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Sundharaganesh K Contact No: 09171129039

172,Thirumal Street Email:

Professional Summary:

 Work experience of 3.8 years in development and support projects.

 Having onsite experience.
 Business Visa(B1) Holder.
 Expertise in OOPS concepts
 Expertise in Application development and support using Java1.5,Flex.3.0, Struts1.1,
 Familiar with Java/J2EE design patterns.
 Expertise in using tools like Toad for Oracle Version 9.0.1,Cvs1.3,Vss.
 Expertise with SQL, PL/SQL scripts.
 Familiar with weblogic application server 8.1/10.0,Oracle10g.

Professional Experience

Working with Hewlett-Packard Digital Global Soft (HP) as a Software engineer from
Jun’2006 till date.

Technical Skills

Operating System WindowXP/Vista

Programming languages Java1.5, Flex3.0
Framework EJB3.1,Hibernate3.0,Struts1.1
IDE Eclipse 3.0
Server side technologies LCDS,Servlet,JSP
Application Servers BEA Weblogic 8.1/10.0
Database ORACLE 10g, SQL server2005
Version Control Cvs1.3, Vss5.3
Tools Visio,Toad , SoapUI ,AraxisMerge,WinMerge.SQLServer


B.TECH(Computer Science and Engineering) from Pondicherry Engineering College in 2006.


Project Profile:

Project #1

Project Name : Optima UI

Client : CITI Group, US
Employer : Hewlett-Packard Digital Global soft (HP)
Duration : Aug09 to till date
Technologies : java,j2ee,flex,lcds2.6.1,hibernate3.0,spring,weblogic 10.3,Oracle10g


The Adjustment module allows users to make modifications to ODS data during the Month-End
Adjustments period. Users need to make adjustments to single or multiple transactions.

The users will use Microsoft Excel as a tool to make changes to multiple transactions in one
spreadsheet. Typically, user will download the transactions from ODS layer into a spreadsheet
onto the local user desktop and then make the necessary changes/adjustments in the

The users will be provided with the user interface screens to be able to download the data from
the system, upload the adjusted file, view the uploaded file, delete the uploaded file, validate
the adjustments that are in the file, view the transactions that are loaded into ODS and view
the error details.

There is approval process required to make adjustments. The Approver should be provided with
the user interface screen to be able to view the contracts and then approve or reject the


 Involved in POC (Proof of Concept) for Flex ,Hibernate and LCDS.

 Involved in the preparation of LLD
 Involved in Developing Business Logic and Data Persistence and used remote config
and Hibernate, spring.
Involved in developing rules using PLSQL scripts.
 Involved in the UAT support for the module owned at the client location

Project #2


Client : IP IPG,EMEA,Holland
Employer : Hewlett-Packard Digital Global soft (HP)
Duration : Feb07 to Jul09
Technologies : JDK1.5,EJBs,JSP,Servlets,Struts1.1,Weblogic 8.1,Oracle9i,UML and Win Cvs1.3


The BEP Application acts as a platform to orchestrate various customer support services
for HP’s consumer products. The consumer products include the IPG products (Printer’s,
Camera’s, etc) as well as PSG products (Desktop, PC’s, Laptop, etc). It interacts with
various systems; which are basically categorized into FES (Front-End Systems) and BES
(Back-End Systems). Some of these systems are: PUMA, AES, WIZPART, RP Systems,
SPOW and ASTRO. These systems are either HP’s systems or HP-partner’s systems. The
FES is the first point of contact for the customers to register a support call. Once the call
details are logged, FES makes a call to BEP. BEP stores the information and routes it to BES.
BES is a place where actually the logged calls are to be launched (stored and routed to
Service Centers). The call details in BEP’s terminology are encapsulated with a term called
‘Service’. Example of a service can be: The order of a recovery CD for a PC, The
registration of a DOA (Dead On Arrival) product.


 Involved in LLD of the modules owned.

 Implemented the changes in session/Entity beans.
 Involved in the application development using struts framework
 Involved in strengthening the KM of the SPOW/BEP applications
 Received the E-award for taking a lead in strengthening the KM
 Involved in implementing the CRs for the applications.
 Involved in different system Integration projects.
 Implemented Data Transfer Object, Business Delegate, DAO, Service locator, Session
Façade, Singleton and Value Object design patterns.
 Used Ant build script to create EAR files and deploy in it WebLogic 8.1 app server.
 Used CVS for version Control.
 Used Araxis for file merging.

Project #3


Client : HP IPG,EMEA,France
Employer : Hewlett-Packard Digital Global soft (HP)
Duration : Aug06 to Feb07
Technologies :JDK1.5,EJBs,JSP,Servlets,Struts1.1,SQLServer,SQLServer2005,UML,Win Cvs1.3


Warranty extension application is used to Buy or Extend the warranty period for the HP
consumer products this application will basically be used to collect the information about the
packs (it could be a product or products) and the sales of warranty for those. The HP consumer
products and the warranty for those will be sold either by direct business partners of HP or by
retailers. This application can support many languages in the European
region/middleEast/Russia/Greece.The users of this application would basically be,

 HP Consumers who has purchased any of HP Consumer products either from direct
sales partners of HP or through some other retailers
 The retailers who sell HP Consumer products (Including HP business partners)
 The HP business team who takes care of the business of HP consumer products


 Coordinated with the client and been a single point of contact for the application.
 Implemented Object oriented concepts
 Created the plsql procedures
 Implemented business logic for the application using concepts like JDBC.
 Implemented using struts framework
 Used CVS for version Control.
 Used winMerge for file merging