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1. Video Wall
2. Integrated with tab le-top
3. Curved stand

Screen sizes 46 inch 70 inch

Large screen size
Smaller areas for banking transactions
Review mobile apps
Queue management system
Digital notice boards

1. Screen
2. Kinect
3. Content Management Software
4. Core i7 processor
1. Windows 7, 8 platforms
2. Content Management Software
1. Swipe
2. Pinch to zoom
3. Upward flicks to delete

Relationship manager takes a customer to a medium sized interactive video wall
List of services
1. Account opening form
2. Credit card application
3. Opening a fixed deposit
4. General term s and conditions
5. Supplementary card application
6. Contact private bankers (check)
7. General fees and charges

3 4 interactive digital screens embedded in the wall of the branch

Interactive media wall

Smaller sized kiosks

Large sized qwerty keyboard


Product presentations, demonstrations

Navigating through websites

Events, competitions, contests win prizes
Having fluidity/ widgets on the screen allowing customers to place widgets/ icons
as per their requirements
Educate customers

Content at ICICI Bank Corporate Office

1. ICICI Bank history
2. ICICI Bank share price
3. Key market news, highlights
4. ICICI Bank channels
a. Branch network
i. Touch Banking branches
ii. Gramin Branches
iii. Wealth branches & privilege lounges
b. CAM enabled branches
c. Insta-banking kiosk
d. Tablet banking
i. Account opening through tablets
ii. Tablet servicing
e. Pockets

Wearable technology

g. I-Mobile
h. Internet Banking
5. Social media wall
a. Live streaming from Facebook and Twitter

6. Gallery
7. Awards and achievements
8. ICICI Bank in the news Press releases, newspaper clipping
9. Testimonials

Interactive Walls at Branches

1. Customize content basis local markets, offerings

2. Generate sales by improving product awareness via targeted messaging and contextual
3. MySaving Rewards catalogue on the screen
4. ICICI Bank products and services
a. Allow customers to experience mobile apps on the screen
b. E-brochures: Allow customers to email brochures on the products
5. Offers and promotions
6. Mandatory notices
7. Financial news live streaming
8. Currency rates


Customize content (Audience Measurement Tracking System)

Anonymously detect users who are looking at the digital wall
1. Sensors placed on top of the screen
2. Audience impression metric software
3. Core i-7 processors

Gathers data on:

1. Gender of the customer viewing the screen
2. Amount of time spent/ screen
3. Age bracket
4. Distance from the screen
Advertisement content is modified basis the above parameters resulting in
more targeted offers and promotions
Content is customized basis the customers age bracket and gender
1. Intel AIM Suite, Cenique Global Intellisense Analytics