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Forced Labor by Government Troops

On October 12, 2015, government troops led by Captain Than Htaik Kyaw from Div-77 seized villagers
of Mowlon (A-tet Ywa) village of Manton Township, for forced labor. On the way to Mowlon (Auk Ywa) village,
a fire fight took place between the government and TNLA troops. Four villagers were seriously wounded by
landmines, as they ran in panic. The wounded had to be sent to Manton Town Hospital. The 24 Moelon villagers
had to carry loads and each of them was made to march between 2 soldiers, one at the front and one behind.
According a villager, Captain Than Htaik Kyaw told all male villagers to come for porter service. He
threaten to burn down the entire village to ash, if the villagers did not. They set out in the morning and the battle
took place at about 1530 hours.
The 4 villager wounded were (1) Kun Kham, 26; (2) Kun Kin, 32; (3) Tar Aik, 40; and (4) Kun Ee, 35.
Information received said that they are in need of emergency assistance.
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------------------------------ 8 -----------------------------Five Clashes on Same Day
(October 12, 2015)
Due to offensives by Myanmar Tatmadaw, 5 clashes took place between troops of the TNLA and
Myanmar Tatmadaw. In the clashes, not less than 10 were killed on Tatmadaw side, but there was no casualty
on the TNLA side.

The time and places of the clashes are as follows:

At 0700 hours at a place between Mawlon and Mawneh, in Momeik Township;
At 1030 hours, near Lonkan village in Kutkai Township;
At 1315 hours, near Panlaw in Namtsan Township; and
At 1545 hours, at a place between Mawlo and Man-htan villages.
More intense clashes could occur as Myanmar Tatmadaw had sent in more reinforcement.
News and Information Department
---------------------- 8 ---------------------Two Clashes on Same Day
(October 12, 2015)
On October 11, 2015 two clashes took place in Namtsan Township, TNLA Brigade-2 area, Taang
Region. The troops involved were from TNLA Bn-434 and Tatmadaw Div-77.
The first clash took place at 1600 hours at a place between Honan and Manmai Main-kun villages.
The second clash took place at 1730 hours near Panlaw village about a mile from Namtsan Town. Casualty
on both sides was still not known.
News and Information Department
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Clashes between TNLA and Myanmar Tatmadaw Becomes More Ferocious

October 10, 2015
On October 9, 2015, a clash took place between troops from TNLA Bn-717 and Tatmadaw Div-77
from 1500 to 1600 hours at a place between Panpaw and Panmat villages in Kyaukme Township, TNLA Bde2 area, Taang Region. There was no casualty on the TNLA side. Casualty on Tatmadaw side was still not
Though on September 27, 2015 the TNLA issued a statement Number (7/2015) to the effect that it
would not engage in battles, except in self-defense, until after the general election so as to allow the public to
participate freely in the voting, battles are occurring due to offensive actions against the TNLA by Myanmar
News and Information Department
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