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24 Ferris Ave Suite # 1

Norwalk, CT 06854

Phone : (203) 750-5116

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Awarded DBA of the Year by Oracle in 2003, a worldwide recognition. Senior
Database Architect, DBA, Modeler, published author with more 10 Years of
Experience as an Oracle DBA, with publications in reputed journals and
presentations at international conferences.
Skills Summary

Oracle 9i Internals
Oracle 8i Parallel Server (OPS)
Real Application Clusters (RAC)
Performance Tuning
Security Administration
Distributed Databases
Disaster Recovery Solutions
Database Design
System Design
Data Modeling

Recovery Manager (RMAN)

Standby Database Solutions
Oracle 9i Data warehousing
Oracle Enterprise Manager
XML and Web Integration
Unix Shell Scripting
Pro*C and C
Unix, Solaris, HPUX, Tru64, AIX
Windows NT, 2000
Project Management

Major Demonstrated Strengths

Author of the book Oracle Privacy Security Auditing by Rampant TechPress.

Has endeavored excellence by focusing solely on Oracle database technology
making him richer by depth of experience.
Has demonstrated depth of knowledge by presenting at several technical
conferences and having written articles published in reputed journals and
online magazines.
Result oriented, analytical and self-driven professional seasoned with years of
working in a dual role of design/architecture and production support.

Work History
Jan 2002 Present: Senior Oracle Database Administrator at IntelliClaim, Inc.

Designed, implemented and supported the Claims Warehouse Database for

IntelliClaim application at Oxford, Cigna and other major Insurance Carriers,
which is expected to save $4 billion a year for the carriers.

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Designed and Implemented Oracle Disaster Recovery Solutions for customers

saving them $10 million by using only Oracle products.
Lead Production Support and Design DBA

Jan 2001 Dec 2001: Senior Oracle Database Administrator at Oxford Health Plans

Implemented, administered and subsequently tuned a 1000+ GB database for

claims and fraud detection to help save the company an estimated $34 million
a year using Oracle Parallel Server and Replication on Sun Platform, EMC disk
array and Veritas File System. Was the production support DBA.
Administered and tuned the Oracle Claim processing system database and data
warehouse system totaling more than 4 TB. Was a principal member of the
team to migrate database from older version of Oracle Parallel Server to a
newer system on HP UX. Task was completed before time and saved the
company about $4 million in development costs.
Tuned the above systems resulting in 20% overall performance increase.

April 2000 Jan 2001 Senior Oracle Database Administrator at Priceline.Com

Modeled, designed, implemented and administered the financial services

division. Made the database web enabled using Oracle tools and XML and was
the principal business-to-business architect for the division.
Helped save the company $4 million a year in reduction on other companies for
financial transactions using the b2b approach.
Was the member of the Technical Architecture Team and Production Support
Setup oracle replication of data from production to reporting databases.

Sep 1996 Apr 2000 Lead Oracle DBA at Lucent Technologies

Designed, developed and managed a unique solution of virtual integrated

databases for the customer inventory systems using Oracle based tools. This
saved the company yearly $5 million in terms of processing costs and $45
million for lost revenues and inaccurate billing and helped managers look at
data at near real time and as a whole.
Managed a team of 15 DBAs for Design, Development and Production support
Administered 50+ Oracle databases totaling 5000 GB, both OLTP and data
Developed and implemented a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan for the
Oracle Databases at the division.
Directed the Oracle Upgrade and Year 2000 projects and completed before
Designed, implemented and administered a database system for managers to
proactively seek out potentially faulty equipments at customer sites. The
system developed before time helped save the company estimated $500 million
a year in legal bills.

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Implemented and managed the database portion of MidasTouch, a sales tool

for the division that saved the company millions in terms of accurate sales
Setup and managed replication among several databases.

June 1996 September 1996 Oracle Database Administrator at Yale University

Administered and provided production DBA support to the several databases of

Financial Data Warehouse.
Developed the distributed database systems reducing significant load on the
Tuned the databases resulting in a 10% performance boost (20% is excellent).

June 1995 May 1996 Oracle DBA at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Virginia

Administered the 60 GB hub databases used in customer care, authorization

and claims management. Was production support DBA.
Designed and implemented the Distributed Database features helping save the
company approximately $1 million per year in maintenance.

Mar 1993 May 1995 Oracle DBA at Tata Consultancy Services

Designed, developed Oracle based total banking solution. The system had 5000
tables and 15000 stored procedures, among others.
Researched and led the team on export-impot and forex transactions.
Served as DBA and Project Manager at several client companies like Citibank.
Managed a team of 50 DBAs and Developers.
Other Miscellaneous Short-Term Work
Financial Services System for Account Management, Security Modeling and
Accounting for a financial services firm that enabled it to serve a wider
spectrum of customers.
Training Management solution in Oracle database for TCS helping the
company save significant amounts in setting up the trainee and trainer groups.
Material Management system in Oracle database for a electronics components
manufacturer resulting in impressive cost savings and customer satisfaction.
Inventory Control Simulation System for Coats Viyella to help logistics
managers decide on several logistical parameters in an uncertain environment.
Publications and Presentations (
Virginia Oracle Technical Conference, Oct 2002, Richmond, VA
Atlantic Oracle Technology Conference, Nov 2002, Washington, DC
New York Oracle User Group Meet, Dec 2002 and Dec 2003, New York, NY
International Oracle User Group Live! April 2003, Orlando, FL
Oracle Technology Symposium, March 2003, Stamford, CT
Oracle World, September 2003, San Francisco, FL
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Oracle Magazine, the premier flagship publication of Oracle Corp, Dec 2003
Select, the journal of International Oracle User Group, Quarter 3, 2002; Quarter
1 and 3, 2003
Oracle Scene, the journal of United Kingdom Oracle User Group, Winter 2002
and Summer 2003
SQLUpdate, the journal of Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group, Fall 2002
TechJournal, the journal of New York Oracle User Group, Regular Writer in DBA
Corner, the premier online magazine, Dec 2002; Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep
Employment History
1993-1995 DBA Consultant at Tata Consultancy Services
1995.2002 Senior DBA Consultant at Lanco Global Solutions
President, Proligence, Inc.
1993, Master in Business Administration (MBA) Xavier Institute of
Management, India
1991, Bachelor of Engineering (BE) Sambalpur University, India
Available Upon Request

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