rules and laws to govern it. Deforestation in the current scenario
may have reduced however it would be too early to assume. The moneychurner that forest resources can be, is tempting enough for deforestation to
Clear cutting of forests must be banned. This will curb total depletion of the
forest cover. It is a practical solution and is very feasible.
Land skinned of its tree cover for urban settlements should be urged to plant
trees in the vicinity and replace the cut trees. Also the cutting must be
replaced by planting young trees to replace the older ones that were cut.
Trees are being planted under several initiatives every year, but they still
dont match the numbers of the ones weve already lost.