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Section Editors

LITERARY : Anubha Kapur

Ira Tiwari

POPULAR : Nikhil Bhardwaj

SCIENCE Aneesh Jain

MANAGERIAL : Karan Sharma

TECHNICAL : Prem Tanwar

Nitisha Jain

VIVE LE HESITATION : Surabhi Goswamu

Kartikeya Ramesh

MY BRANCH : Priya Mittal

Sakshi Dewan

GUEST SECTION : Saumya Joshi

Prateek Chaudhary

No, we are not literary geniuses, nor were meant to be.

Neither do we belong to the ed-board of a leading daily!
We’re birds of a feather, flocking together.
A confluence of 14 picked from the multitude; one that will do,
To swell a progress, start a trend or two.
Deferential, but glad to be of use
Creative, cautious, meticulous
Full of high sentence, but a bit obtuse!!!

PRATIBIMB symbolises the true BVCPIEEE spirit. It epitomizes the virtues

and encompasses the laurels of this vibrant branch. Each year a new
chapter is added to the pages of this golden chronicle and this time the
responsibility has been bestowed upon us to give the school journal a new
dimension, and color it with the palette of our creations!

We have been immensely enriched to be a part of this grand ensemble

and to be instrumental in designing this souvenir of FERVOUR. We have
strived to showcase the Passion for Perfection, the trademark of BVPIEEE,
in these pages. PRATIBIMB - Fervour Special is replete with all the
accomplishments and proceedings of BVPIEEE in the past 1 year.

We express our heartfelt gratitude towards our Principal sir, Dr. N.D.
Kaushika, Prof. Rahul Bahl, our Branch Counselor and Mrs Yogita Arora,,
the Editorial Mentor for their unflinching support, constant encouragement
and munificent guidance.

To all the readers, we hope you enjoy flipping through the pages of this
magazine as much as we did in creating it.

Anubha Kapur
Pratibimb, Fervour Special Edition
It gives me immense pleasure to note that the
IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE is organizing the
4th edition of its annual festival FERVOUR 2010.

This magazine reflects the true spirit of

BVPIEEE and I hope all of you will appreciate
the hardwork that has gone in its making.

BVPIEEE has endeavoured to encourage the

students of the college to foster an interest in
the technical domain. I am sure that the efforts
of the team will serve as a useful guide to the
budding engineers to orient themselves in the
matter of selecting technology for economic
and cost effective execution of projects in the
Dr. Patangraoji This magazine reflects the competence and
Kadam proficiency of the Branch and its proceedings in
a striking and well-designed layout.
M.A, L.L.B, Ph.D
Founder, Bharati FERVOUR 2010 is an effort towards creating
Vidyapeeth, awareness regarding the global environmental
Chancellor, Bharati
issues with its central theme as GREEN-CLEAN.
Vidyapeeth University,
Pune I take great pride in my students who are
& striving to shoulder responsibility in this
Minister of Forests direction and working towards the betterment
Govt. Of Maharashtra of the society, the nation and the world by way
of this noble endeavour.

I am confident that with the continued zeal of

the staff and the dedication of the students
BVPIEEE will continue to make progress in all
spheres and move from strength to strength in
the years to come.

I exhort the teachers and student members of

BVPIEEE to aim for higher levels of excellence
and wish them the very best for FERVOUR and
their future endeavours.
and nurture their personality skills and
expertise in various domains of work.

The FERVOUR team has been very instrumental

in bringing forth an event which caters to such
a wide variety of interests pertaining to both
technical and non-technical themes.

This journal embraces the activities and

programs held all through the year by the team
of staff and student members and its a
privilege for me to offer my recognition to this
progressive venture.

I envision the efforts of the group to escalate in

the coming years.
Shri Vishwajit
Kadam Wish you all the best for your future
Secretary endeavours.
Bharati Vidyapeeth,

BVPIEEE student
branch has built a
stride since its
inception in
providing a platform
to our students to
outreach a global

FERVOUR is an effort
to bring them
together to interact
Knowledge is widespread and knows no
boundaries. The onset of fresh and innovative
technologies has given the youth a perfect
opportunity to hone their skills in various
disciplines of science.

BVPIEEE has taken up a very noble initiative to

encourage the young engineering minds to
think new and contribute in development of
innovative ideas leading to the implementation
of sustainable and technically diverse projects.

The theme of this year’s fest revolves around

the concept of GREEN Technologies and is a
praiseworthy step in the direction of
environmental awareness which is the need of
the hour.

Dr. N.D. Kaushika FERVOUR, indeed, is a celebration of the

Principal excellence of the students, a kaleidoscope of
Director, School of their talents and vibrant attitude.
Research and I congratulate the team of FERVOUR, all the
IEEE student members and the branch
Bharati Vidyapeeth’s
College of Engineering counsellor, Mr. Rahul Bahl, for the immense
hard work and dedication that has gone into
the making of FERVOUR 2010.

May this event be hugely successful and make

a mark of its own in the history of college fests.

I feel immensely
proud to know that
the IEEE student
Branch of Bharati
College of
Engineering is
organizing its 4th
annual festival

I feel immensely proud to know that the IEEE

student Branch of BVCOE is organizing the 4th
edition of its annual festival FERVOUR 2010 on
such a grand scale.

BVPIEEE is doing a commendable job in

organizing such events that promote the
concept of technical innovation. The students,
through this event, are provided with a perfect
forum to interact and share their ideas and
participate in various activities designed to test
their skills.

I am happy to note that BVPIEEE has chosen

Prof. Alok Basu GREEN CLEAN as the central theme of
Head FERVOUR 2010. Our society is now standing at
Training & Placement the crossroads, and it is high time we all act or
Department else bear the repercussions of our actions. We
must take up enough initiative to address the
environmental issues being faced worldwide.

Through this magazine, I appeal to all the

readers to judiciously use the available
resources and preserve the environment and
resources in every way possible.

Team FERVOUR deserves a huge applaud for

this praiseworthy effort and I hope that this
event can spread enough awareness regarding
these issues.

I wish Prof. Rahul Bahl and all members of

BVPIEEE a grand success for FERVOUR 2010
and all their future endeavours.

I congratulate the IEEE Student Branch of

Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering for
organizing the 4th edition of the IEEE festival
FERVOUR 2010 on such a large scale.

Providing ample opportunities for growth and

learning of student members have been of
Professor Mini S. tremendous interest to IEEE. Student members
Thomas now represent about 20 percent of the total
IEEE MGA Vice Chair, IEEE membership; there are more than 1,700
MD student branches in the world and around 450
in India currently. So, the gathering of student
members from across Delhi and India is
extremely important to IEEE and is just one
more opportunity for networking for those in

In fact, IEEE is one of the most robust networks

of peers, academicians, and professionals
provided by any technical professional society
in the world. IEEE will continue to increase its
interest in its Student Members. They are the
future of IEEE and provide the energy and hope
for the continual renewal and revitalization of
our organization in the years to come.

BVPIEEE is one of the vibrant branches of the

IEEE Delhi Section and its student members are
actively involved in various events and projects
on a regular basis. This annual endeavour of
BVPIEEE--- “FERVOUR”---- is an initiative to take
the branch to greater heights.

My best wishes to the Branch Counsellor, Mr.

Rahul Bahl and Team FERVOUR for their
dedication and hard work and I hope this fest is
a huge success, standing true to the IEEE name
and legacy.
I welcome all the
delegates to this
event and wish each
one, all success.

Dr. Prerna Gaur

Senior member IEEE,
'Chair of Standing

My heartfelt congratulations to all the members

of the IEEE Student Branch BVCOE for
Pratibimb and the annual technical fest

A nation’s wealth is the young generation of

the country. They have to be guided properly
so that their life finds a proper direction and
Committee, their creativity is allowed to flower. On the
Membership academic front the IEEE students have been
bringing laurels galore. It is important for the
Secretary, IEEE Delhi students to shape up their career by producing
Section and WIE, research in the form of papers that may find
Branch Counselor, the path to be published in journals.
NSIT Students Branch
To IEEE students I would like to say that as iron
rusts from disuse and stagnant water loses its
purity, similarly inaction saps the vigour of
mind. In your hands you hold the power of life
and the potential of greatness so indulge in
research and use yourself to the best. I would
also like to congratulate the WIE affinity group
on its successful second full year of operations.
Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to
make a call to all new intakes to join IEEE and
make full use of the facilities available, to do
your institution, your parents and last of all
yourself proud in this competitive world."


Dr. Rachana Garg The IEEE Student Branch of Bharati
Chair, Student
Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering is one of
IEEE Delhi the most vibrant student branches of IEEE
Section Delhi Section. It gives me immense pleasure to
know that you are organising your annual fest
FERVOUR regularly and bringing out your fest
magazine. This
effort is really a
good step for the
development of
students as it will
encourage students
to give vent to their
innate talent and
opportunities to
express their views
on various important
issues. The theme of
the fest, ‘A Clean
and Green Globe’ is
indeed the need of
the hour. It is a
global issue
concerning not just
the elite but the
whole mankind and
requires a good
amount of conscious
efforts in this
direction. Organising
a fest with this
theme is the first
step in this

I congratulate the
branch counsellor,
Mr. Rahul Bahl and
his team for their
endeavour and wish
them all the success
for the future.
I am extremely happy to know that the IEEE
Student Branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College
of Engineering is organizing the 4th edition of its
annual festival FERVOUR 2010 on 12th, 13th and
14th March with a theme that is around GREEN-

The subject (Environmental Sustainability) is

common today. The challenge is
a) by nature, humans oppose any change
b) this change is costly (initially, currently)

As the Copenhagen summit (that was also

termed as Hopenhagen) did not end to the
Daman Dev Sood expectations of most of us, our responsibility as
Secretary, IEEE Delhi individuals and organizations has increased.
Section There are some easy, simple and no (or low)
Chair, Computer cost steps that we can take in our day-to-day
Society Chapter life, such as it does not take any time, effort or
money to switch off when not in use.

Young engineers can come up with innovative

ideas, but a great deal of work needs to be
done with the ideas already available e.g.
making LED bulbs cost effective for common
man, making solar products cost effective for
common man. And I look forward to this event
and the IEEE Student members (more than
anyone else) of BVCOE for such solutions. I am
personally committed to the cause and am
willing to work closely to provide all the support
that I can.

I wish the organizers and the participants all

the best and that the event achieves great
success in meeting its objectives.

It is a great pleasure to present before you the FERVOUR

2010, annual festival of the IEEE Student Branch of
BVCOE. IEEE, in my opinion, is a beacon of excellence
and holds a commendable position in the scientific world
and is actively involved in futuristic projects and research
work. It is my honour to be associated with such a reputed
and praiseworthy institution of technological advancement.
We, at BVPIEEE, consistently strive to promote the
concept of technical innovation in our college.
Rahul Bahl
Assistant Professor FERVOUR 2010 - “GREEN CLEAN” is our endeavour to
(IT) channelize the boundless potential of the youth in
IEEE Branch Counselor constructive, creative and contemporary ventures. The
BVCOE, Delhi theme of the fest “GREEN CLEAN” is our initiative to
express our commitment to the global cause of
environmental conservation. The success of FERVOUR
depends to a very large extent on the determination and zeal
for perfection of the members. I appreciate their untiring
effort for organizing a fest of the magnitude of FERVOUR
and hope that they work with the same momentum and
vigour in the future as well.

I hope you all will enjoy being a part of FERVOUR and

celebrate with us this confluence of sheer talent and
innovative genius.



BVPIEEE takes great pride in presenting the 4th

and much awaited edition of our annual festival
- FERVOUR 2010 “GREEN-CLEAN”. After the
immense toil and sweat put in by the team, our
efforts have finally borne fruit. FERVOUR
indeed is a celebration of the youth and its
creative genius. I feel immensely proud to be
leading a group of such intelligent, hardworking
and responsible students who have time and
again proved themselves worthy of being IEEE
Nidhi Gurnani members. The past year has proved to be a
landmark for BVPIEEE, with the stupendous
growth rate and global integration with other
student branches as well. For me, the
association with BVPIEEE has been quite a
fulfilling and enriching experience. I thank the
entire team of
FERVOUR for putting
in their best efforts,
for this fest could
not have been
possible without
their dedicated



CHAIRPERSON : Nidhi Gurnani


Moksha Sharma

SECRETARY : Dinesh Kapur

TREASURER : Suchir Gupta



HEAD HR & PR : Prem Singh

HEAD PUBLICITY : Nivesh Aggarwal




CHAIPERSON : Megha Ronjhiya


WIE SECRETARY & : Nitisha Jain

The Class
Perfection Personified

The Core Executive Committee of the BVPIEEE consists of 8 vibrant and

vivacious people. All the myriad hues and shades of character mingle
together to create this unique rainbow of BVPIEEE. They are truly
inspiring... they are the perfect leaders... they are the pillars of BVPIEEE!

1. NIDHI GURNANI - Chairperson

To describe Nidhi would be to light a candle in a room flooded with


She is the Mastermind of the branch and has a brilliant knack of

making sharp & quick decisions. Her inspirational leadership, strong
intuitive ability and outstanding organizational skills all make her

2. ANKIT AHUJA - Vice Chairperson

Ankit is truly the backbone of BVPIEEE. His sensational marketing skills

and extraordinary public dealing strategies have done wonders for the
branch. The ultimate warrior with a Never Say Die attitude, he has the
most sparkling and radiant personality and his enthusiasm for excellence
is unparalleled. And so we coronate him with the title MAN WITH THE

3. MOKSHA SHARMA - Vice Chairperson

Moksha is loved and respected in the branch for her meticulous and
conscientious attitude towards work. Her calm and composed
demeanour, pleasant and ever smiling disposition, constant
patience to deal with situations is beyond comparison. All this and
more make her MISS CONGENIALITY of the branch.

4. SUCHIR GUPTA - Treasurer

Suchir is the most valuable and priceless asset of BVPIEEE. Being the
Treasurer, his dealing with the crisp green leaves has been commendable
and praiseworthy. Cautious and careful in making decisions, he analyses
all the pros and cons before taking the final call. His logical approach in
money matters make him the FINANCE MINISTER of the branch.

5. DINESH KAPUR - General Secretary

Dinesh, fondly known as D.K., is the most versatile member of the

An ace at quizzing, a top class orator, an excellent football player, and our
country’s Climate Champion, Dinesh is truly the pride of BVPIEEE. His
systematic manner of work, fantastic time management skills, straight
forward attitude and multitalented personality make him the MASTER OF

6. NIKHIL MITTAL - Joint Secretary

Nikhil is the most dutiful member of the branch. Any work given to him is
fulfilled with sheer dedication and perfect timing. He has mature conduct,
level headed temperament and pleasing attitude. His accountable and
trustworthy personality makes him MR DEPENDABLE of the branch.

7. MEGHA RONJHIYA – Chairperson, WIE

Megha is the perfect example of woman power. Her quiet and reserved
nature, yet the ability to perform every task with utmost sincerity and
diligence make her the sweetest and most adorable member of the
branch. Her responsible and conscientious nature and ever smiling
demeanour make her THE SILENT DAMSEL.

8. SEEMA TIWARI – Vice Chairperson, WIE

Her chirpy and cheerful temperament is contagious enough to affect the

entire branch and her presence makes the group lively and dynamic.
Aiming for a career in the defence services, her personality reflects
dynamism, vivacity and a headstrong attitude for perfection and so she
earns the title of of the branch

HR : Moksha Sharma
Prem Singh

PR & CORPORATE : Megha Ronjhiya

Aman Grover

PUBLICITY : Ankit Ahuja

Nivesh Aggarwal

PUBLICATIONS : Nidhi Gurnani

Anubha Kapur

LOGISTICS : Saumya Joshi

Nikhil Mittal


Karthikeya Ramesh


Puneet Walia

CREATIVITY : Soumya Balakrishnan

Shrey Malhotra

FINANCE : Suchir Gupta

MARKETING : Nidhi Gurnani

Ankit Jain


SYMPOSIUM Seema Tiwari


WIE MEET : Nitisha Jain

Priya Mittal

WEB : Nivesh Aggarwal

Visit us at
Call Toll-Free Number 1800-11-22-11




I joined IEEE as a student member 39 years ago. My years of active

service to the IEEE have allowed me to keep abreast of technological
innovation and at the same time develop my non technical skills. In
addition, IEEE has provided me the opportunity to meet members all over
the world and to interact with those members so that together we could
better serve the profession. My experience has been very rewarding and I
thank you for allowing me to visit with you during my recent trip to India.

I encourage each of you to maintain your IEEE membership and continue

your active involvement in the largest technical professional society in the
world. IEEE has a lot to offer you and you have much to give to the IEEE.
My hope is that your IEEE experience will be more rewarding than mine.
Good luck to each of you as you complete your current studies and
become a member of our profession. I look forward to working with each
of you in the future.


IEEE is not only a global institution dedicated to all electrical and

electronics engineers, but with features that are far beyond than its own
technical aspects. I was lucky enough to meet and interact with IEEE
students and members from all over the world during the IEEE Singapore
Power & Energy Bronze Honours at NUS in the IEEE 125th Anniversary
Asia-Pacific Student Congress 2009, which has widened my horizon in
both technical and social aspects. I have built up valuable friendships
globally, and most importantly we are sharing similar ideas on how we
perceive the world around us, and similar goals for our future

All this has been possible due to the global network of IEEE.

A message for all the volunteers,

“Your abilities are only bounded by your imagination” Cheer up!!

Best Regards,
IEEE Macau Student Branch committee member

I’m delighted to greet my heartiest congratulations to the enthusiastic

organizing team of the 4th edition of the IEEE Student Branch Annual
festival----FERVOUR 2010, of Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering
situated in the city of New Delhi which is also the birthplace of my beloved
mother. It’s an honour and privilege to give my message for FERVOUR ’10
organizers, participants, attendees, and sponsors. The Institute of
Electrical and

Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest technical society aimed

at fostering technological innovation and excellence for the benefits of
humanity. IEEE allows worldwide engineering, science and technological
colleges/institutes/schools/universities to form Student Branches/Technical
Society Chapters/Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Groups; the
purpose shall be the dissemination of knowledge of theory and practice of
all aspects of electrical engineering, electronics, radio, computer
science/engineering, information technology, allied branches of
engineering or the related arts and sciences, as well as the furtherance of
the professional development of the students. Auspiciously Bharati
Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering (BVCOE) is one of those institutions
that have a vibrant IEEE Student Branch. Therefore, I hope FERVOUR will
be helpful, encouraging and supportive for energetic and talented
students to showcase their technical, research, intellectual, soft,
leadership, art, managerial, & business knowledge skills besides providing
a vital platform to meet & learn from engineering professionals,
technological innovation gurus, industry & business experts, and
academic icons.

My special message to all the volunteers of FERVOUR is that volunteering

is a practice in which you input valuable money, precious time and most
importantly, your priceless self energies, attitude and emotions but when
you hit your target or achieve your goal you feel immense self
satisfaction, pleasure. These feelings are there because you believe
FERVOUR to be your own personal event and therefore the success of
FERVOUR shall become a mega accomplishment of IEEE BVCOE Student
Branch as well as for every individual volunteer.

Best wishes and good luck to all FERVOUR 2010 organising team,
participants, attendees, sponsors, college faculty & administration and
good luck for future endeavours of IEEE BVCOE Student Branch for
sculpturing students towards technical innovation for the benefits of

Advisor 2010 / Chair / V. Chair 2008 /
General Secretary 2007
IEEE HIIT (Hamdard University) Student Branch,
Torchbearer as 1st Section Student Representative (SSR)
IEEE Karachi Section,
(Sindh & Balochistan) Pakistan

IEEE PORTUGAL asks - Are you ready to lead?

You are a Student!

You are a IEEE Student Member!
You are a IEEE Student Branch Member!

In my opinion a student branch is a first-rate opportunity to those who

wish to seek technological innovation through their involvement as a IEEE
Student Member and have the ambition to grow up, discover and develop.
IEEE supported my ambitions and gave me a platform to realize my
potential. Grounded on these values, I decided to increase my
participation in IEEE, taking on the management of my Student Branch,
with the belief that I could make a diference.

But the question is: What can I do for my Student Branch? As an IEEE
Member we stand out in the amongst the crowd. In the beginning, as
Chair of my Student Branch, my work was to tell my classmates how IEEE
can change their life and inform them about the benefits and advantages
of being a member. This year, my Student Branch has been awarded with
The Largest Portuguese Student Branch Award in terms of achievement
and membership and in

2009 with IEEE Iberian Exemplary Student Branch Award by SAC R8.
Unquestionably, as an IEEE Student Member one should cultivate the
following proficiency: Communications, Organization, Teamwork,
Negotiating, Atittude, Ethics & Decency, Manners, Humour… add to this
the will to always do new. Let us not forget, we live in the age of
globalization, where knowledge will prevail over the old pratices. As
students today, we define the future!

Isidoro Gomes
Past Chair of IEEE Branch Student
Polytecnic Institute of Castelo


On the 13th of November, 2009 the R10 volunteer position hierarchy was
changed for good. After the amazing success of the SAC Coordination
Committees in R8 (Europe - Middle East - Africa) and R9 (South America),
the concept finally landed in R10 (Asia Pacific) as well. The
implementation was as tough as it was phenomenal. Never before in this
region had student members been picked up to aid with SAC related
activities. R10 is the world leader when it comes to membership numbers.
And this reflects in the student membership numbers too with close to
30,000 student members! This SAC coordination committee development
demands a special mention of Professor Mini S. Thomas who served as the
Regional SAC (2007-2009) and sort of presented this as her parting gift to
the region, right before she left her regional responsibilities to pursue her
new profile at the IEEE Headquarters as Vice Chair, MGA.

I am fortunate enough to be a part of the SAC Coordination Committee as

the RSAC Webmaster. As part of my job profile, I develop web platforms
for information flow from RSAC to the sections and subsequently Student
Branches and work on the Collaboration Platform implementation across
GINI pilot sections.

GINI stands for Global Integrated Network of IEEE. It’s an R10 project,
officially inaugurated at the R10 SC in Madras in January 2008. The
progression from LINK to GINI(one section to entire region!) was done
under the able guidance of Professor Mini Thomas who got together with
the original founders S. Gopakumar and Prijoe Philips Komattu for the
same, a feat that jointly won them the MGA Innovation Award for the year

In the initial phase of GINI implementation, five sections were handpicked.

The sections were Delhi, Pakistan (all three sections i.e. Islamabad, Lahore
and Karachi), Hyderabad, Madras and New Zealand.

The GINI committees from different pilot sections met up in July 2009
during the Singapore R10 SC to gauge their progress and decide on their
future plan of action. By this time Mr. Prasanna Venkatesan who currently
serves as the R10 GINI Coordinator had started to move into a position of
heading the GINI project.

One of the biggest extensions of the GINI project is the collaboration

platform which is a one stop solution to find out about all SAC activities
happening in a given section. Just like the procedure being followed at
GINI, the collaboration platform is being tested out with three pilot
sections Delhi, Hyderabad and Pakistan at this point in time. Over a period
of time, it shall help to aid in technical collaboration, industrial partnership
programs and much more that is currently being worked upon.

In a nutshell, the GINI project has surfaced as the star project of an

already vibrant region. It’s just the beginning of the project and we are
still finding our footing in this vast ocean of possibilities. The future surely
looks superbly exciting!



IEEE is an organization, participating in which can improve the personality

of a person, be it technically or managerially. The globally integrated
network of IEEE gives an opportunity to a person to explore the world
outside the campus in the undergraduate level itself. Which other society
in just $27 will provide you a chance to be a part of an all expenses paid
conference to interact with students from 8 different countries?

A person getting involved in the activities under IEEE always adds value to
his/her resume apart from the academics. The name IEEE has all the great
inventors such Thomas A. Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and great
inventions on science attached to its history. It provides the opportunity
for youngsters to showcase their talent to the outside world. With the
guidance of our Branch Counselor, Dr. Prerna Gaur (who has always been
so supportive to us), the present EXECOMM has managed to reach new

I wish the Team FERVOUR and the IEEE Members of BVPIEEE Student
Branch all the very best and hope they put the best of their efforts to put
up a great show in FERVOUR 2010.




Music, one of the most understated and yet omnipresent part of our daily
lifestyle. Music calms the mind, soothes the senses and lightens up life.
Since ancient times, this form of art has been treated as a reverie, as
cogitation, as a passion, no less than a way of life. It has the power to
create and give strength in people in the direst of situation. Musicians
have been time and again heralded as visionaries, and rightly so.

But again, music has been a form of art that has been most affected by
the changing times and conditions. The evolution of the musical art form
has been interminable in time. With each passing decade, technology has
shaped and altered musical forms, creating new nuances and
immortalizing the old.

Technology first started influencing music in the 1940s. Fresh out of World
War II, the music of that era greatly depicted the widespread elation due
to the end of the war, as well as the deep sorrow and agony at the huge
losses to mankind. The advent of rock and roll, which included at that time
jazz, country, folk, swing, and other types of music, was influenced greatly
by the technology available at that time. Musical instruments such as the
mandolin and the classic guitar were used by legendary artists and bands
like Bill Haley and his comets. The electric guitar was brought into the
mainstream in the late 1940s and early 1950s, then unknown that it was
going to change the music industry forever. Since the recordings were
done using microphones, tube valve amplifiers and 78-rpm discs cut by
simple lathe machines, the sound quality of the discs available was less
than modern day telephone voice quality. Thus, the leading bands and
artists concentrated more on live performances and shows than on studio
albums, which were recorded and aired on radio.

The music scene in the 1950s and 1960s saw a huge makeover owing to
development in technologies. Amplification technologies led to the
progress of the electric guitars, and when 19 year old Elvis Presley took up
the heavily amplified electric guitar, it became a watershed point in the
development of music. The 60s saw new electronics sounds coming in for
experimentation and development of styles such as R&B, blues and of
course, the pop!

It was the 1970s which saw mainstream integration of music with

technology. Through the decades of the 70s and 80s, the use of heavy
guitars, bass guitars, and electronic drums formed the technologically
based genres like metal, progressive and early-on punk rock, with bands
like Pink Floyd leading the scene.

The era also saw the immensely popular genre of hip-hop coming up. With
the invention of new gadgets improvisation of music became much easier.
The intertwining of music and the personal computer opened up a brand
new avenue for musicians. Music composition and notation, sequencing,
experimenting with and creating new sounds, and managing sound
libraries all were accomplished faster with a personal computer. The Apply
MIDI interface allowed easy connectivity of computers and electronic
instruments. Disc jockeying became a mainstream profession as the ever
popular disco carved its way into the minds and hearts of the masses.

Through the last two decades, we have witnessed numerous new genres
such as funk, electronic jazz, electro, trance and techno. Producers have
become artists, and DJs rule entire genres. But the value of the artists who
were on their own without technological help still remains true. Indian
maestros like Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Ravi Shankar, Pandit Hariprasad
Chaurasia have

immortalized their respective instruments. Their sounds can be replicated

electronically, but people still want to see their ageless idols showcasing
their inimitable talent.

Technological advancements don't turn poor musicians into great players.

The distinct techniques and musical interpretations of great performers
can't be recreated using technology. But technology can produce new
musical effects and enhance the musical capabilities and possibilities of
any musician. Millions of people wait years for their favourite musicians to
come out with new songs and renditions. Songs which are created using
manmade technological techniques, but which still hold some of the
innermost parts of the human soul, to be cherished and celebrated in the
lyrical form and to become eternal in time.

Music has come a long way since Edison invented the phonogram in the
19th century, and the avenue is still expanding. Radio gave way to the
television videos. Apple’s iTunes changed the way we acquired our music,
ushering in a new era of digital music downloads. Music has changed with
time and conditions. Today, technology is an inseparable and cohesive
part of music, but music still remains as it always was: an art as integral a
part of man as his own heart and soul.


In today’s ‘modern’ society a person who is an atheist is looked down
upon and is treated as someone who does not take pride in his religion.
But I think people have misunderstood the meaning of atheism and here’s
my take on atheism that I would like to put forward.

The rational atheist marvels at the wonderful complexity of this world and
he seeks accordingly to understand the intricacies of its workings. The
spiritualist on the other hand assumes that the invisible hand of god must
control anything too complex to understand.

The atheist loves learning new things and even loves being proved wrong.
The spiritualist accepts imparted wisdom as true without questioning it.
The atheist accepts that his allotted time on earth is what he has and
thinks therefore about what values are important to him. Granted, in
some cases it leads to self indulgence and in pure hedonism, but in my
case it has made me feel that my human duties lie in tending to this
planet and trying to make it a better place for the sake of my own and
everyone else’s children. But chances are that the spiritualist, having
placed all responsibilities on God will assume that god will take care of it.

The atheist identifies himself as a human being; the spiritualist identifies

as a Muslim, a Hindu, and a Christian. Most importantly, the spiritualist
identifies people not of his religion as the ‘other’, which at extreme,
results in bombs, destroyed temples, mosques and churches. So, please
believe that many of us non-believers have arrived at our beliefs and
values in a serious way. When is the last time you’ve questioned your own


NEETA MA’AM - Our Ex-Branch Counselor

Mrs. Neeta Pandey, a perfect blend of patience, dedication and diligence,

has been with the IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE ever since the inception
of the branch way back in 2005. Her great dedication to work has been
the prime key to her unmatchable vibrant personality. She was the one
and only driving force for the creation of such a vibrant branch which has
become a brand name today. I would like to make a petty effort to pen
down her enumerable achievements with the BVCOE family.

Our ex-branch counselor Mrs. Neeta Pandey completed M.Sc. (Electronics)

from Rajasthan University, M.E. (Microelectronics) from BITS, Pilani and
finally Ph.D. from G.G.S.I.P. University in 2009. She has worked for CEERI
(Pilani), CARE (IIT, Delhi), PCCS (Noida) and BVCOE. Currently she is
serving Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE).

Very tough were the beginning days of our IEEE Student Branch. Even
after six years of establishment of the college, the interface for students
to interact with the external technical world was missing. It was this
primary reason which sparked the idea of formation of a technical forum
or society. Under the able guidance of Mrs. Pandey, IEEE Student Branch
of BVCOE was created in August, 2005 and officially inaugurated on 31st
Jan., 2006. Mrs. Pandey continued her unending efforts to motivate the
students to take up the membership by organizing various orientation
sessions for them in the classes. Groups were formed for senior students
to train the juniors. Guest lectures were organized under her guidance to
let the students learn about technical topics and cutting-edge
technologies. Activities like ROOTS, whose aim was to motivate the
students of Class XIth and XIIth to opt for engineering as a career option,
were also started.

Our branch embarked upon various other projects like FERVOUR (the
annual technical fest), STAR activities, lectures from eminent
personalities, mock interviews and placement activities. Students were
performing brilliantly in every activity and bringing laurels to the branch
and the college, be it in or outside college. One more feather in the list of
her achievements was the official inauguration of the Women In
Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group in Sept, 2007. The achievements of the
branch kept on increasing by leaps and bounds under her supervision.
National events like National Students Symposium and Plan De Negocios
were also organized which opened new doors of cross college interaction
and helped to build new bonds with other IEEE student branches.

The able guidance of our new branch counselor Mr. Rahul Bahl is equally
motivating and supportive, but we surely miss our philosopher and guide
Mrs. Neeta Pandey. She has been a motherly figure for all the student
members and has always promoted the interests of the students and the
branch above everything else. Her ability to connect to every student
member, identify their talent and bring out the best in them by carving
out a niche for them in the activities of the branch, has been
commendable. She has never imposed her opinions on the branch and
was open to new ideas, however contradicting they might be.
Innumerable students stand witness to the wonderful job she has done to
make better engineers out of every student she has taught or every
student member of the branch who has had the honour of working with

Going down the by lanes of memory, I

remember that the journey has been long but
joyous. The beginning of the branch was a
difficult endeavor. But the enthusiasm with
which the students worked with me and the
support which I got from the management,
faculty and staff of the institute made nothing
seem impossible.

I still remember the day when we got the

Mrs. Neeta approval for IEEE Student Branch in our
Pandey college. That was the day which marked the
Assistant Professor beginning of a great era to come. The talent of
Delhi College of students which was latent due to the lacking
Engineering interface with the technical world had to be
Ex- Branch Counselor, channelized. And these students were the ones
IEEE Student Branch, who did it.
The glory, name and fame achieved by this
student branch is solely due to the work done
by the students. I am thankful to the students
for suggesting my name for the Outstanding
Branch Counselor Award. Though the award
was received by me, but it was the
togetherness and teamwork due to which we
accomplished every goal that we had set.

I would also like to thank the management

without whom the idea of taking this branch to
great heights would have remained a dream
only. The support and encouragement from our
Principal, HODs and faculty has been endless. I
thank each and every one for their motivation
and dedication. I enjoyed each and every
moment spent with the students and the

I feel very proud when I hear the new

achievements accomplished by this branch. It
gives me immense pleasure to hear about the
grand scale on which FERVOUR 2010 is going
to be organized. There may be challenges
ahead in the years to come but I am confident
that the youth of the branch will connect very
well with the society in making India a stronger
power. I wish you all the best for the upcoming
FERVOUR and all the
other activities in
the womb of future.

May God be with

you in all your
The IEEE Student Branch of Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Engineering has
since its inception aimed at promoting IEEE among students as a common
platform to share their technical perspective through interactive sessions.
Our endeavour is to harness the boundless youth potential and create a
rich pool of technical expertise as well as artistic talent. This is done by
conducting interactive sessions to share opinions, views and individual
perspective which shall eventually lead to intermingling of technical
competence and the creation of a unified and progressive vision.


The annual IEEE fest Fervour 2009 was organized in the month of January by
the student branch. This extravaganza witnessed some truly eye catching
events and was held on a much larger and magnanimous scale than its
predecessors. With a wide spectrum of activities, the fest drew massive
participation not only from numerous Delhi and NCR colleges, but also from
premier institutes all over the country. The 2-day fest encompassed events
ranging from technical to managerial, from literary to informal; thus providing
the students with a perfect opportunity to portray their vivid capabilities and
showcase their talents in various fields of learning.

The following were the main highlights of the fest:-

Plan De Negocios: Business Plan Contest

Our country India is an upcoming economy which is at the moment trying

to build a stable and secure infrastructure. To meet our requirements we
are making efforts to seek new technologies and innovative ideas that can
be converted into major successful ventures. The Business Plan contest
was a platform for such ideas to be heard and for start up projects to be
felicitated for their efforts.

National Students Symposium

Fervour 2009 organized a “One Day Students Symposium”, on the theme

Emerging Technologies: Challenge For The Future, on January 30, 2009.
This national symposium provided an opportunity for budding innovators
to showcase their talent. It was an ideal platform for the students to
present their ideas and work in the areas of technical research.

International Education Fair

Realizing the importance of higher education abroad, IEEE student branch

major events. IEF at FERVOUR' 09 had participation from many elite
organizations including USEFI, N+I FRANCE, KANGAROO STUDIES and
others. These groups and organizations are involved in assisting students
applying to foreign universities for post graduate courses. The response
was stupendous and the students gained a lot of knowledge.

Other Events Organized

Following is the list of the events organized under Fervour 2009 as per
their respective category:

1. Technical Events
Being the fest of a premier engineering college, various technical events
were organized to give an opportunity to the students to test their
technical skills. These were:
• Trace the maze

• Brainstorming - The recall game

• National Student Symposium


• Project Exhibition

• Line Follower Robot Competition

• Circuit Making

• Automation Quiz

2. Managerial Events
Fervour 2009 provided an opportunity to the students to develop their
managerial skills by organizing various managerial events. The Managerial
Section was one of the major highlights of the fest. The various
managerial events were as follows:
• Plan De Negocios
• Case Study
• Markkinointi-MBA Guru
• Conundrums
• Business of Cricket
• Bullz N Bears

3. Literary Events
Fervour 2009 provided the students with an opportunity to hone their
literary and oratory skills by presenting an amalgamation of varied literary
events, ranging from quizzes to group discussions. The various Literary
Events were :

• Connect the dots - The General Quiz

• Speak your mInD!!
• Debate
• Spin-a-yarn

4. Gaming Events
Fervour 2009 organized two major gaming events in order to entertain the
students and to encourage their gaming skills.
• EXPLORE- The Treasure Hunt

6. Informal Events

Besides the technical, managerial and literary events, a whole lot of

informal events were also organized in order to incorporate some fun in
the fest. Following are the informal events:
• Matki Phod
• PENgeance-The Pen Fight
• Meet OR Delete
• Filmy Chakkar
• RJ Crazy-FEVER 104

7. Sports events
Keeping in mind the importance of sporting activities, two sports events
were introduced in Fervour 2009. The sports events were:
• Futsal
• Chess

FERVOUR 2009 was a huge success and it fulfilled its promise of bringing
out the technical as well as creative side of every student involved in it.


In the month of September 2009, IEEE dignitaries from the Head
Organization, USA visited our college for a seminar on the growing
diversity of IEEE and its current and future prospects. This seminar was
held in collaboration with Global Talent Track (GTT). Joseph Lillie, an
eminent scientist and IEEE President Elect 2010, and James Prendergast,
IEEE Executive Director, presided over the seminar. They shared their
experiences within the IEEE community and encouraged the students to
be actively involved in the field of technology. The other dignitaries
included Peter Sobel, Matt Loeb and Cecilia Jankowski. We were delighted
to hear the views of such distinguished people and be in their august


October 2009

The Dr. Vikram Sarabhai Rotating Shield Quiz was held in the month of
October. This annual event saw massive participation with over 92 teams
registering for the quiz. The teams belonged to premier colleges of Delhi
teams passed the preliminary stage to qualify for the finals. 4 gruelling
rounds were held in the final stage which tested the knowledge of the
participants in nearly every sphere of technology, history and current
affairs possible under the sun.

WIE STAR PROGRAMS – 20th January, 2009The IEEE Student Branch

is a student body affiliated to the world’s largest technical society, IEEE.
The Women In Engineering (WIE) Affinity Group was started by the branch
in 2007 which aims at motivating women to excel in the realm of
engineering. We have been actively involved in a number of activities and
counselling sessions to propagate the importance and future prospects
available in the field of science and engineering for the girl child.

WIE administers the IEEE Student Teacher and Research Engineer

Scientist Program (STAR) to mentor young women in junior and high
schools. It addresses the young girls who are discouraged from careers in
science and provides technical support network for teachers and a
mentoring program for students.

The student members from our branch visit various schools and a session;
talking to the students, especially girls about the scope and excitement of
the various career options available to them, especially in science and

The students of Govt Co-ed Sarvodaya Vidyalaya, Inderpuri and Govt

Sarvodaya Co-ed Vidyalaya, New Police Lines were given such an
orientation session highlighting the background as well as future
opportunities in the field of science and engineering. The audience
comprised of 33 girls and the session was 1 hour long.
ROOTS- Reaching Out in Oblation to Schools

ROOTS is a flagship activity of IEEE-BVCOE. Students go to their

respective schools for guiding students about engineering as a career and
as a tool for national & human development. An Essay writing competition
was organized for schoolchildren who visited our campus.


This event was basically aimed at inviting more and more of the school
students to the college and imparting awareness to them about the
significance and importance of the field of Science and Engineering.
Fervour 2009 provided the school students with an opportunity to
showcase their artistic, creative and oratory skills through various events
organized especially for them.
The Delhi School Summit was a huge success and the events gave a good
exposure to the students and helped them to hone their skills.

PRATIBIMB - 30th March & 27th November 2009

The official journal of the IEEE student branch of BVCOE released its first
issue of the year in the month of March 2009. It included articles catering
to a variety of subjects such as literary, managerial, popular science,
technical, guest section etc.

PRATIBIMB is a perfect reflection of the perfection that we strive to

achieve in our endeavours as a part of the IEEE family. It is a vivid
portrayal of our aims and fundamental objectives as a student branch.
Articles were collected from students of the college and put together in a
perfect collage of different ideologies and innovative thoughts. PRATIBIMB
is a symbol of unrestricted self expression and creativity.

The mega issue of Pratibimb was released online in a completely new and
fresh design and format in the month of November 2009.

“Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not for every
man’s greed”

FERVOUR 2010 has a create awareness regarding the

environmental challenges being faced ignite the spark of
conservation of Mother judiciously use the available reuse and recycle.

FERVOUR has taken up an initiative in this direction to promote the

concept of environmental conservation as we are standing at the
crossroads and have to act fast else bear the consequences of our
reckless attitude.

We have designed a few major events to be included as part of our Green


 Recycling of all papers utilized in various events of the fest

 Demonstration of paper recycling by eminent


 All documentation and publicity to be done on electronic


 Planting of saplings by faculty members

 Business Plan and National Student Symposium project


 Minimizing the use of banners and maximising electronic

publicity by means of LCD screens in the college campus.

 Printing the magazine using Garamond font that utilises the

least amount of ink.

 Painting FERVOUR with the colour of nature “GREEN”

So come join hands with us in this celebration of youth.....of harmony.....of

innovation.....the onus lies on us because when Nature Calls.....Humanity
has to Listen!!!!!


Tigers have been part of the ecosystem for thousands of years. Recent
killings of our national animal have led to the danger of it disappearing
from our country’s forests. Its existence is under great threat.

This is even more shocking given that there were a total of 40,000 tigers
in India in the last century. Tigers were considered a part of our
heritage. And now only 1,411 are believed to be left. This huge difference
shows the merciless slaughter of this beautiful animal.

The Indian Government, which has been spending billions of rupees on

border protection, should also allocate funds for protecting tigers and their
natural habitats. The illegal trade in poached skins between India, Nepal &
China has been a cause of critical concern. In India, a local poacher may
sell tiger body parts for anything from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,000.

There are various NGOs working towards the cause. You can join them or
fund them by donating a suitable amount of your choice. There are many
websites which have taken up the campaign in a major way. You can
publicise and blog about the urgency of this matter on these sites and
thus spread awareness about this issue. Another initiative can be to
educate the poachers in prison to become conservationists and stop
others from entering into this trade.

The politicians must now recognize the importance of this matter and
must act towards it seriously. With hefty sums spent on the development,
a small share of millions wouldn’t matter much.
The co-operation of major names in the industry and the NGOs can help a
lot in spreading awareness about the matter. The media has to be brought
into the picture. Without it, the cause cannot be heard by the masses.
Editors of various newspapers and news channels can educate people on
the sensitivity of the matter and motivate them to donate money for the
Renowned social workers and various famous celebs can head the cause
and rally people around them to address this grave issue.

The ultimate goal is to educate the people about the rapidly diminishing
number of the big cats because it is you who can make a difference!


The IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE is aware of the presence of deserving

ideas which need to be nurtured into successful ventures. This contest is
thus a platform for such ideas and start-up ventures to be heard and
felicitated for their efforts. The purpose of this event is to unleash the
entrepreneurial spirit of young students and to formulate new ideas to be
implemented. The event is judged on the parameters of feasibility of the
concept, strategy, corresponding analysis – market and financial,
innovation, social impact and overall presentation.
The event is supported by Department of Science & Technology Govt. of
The Business Plan event is subdivided into 2 categories:--

1. Post Graduate

2. Under Graduate


FERVOUR 2010 presents National Students Symposium- “Green

Technologies, Challenges for the future.” This national level paper
presentation presents the students with an excellent opportunity to
propose innovative ideas in various fields of research. The theme of this
symposium is Green Technologies and is an effort to urge the youth to
develop sustainable solutions for the existing problems of the nation.

The event is supported by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research,

Govt. of India.


FIGURE OUT THE PATH (Robotic Line Follower)

This contest tests a builder's ability to construct a robot which can follow a
simple line course. The primary objective of the contest is speed and


The event combines the excitement of ROBO MAZE and ROBO WARRIORS.
There will be two teams competing against each other. Each team will
have to protect its own flag from the other team and avoid touching the
other team’s flag in order to win the event. The teams will begin in their
own halves, moving through the maze and proceeding towards the other
team’s flag. The track will comprise of obstacles and pits. If the team falls
into the pit or moves out of arena, they are disqualified.

DIGI MANIA (Digital design ICE matrix maze)

As the name speaks for it, the event demands the participant’s knowledge
in designing a digital circuit as per the design specifications thrust upon
him. The first round involves the participant to answer 25 to 30 questions
based on simple digital logic and digital IC's. The final round

requires the team to design a digital circuit based on the specifications

given to them within a time limit.


To give the students an opportunity to test their programming skills we

are organizing a VHDL code cracking competition, as well as a C/C++
programming event


This is a PC assembling event which requires in depth knowledge of the

hardware support.
The students shall be given a certain amount of time to assemble the
components and create a functional PC.



This is a unique quiz comprising of business and cricket strategies. There

shall be a preliminary round after which the final round shall consist of a
Virtual Bidding pool of 50 players using a certain amount of virtual money
allocated to all teams.

AD-MAD - the Advertising Contest

AdMad - the Advertising Contest is an event for all the creative geniuses.
Ad Mad is an event for all those who have the ability to cast a spell on


The event is aimed to bring out the best amongst the participants when
exposed to real world business problems. The event would test the
comprehending ability, decision taking capability and overall resource
management ability of the participant.


Pick a brokerage or a mutual fund of your preference, or hedge them, and

that’s just the beginning. There’s a world of options in this virtual world,
with minute by minute graphs of shares, and news flashes giving updates
on market moods. It is real stock market game played with virtual money.
The players face real time share price fluctuations and trade accordingly.
This event allows you to understand the vagaries of the stock exchange
and gain experience before you take the markets head-on.



PRISM 2010 is a platform for dispersion of ideas and thoughts in a

transparent manner. It focuses on the theme of the fest “Go Green”.
It’s a mega event and will provide a unique and challenging opportunity
for the students to display their debating potential and voice their opinion.

Film Faire - A Big BVPIEEE Production

The storyteller in you is awaiting a chance. This event is a chance to turn

an experience at ‘FERVOUR 2010’ into a story; a chance to see a story
turn into a film and capture a myriad of human expressions in the
process. To all the budding filmmakers – pack your bags, grab your
cameras, tie your shoelaces and head towards FERVOUR 2010.
FERVOUR 2010 gives you a chance to bring out your inner artist, capture
our story and showcase it to the world.


A perfect appetizer to Fervour 2010, "Battle of Wits" is the clash of minds

running with the speed of light. For all those who have a photographic
memory, sharpen your minds, match your wits and PROVE yourself! Battle
of Wits is a recall game. There will be a preliminary elimination round and
a final round, both rounds will test the mental agility of the participants.

This event is a chance to showcase your skills and knowledge about the
different cultures of the world. CULTURE VULTURE aims to test your
knowledge about the various cultures of the world.



This event aims at bringing out the creativity of the students and giving
them a chance to express themselves with colours. The theme of the
event is Environment and its Myriad Shades.

ART ATTACK The Graffiti

The event is designed to give the students with a palette and a brush to
paint FERVOUR with their imagination, creativity and artistic genius. The
theme of this event is Go Green Go Clean!!!!

The rain had just begun. He picked up his pace. He was hoping to catch
one of the quicker buses to his destination. Out of the corner of his eye,
and through the veil of his perception he saw another man struggling. The
rain had picked up too. He stopped to observe this individual. Cars zipped
past him. Was he in a state of apprehension?

“Excuse me, can I help you.”

“(Hesitantly) – Ah yes, um, actually I need to cross the road, but you will
get wet in the rain.”

“It doesn’t matter, let’s go.”

“(Gratefully) – Thank you so much. So, where are you going?”

“I am going that way.”

“Then we are going in the opposite direction. This is out of the way for

“Not at all, I will catch a bus from there.”

“So, where do you live?”

“Somewhere in this region, 7-8 kilometers from here, do you want to take
the escalator or the ramp?”

“The escalator will do, I think.”

During their conversation, the two negotiated NUMEROUS sidewalk ledges

(climbing up and down), cars and awkwardly placed sign/advertisement
boards to make their way to the foot-over bridge. Just as the relevance of
the questions picked up, the instructions and cautions to avoid obstacles
came thick and fast. They picked up their pace. One was in the lead with
the other almost struggling to keep up. One focused on getting to the
destination, the other preoccupied. Since, they were concentrating on
their steps, the questions faded. They reached the foot of the escalator.

“We are at the escalator.”

“(Attentively) Ok”

“Take your step now. Bye.”

saw him ascend, his face contorted with an impulse of fear. He looked
deserted. I realized, I had helped him onto the escalator, but how would
he get off? A heavy rush came between us and I couldn’t get onto the
steps, leave aside forcing my way through the crowd. I couldn’t see him. I
just prayed he would be alright.

He did not know he had to turn right after getting off the moving stairs. He
walked straight, slowly, with caution. I realized he was making his way
back down to the side where he started from.

My work was far from over. I scurried towards the ramp, ran up to the
second level where he had stopped. He realized he was going the wrong
way. He turned slowly. I quickly rejoined him.

“Sorry for leaving you like that, I got a little confused.”

“(Relieved) It’s alright. So where are you going? Do you study somewhere

“I am going to my college. It is a considerable distance from here.”

“(Hopefully) – Do you travel everyday?”

“Yes, but the time varies.”

“(Slightly dejected) – You must be running late?”

“Nah, I have plenty of time. I’ll get you to the other side first.”

We crossed sides, and got off the correct ramp. I was probably walking too
fast for his comfort. He never complained. He was grateful. We reached
the other side. I asked a sensible looking fellow to help the man onto a
suitable bus. I bid him farewell. He thanked me, he said goodbye. I walked

I realized, I had not handled the situation in the best possible way, but my
intentions were good. I was awed by the situation. I was trying to be too
nice, too gracious almost to the extent of showing pity for this stranger. In
retrospect, I came to the understanding that while asking me all those
questions he was hoping our travel timings or route would match. My
reading of the situation could be absolutely wrong. Maybe he was simply
being nice.
I and many I know, complain about traveling long distances. We complain
about the lack of a routine, of comfortable transportation and so much

The man I helped today was blind.

I wonder how he feels each day. We should be grateful for the blessings
we have and enjoy. I was humbled today. I deserve no praise, no credit for
what I did. In reality, I am guilty for not having done something like this
earlier in my life. The state is guilty for turning a blind eye towards its
responsibilities. Society is guilty. I wonder how he travels on days when
fools don’t ‘help’ him cross the road.

What kind of world do we live in? We all have our own destiny, they say

Turn on the internet
When you really need to push it
Life is a handful of short stories, Avoid the lonely rooms,
Yet at the end of the day
You don't bother to look at it
With the sun setting by,
You let it sway.
And try getting outside.
I guess it's time now Live your life,
That you impress yourself. As if it's a wild ride.
To grow as a person,
Than shrink into an elf. I know clumsiness hovers,
Find your fears and try to fly over But don't let it.
them. You've got to know, you in yourself
Even at failure, are an epic.
You'll be overwhelmed
After all if you're failing, you're not So go and make that count for
the only one something.
Pick yourself up Feel and make your life worth
Until it's all done. living.
Learn from the mistakes I'm sure we have people around n
committed above
And try again, Who'll be cheering us for this,
No matter how insanely it drives With gallons of love.
you insane.
Reach high,
Not trying may feel more For the stars hidden in your soul.
comfortable, Dream deep,
Than taking risks For your eternal goal.
That you're sure capable. In the end, you'll realize to keep
But that's not LIFE, pace,
Or you think it is ? Tie your shoe lace right, and run
Each moment is a new canvas, the lost race
So turn it into something vivid. I'm not asking for much, but just a
We all want happiness, mile.
And definitely, no pain, At best, I consider this,
But this isn't how life works As dying with style.
'Cause we've to have our shares
Of equal loss and gain. At times you find yourself ugly
But you don’t ever need to
Come on guys, go outside the lines. We've all got beauty,
Just don't stand still. Only when we begin to think so.
Shape up your lives, In someone, in the way they walk,
It's all on your will. In others, the way they talk
In some, to find beauty in others Creatures that call the sea their
for a while home….
in others an elegance whenever And invite you to come down for a
they smile. visit, erasing all boundaries of the
blue horizons.
All too hard for you ? You go below the surface…..Above
Believe me; you'll be in love with the waves……Beyond your
yourself, if you really do. expectations…..
'Cause I don't want you
To fall for the wrong one, When the tide comes in, the ocean
To let you fill your life with drop- floor becomes a stage.
dead darkness And one can celebrate the vibrancy
Instead of the shining sun. of cities by the sea…..Immerse the
soul in an underwater circus where
gravity and grandeur perform in
full splendour.
And suddenly the ocean floor
The simple pleasures of life doesn’t seem so calm anymore.
Will one day flow through in a tide
Exploring the uncharted waters,
And with that life, you'll want to fly one gets a feeling of immense
to the moon ecstasy.
But remember The waves move back and forth,
I'll always need you, move side to side, upside down
So I too intend to come around and inside out.


Stepping foot into these waves

takes on a journey through a
DEEP…BLUE…SEA sunken city on the wings of a
mystifying boat. With the tide, you
Since time immemorial gently come back ashore and
People are drawn to it every day… fervently wait to rush into the arms
Some to watch its ebb and flow, of the ocean once again.
Others to be immersed in its gentle
powers, As the night quilts the world,
And even more to feed an against the setting sun, the ocean
inevitable curiosity becomes a canvas of colour,
About this world beneath our world exuberance and energy. The pull of
the moon sweeps you away to
What’s beneath those gentle where magnificent creatures and
waves? shimmering fireworks soar into the
And the electrifying spirit of the
sea fills the shore. Minds that are fresh, hearts that
Those spectacular, breathtaking are clean,
moments bring the water and sky Life is long – a delicious dream,
to life and the soul experiences Rosy cheeks, complexion fair,
pure bliss….. The springtime of Life is in the air.

The sea is divine and it casts off Like a new fledged flower you may
into the night its magic, enthralling blossom
the world and leaving it And grow, may your leader soul.
spellbound….. Escape the cold winds that blow
But O happy lad! Let not your
ANUBHA KAPUR spring time fade away,
BVCOE And turn into a Winter’s day.

For you, the generation that shall

YOUTH rise,
And after this hell into a paradise.

Be a paragon of all that’s good and right;

For you are the one who shall bring light.

Be forever divine, carriers of peace,

Like the dove,

Look at the world through the window of love.
O! Youth of the world unite,
Become one spirit and fight,
Against wrong, against evil, against all sin,

March ahead with the power of GOD within!



I am dead sure and certain

There lurks something behind the curtain
A curtain that would never lift
Howsoever others may like to shift
To the next iron-gate
For their own ends to investigate.

All things go round and round

Tension may be all around
Though life’s enigma may all confuse
Yet truth underlying, none can refuse
All may be terribly afraid
On seeing a dangerous shade.

Just a whiff of fresh air may enliven

All objects and species divine-driven
Human life is just like a blank paper
On which one may write one’s own venture
“So take the liberty after some trouble.
For a sure success YOU MUST STRUGGLE.”




1000 BC: Human civilization is at the verge of a dawn. Civilizations in

different parts of the world have developed trade links. Hence they are
beginning to understand each other. Much of the phenomena in nature are
unexplained to humanity. Indians have made remarkable progress in terms
of these mind matters. Vedas provide a deep insight to their expertise. Still a
lot is to be understood. This lack of understanding forms the root of a lot of
human problems. It will remain the same for the next three thousand years
in different manifestations.

0 AD: There have been strong interactions between different parts of human
civilization. Alexander is the first known person to have had the ambition to
rule the world and having done substantially in this direction. He was
defeated by Chandragupta Maurya when he attacked India, and was killed by
his generals on the way back home, suggesting that typical human
behaviour has not changed since centuries. India, China and Europe emerge
as main centers of learning. Most of the scientific domains are vague and
largely misunderstood. In India, King Ashoka gives the world what can be
regarded as the primary draft of the universal declaration on human rights.
The concept of universal equality is born. The world has just seen the most
remarkable man to have ever walked on the face of the earth, Gautam
Buddha. This status will remain unchanged for next two thousand years.
Judaism and Buddhism are the religions practised my much of humanity.

1000 AD: Humans have started showing their ugly side in a big way. The
advent of Islam and earlier Christianity has led to holy wars and crusades.
Europe is on the path of moral decline, and more so is India. Internal feud
and disunity in both these societies have led to a large number of external
invasions. Buddhism gave way to Hinduism which is largely a mix of ancient
pagan traditions and revered epics. Indians have lost the true knowledge
their ancestors had expertise on. There has been some progress in the
scientific front. The decline of Europe and India has given a huge blow to
human learning.

2000 AD: Europe turned around in the period of 15th century, giving much of
the scientific progress to humans till date, while India went deeper into the
oblivion. Indians are now far away from the path on which they started. In
the last two centuries, the unknown America has emerged in a big way,
leading the world in almost all fields today. European colonialism led to
backwardness, but more importantly, the integration of large parts of the
world including America. The fundamental principles like equality and
freedom are parts of rulebooks of a large number of nations. Revolutions
have turned monarchy to democracy all over the world. The world today is
far less fragmented than it has been ever before. Free thought is the flavour
of the day. Very few people agree, but I believe we are getting better. It

Some time in the future we will see a day, when everybody gets what he
When people learn the true value of peace and love, when only the
deserving get to govern…
When humans won’t need passports to explore mother earth…
When everyone kisses the stars in the night sky goodbye and goes to bed
without a worry.


Let’s travel back in time to the start of this millennium. Fresh off the Y2K
block, nothing seems disrupted, and we’re good to go.

You don’t need to pay attention to note the apparent lack of cellular
communication. In fact, coming from the second decade, it’s downright
absurd that people aren’t talking to ghosts while walking on the streets.
Anyway, this is what life was like back then.

Come 2003, mobile phones had begun their invasion. More and more
people were succumbing to these new rectangles which worked as
phones. Sooner than you could say ‘onomatopoeia’, these phones were
everywhere, like ants in a house desperate for pest control. Apparently, it
took you two years to say that word, because by then, there were more
phones on the planet than there were people.

And all of this didn’t happen without reason. These rectangles didn’t stop
at merely functioning as phones. Their screens grew bigger, brighter and
even evolved to display colorful pixels. With such a dizzying array of
features, mobile phones began displacing products that weren’t even of
the same genre. People no longer needed bulky alarm clocks and Canon
met its most formidable competitor on the digicam market.

Oh, the telephony!

With all battles won, were we finally going to witness the end of the
cellular era of the Information Age? Was this the end?

No. Two years later, after you said that word again, ‘Apple Computers’
scratched its name and became ‘Apple’ with the launch of the iPhone.
Now, people with a deeply myopic vision had no predictions to make, but
every other human being had a new phone to buy. This new rectangle was
not just another mobile phone, mind you. It created a revolution within a
revolution. It completely changed the game any mobile phone was
playing, for it was the first phone to have just one button. We had seen
touchscreen phones in the past, but this was different. This entire
rectangle of a phone was a screen and nothing else.

Soon afterwards, veterans like Nokia and Sony Ericsson had no option but
to play the game this way. Following the iPhone’s launch in 2007, product
designers changed their blueprints and began manufacturing similar
looking phones. However, Apple grew larger in a very rampant nature
owing to the fact that all these other clone phones would, at best, mimic
the functions of the iPhone. People of the Earth quickly learned that these
were merely competing to be iPhone-killers, and noted that the iPhone
was never referred to as its-own-clone-killer.
Another onomatopoeia later, today we’re back with a rectangle that
completely changes all the other rectangles. Hopefully, this is not the end
of the cellular era of the Information Age, either. Windows Mobile 7 is
coming up, stay tuned for that.

By the way, this was written on an iPhone. Just so you know.


There was a time, when nuclear energy was merely an exotic, futuristic
technology, the subject of experiments and the “stuff” of science fiction.

But, in today’s era, IT IS A REALITY.

We all here are abreast about the Earth’s unstable condition of limited
supplies of coal and oil.
What after these are over? Have we changed ourselves to survive without
them? Or do we have an alternative?

The best answer to this is Nuclear fission, which releases 10 million times
greater energy than is released by the burning of fossil fuel and that too
without the emission of greenhouse gases which can save us from the
ongoing "global warming" crisis.
In fact, a thermal power plant releases 100 times as much radiation than a
nuclear power plant of the same wattage.

The alternatives are available such as construction of solar collectors, wind

farms etc. but my question is what about the thousands of hectares of land it
requires and that TOO when there is already dearth of land. A Nuclear power
station is so compact that it occupies typically the area of a football stadium.

For nuclear power generation we need raw materials like uranium. The
uranium-238 which is easily convertible to the fissionable form of uranium-
235 is found everywhere in the crust of the earth and we can recover 4
billion tons of more uranium from sea water.

Chernobyl Accident was the perfect example of what not to do with a nuclear
reactor: faulty design, unstable reactor with no containment structure,
operated in an experiment with all security systems disconnected lead to
massive destruction.
The Three Mile Island could have been the worst “possible” accident, a core
meltdown, and
yet no one died because of the design of the containment structure.

It is in our hands that nuclear power plants are made safe by seeing to it that
they are well designed, well operated and well maintained.

Therefore, nuclear energy is not only clean, but it is also safe, reliable,
durable and competitive.
With our economy which is constantly pulsating with the rhythm of
modernity we will need more and more power from nuclear energy. It is our
responsibility to promote peaceful application of nuclear energy for benefit of
the entire human race so that exhaustible resources will not be binding on
the needs of “hoi pilloi”.



Stem cell technology is a rapidly developing field that combines the efforts of
cell biologists, geneticists, and clinicians and offers hope of effective
treatment for a variety of malignant and non-malignant diseases. Stem cells
are defined as totipotent progenitor cells capable of self renewal and
multilineage differentiation. Stem cells survive well and show stable division
in culture, making them ideal targets for in vitro manipulation. Although
early research has focused on haematopoietic stem cells, stem cells have
also been recognised in other sites. Research into solid tissue stem cells has
not made the same progress as that on haematopoietic stem cells. This is
due to the difficulty of reproducing the necessary and precise three
dimensional arrangements and tight cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix
interactions that exist in solid organs. However, the ability of tissue stem
cells to integrate into the tissue cell architecture under the control of the
host microenvironment and developmental cues, makes them ideal for cell
replacement therapy.

Haematopoietic stem cells are a somatic cell population with highly specific
homing properties and are capable of self renewal and differentiation into
multiple cell lineages. Human haematopoietic progenitor cells, like stromal
cell precursors in bone marrow, express the CD34 antigen, a transmembrane
cell surface glycoprotein identified by the My10 monoclonal antibody.
However, pluripotent stem cells constitute only a small fraction of the whole
CD34+ population, which is by itself rather heterogeneous regarding
phenotype and function. The best way to define haematopoietic stem cells is
from their functional biology. They are known to restore multilineage, long
term haematopoietic cell differentiation, and maturation in lethally
cytoablated hosts. Haematopoietic stem cells can be obtained from bone
marrow, peripheral blood, umbilical cord blood, and foetal liver.

The use of peripheral blood stem cells in both autologous and allogeneic
transplantation has become routine as they can be collected on an
outpatient basis and also promote a consistent acceleration in
haematopoietic reconstitution after engraftment. Umbilical cord blood stem
cells have been used progressively in paediatric patients, from both related
and unrelated HLA-matched donors. In recipients with severe T cell
immunodeficiency disorders, fast engraftment is required together with a low
risk of graft versus host disease and a low viral transmission rate. Since
umbilical cord blood stem cells can be expanded in vitro or frozen for storage
in cell banks they have been used in clinical trials for both autologous and
allogeneic haematopoietic stem cell transplantation.



Cyber activity has become a significant portion of everyday life of general

public. Thus, the scope of crime investigation has also been broadened.

The Digital Forensics can be defined as, “Application of Physical Sciences to

Law in the search for truth in civil, criminal, and social behavioural matters to
the end that injustice shall not be done to any member of society.”

Digital forensics includes computer intrusion, unauthorized use of corporate

computers, child pornography, and any physical crime whose suspect had a
computer. At the most basic level, digital forensics has three major phases:
Acquisition, Analysis and Presentation.

The Acquisition Phase saves the state of a digital system so that it can be
later analyzed. This is analogous to taking photographs, fingerprints, blood
samples, or tire patterns from a crime scene. As in the physical world, it is
unknown which data will be used as digital evidence so the goal of this phase
is to save all digital values. At a minimum, the allocated and unallocated
areas of a hard disk are copied, which is commonly called an image. Tools
are used in the acquisition phase to copy data from the suspect storage
device to a trusted device. These tools must modify the suspect device as
little as possible and copy all data.

The Analysis Phase takes the acquired data and examines it to identify
pieces of evidence. There are three major categories of evidence we are
looking for:
 Inculpatory Evidence: That which supports a given theory
 Exculpatory Evidence: That which contradicts a given theory
 Evidence of Tampering: That which cannot be related to any theory,
but shows that the system was tampered with to avoid identification.

This phase includes examining file and directory contents and recovering
deleted content .The scientific method is used in this phase to draw
conclusions based on the evidence that was found.
The field of cyber forensics, still in its infancy, possesses a strong need for
direction and definition. Areas of specialty within a professional environment,
certifications, and/or curriculum development are still questioned. With the
continued need to standardize parts of the field, methodologies need to be
created that will allow for uniformity and direction.

Though the R & D in this sector is trying to enhance the present tools used in
this discipline, it has served several fields and industries till now and has
rather emerged as a mainstream science with the prime areas like:

• Computer forensics (hard disk, removable media acquisition and

• Network forensics (network intrusions, abuse, .etc)
• Software forensics (examining malicious code, malware, etc.)
• Live system forensics (compromised hosts, system abuse, etc).


The two revolutionary (or so claimed) steps taken with respect to making
governance better that will be discussed in this essay are “Helplines”
and “Websites for each government department”.

Talking first about the Help lines, especially in the state of Delhi; there are
more than two hundred fifty helplines available to the citizens claiming to
be at their service in any kind of emergency or requirement. But with
more than 250 long eight digit landline numbers to remember, and also
which one for what, is definitely not something that falls in the ambit of
human capabilities. And perusing through your directory in case of an
emergency to look for the right number may not be the best option to
take considering it is after all an emergency we are talking about.

What, in this case is needed, is one common helpline. Say a small easy to
remember number like 123, which can be called for any and everything.
With this, I am not proposing to eliminate the existing helplines and make
the investment thereof redundant. What I am proposing is an intermediary
channel of 123, through which the calls will be directed to the relevant
number as per the need of the caller. An example shall serve to explain
this better. Let’s say I have to call the crime helpline to report a suspicious
activity in my area. Under the current mechanism, I will look it up on the
internet or the directory, and after finding the number, call them. There
exists a high probability that some damage has already happened
meanwhile. However, under the proposed mechanism I will simply dial
123 and they will direct me to the crime helpline. This serves the purpose
of an emergency helpline!

It also helps to achieve increased efficiency of the government officials on

the helpline. Since the call will be recorded by the call centre operating
123, and fortnightly submissions be made to the Head of Department
concerning the helpline, the operator sitting at the helpline to receive calls
will be less callous and more efficient in his working.

The second problem I will lay emphasis on is ignorance and the claimed
solution of websites for each department. Under the RTI Act, every
department is required to disclose a certain amount of information suo-
motto. However, looking at the relevance and ease of accessibility to the
citizens, even the websites which are launched for each department fail
considerably. As a citizen, not a research scholar, what I essentially need
from the website is that information regarding their work and the benefits
I can derive from them. Also I am interested in the schemes, policies and
initiatives they have in store for which I am eligible.
Under the current mechanism, a person may be able to get this
information only after he reaches the department’s site (assuming he
knows which department’s site to look into), looks up the entire site for
the schemes they offer, check his eligibility for the same and then
understand the application procedure. The citizen has to repeat this for
every department he thinks is even slightly connected to him. Chances of
him becoming resilient due to all this efforts involved are high, and he
may choose to be ignorant about the benefits he can potentially avail.
Thus, the expenditure incurred on the scheme is rendered redundant.

An efficient proposal here is one common web portal, wherein the existing
schemes and department’s information will be available at one point.
Though there exists the state website, a common portal should be created
whose USP (Unique Selling Point) will be the schemes available to the
citizens and the ease in accessibility that will be created with respect to
the same.
Under this site, a certain set of commonly applicable eligibility will be
provided to choose from. After filling the tables, an exhaustive list of all
the schemes and policies for which you are eligible will be listed, and on
clicking further the details of each will be displayed. In addition to this,
there will also be links to various government departments’ site, at the
tab of “Departments”.
The entire purpose of these two propositions, and that is where my vision
holds for a change, is convergence of initiatives using technology so they
not only become cost-effective but also efficient in process.



There are thousands of economies and central banks all over the world
that influence the exchange rate between the currencies. This exchange
rate is basically established by central banks, such as the Federal Reserve
System of the United States of America. The Forex is an abbreviation of
the term Foreign Exchange. Just as the rise and fall in the stock market
can be used as a means of trade, the differences in the exchange rate of
the two currencies is used in order to trade and reap the financial benefit
of the exchange rate.
Forex is also known as a currency trading market or an FX. The basic
working principle of the Forex is based on the simple economic model of
barter exchange. The supply and demand facilitate the needs of each
other. For example, a businessman in the United States needs a specific
amount of Euro currency, and at the same time, another businessman in
England needs some Dollars. The two parties that are the ends of the
barter exchange transact with the help of a Forex broker, and the need for
Dollars and Euro is satisfied.

The best trick to really get the grasp of the Forex market is to have a look
at the economies that you wish to trade in. It is best that you stick to a
specific pair of currencies like USD and Euro or USD and Yen, or even Euro
and Rupee. The best way to keep a tab on the behaviour of such
economies is to take into consideration trends in these economies, by
studying the changes in the prices of the recent past or studying the
annual GDP and National Income.

There are also other economic indicators, such as prices of gold and silver
or the prices of oil that can be used to predict and forecast the increase
and decrease in the currency exchange rate. You may also observe the
seasonal rise in the rates of exchange and also observe the upward and
downward projections. The best strategy is to patiently observe growth
and sell before the economy starts going into a downward projection.

If you are planning upon trading and investing in the Forex exchange
market, then it is extremely important to get the right Forex trading
education. It is also important that you arm yourself

with the good knowledge of macroeconomic theories. It must be noted

that the changes in the Forex market are heavily governed by the Laws of
Demand and Supply. Thus, it is necessary to grasp and understand all the
essential economic theories.



‘It was a job anyone could do, everyone thought someone would
do, but nobody did. ‘
This is technically known as ‘Multiplicity of Agencies’. To govern 1,484
km2 of National Capital Territory (NCT of Delhi) we require copious
autonomous agencies which cannot be held responsible collectively and
don’t want to be accountable individually.
I look at my city and recall the proverb ‘Too many cooks spoil the pie’;
Delhi being the pie let’s see who all want a piece of it? Delhi Development
Authority (DDA) is the biggest colonizer of our country involved in
establishing new colonies. It is financed by the Union Government. The
Municipal Corporation is the premier body for provision and maintenance
of urban services, sanitation and certain community facilities in Delhi. It
lacked power in regard to the planning, development and disposal of
urban land (held by DDA). The Legislative Assembly of Delhi has powers to
make laws in respect of all the 68 matters in the State list except public
sector, police and land. (The Delhi Police is controlled by the Home
Ministry). New Delhi Municipal Committee functions more as an
administration set up under the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Lt.
Governor, Delhi. This area is the well maintained North Avenue, South
Avenue and the region around India Gate.

The so called Governance Stratagem being followed in Delhi contravenes

the whole concept of strategic alliance. Delhi is neither a State nor a
Union Territory. For years the elected representatives have been pressing
the legislation to make Delhi a proper state. This would render all the
powers and responsibility of law, sanitation, infrastructure, town planning
an intrinsic part of Delhi Government’s portfolio. I beg to differ, if
bestowing statehood was the perfect solution than there would be no
justification for the poor status quo in Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh
(they rank in the bottom three and are home to one third of our total work
force.). I would never want Delhi to lose its innate character. So I present
a non political solution.

At the time of independence we decided to be a country of the people, by

the people and for the people. Yet we don't have an example of a
democratic society existing in a socialist economy which is the only real
definition of a mixed economy. We have 29 services distributed amongst
6 major control blocks. So the first step is to prepare a database to
integrate all these services over one trestle. It provides fast and easy
access to government services and makes a dialogue with the
Government a cinch. It also cuts down on nepotism. With this new IT
based system the government is able to keep a database of citizens,
which helps in better targeting of welfare programs and minimize the
catachresis of funds. A virtual town hall meeting allows citizens to

watch the proceedings of municipal colloquy, and also enable them to

coproduce a decision which otherwise is not subject to public debate.

The worry of Delhi is not confined within the administrative boundaries of

NCTD. The elucidation for many problems of Delhi lies beyond its borders.
In order to achieve orchestrated development, it is necessary that Delhi is
planned integral to the Region and there should be an amalgamated
approach towards the NCT. In this context it may be suggested to merge
DDA, NCR Planning Board and Delhi Urban Art Commission into a Delhi
Cosmopolitan Development Authority, which will evolve cohesive plans
and programs at various parochial levels of regionalism and make them
liberal in the process.

Harnessing public participation is the last brick in the wall of dexterous

administration. To keep the performance of each department under public
scrutiny we bring the common body under RTI and thus it demands
delineation for disbursement of funds and efficient utilization of resources.
Thus we substitute the opposition party with the supporters who deserve
justification for each developmental project taken up (or rejected) by the

I quote Mrs Shiela Dikshit’s incapacitated request, “Presently the Delhi

Government is a customer of the Central Government.” My solution would
stimulate a sustainable progress by disbursing funds of the tax payers,
who writhe due to lassitude of multiple agencies at present. With this
strategy in place citizens would pursue a sobriquet of ‘Nonpareil’ city
instead of a political party inculcating a vote bank.


Perhaps you're a new entrant into the job market who is lacking
experience in job interviewing. Or perhaps you're a job market veteran
whose resumes and cover letters yield loads of interviews but you never
seem to get the offer job. And the leading mistake in interviewing is not
being fully prepared. It behooves job seekers to use every conceivable
means possible to prepare for the interview and to allow ample time to
fully prepare. Understand that interviewing is a skill and preparation
practice, one must try to enhance the quality of this skill. Preparation can
make the difference between getting an offer and being rejected.

There is no one best way to prepare for an interview. Rather, there are
specific and important strategies to enhance one's chances for interview
success. Every interview is a learning experience, so learning that takes
place during the preparation and actual interview is useful for future

The first thing to be taken care of is some research on the company. The
last thing you want to do is sit for an interview with a company that you
are not familiar with. Familiarizing yourself with the company allows you
to be better prepared to answer questions and possibly even do a little bit
of the asking. Find out how large the company is, when it began, exactly
what they do, and write down a few questions to ask them as well. Asking
questions is a great way to let the interviewer know that you have done
your homework and are interested in learning more. It's the potential
employee that sits there and simply nods that won't get a second chance.

During a job interview, you're going to have lots of questions thrown at

you, some simple and others that are designed to make you think. My
personal favorite is, "Tell me about yourself." I guarantee they don't want
to hear about your love of superheroes or dogs, or enjoying sleeping until
noon on the weekends. Stick to the basics and try to talk more about your
professional personality.

Make sure you have the proper things with you when you go on a job
interview. Always be dressed in a professional manner, even if you think
the dress code for that particular job is casual. You should always be
wearing nice clothes, and never wear jeans to a job interview unless you
are instructed to do so. Also make sure that you have an updated and
error-free résumé with you, and also have some questions about the job in
the company ready to ask the interviewer when given the chance. Ask
why the position you're interviewing for is available, what is the growth
opportunity etc.

Most important thing to remember about a job interview is that if you put
too much stress on yourself you are going to fail miserably. Though the
interview is an important part of getting the job, you have to look at it for
what it is. Either you are qualified for the position or you are not. The
more relaxed you can become about a job interview, the better you shall
be when you are talking to a potential employer. Remember that a job
interview not only decides if you are right for the job, it is also to decide if
the job is right for you. You may go through an interview and realize that
the job is not what you thought it was, and you may not want it, no matter
how good or bad the job interview may go.

Lastly, this is very important that is too open to be neglected. It's the
thank you note or follow-up letter. It is your chance to say again
something you mentioned on the interview or bring up something you
forgot to mention. It is also a nice gesture and a simple matter of

ILS Law School PUNE
WHAT DO ATHEISTS PRAY And hopelessness prevailed?
ABOUT? What reason would one have to
How would one find the strength
What do atheists pray about? to go on?
What do they mean when they Who will be the saviour when
say, "I wish"? everything YOU were is lost?
Who do they think is listening?
Who do they think is seeing their If not GOD, then who?
dreams with them,
and giving them the strength to SIMI THOMAS
make them come true?
If not GOD, then who?

What do agnostics mean when

they say, "I don't know...I'm not
How do they comprehend the THE MOST DIFFICULT WORD…!
formed by a mere caterpillar,
out of which emerges the It’s good to meet people, new and
butterfly? different,
How do they explain the art and Sure enough, meetings, not
skill of the beaver building its always are pleasant,
bower? Not instantly, do I suggest,
How do they explain the wonder bursting out into celebrations,
of birth? But, life’ll be a lot better, if we
How do they explain DNA and could do without hesitation.
The intricacy and wisdom of Time’s precious, right? Then why
Nature? waste it with intention,
How do they explain the origin of Derive the best you can, of each
LIFE? timeless session,
If not from GOD, then from People will go, gold-encrusted
whom? memories made to stay here,
Words adorned with smiles, will
What does one mean, keep lingering on near.
when one says, "The only person I
believe in, is myself"? Eyes, that behold your eyes, must
leave an impression- everlasting,
What if one day, everything were Don’t stare spot on, but stealing
taken away? glances would seem you’re
What if one had no sight, no fasting,
speech, no mobility? Shoot right on; speak your heart
What if everything one had out, dazzling daydreams, nasty
worked for, all the wealth, the nightmares,
luxury, were gone? For you never really know, if
All doors closed? another chance will be there.
Leave with a smile, a warm
Grudges, just vent out; if held, embrace; promise you’re going,
they’ll clog your veins, but there will be a retreat,
Make happy, but make clear, “Never say never”, you’ll get
drain out the negativity, before crossroads somewhere down your
you’re drained, changed lanes,
If the other’s in pain or remorse, It’s way too hard to say
hold hands firm to relieve, ‘Goodbye’,
Wipe off tears, but don’t burden So make it easy, just say… “See
your soul, your heart too needs a you again!”

Parting, yes, is the toughest part; SURABHI GOSWAMI

but there’s always hope to meet,


We. Walking along a field. The sky smells of sleep. With a

A lonely field with nothing but hay woman's touch, death pulled the
stacks. blanket of night over the soil.
A woman, by the soft river. The soft water rinses the river
Fog. Night. Fire fly. banks again and again. Wind
The whole field is a sea of chains. blows drunken.
Chains of walking lights. No directions.
Fireflies dance.
We. Special audience before Everything waits. The earth stops
death. rotating in its awe.
Death on display. Creation holds its breath in
The field with no crops left. disbelief. There!
Scorched by the sun and now the
moon standing near its edge.
Death like a director, setting up
the stage... the props.

The woman standing by the soft

river. A wife, a daughter, a
Death? May be.

The signs of life are gone. There's the sun!

The green of a leaf turns yellow After such a night, it's still rising.
with a ting of fall-winter night We are the witness. As the
coloured darkness. ovation dies down, death, the
stage director, takes the final bow
A bird's nest. The eggs get stiff and leaves.
under the liquid darkness of the
Joshua tree.
Next play, LIFE ... or something
similar it may be called. Religion is sold
To those who make
They say, there's GOD behind it The highest bid
all. If you ask... frankly, I don't But all he really wanted, was
have an answer. One good deed
There IS a balance, black and
white and lots of gray. With religion
Now we try to control
There is ONE. A power... The power of god
The script writer. For our own goal
And it's not me! For our own means.

Tough time But, there is ONE power,

Darkness clamps down It is, though I’m yet to see,
We sing of religion it does, somehow, handle it all,
Of God's princes' And, I’m sure… it’s not ME!
With Thorn crowns

A day in the life of a dog:

"Dear diary,
The sun set on me much the same way it did yesterday. The giant-of-a-
woman next door had me in for a feast today when she threw last night's
leftovers in the garbage bin. The kids pelting me with stones like every
other day has stopped bothering me, now that I have an angel in human
form feeding me every now and then. Poor woman, she faces the wrath of
those gruesome neighbours, who are hellbent on kicking me, your
wretched keeper, out of the society, possibly even kill me. All because I'm
not of a commercially recognised breed, so plainly, not good enough for
them. But the fact that I breathe the same air as them, survive on the
same elements vital for living as them, have nearly the same needs as
them--none of any essence to anyone? "

As if the oft desultory conversations of the fellow human beings around

you weren't enough, ever wondered about the catastrophic consequences
of God's other creations having had the ability to speak too? The above
anthropomorphism of a dog, presumably smarter than your average
homo-sapien ,goes on to suggest the problems borne by it in the daily
course of life. Being stray probably won't win him your sympathies, but it
doesn't always pose the dangers you, you, and yes-YOU, accuse him of !

Firstly, the word 'stray' in itself, is a misnomer, robbing the dogs of

pedigreed status, when they actually are of the Pariah dog-breed, a
purebred variety. 'Stray', defines the status of the dog, which is
'homeless'. Often people have been seen showing their pets off, in the
name of social status, tastes, conditioning et al, while the so-called stray
ones are looked down upon, perhaps with the added effect of a wrinkled
nose! If not that, they are by and large considered second-class citizens of
the canine world, when they too have the dog-like features of your very
own doberman or chihuahua.

Secondly, these 'stray' dogs are considered a nuisance, responsible for

spreading rabies, infections, howling and barking at the most
inappropriate times, biting human beings and even causing deaths. The
urban cities of the developing countries are teeming with these dogs,
whose population growth has been more of a 'steady outbreak'. Killing
them has been a measure adopted by many countries, including India, but
with far-from-successful outcomes. This is because an average bitch is
capable of giving birth to two litters of pups a year, and nothing but
sterilization can prevent the situation from spiralling out-of-control. This
way, not only is the mass-killing, for no fault of their own, prevented, but
it scales down the multitude of dangers posed to the residents around
them. It guarantees lack of urge to mate, curbs migration (wherein a dog
tries to enter another's territory) and thereby, the risks associated with
them are cut down drastically. All it takes is a simple sterilization
operation, along with vaccinations, to let us and these dogs reside
together in harmony.

The dog-lovers are often berated and unrealistically expected to house all
the stray dogs, vaccinate, nourish, train, get medically a
nutshell, adopt the stray dogs as their own. While many are more than
willing to do the aforementioned, often at the cost of their comfort and
health, would it not be more humane if we realised that some people have
more heart than money? All we need is a concerted effort on the part of
the dedicated NGOs and the residents affected by the misconceived
menace, to stabilise the pariah/mongrel population and instill

confidence in everyone that these homeless dogs can be just as fun,

steadfast and reliable at minimum expenditure, as your worth-a-fortune
St. Bernard.

Dogs are loving and lovable creatures, one of the few which can adapt to
urban and rural households without much effort. They are in dire need of
shelter, food, and most importantly, your love, care and affection. A dog is
for keeps, and forms an unbreakable bond for life. Your sweetheart may
leave you in the lurch, but dogs are hardwired for unwavering loyalty. This
is one investment, which is not only beneficial, but therapeutic to both
sides. Think about the joy which will enthrall you vicariously when it will
come charging towards you on your arrival after a hard day at work, its
tail wagging wildly. It wipes off the fatigue and promises instant
rejuvenation. The little pleasures in life are precious and your
little/medium-sized/large scamp, might just be what you're looking for!

In the end, it becomes vital to reinforce what this article purports to do--
dogs are valuable 'mates for life', and while the supposed 'purebred' kind
may have diminished the lure of their pariah counterparts, it is the
homeless which have more urgent needs than the ones already being
conditioned and trained. We all need love to sustain life, and these full-of-
life quadrupeds deserve nothing less. A step towards their welfare, and
miles of faithfulness for life. The following lines, if anything, sum up the

'It walks with its head held high,

needs u during the day,
returns the favour by night.
The bond thus formed,
survives the tests of time.
That with the purest of hearts,
is my friend, 'tail-wagger', guide.'




Let me not to the marriage of true minds

Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds
Or bends with the remover to remove...

-William Shakespeare.

The Bard and his take on true love. These remain the oft quoted lines from
the his pen. True

love does not alter if/when it finds alterations. What happens when people
simply fall out of love? Or when they look for love, fresh romance in other
places? Infidelity, cheating, two timing... all are taken as synonyms. But I
beg to differ. What follows is an exploration of infidelity keeping in mind
some of the examples from real life of the same.

Infidelity is generally described as cheating by one or both the partners

who are in a relationship, generally marriage, and who seek comfort, love
or physical intimacy outside the marital/ relationship space. And as
upright social and moral observers we condemn them. From a third
person's perspective, that is to say a disinterested observer, condemning
or criticizing is pretty easy. We sit on the platforms of our high moral
values and judge other people and pronounce sentences on them. How
can we decide or interfere with someone else's personal happiness or

This brings us to the next question or issue. Why do people stray or feel
the need to find love or to get into relationships? And what is the
guarantee that we wouldn't do the same if we were in their places? This is
not a defense of infidelity but rather a self exploration. Someone once
said that we condemn most in others what we fear in ourselves. I think
many of the scornful and angry voices upholding the sanctity of marriage
and the rest of the issues belong to those who have felt the urge to
deviate. If one is in a loveless marriage, fixed in a routine and dreadfully
sure of what the future would bring, is that sufficient ground to look for
happiness elsewhere? What about someone who is a victim of domestic
violence- does this make a good enough case for infidelity? Would it even
be infidelity in this case?

Let us accept that love, the nature of love changes. The way we look at
love, in fact, changes drastically. And most important of all, people and
circumstances change. Infidelity and attraction are the basic instincts of a
man/woman. It is the primitive call or the gypsy-like wandering urge in
human beings. It all becomes then a matter of choice- to hold on or to
give in to temptation. We are led by our desire for personal happiness and
very rarely does one sacrifice that for mundane reality. Those who make
that sacrifice would tell you what a tough fight they had.

A friend once remarked that she would kill her spouse if he ever cheated
on her. Yet we see people who have no other option but to forgive and
forget when such incidents do happen. They make "adjustments/
compromises" and look the other way. This also reminds me of TV shows
where people are invited to do loyalty tests on their partners/ spouses and
check their commitment. Such absurd voyeurism and telecasting of the
private on the public space disgusts the intelligent viewer who would, I am
sure, rather work on his relationships than watch such outrageous

Infidelity is definitely a word/concept / issue that is coming out of the

closet. It seems like an instant gratification solution, an escape for some
and an addiction for others. It is a matter of choice, an individual one,
where a person chooses to take a particular path in his/ her life. Maybe a
last chance to see what the "road not taken" holds or what lies at the
other end of the spectrum. Either way, we don't have the right to
condemn what we have not experienced.


Review details of a lawful intercept scheme used to access equipment

made by the networking giant Cisco reveals that they pose a potential
danger. Weaknesses were identified in the communication protocol that
could let hackers perform illegal wiretaps. Cisco is the only company to
have made the details of its system public.

It's not just the router vendor and the [Internet service provider] who have
an interest in how this interface is built. Many networking and Internet
companies have built backdoors into their systems to deal with a growing
number of Internet wiretap requests. These backdoors provide members
of law enforcement who have a warrant with immediate access to
communications. But there is growing concern that these avenues could
inadvertently make it easier for hackers to steal information. The
espionage that prompted Google to consider pulling out of China last
month drew attention to the existence of these wiretap backdoors after a
prominent security expert suggested that such a system may have been
used to infiltrate Google's network.

The Cisco wiretap system uses a simple protocol, details of which have
been published by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute.
A law enforcement agency submits a request to a representative of an
Internet service provider. This representative then sends a request to the
device used to perform the surveillance, which is known as the intercept
access point. For certain Cisco routers, the wiretap request is sent as a
single packet of information, using a networking service called the Simple
Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

There are a number of problems with this setup. First, he says, it's too
easy to bypass the authentication built into the system. The SNMP
protocol provides a lot of information when access is denied, which can
help an attacker guess the correct username and password for accessing
the system. Worse yet, a vulnerability disclosed in 2008 would allow an
attacker to gain access to one such system with only 256 attempts (a
trivial number for an automated system). Though patches have been
issued for this flaw, service providers often do not keep routers patched
because of the difficulty of taking them offline.

Furthermore, while it would be possible to block repeated attempts at

unauthorized access, and alert an administrator, the system that was
analyzed isn't designed to do so. And finally, although Cisco recommends
that encryption be used, the system doesn't require it. Without
encryption, it's impossible for a lawful intercept system to function safely.

Simple changes to the SNMP protocol could make it much more secure. It
also calls for companies to implement the system in a more secure way--
by separating lawful intercept requests from regular network
management traffic, encrypting data, and enforcing stricter controls over
where requests come from and where intercepted data is sent.

Cisco published its lawful intercept infrastructure in 2004 so that it could

receive this type of peer review. Cisco has already addressed many of the
software and hardware vulnerabilities that researchers have found. Cisco
has been talking with these researchers, and plans to review their
recommendations for changes to the architecture and infrastructure

Although some experts say the entire concept of a permanent interface

for intercepting communications undermines security, some believe that a
system such as Cisco's can help ensure

that intercepts are performed lawfully, providing it is properly protected

against unauthorized access.

Steven Bellovin, a professor of computer science at Columbia University

who researches network security, says that if lawful intercept systems
must exist, he would like to see them offer better protections. "Its
engineering vulnerability into your network and the question is how well
you can protect it," he says.




As if we didn't have enough with crotch bombs and the TSA, the FAA is
now saying that "[passenger networking] may result in security
vulnerabilities" exposing flight systems to hackers. But, how serious is this

The FAA says that their airworthiness tests "do not contain adequate or
appropriate safety standards for these design features." So basically, it
seems that there's a grey area for now, leaving the responsibility to the
airplane manufacturers. They gave these guidelines to Boeing, but that's
about it:
1. Boeing must ensure electronic system security protection for the
aircraft control domain and airline information domain from access by
unauthorized sources external to the airplane, including those possibly
caused by maintenance activity.
2. Boeing must ensure that electronic system security threats from
external sources are identified and assessed, and that effective electronic
system security protection strategies are implemented to protect the
airplane from all adverse impacts on safety, functionality, and continued

In theory, the flight systems and passenger networks on the Boeing 747-8
and the ever-delayed Dreamliner are separated. There is some crossover
and [the industry] is trying very hard to make sure the numbers of
crossover points are very limited.

What does “crossovers point” mean? And why don't just keep both
networks separated to avoid any potential hacking nightmares? That
would fix any potential security breaches, right?

It seems that this may not be the case, which is what the FAA is hinting at
in their guidelines: The mere existence of two networks in a plane—one
accessible by the passengers—is a security hole in itself. The FAA says
that Boeing should find a way to prevent "access by unauthorized sources
external to the airplane, including those possibly caused by
maintenance activity."
That's the key. While it could be quite difficult to do, tampering with the
networking systems inside the plane is a possibility during the
maintenance stage. And, if history has taught us anything, any security
system can be broken, no matter how well engineered it is. Add to this the
fact that planes are now being connected to the internet itself, and you
have the potential ingredients for some remote hackers to do something

As they admit themselves, the FAA doesn't have regulations for these
inflight networking systems. This makes me a bit nervous. It is not that
their regulations or tests could make things hacker-proof—nothing is
hacker-proof—but the idea of leaving this responsibility to private
companies is not good enough, as demonstrated in recent times.

The only 100% secure option is this: Fly without any kind of passenger
networking. But then again, would you live without your newly-acquired
habit of viewing YouTube cat videos during flights? Would you sacrifice
your inflight mail or your web browsing, like you have already sacrificed
your dignity at the security checkpoint? Should we stop running our
always-connected lives because of a remote security threat?

Maybe we need to update the True Odds of Airborne Terror Attack chart.
Maybe there's nothing to worry about. Do terrorist have the resources to
coordinate a sophisticated attack like this, and take control of a plane in
any meaningful or dangerous way? Probably not. But let's nail all these
issues before they become a real problem.



Researchers at SRI International and Georgia Tech are preparing to

release a free tool to stop "drive-by" downloads: Internet attacks in which
the mere act of visiting a Web site results in the surreptitious installation
of malicious software. The new tool, called BLADE (Block All Drive-By
Download Exploits), stops downloads that are initiated without the
user's consent.

When your browser is presented with an [executable file] for download,

it's supposed to prompt you for what to do. But software can also be
pushed onto an unsuspecting user's computer without ever asking for

In the fourth quarter of 2009, roughly 5.5 million Web pages contained
software designed to foist unwanted installs on visitors. Such drive-by
downloads target computers that are not up-to-date with the latest
security patches for common Web browser vulnerabilities, or are missing
security updates for key browser plug-ins, such as Adobe's PDF Reader
and Flash Player. Attackers use software called exploit packs, which probe
the visitor's browser for known security holes.

The research group has been putting BLADE through the paces since
January, exposing a few virtual desktops equipped with the software to
new exploit sites identified each day by security experts. Each malicious
URL is tested against multiple software configurations covering different
browser versions and common plug-ins.

So far, BLADE has blocked all of the more than 5,150 malicious programs
foisted by some 1,205 unique drive-by URLs tested. During the test
period, Adobe's PDF Reader was by far the most-targeted browser plug-in,
accounting for more than half of the applications targeted by drive-by
exploits. Sun Microsystems's Java platform attracted nearly one quarter of
all drive-by

attacks, while the bulk of remaining exploits targeted vulnerabilities in

Adobe Flash and Internet Explorer.
BLADE's approach appears unique, and that it may be effective at
stopping drive-by downloads in the short run. That is, until the technique
is widely incorporated into commercial products. Tools like BLADE are
great--they're another layer of protection, but they certainly aren't a


Service types, similarities and differences, and things to consider


Cloud computing is one of today’s most-discussed technical topics.

Despite the relative decline of grid computing and unfulfilled promises of
utility computing, cloud computing appears to be catching on in both
industry and academia. Compared to its predecessors, cloud computing
seems to be better positioned in terms of economic viability, cost-
effective approaches to scale and reliability, early adoption of interfaces,
and open source implementations.

To get cloud computing to work, you need three things: thin clients (or
clients with a thick-thin switch), grid computing, and utility computing.
Grid computing links disparate computers to form one large infrastructure,
harnessing unused resources. Utility computing is paying for what you use
on shared servers like you pay for a public utility (such as electricity, gas,
and so on).
With grid computing, you can provision computing resources as a utility
that can be turned on or off. Cloud computing goes one step further with
on-demand resource provisioning. This eliminates over-provisioning when
used with utility pricing. It also removes the need to over-provision in
order to meet the demands of millions of users.

Infrastructure as a Service and more

A consumer can get service from a full computer infrastructure through

the Internet. This type of service is called Infrastructure as a Service
(IaaS). Internet-based services such as storage and databases are part of
the IaaS. Other types of services on the Internet are Platform as a Service
(PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) .PaaS offers full or partial
application development that users can access, while SaaS provides a
complete turnkey application, such as Enterprise Resource Management
through the Internet.

The IaaS divides into two types of usage: public and private. Amazon EC2
uses public server pools in the infrastructure cloud. A more private cloud
service uses groups of public or private server pools from an internal
corporate data center. Both types can be used to develop software within
the environment of the corporate data center, and, with EC2, temporarily
extend resources at low cost—say for testing purposes. The mix may
provide a faster way of developing applications and services with shorter
development and testing cycles.

Cloud computing

With cloud computing, companies can scale up to massive capacities in an

instant without having to invest in new infrastructure, train new
personnel, or license new software. Cloud computing is of particular
benefit to small and medium-sized businesses who wish to completely
outsource their data-center infrastructure, or large companies who wish to
get peak load capacity without incurring the higher cost of building larger
data centers internally. In both instances, service consumers use what
they need on the Internet and pay only for what they use. The service
consumer no longer has to be at a PC, use an application from the PC, or
purchase a specific version that's configured for smartphones, PDAs, and
other devices. The consumer does not own the infrastructure, software, or
platform in the cloud. He has lower upfront costs, capital expenses, and
operating expenses. He does not care about how servers and networks
are maintained in the cloud. The consumer can access multiple servers
anywhere on the globe without knowing which ones and where they are

Grid computing

Cloud computing evolves from grid computing and provides on-demand

resource provisioning. Grid computing may or may not be in the cloud
depending on what type of users are using it. If the users are systems
administrators and integrators, they care how things are maintained in
the cloud. They upgrade, install, and virtualize servers and applications. If
the users are consumers, they do not care how things are run in the

Grid computing requires the use of software that can divide and farm out
pieces of a program as one large system image to several thousand
computers. One concern about grid is that if one piece of the software on
a node fails, other pieces of the software on other nodes may fail. This is
alleviated if that component has a failover component on another node,
but problems can still arise if components rely on other pieces of software
to accomplish one or more grid computing tasks. Large system images
and associated hardware to operate and maintain them can contribute to
large capital and operating expenses.

Cloud computing and grid computing are scalable. Scalability is
accomplished through load balancing of application instances running
separately on a variety of operating systems and connected through Web
services. CPU and network bandwidth is allocated and de-allocated on
demand. The system's storage capacity goes up and down depending on
the number of users, instances, and the amount of data transferred at a
given time. Both computing types involve multi-tenancy and multitask,
meaning that many customers can perform different tasks, accessing a
single or multiple application instances. Sharing resources among a large
pool of users assists in reducing infrastructure costs and peak load
capacity. Cloud and grid computing provide service-level agreements
(SLAs) for guaranteed uptime availability of, say, 99 percent. If the service
slides below the level of the guaranteed uptime service, the consumer will
get service credit for receiving data late.




1. Sir, please tell us something about your journey to this

successful position?

After completing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication, I joined All

India Radio through Indian Engineering Services. But soon I realized that I
couldn’t have lived in that position all through my life. To make my
presence felt and pursue the childhood dream of serving the nation, I
joined Indian Police Services.

2. Being a technical student, what motivated you to join the

Indian Police?

Having a technical background is always beneficial for every future

endeavor which you pursue. Being a technical student you have a broad
horizon. So this extra skill set helped me further in dispensing my job

3. What are the day to day responsibilities of this job?

The basic responsibility of an administrative job is to enforce law and

order to let a peaceful environment flourish. We try to maintain law and
order in such a manner that all and sundry should enjoy the basic rights
provided to them by our constitution.

4. After seeing the level of corruption which is prevalent

everywhere today, what motivates you to put forth your
greatest effort?

I would like to oppose to this propaganda of corruption being prevalent

everywhere. I would not deny the absence of corruption but the degree in
which people perceive it is very high. Corruption is something which has
been developed by us and we are the ones who will have to eradicate it.
And the very thought of corruption itself is the greatest force which
motivates me to work against it.

5. Which is more important-creativity or efficiency?

As far as the administrative jobs are concerned creativity is of little use.

Being in a routine job a person doesn’t get the chance to show his
creativity. In general creative people can be efficient, and, conversely,
efficiency can be expected of creative types. For me creativity has always
been an added attraction along with efficiency.
6. What is your advice and motivation to the young minds like
us for serving our nation?

My message for the younger generation is---Respect the nation and

upholds the dignity of independence which could be achieved only by the
sacrifices of millions. Set your goals and put your best forward to achieve
it. Planning the work
and working the plan must be the agenda for the Gen-X.





1. Tell us something about your professional life Sir.

I did my graduation in Electronics and Communication in 1985 and based

on the Engineering Services examination of the same year joined Indian
Telecom Service. Since then I have worked on various posts in
Department of Telecom and MTNL.

2. What kind of job profile does MTNL offer?

MTNL is providing telecom services in Delhi and Mumbai. It offers opening

for Management trainee and Junior Telecom Officer (for engineering
degree holders).

3. What skill set should a student possess to be placed in

telecom department?

Technology in telecom is changing at a fast pace. The students desirous of

joining telecom sector
should have a knack to adapt to fast changing technology. They should be
in the habit of reading technical journals and keeping themselves abreast
of the latest in the field of telecom.

4. In our education students mostly acquire theoretical

knowledge as compared to practical. How do you think
this gap could be bridged?

Institutes should have regular interaction with the industry and the
feedback should be given to the authorities to design the course
accordingly. For example RF design (spectrum being the scarce resource)
could be given as an optional for the students specializing in
5. What are the day to day responsibilities of this job?

My job is to make specifications for the telecom industry so that there is

no problem of inter-operability and the equipment is safe for the user.

6. What are the organization’s strengths and weaknesses

compared to its competitors?

Currently I am working for Department of Telecommunication so there is

no competitor.

7. How do you personally define success?

If you are able to lead a happy and contended life you are successful.




1. Tell us something about your Professional Life ma’am?

I did my B.Tech from J.K.Institute of Applied Physics from Allahabad

University. I pursued my M.E. in electronics and control from BITS (Pilani).
I carry a teaching experience of 16 years at various places such as BITS
(Pilani), PCCS (Noida) and DCE (now DTU).

2. Ma’am, please tell us some of your achievements in IEEE.

Your recent endeavors?
I have been an IEEE member since the past seven years. I held the
position of chairperson, WIE IEEE Delhi section (’07-’09). During this
period various activities were organized like technical lectures, industrial
visits, and social activities summing up to a total of 10. Among these
“Self Defence - A proactive approach for working women” by the
Crime against women cell, Delhi Police received large scale
participation from industry and academia. Other than this promoting
education among girl child of economically weaker section, a programme
of WIE is very dear to my heart. During my chairpersonship I received a
grant of Rs.300000/- for organizing technical lectures and workshops from
AICTE, which has been a benchmark. For my contributions to WIE I
received a letter of appreciation from IEEE Headquarters. The inception of
WIE, DCE branch affinity group took place under my chairpersonship.
Currently I am holding the position of treasurer of WIE, IEEE Delhi section.

3. Why did u decide to be a teacher?

I have a natural flair for teaching and had been enjoying it since
childhood. After one year experience in the industry the belief of teaching
being the right profession for me strengthened.

4. How do you groom your students for the soft skills which are
required these days to be successful?
“A teacher’s purpose is not to create students in his own image, but to
develop students who can create their own image.”
As a teacher we can only give guidelines for their overall development,
however the methods need to be devised themselves. Overall behavior
and personality matters a lot in this competitive world.

5. Ma’am, few words for our student members of IEEE.

It’s my message to each and every student pursuing technical courses

that they should join some or the other professional society of their
stream. IEEE provides a forum for interaction among people of similar
interests. It’s an excellent medium for improving the managerial and
technical skills of an individual. Moreover IEEE can help one to payback
the society.

The first time I ate Swiss Fondue I was really delighted. It delighted me
not just because it was appetizing after a tiring hike in the mountains, but
also because it seemed to symbolize a lot more.

Let me first explain what Fondue is: It’s a Swiss dish consisting of cheese
melted in a pot, mixed with a little white wine and eaten hot by dipping
small pieces of bread in it (using long forks, of course; you wouldn’t want
to burn your hands with cheese). The word “fondue” comes from French,
meaning “molten”; hence the name for this dish of molten cheese.
Normally, people eat it together, sitting around the table, dipping their
breads in the same pot. According to tradition, if anyone loses his or her
piece of bread in the cheese that person has to do something interesting
or embarrassing.

So, on the table in this wooden restaurant at the base of the mountain, I
saw not just a melting pot of cheese but a melting pot of cultures, mixed
with a wine of ideas, eaten with the bread of excitement. The table was
shared by two Indians- one from the north, other from the south, a Thai, a
Vietnamese, an Ivorian (from Ivory Coast) and a Swiss originally from
Madagascar. It was a fondue indeed- a cultural fondue.

The reason I told this story of the Swiss cheese fondue is that while
recollecting the memories of my experiences with the IEEE student
branch, the one-word description of the branch that popped up in mind
was- fondue! Why? Perhaps because it was conceived to be one. The
branch was conceived and constituted to be a fondue of all co-curricular
activities in college in which all the students can dip their breads to eat
together and grow together.

In 2004-2005, BVCOE was still a young college and student activities were
few and scattered. The students used to look enviously at other colleges
and universities who already had a culture of hosting fests and organizing
other events. A unified platform was lacking in our college where
everyone could contribute and from where everyone could benefit. The
IEEE student branch was thus conceptualized as such a platform.

I consider myself fortunate to be one of the first few members of the

branch. The experience of establishing the branch was a big learning
experience. The endeavor was to establish a sustainable organization that
would add value to the engineering education of all of us and would
continue to do so for the students in the future years. Initially, it seemed
that the name of IEEE would sell itself, motivating students to join in
numbers required to build a strong, sustainable team. However, anyone
who knows about marketing and sales would know that just because a
hundred people endorse an idea or product does not necessarily mean
that those hundred will buy it too. I learned this; the other founders
learned this; very soon. That is why the branch had to be a product that
would be a value add-on for all the stakeholders.

The key ingredients needed for all this were vision, passion, motivation
and determination. This experience taught valuable lessons in team
building and teamwork; just what is required to enjoy the fondue with a
group of friends. One of the most challenging yet interesting parts was to
identify the right people for the right job.

In my personal experience, the cheese fondue tastes best when eaten

after one is tired and really hungry after trekking up a mountain.
Establishing and running a branch often brings up

obstacles and problems. And again I think that this fondue (the branch)
tastes best (to put it metaphorically) only after surmounting these
mountains of obstacles and problems. There were birth-pangs, procedural
hiccups and occasionally unhappy or unmotivated team-mates. Working
around the problems is a challenge but the results are always rewarding.

I must felicitate the members who took over the branch in the subsequent
years and ensured that not only it kept on existing but grew bigger and
better every day. What started as a wishful project in a professor’s cabin
on the second floor has become a reality- a big and successful branch. I
was delighted when the branch organized the first version of Fervour.
Today, I’m all the more happy that it has turned “Bigger, Cleaner,
Greener.” I have no doubt that it would have been an impossibility but for
the hard-work and dedication of each one of its members. I wish each one
of you all the best and hope that your hunger remains and the fondue
called BVPIEEE keeps on getting bigger and better to feed more and more

By the way, if you get an opportunity, you must try the Swiss cheese
Bon Apetit!

Ex-Chairperson, IEEE SB, BVCOE 2004-2005
MS in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, from EPFL,


Its been almost over a year, since I crossed the threshold of BVCOE but its
seems just like a few heartbeats ago that I was walking across that much
familiar path campus of the college… hanging out with my friends in the
grounds… sipping coffee in the canteen… attending lectures… conducting
the IEEE meetings that used to go on for hours… and of course the fun we
had preparing for FERVOUR.

The college and the academic curriculum has indeed helped me to

develop and hone my technical skills and apply them in my field of further
learning. There have been many pillars of strength but there is one which
has been pivotal in my growth as an engineer over the course of 4 years.
And that is my association as a member of the highly acclaimed IEEE

I enrolled as a student member in our college’s IEEE Student Branch in my

first year itself and since then was actively involved in all the activities
and proceedings of the branch. IEEE has widened my perspective of
thinking and opened new avenues of learning for me.

Being a student of the Instrumentation and Control engineering, I was

very fortunate to have access to some very detailed research work and
technical papers available in the colossal portals of the IEEE digital library.
The study of papers written by eminent scientists across the globe helped
me to gain better understanding of the subjects of my engineering domain
such as Robotics, SCADA systems, Biomedical Instrumentation etc. I have
always believed that it is essential to do an in depth study of subjects
rather than cramming up on a superficial level. The vast amount of
technical knowledge available to me through IEEE facilitated my efforts to
clear the concepts of various subjects and clarify my doubts. The IEEE
magazine SPECTRUM also

contained such articles and case studies, catering to various disciplines of

science that they truly enriched my knowledge and induced in me a
passion for technical research.

I also gained a lot of exposure during my days of working as a coordinator

and later on as part of the core team in the annual IEEE fest FERVOUR. To
interact with students from other branches, share their perspective and
work with them as a team helped me in building my confidence and
testing my managerial skills.

And then in my 4th year I was selected to lead the IEEE Student Branch
and take up responsibility as the Chairperson of the branch. It was one of
the most cherished moments of my college life. The post was an honor
and it demanded myriad qualities of leadership, management and
creativity. I grew as a person during that period and discovered many
latent skills. It was a mammoth task to implement all our ideas and
organize the annual fest FERVOUR 2009, but my team of dedicated and
hard working members left no stone unturned to make the event a huge
success. Our branch counselor, initially Mrs. Neeta Pandey and later on
Mr. Rahul Bahl were very supportive of my suggestions and guided me
well during my tenure as the Chairperson. Receiving the JK PAL Memorial
Award for the Best Student Member in my final year also was a moment of
great honor.

IEEE Student Branch of BVCOE has played an instrumental role in shaping

my personality and my career and I am forever indebted to this world
class organization that stands for excellence, perfection and brilliance.

To my juniors, I would like to advise that the quality of a student’s life is in

direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his
chosen field of endeavor. So I urge you all, that whatever may be the task
at hand, accomplish it with complete dedication and your perseverance
will surely bear fruit.

I wish my successor Nidhi Gurnani and the entire BVPIEEE family all the
luck for FERVOUR 2010. Hope you guys put up a great show that
outshines the last as well. I pray that may BVPIEEE grow from strength to

Ex-Chairperson, IEEE SB, BVCOE, 2008-2009
Currently in TCS, Ahmedabad


Ex-Chairperson, IEEE SB, BVCOE, 2007-08
Currently in TCS, Ahmedabad

Q. Sir, what is your current job profile?

I am working as an Asst System Engineer in Tata Consultancy Services
Ltd, Ahmedabad on Enterprise Application Integration Project of
Paramount Pictures, US.

Q. What motivates you to achieve greater heights in life?

Money & Power are the primary factors that encourage me to strive for
the best.

Q. Where do you see yourself in 5 yrs from now?

I’m yet to give that a serious thought.
Q. How do you deal with competition?
Ah… I love wars & competition. It increases my performance, capability &
level of thinking manifold. The best method to deal with competition is to
accept it head-on, set targets & work passionately to achieve them.

Q. Are you a competitive person?

I think…I am.

Q. What does it mean to be successful?

For me, to be successful means to be satisfied with what you are, what
you have and what you can achieve.

Q. How do you determine or evaluate success?

Being successful is always relative. When you achieve what you had
strived for it is termed as success. It may be good grades, a good life
partner, good salary, good job, etc. depending on the individual’s
preference & priority.

Q. You were a part of the team that established or laid the

foundation stone of BVPIEEE. How and what motivated you into
taking up this initiative and getting involved with IEEE?
I was bored with academics and wanted to do something which would
involve people, challenges, management & excitement. I was not on top
of the academic ladder. And I hate mediocrity. So I thought that this is the
area which matches my skills & capabilities and I can be a real achiever
here. This was my prime motivation.

Q. How well did you work under deadlines??

Tough question….. We used “flexible” deadlines…

Q. Did you prefer working alone or with others??

I preferred working with a team.

Q. How well did u get along with your subordinates??

‘Subordinates’ is a wrong term to use. Let’s call them- juniors. I got along
well with most of them.

Q. What kind of equation did you share with your seniors??

I enjoyed very cordial & friendly relations with my seniors. I used to see
them as guides & mentors from whom many practical things could be
Q. Was there an instance where you felt you could put in more
effort than you could actually manage at that time and place??

Yeah… I felt it during Fervour 2008.

Q. What was the hardest decision you ever had to make?

That’s a secret!!

Q. How did you work your way up to the top??

The Mantra to reach the top is- “Innovate & Integrate”. INNOVATE by
generating new ideas and creative ways of implementing them &
INTEGRATE on three fronts- seniors, colleagues & juniors. Establish good
relations on all three fronts; prove your worth and you will automatically
reach the top.

Q. Which hurdles did you face in organizing various events and

Externally: Brand name & age of the college matters the most while
hunting for sponsorships & calling for participation. We faced difficulty on
this front.
Internally: Lesser autonomy & authority created hurdles many a times.

Q. What is your idea of encouragement to other junior members??

Leadership opportunity, learning platform and many other “benefits” you
can understand!!

Q. In which areas specifically have you gained an upper hand by

heading our college's prime student group??
Communication & leadership skills, proximity with the Mighty & Meeks of
the college and exposure to varied situations & persons.

Q. What suggestions do you have for our present members??

• Learn from each moment in life.
• Opportunities come to everyone, only few take advantage.
• Think beyond certificates. A certificate is only an expression, real
learning, actual achievement is deep within us. Nobody would ask
for the certificates, but everybody would ask for the qualities which
these certificates represent. Strive for that.
• Innovate & Integrate.
• Read & Grow.
• Lastly, take care of the environment.

Q. How has IEEE helped you in your personal and professional


IEEE provides two types of opportunities- Technical and Managerial. My

affair with IEEE falls in the managerial domain. It has been a strong force
in driving my abilities & thinking. The communication skills- verbal as well
as written, which I gained during my tenure as Chairperson, are helping
me a lot in my profession. IEEE has also helped me develop networks,
broaden my viewpoint, etc. In fact, these skills have helped me in
bagging the best project in TCS Ahmedabad. The list is long. I couldn’t
articulate all of them. In one sentence- IEEE educated me for life.


As I look back on the years of my life, I realize that the best phase was the
time I spent in my
college, with my friends and colleagues.

Being an Instrumentation & Control engineer, my post graduation in many

ways relates to the
work I had done through graduation, the core concepts which I had
studied through my curriculum has paved a path for my specialization by
providing a foundation in the subject as a
whole. There are significant differences in the educational structure in
foreign universities and India. In universities abroad, there is respect for
our weaknesses but more emphasis is laid on problem solving than
absorbing loads of derivations and theories.

Students never shy away from asking even the most simplest of
questions. At the same time, the
faculty answers them with utmost sincerity without making the student
realize his inabilities. The
focus is on learning and not on competition.

Competition is not something which bothers me as I just do what I want to

do and strive
towards personal satisfaction and not public recognition. Meeting short
term objectives continuously is my idea of evaluating success.

My time back in BVCOE IEEE BRANCH brings back memories of sheer

excitement of starting
something from the scratch and making it a huge success. The excitement
of planning a big
event without a single penny in pocket but loads of dreams in hearts is

I got along very well with my subordinates as well as my seniors. There

was never an instance
where I felt our team could put in more effort than we could actually
manage at that time and
place. Giving big perks to sponsors for relatively small gains was one of
the hardest decisions I
ever had to make during my tenure as Vice Chairperson.
It was the confidence gained through experiences, not the count of
certificates which made me
work my way up to the top. Persistence made me stand out from the rest.
Understanding human
relations and dealing with public opinion are some areas I have
specifically gained an upper hand
by heading our IEEE student branch, which in turn has extensively helped
me to hone my skills
in professional and personal spheres. I would wholeheartedly recommend
the present members
to just learn and enjoy their work at BVPIEEE.

MS in Operations Research, Virginia Tech, USA
Ex-Vice Chairperson, IEEE SB, BVCOE, 2008-09


Some of the most memorable journeys of life never end; the experiences
remain with you throughout your lifetime. My 4-year long journey at
BVCOE is my most treasured memory till date.

Working as a telecom engineer, I realize that my work relates to those key

elementary subjects I
had studied through graduation. Even though, India‘s education system
does not stress on core

competency building and innovation, it is gradually introducing new

patterns to bridge the gap. Success for me is satisfaction from what I do
and how happy I am with my work, profession and
personal life. And I deal with competition by concentrating on my
individual performance. I take
on life as it comes and don‘t plan that far; so my future endeavours are
very speculative.

As a part of the team which laid the foundation stone for BVPIEEE, I took
initiative by promoting technical and organizational skills among all the
members of the branch. As a team player I preferred working with others
and had good ties with everyone. Deadlines were not that
difficult to meet and it was just the question of time management.

I worked my way up to the top by concentrating on my core skills which

are Networking and Public Relations and IEEE gave me an opportunity to
test and hone these skills in various situations. My marketing skills have
been prominently enhanced through my role as the head of
student branch. Even though we sometimes had difficulties persuading
our sponsors, they were
dealt with determination and patience.

IEEE has significantly been an aid in my personal and professional growth

as it has helped me
realize my strengths and weaknesses, and work towards improving the
same. I suggest our
present members to align their career goals with the activities of BVPIEEE
and find their place
in the branch as along with technical education it is important to have
certain essential soft skills
which can be gained only through such enterprising activities.

Ex-Vice Chairperson, IEEE SB, BVCOE 2007-08