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TARAY FOLKRESORT NEW CD There is a Murcia that awakens A Murcia that is proud of

There is a Murcia that awakens

A Murcia that is proud of its tradition and heritage, and looks at the


world without complexes, with the conviction of the one who knows that it is unique and A Murcia that is open to the Mediterranean Sea and appreciates the value of its modest, honest and working people.

Taray, one of the most outstanding folk bands of Murcia, presents new members and new album. With the generous support given by TRES FRONTERAS record label (belonging to the Ministry of Culture of Murcia) the new work has been recorded from July to September of 2009 in "Primavera en el Atlas" studies and it has been produced by Constantino López, one of the most interesting producers of local music scene known for his cooperation with artists such as L'Ham de Foc, Chambao, Civilization Cero and Manuel Luna.

Folkresort comes as a result of the rejection to pure traditional music. Based on aguilandos, malagueñas and parrandas it creates a sound language that integrates the old styles with the influences of rock, pop, jazz and other rhythms from different cultures. Taray is a placewhere multiple ways of understanding the remaking of tradition are welcome. It is the emphasis on the expression of feelings and thoughts through one of the most beautiful forms: the song.

Taray, convinced that the traditional music of the Región of Murcia with its Cuadrillas and chants from Auroros, has something unique and valuable to offer to the world, expect that their mixed traditional sounds cross the national and international frontiers, following the examples of modernization of other countries that have converted their traditional music in true cultural products of international significance.

Folkresort is a play of words and ideas based on the urban concept of "Golf Resort" that hides a reflection on the excessive and irresponsible progress, the unsustainable development and the cultural rootlessness of people.

The new lineup is formed by Mari Cruz Sánchez as singer and Francisco Adolfo as drummer and the remaining components Tomás García on Spanish lute, Alejandro López on guitars and vocals, Manuel Sánchez on acoustic guitar, guitarro and Constantino López on electric bass.

Folkresort could not have been made without the special cooperation of great artists such as:

– Juan José Robles playing the bandurria, a family from mandolina.

– Francis M. Ponce "El Lagunero", playing the flamenco guitar.

– Julián Cabello playing the flute and the soprano saxophone.

– Jota Martínez to the hurdy gurdy of Mara Aranda & Solatge and Balbarda.

– Pedro Cabrera playing the traditional violin.

– Mara Aranda from L'ham de Foc, Aman Aman, singing together with Mari Cruz in “La Candela”.

Folkresort ha been harvested since the beginning of 2010 with excellent reviews in the press and by radio specialists. Some things have been said about him: "Music for anyone who loves the earth. From deep roots, but fully present" Anabel Velez-RITMOS DEL MUNDO. "Having regard to the result, it was worth waiting six years and now enjoy a disc that will certainly be among the best of 2010" Carlos Monje-TIERRAFOLK.