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Information kiosk /nfmen/ /k::sk/: trm thng tin
Layover /levr/: tm dng chn
Ex: We had a three-hours layover in Houston.
Lobby / l:bi/: tin snh, hnh lang
Ex: The lobby of a hotel is very large.
Overhead compartment /vhed/ /kmp:rtmnt/: ngn hnh l
Package tour /pk/ /tr/: chuyn du lch trn gi
Peak season /pi:k/ /si:zn/: ma cao im
Purser /p:sr/: ngi ph trch (trn tu thy)
Ex: The purser on our trip very responsible.
Red-eye (flight) /red//a/ /flat/: chuyn bay
Ex: We took the red-eye to Boston.
Reservation /rezven/: s t ch trc
Ex: They support the measures without resvervation.
Shut-eye /t//a/: ng
Suitcase/trunk /su:tkes/ /trk/: vali
Ex: Ive bought a suitcase with wheels.
Ex: A surchage of 40$ was added to our bill.
Window/aisle seat /wnd/ /al/ /si:t/: ch ngi cnh ca s, li i

2. Banking and Finance

Accounting /kant/: s thanh ton, tnh ton
Balance /blns/: ci cn, s d, sai ngch
Ex: The balance of 500$ must be paid within 90 days.
Bureau de change /bjr d :n/: ni i tin khch sn, sn bay
Cash /k/: tin mt
Ex: Payments can be made by card or in cash.
Checking account /teki knt/: ti khon ngn hng
Clerk /kl:k/: th k
Ex: The sales clerk answered all our question.
: thi gian lu hnh, tin t
Ex: Argentinas currency was pegged to the dollar.
Debit card
: th ghi n
: loi, n v tin t, hng
Ex:Centime is the lowest denomination of French monetary system.
: t cc
Ex:They normally ask you to pay 100$ deposit.
Deposit ceiling
: gi t cc cao nht
Ex: Theyve put deposit ceiling for that house.
Direct debit
: giy y nhim
Ex: We pay all our bill by direct debit.
Exchange rate
: t gi
Ex: The Yens exchange rate against the US dollar is 91.
: li tc, tin li
Ex: The money was repaid with interest.
Interest rates: li sut
Ex: The interest rates of this bank is 0,1%.

: tin cho vay
Ex: He had to use his house as security for the loan.
: tin th chp
Ex: He didnt earn enough to support his family and pay the mortgage.
: s tin rt qu s tin gi trong ti khon
Ex: We offer a free 400$ overdraft.
: ngi c tr tin
Ex: He is a payee.
: s gi tin, s tin c chuyn
Ex: Remittance can be made by cheque or credit card.
Saving accounts
: ti khon ngn hng
Ex: Our savings account is only about 2% interest.
: lnh tr tin
Ex: They have to pay this amount of money under the banks standing order.
: bn k in sn
Ex: My bank sends me monthly statements.
: thu
Ex: Profits after tax were 562000$.
: s chuyn khon, nhng li
Ex: Assets can be transfered overseas.
Travelers checks
: chi phiu du lch
Ex: My travelers checks is about 400$.
: rt tin
Ex: Id like to withdraw 1000$, please!
: s rt tin
Ex: She made a withdrawal of 1000$ from her account.