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Not a Doctor Jeremy....Hodgekins.

Risk Factor:
- Protective.
Sources of Stability:
- Impress some Bimbo.
- Roommate: Alison.
o Short Haired.
o Deals with his shit.
o Breast Friend.
o Tom Boy.
o Sociology PHD.
- Yelling at Hospital Dramas.
- Going to the Gym.
Things most afraid of:
- Looking or being the fool.
- Medicine- 2 1
- Research- 1 0
- Social Sciences- 1
Trivia: 1
- Bullshit Detector- 1
- Beaurocracy- 1
- Flirting- 2
- Flattery: 2
- Reassurance: 1 0

Athletics: 5 3
Driving: 4
Fleeing: 1
Infiltration: 1
Mechanics: 4
Medic: 6 2
Sense Trouble: 5
Preparedness: 5 3
Scuffling: 3
Shooting: 0
Shrink: 6

Stability: 12 10

Health: 10 9


Mucus in Bottle.
Short person fallen in the grass.

Tuesday- Wednesday- 11pm

Lights flicker
Friday- Saturday: 11pm
Car Park wake up
Monday- Tuesday: 11pm
Construction Yard wake up.

Next Time:
Spend a day sleeping and spending time with Alison, being normal.
Then apply for leave, talk my way into some research labs and research
mucus, patient records.

The Fungus:
The Fungus is not a disease
This looks like it has been torn from something.
Spore like in nature.
Quite small.
o Bleach: Unaffecting
o Fungicide does not damage the spore.
o Boiling doesnt work.
I have a lung tissue and a culture of the Fungus. Sealed.
- The Tape and Timeline:
Sam and Jeremy at 11:05 get off the train, we cross the road to the park,
through the grass.
o Stop walking 11:15
Another group of footsteps appears
11:20 we walk
11:30: More walkers
11:40: Another one appears (Jansen)
11:55: Unknown number of footsteps arrive.
12:10: Another unknown footsteps
12:20: Very large number of footsteps
12:45: Rasping sounds, vocalisation, coughing, sounding like we spat
something up.
o Snapping sound like breaking twigs, like bones.
o The Shuffling.
My Report:
o Rash on the flank.
Then the rash is gone.
o Phlegm is present then not.
o As soon as I look at all of these Symptoms...they disappear.

No struggle.
Sheets were untied.
Alison freaks out when we fall to sleep
She rouses us.
o Yeah, we are fine.
o Get a glass of water.
o Then we ask her to let us out.
o We start to use our abilities.
o We get into a debate. The time is past we are fine.
o I find the key.
o We leave, Alison sits down.
o We put the food into the Kitchen and then leave.
Sanid starts to yell.
o She tells him to shut up.
o She is telling him what happened.
o Sanid says he cant get to sleep and that he is thirsty.
o He tells her where we have gone.
o He is awkward and eventually she releases him.
o Sanid grabs the knife.

We are different than before. Marks on our hands and sides.

- Flesh:
Not human body, but human flesh.
Completely encompassed by skin.
o Grew on its own.
Its a tumour...
Muscle, blood vessels, no organs. Fat
o Stuck to the flesh.
The blood seems around 24 hours old.
o It refreshes around the meetings.
o Arteries and veins are in odd places, they can seal themselves.
It has healed scar tissue on each end.
o There are raw spots on our palms, sides and feet.