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3rd Edition

The Elysian Kingdom has been formed not to compete with the Democratic and
Republican Judeo-Marxist puppets, but to do away with them and the current
system of government altogether. We seek to establish a Kingdom, headed by a
royal lineage that will last until Christ Jesus returns from the Right Hand of God the
Father to assume Kingship of the entire earth. All power must flow from the Throne
of God, therefore, all government must be hierarchical, which is natural to our
people. The King will appoint governors and magistrates, and the US Constitution
along with the Presidency, Senate, House of Representatives and all State and Local
governments must be thrown into the dustbin of failed history.
We Elysian's recognize the failure of the American Experiment, and the virulent,
anti-heroic idea of egalitarianism. God comes first, then man, then woman and,
lastly, children. We do not seek a society where men and women are equal, but
where each fulfill their natural role, neither of which is inherently better than the
other, but have been given to us by God and Nature and are inviolable. To war
against Nature is to war against God, and to never be at peace as Nature can never
be ultimately overcome. The Church, strength, duty and honor are the pillars of our
community which is centered around Faith, Family and Folk.
1. The Elysian Nation is an organic nation, not a proposition nation based on
vague ideas and foolish thinking. Many European people immigrated to the
area currently known as the United States since Christopher Columbus and
other explorers from Europe discovered the Americas, and the backwards
primitives living on the land. God dispossessed the savage heathens of their
land, with the exception of some who saw the light of Christ and integrated
themselves into the European Christian's way of life, and overtime the
European peoples in America intermixed and formed a new white race made
up of peoples from all over Mother Europa.
2. Others are welcome to join Elyisia and her people if they are not of European
descent provided they are an asset to our community, fully committed to our
cause, fully committed to the Christian faith and currently residing in the land
currently known as the United States. Once the Elysian Kingdom is
established immigration will be strictly limited to organic Europeans,
European-descendants from Oceania and some Hispanics, with intelligence
tests and health assessments in mind. Proximity plus diversity usually equals
violence, and so, we seek that all people's will live in harmony in their own
communities. For humanity to live at peace, the peoples of the Earth are best
off in Christian kingdom's that are of their own race. Elysian's are not racial
supremacists, but respect the integrity of all races, and hope all people's will
preserve the heritage bequeath to them by God and worship Him.

3. All Elysians who join our movement must take an oath of loyalty to the
Kingdom of Elysia and Her People, as well as make a profession of faith in the
Lord and affirm the Apostolic Creed. The Christian Church in the world is
divided today, and Vatican leadership and thus the leadership of the Latin
Rite of the Catholic Church has been usurped by men who favor JudeoMarxism and are abandoning the historic faith of their people which goes
back to the time of Christ. We want our members to be Traditional Christians
so-called Old Believers or members of the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox
Churches. We desire that Vatican leadership be replaced by true
Traditionalists, and that the Great Schism be mended. We also desire for
Protestants to be reconciled to the True Church and for heretical doctrines,
such as the Judaizing, Zionist doctrines, be purged from among them. The
Eastern Orthodox Church has been proven correct that the Pope is the First
among Equals, as the seat of the Papacy has fallen into gross error, heresy
and contradiction many times since the Great Schism, not to mention the
various anti-Popes who have sat upon the Throne of Peter throughout the
4. We believe the Latin Rite of the Catholic Church belongs to Europe, and seek
the creation of a new Elysian Rite, where priestly celibacy is done away with
so as to attract more heroic, red-blooded men to our Priesthood, and nunnery
is restricted to elderly women or those who cannot bear children so that all
women of child bearing age will be free to find a husband and create the
future of the Elysian people. We desire to be in full communion with Rome,
but not a Rome that is ruled by a heretical papacy. We Elysians want our rites
to be based on the Traditions of the Church, especially the Traditions of the
Roman Catholic Church prior to the heretical Vatican II Council, and we desire
to partake of the Eucharist within the Latin Mass or a similar arrangement as
decided upon by the men of God who lead the Elysian Rite. The Holy Spirit
will guide us to the Truth. We are not schismatic, as we only seek to follow the
Traditions of the Church before their were tainted by wicked modernist
teachings, and have a rite for our own people as the Eastern Church has Her
own. The Elysian Church will not be an outlet for the heresy of ethnophylitism
and will administer the Sacraments to all Catholic and Orthodox believers of
any background who fulfill the Churchs requirements to be able to receive
the Mysteries.
5. All people living within Elysian lands will be Subjects of the Crown, or aliens
under his kingship, which rules by Divine Authority in an absolute state. The
Kings duty is the care of all his Subjects, and the betterment and care of
Elysia and its people are his primary goal in life outside of the salvation of his
6. All military and law enforcement personnel must take a special oath of
allegiance to the Crown.

7. Law enforcement roles will be limited primarily to males with some females
as necessary. All combat positions in the military will be limited to males,
while women are allowed to enter the military in non-combat roles as needed
and will not have any power over male Soldiers or Sailors. The King will limit
female participation in the workforce as needed in order to ensure the familial
health of the Elysian people.
8. Military service will be mandatory for all Elysians between the ages of 18 and
50. Every male will serve 2 weeks per year on active duty for training
purposes after their initial 12 week long Basic Training cycle in their 18 th year,
and all citizens may be mustered by the King and his ministers for the
defense of the Nation as needed. Only a small force of professional Soldiers
and Sailors will be maintained as is in the interest of national security, with
the bulk of the force consisting of reservists. The military may transition to an
expeditionary role as the King deems necessary.
9. Any injured or long-term (20+ year) member of the military or law
enforcement will receive exemplary benefits from the Crown, commensurate
with their service and disability. The care and reward of veterans must be one
of the highest priorities of the Crown.
10.The goal of Elysian foreign policy will be to advance and protect the interests
of the Elysian people and the Church of Jesus Christ. There will be no foreign
aid, as all taxes collected will serve only the Elysian People and Her King.
11.The Kingdom will not recognize the ownership of property as an absolute
right, but regard it as one of the most useful and responsible social functions.
No property owner may abuse his property and must be mindful of its use.
12.The Kingdom of Elysia does not adhere to any specific ideology outside of the
Christian framework, therefore the King may use elements associated with
any political philosophy to advance the interests of Elysians. The goal of the
Crown will be to increase the prosperity and standard of living of all Elysians
through fair wages, limited work weeks, ethical labor laws and employee
unions managed by appointees of the Crown.
13.All financial institutions will be taken over by the Elysian Crown and put in
service of its people. All financial services will be free of interest and fees,
other than nominal taxes levied by the State on loans.
14.The Federal Reserve will be disbanded and replaced by the Bank of Elysia,
which will be entrusted with the creation and issuance of currency as well as
all operations concerning credit.

15.Neither the Elysian People nor their King may take loans at interest from an
outside principality, bank or from any individual. Usury not only harms those
who partake in it, but it also harms those around them as history shows.
16.The official religion of Elysia is Christianity, and the Crown has the power to
prevent the practice of any religion or sect that is deemed hostile to the
stability of the nation or the souls of those in the Kingdom. The official Church
of Elysia is the Church of Elysia, and unity of the Christian faith is highly
17.The Kingdom of Elysia will establish guidelines for all entertainment
industries which promote Christian morality, courage, honor, good character,
Christian fervor and national pride.
18.Pornography, torture films including those created by studios who did not
actually hurt anyone in making them, homosexual propaganda, writings and
media that promote fornication and adultery all things contrary to the
health of the family will be banned forever from within the Kingdom. The
possession of such things will be harshly punished. The Crown will appoint
magistrates to adjudicate fairly and logically on what constitutes
pornography, and the possession of nude photographs other than those of
ones spouse will be subject to punishment.
19.A Christian education will be free for all Subjects until the age of 16. No
secular or non-Christian institutions will be able to operate schools within our
borders, and the children of aliens will have their educations in the Elysian
school system paid for by their parents or they and their parents will face
eviction from the Kingdom. The Kingdom will continue to fund the education
of children beyond the age of 16 provided they meet examination standards
and other qualifications, including moral qualifications. Both public and
private schools may exist in Elysia, but a cap on tuition costs will be set for
private institutions.
20.All medical care will be provided for Elysian Subjects by the government. The
Kingdom will do this by establishing a series of walk-in workers clinics, funded
by tax dollars, donations and the levying of fees. Doctors and nurses who
show exemplary service and skills will be rewarded by the Crown with
increased monetary compensation. As doctors and nurses serve a vital role in
society, the Crown will see to it that they are generously and lavishly
compensated, and that the clinics they work in are of the highest possible
21.The right to abuse oneself through gluttony, sloth, drug use, alcoholism and
the like will not be allowed within the Kingdom. The Crown will do everything
it can to safeguard the health and wellbeing of all Elysian Subjects, and those
who abuse themselves will lose their rights to free medical care. Those who

abuse themselves and are unable to pay off their medical debts for long and
do not reform their behavior may be subject to reeducation, and, ultimately,
if reeducation measures do not work, execution, so as not to be a burden
upon Elysia.
22.All people within the borders of Elysia are to be Elysian Subjects or foreigners
residing or visiting the Kingdom on a legal basis. It will not be possible for a
person to become a Subject of the Kingdom merely by being born on Elysian
land. Only Elysian women can give birth to Elysian Subjects, and those who
are not of organic Elysian heritage but are grafted into the Elysian family will
become lesser-Subjects who must meet certain preconditions to reap all the
benefits of the Kingdom.
23.Every Subject, whether they share in the common heritage of Elysians or not,
will be required to partake in and be a part of the National Culture.
24.All illicit drug use, as defined by the Crown, and institutionalized gambling will
be illegal. Tobacco and alcohol use will be regulated by the Crown as needed,
and the purchase of such projects will be subject to a mandatory 10% or
greater tax. Anyone caught driving under the influence of alcohol will be
charged with putting the Subjects of the Crown at grave risk and a second
offense of driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol
will mean the permanent forfeiture of all motor vehicle operating licenses for
25.Private ownership of guns and other weaponry is seen as vital to the defense
of Elysia and its people. Subjects who display exemplary character in their
military service will be given arms and ammunition by the Crown to use for
themselves and to give to their neighbors in times of trouble, and will be
leaders in the defense of the Kingdom. All Subjects will be able to obtain
weapons permits, under certain conditions, once they reach the age of 16.
Certain crimes will lead to the forfeiture of the right to privately possess arms
unless the arms are property of the Crown and given to the individual for
military purposes.
26.Marriage will be between only one man and one woman. Divorce courts will
be run by priests and those trained by the Church and certified by the Crown
to carry out such endeavors. Those who divorce except in the cases of
adultery or abandonment will not be legally allowed to remarry, and will of
course be subject to laws on adultery and fornication.
27.All abortion will be illegal and no person may own devices meant to carry out
abortions within Elysian borders. If any Subject has an abortion within Elysia
or abroad, they and those associated with their murder(s) must be executed
for the killing of an innocent child and a Subject of the Crown. Life begins at

conception, as even a zygote meets the scientific criteria for being

considered a life and is human.
28.All artificial contraceptives will be outlawed, to include condoms and birth
control pills. Such devices and substances will be considered attempts at
murder and crimes against humanity. The Kingdom will seek to reward
financially all families generously for each child born within wedlock.
29.Sodomy will be illegal and all propaganda supporting it will be outlawed. The
Kingdom will provide assistance for those who are afflicted by proclivities
towards such deviant behavior.
30.Protection of nature and the environment will be a chief concern for the
Kingdom and her King. As land on earth is limited, an eye will be given
towards the colonization of space. We believe that space is the final frontier
of mankind, and seek to expand the Elysian Empire towards the heavens, and
desire to work alongside all nations in helping humanity go beyond the skies.
31.The Elysian Kingdom will undertake an architectural project to reform modern
buildings and structures and bring them in line with a traditional, classical
form of architecture to serve the National Aesthetic.
32.Internet freedom will be prized by the government, however special care will
be taken to limit or eliminate the exchange and viewing of pornography,
websites and pages hostile towards Christianity and the Elysian people and
websites that promote or champion immoral causes including homosexuality,
abortion, transgenderism, communism, and more.
33.Democracy, the system that chose Barabbas over Jesus Christ, is anathema
to the Elysian people. It is merely an outlet for Judeo-Marxism and crowd
manipulators to undermine the Elysian people, the Church and the family.
Special care will be taken to strengthen and grow the natural aristocracy of
the Elysian people, which is based on service to Elysia and success in
business and art.
34.All those of Jewish ancestry will be required to renounce the Jewish faith, any
loyalty to Jews and Israel, and embrace Christ and the Elysian Kingdom, or
their peaceful repatriation to another nation or somewhere outside of the
Kingdom will be facilitated. They will not be interred for the purpose of labor,
and Elysia would never consider extermination of any human being merely
for their race an option. Such ideas are Satanic and may nullify the Lords
blessings on Elysia. Identifying as Jewish and promoting Jewish ethnic
interests within the Elysian Kingdom is not healthy for Elysia, as we want a
people who identify as Christian, Elysian and promote the interests of Elysia.
The Talmud, which contains graphic descriptions of Jesus Christ boiling in a

vat of semen in hell, is to be outlawed in Elysia except for educational

35.A Grand Inquisition will be established to rout out heresy. It will be staffed by
priests of the highest caliber, and the creation of a system with much checks
and balances will be established to prosecute heresy in order to keep the
Church united and safeguard the souls of Elysia and those who attend the
Elysian Churches and similar churches that are allowed free practice by the
Crown. Both the Protestant Revolution and the Great Schism were grave
tragedies to befall Europe, and Elysia desires full Christian unity, brotherhood
and orthodoxy.
36.Only Christians will be allowed to marry Christians in Elysia, except in the
event of pregnancy out of wedlock between a Christian and a non-Christian
individual, because it is better for the child that his or her parents are married
than for the union to be prevented. However, there will be a forfeiture of all
payments for child births unless both parents become Christians and have a
record of Church attendance certified by a priest or higher Church authority.
37.Freemasonry will be outlawed in the Kingdom, and all Freemasons will be
given one chance to renounce their involvement in Masonry or face
deportation or incarceration in a reeducation facility until they renounce the
heresy of Masonry. All Freemasonic structures will be destroyed or renovated,
including famous monuments. Masonic gravesites and gravestones will
remain unmolested out of respect for the dead, but new ones will not be
allowed to be built. Secret Society's may only operate with the King's
permission, and are subject to limitless monitoring.
38.The Kingdom of Elysia will seek to remain neutral in international politics,
except for the purposes of furthering the Kingdom of God on earth, protecting
and serving Christians of all races abroad, protecting vital national interests
and Crusades against heathenry alongside other Christian peoples.
39.The Kingdom will treat any drug cartel members, gangs or drug pushers with
severe brutality as the drug cartels met out brutality on those who oppose
40.Elysia has a right to protect its borders against all invaders of all kinds, armed
or unarmed, using deadly force if necessary.
41.Marxist proselytization will not be allowed in Elysia, and any parties
advocating Marxism, communism, liberal egalitarianism, feminism and such
abhorrent philosophies prejudicial to order in Elysia will be met with hostility
by the Crown. The Communist Manifesto will be outlawed in Elysia except for
educational purposes.