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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

78 / Monday, April 25, 2005 / Notices 21203

RECORD SOURCE CATEGORIES: fulfill its obligation to effectively serve the approved Advance Planning
Information is obtained from the nation’s adoption and foster care Document, have been adequately
departments, agencies, or populations, nor report meaningful and completed, and conform to applicable
instrumentalities of the United States or reliable information to Congress about regulations and policies.
any State and from multi-state financial the extent of problems facing these To initiate a review, States will
institutions. children or the effectiveness of submit the completed SACWIS
assistance provided to this population, Assessment Review Guide (SARGE) and
without access to timely and accurate other documentation at the point that
information. Currently, SACWIS they have completed system
None. supports State efforts to meet the development and the system is
[FR Doc. 05–8214 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am] following Federal reporting operational statewide. The additional
BILLING CODE 4184–01–M requirements: the Adoption and Foster documents submitted as part of this
Care Analysis and Reporting System process should all be readily available
(AFCARS) required by section 479(b)(2) to the State as a result of good project
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND of the Social Security Act; the National management practices.
HUMAN SERVICES Child Abuse and Neglect Data System The information collected in the
(NCANDS); Child Abuse Prevention and SACWIS Assessment Review Guide will
Administration for Children and Treatment Act (CAPTA); and the Chafee allow State and Federal officials to
Families Independent Living Program. These determine if the State’s SACWIS meets
systems also support State efforts to the requirements for title IV–E Federal
Submission for OMB Review;
provide the information to conduct the Financial Participation (FFP) defined at
Comment Request
Child and Family Services Reviews. 45 CFR 1355.50. Additionally, other
Title: Statewide Automated Child Currently, forty-five States and the States will be able to use the
Welfare Information System (SACWIS) District of Columbia have developed, or documentation provided as part of this
Assessment Review Guide (SARGE). are developing, a SACWIS with Federal review process in their own system
OMB No.: 0970–0159. financial participation. The purpose of development efforts.
Description: The Department of these reviews is to ensure that all Respondents: State Title IV–E
Health and Human Services cannot aspects of the project, as described in Agencies.


Number of Average burden
Number of Total burden
Instrument responses per hours per
respondents hours
respondent response

Review ..................................................................................................... 3 1 250 750

Estimated Total Annual Burden of Management and Budget, Paperwork Organizations; and Grants to State
Hours: 750. Reduction Project, Attn: Desk Officer for Domestic Violence Coalitions.
Additional Information: Copies of the ACF, E-mail address: OMB No.: New Collection.
proposed collection may be obtained by
Description: This information
writing to the Administration for Dated: April 18, 2005. collection is authorized under Title III
Children and Families, Office of Robert Sargis, of the Child Abuse Amendments of
Administration, Office of Information
Reports Clearance Officer. 1984, Public Law 98–457, as amended.
Services, 370 L’Enfant Promenade, SW.,
[FR Doc. 05–8139 Filed 4–22–05; 8:45 am] In response to the program
Washington, DC 20447, Attn: ACF
BILLING CODE 4184–01–M announcement, the respondents submit
Reports Clearance Officer. All requests
information about their service program
should be identified by the title of the
and their eligibility. Information that is
information collection. E-mail address:
DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND collected is used to award grants for
HUMAN SERVICES shelter programs on Tribal reservations
OMB Comment: OMB is required to
and in Alaska Villages, and to non-profit
make a decision concerning the Administration for Children and state domestic violence coalitions for
collection of information between 30 Families service programs, technical assistance
and 60 days after publication of this
and training.
document in the Federal Register. Agency Recordkeeping/Reporting
Therefore, a comment is best assured of Requirements Under Emergency Respondents: Tribes and Tribal
having its full effect if OMB receives it Review by the Office of Management Organizations (including Alaska Native
within 30 days of publication. Written and Budget (OMB) Villages) and State Domestic Violence
comments and recommendations for the Coalitions administering the Family
proposed information collection should Title: Family Violence Prevention and Violence Prevention and Services
be sent directly to the following: Office Services/Grants for Battered Women’s programs.
Shelters: Grants to Tribes and Tribal

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