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Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

43 / Monday, March 7, 2005 / Notices 10997

records to identify and track individuals published in the Standard Navy • EIA–857, ‘‘Monthly Report of
performing duties in the safety and Distribution List that is available at Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries to
health programs for the Department of Consumers’’
the Navy. To demonstrate compliance The request should contain • EIA–895, ‘‘Monthly and Annual
with the Occupational Safety and Heath individual’s full name, Social Security Quantity and Value of Natural Gas
Administration, the Navy Occupational Number, address and should be signed. Production Report’’ (The EIA proposes
Safety and Heath Program, and related to eliminate the current monthly
regulations by identifying the personnel reporting of Form EIA–895 and only
and their appropriate duties and Individuals seeking to access the require an annual report.)
requirements associated with these information about themselves contained • EIA–910, ‘‘Monthly Natural Gas
assigned tasks. in this system of records not accessible Marketer Survey’’
through system interfaces should • EIA–912, ‘‘Weekly Underground
ROUTINE USES OF RECORDS MAINTAINED IN THE address written inquiries to the Natural Gas Storage Report’’
In addition, EIA is proposing that the
activity. Official mailing addresses are following new survey be approved by
In addition to those disclosures published in the Standard Navy OMB.
generally permitted under 5 U.S.C. Distribution List that is available at • EIA–913, ‘‘Monthly and Annual
552a(b) of the Privacy Act, these records Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage
or information contained therein may The request should contain the Report’’
specifically be disclosed outside the individual’s full name, Social Security
DoD as a routine use pursuant to 5 Number, address and should be signed. DATES: Comments must be filed by May
U.S.C. 552a(b) (3) as follows: 6, 2005. If you anticipate difficulty in
To the Occupational Safety and CONTESTING RECORD PROCEDURES: submitting comments within that
Health Administration during the The Navy’s rules for accessing period, contact the person listed below
course of an on-site inspection. records, and for contesting contents and as soon as possible.
The DoD ‘Blanket Routine Uses’ that appealing initial agency determinations ADDRESSES: Send comments to Mr.
appear at the beginning of the Navy’s are published in Secretary of the Navy Stephen Nalley, Natural Gas Division,
compilation of systems bf records Instruction 5211.5; 32 CFR part 701; or Office of Oil and Gas, Energy
notices apply to this system. may be obtained from the system Information Administration. To ensure
manager. receipt of the comments by the due date,
submission by fax (202–586–4420) or e-
Individual; personnel file excerpts; recommended. The mailing address is
STORAGE: medical record excerpts; office files; etc. Mr. Stephen Nalley, Energy Information
Computerized database. Administration, U.S. Department of
Energy, 1000 Independence Ave., SW,
None. EI–44, Washington, DC 20585. Also, Mr.
Retrieved by individual’s name and [FR Doc. 05–4370 Filed 3–4–05; 8:45 am] Nalley may be contacted by telephone at
Social Security Number. BILLING CODE 5001–06–P 202–586–0959.
Computer facilities and terminals pre Requests for additional information or
located in restricted areas accessible DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY copies of any forms and instructions
only to authorized persons that are should be directed to Mr. Nalley at the
properly screened, cleared and trained. Energy Information Administration address listed above.
Information is password protected. Also, the draft forms and instructions
Manual records and computer printouts Agency Information Collection are available on the EIA Web site at
are available only to authorized Activities: Proposed Collection;
personnel having a need-to-know. Comment Request proposed.html.
Records are retained for up to their Administration (EIA), Department of I. Background
duration of employment plus 30 years Energy (DOE). II. Current Actions
and then destroyed. ACTION: Agency information collection III. Request for Comments
activities: proposed collection; comment I. Background
Organizational elements of the The Federal Energy Administration
Department of the Navy. Official SUMMARY: The EIA is soliciting Act of 1974 (Pub. L. 93–275, 15 U.S.C.
mailing addresses are published in the comments on the proposed revision and 761 et seq.) and the DOE Organization
Standard Navy Distribution List that is three-year extension under section Act (Pub. L. 95–91, 42 U.S.C. 7101 et
available at 3507(h)(1) of the Paperwork Reduction seq.) require the EIA to carry out a
sndl.htm. Act of 1995 of the surveys in the Natural centralized, comprehensive, and unified
Gas Data Collection Program Package. energy information program. This
NOTIFICATION PROCEDURE: The surveys covered by this request program collects, evaluates, assembles,
Individuals seeking to determine include: analyzes, and disseminates information
whether information about themselves • Form EIA–176, ‘‘Annual Report of on energy resource reserves, production,
is contained in this system of records Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply demand, technology, and related
should address written inquiries to the and Disposition’’ economic and statistical information.
Commanding Officer of the local • EIA–191, ‘‘Monthly and Annual This information is used to assess the
activity. Official mailing addresses are Underground Gas Storage Report’’ adequacy of energy resources to meet

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10998 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 43 / Monday, March 7, 2005 / Notices

both near and longer-term domestic sector, the average sales prices for such EIA–895, ‘‘Monthly and Annual
demands. gas, and the changes in consumption Quantity and Value of Natural Gas
The EIA, as part of its effort to comply and price patterns over time. Production Report’’
with the Paperwork Reduction Act of Form EIA–895 is a voluntary survey,
1995 (Pub. L. 104–13, 44 U.S.C. Chapter EIA–191, ‘‘Monthly and Annual
Underground Gas Storage Report’’ which is comprised of monthly (EIA–
35), provides the general public and 895M) and annual (EIA–895A)
other Federal agencies with schedules. The EIA–895M collects
opportunities to comment on the Form EIA–191 is comprised of a
monthly (EIA–191M) and annual (EIA– monthly information from the
collection of energy information appropriate State agencies concerning
conducted by or in conjunction with the 191A) schedule. The EIA–191M
currently requests monthly data on the natural gas production. It provides
EIA. Any comments received help the details on gross withdrawals from gas
EIA prepare data requests that maximize location and operations of all active
underground natural gas storage fields. and oil wells and from coalbed methane
the utility of the information collected, wells, volumes vented and flared,
and assess the impact of collection The EIA–191A collects data on total
volumes of nonhydrocarbon gases
requirements on the public. As required field capacity, operation capability and
removed, gas used as fuel on leases, and
by section 3507(h)(1) of the Paperwork field type as of December 31 of the the amount of natural gas available for
Reduction Act of 1995, the EIA will reporting year. Storage data are a critical market. These data are routinely
later seek approval by the Office of link in understanding the deliverability collected by States for taxation,
Management and Budget (OMB). of the natural gas system of the United conservation, or statistical purposes. In
The natural gas surveys included in States and overall system operations. addition to providing an annual
the Natural Gas Data Collection Program
The information collected on Form summary of the monthly collected data,
Package collect information on natural
EIA–191 will be used in the following the EIA–895A provides detail on the
gas production, underground storage,
ways: value of marketed production.
transmission, distribution, and
consumption by sector, and wellhead (1) To provide State-level data on EIA–910, ‘‘Monthly Natural Gas
and consumer prices. This information underground natural gas storage with Marketer Survey’’
is used to support public policy respect to injections, withdrawals, Form EIA–910 collects monthly
analyses of the natural gas industry and inventories, and type of storage facility, information for developing accurate
estimates generated from data collected location, and capacity. These data will estimates of State-level prices paid by
on these surveys are posted to the EIA be made available through EIA’s NGM, residential and commercial consumers
Web site ( in NGA, MER, and AER. Monthly data of natural gas in states where a choice
various EIA products, including the collection also provides reliable program exists. Data from the EIA–910
Weekly Natural Gas Storage Report baseline data on storage operations are combined with data from the EIA–
(WNGSR), Natural Gas Monthly (NGM), necessary for analyses, modeling, and 857 to produce more complete and
Natural Gas Annual (NGA), Monthly accurate price estimates.
comparison with normal industry
Energy Review (MER), Short-Term
operations in cases of severe weather, EIA–912, ‘‘Weekly Underground Natural
Energy Outlook (STEO), Annual Energy
natural disaster, or other extreme Gas Storage Report’’
Outlook (AEO), and Annual Energy
Review (AER). Respondents to EIA circumstances,
The EIA–912 data collection responds
natural gas surveys include State (2) To provide data on all aspects of to requests to provide weekly measures
agencies, underground storage underground natural gas storage to of natural gas underground storage
operators, transporters, marketers, and enable EIA and other elements of DOE operations. Through this survey
distributors. Each form included as part to identify and assess the supplies of gas instrument, EIA provides a weekly data
of this package is discussed in detail in storage by geographic location. series on underground storage of natural
below. gas similar to what was previously
EIA–857, ‘‘Monthly Report of Natural published by the American Gas
EIA–176, ‘‘Annual Report of Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries to Association (AGA). AGA discontinued
and Supplemental Gas Supply and Consumers’’ its data collection on May 1, 2002. EIA
first released data from the survey on
In conjunction with data collected in Monthly State-level data collected on
May 9, 2002. Data are now published
other EIA surveys, Form EIA–176 the Form EIA–857 consist of average
weekly in the WNGSR. EIA uses the
provides EIA with the major elements of price of natural gas purchased by local data to prepare analytical products
information required to develop annual distribution companies at their city assessing storage operations in the three
gas supply and disposition balances and gates, consumption of natural gas by AGA regions and their impact on
relevant cost, price, and related sector, and average sales price by sector. supplies available for the winter heating
information at the State level. It is used These data are necessary to provide season, and in more detailed analyses
for the following purposes: timely information needed to measure correlating demand, heating-degree-
(1) To develop and make available to the combined impact of government, days, and prior inventory levels. Such
Congress, State government, and the industry, and consumer actions; correlations help EIA to understand the
public an accurate quantified overview geographic location; climatic impact of storage operations on natural
of the supply of natural and conditions; and other factors on the gas supply and demand.
supplemental gas available to each of natural gas industry and natural gas
the States from all sources both internal EIA–913, ‘‘Monthly and Annual
consumers. The data collected on the Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage
and external to the State, and the Form EIA–857 are used to develop
manner in which such supply was Report’’
information for publication in EIA’s
utilized or otherwise disposed of, STEO, NGM, and MER, and to make the In 2003, EIA proposed a survey to
(2) To determine the quantity of monitor the monthly volume of LNG in
data available to Congress, State
natural and supplemental gas consumed storage and annual operational
governments, industry, and the public.
within each of the States by market capacities of active LNG storage

VerDate jul<14>2003 18:15 Mar 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00064 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\07MRN1.SGM 07MRN1
Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 43 / Monday, March 7, 2005 / Notices 10999

facilities in the United States. However, changed from the previous annual made to the survey form and
EIA did not implement this proposal report. EIA proposes to add the instructions.
due to modest public interest and collection of ‘‘Working Gas Capacity’’
Form EIA–912, ‘‘Weekly Underground
limited budget resources. At the time of and the field status (i.e. active,
Natural Gas Storage Report’’
that decision, EIA committed to monitor abandoned, depleting, etc.) as of
the LNG market and reevaluate the December 31 of each year. EIA is No significant changes are proposed
usefulness of an LNG storage survey at proposing that the data collected on the for the EIA–912. Minor changes will be
a later date. EIA has prepared a revised revised Annual Schedule of the EIA– made to the survey form and
proposal that has reduced the budget 191 will not be confidential, making instructions.
requirements and has also reduced the individual company data of the Form EIA–913, ‘‘Monthly (September–
survey scope. The current proposal is following types available to the public: March) and Annual Liquefied Natural
discussed further in Section II. Storage Field Names, Reservoir Names, Gas (LNG) Storage Report’’
Please refer to the proposed forms and Location, Type of Facility, Total Field
instructions for more information about In 2003, EIA proposed to collect
Capacity, Working Gas Capacity, and
the purpose, who must report, when to monthly and annual LNG storage
Maximum Deliverability, for all natural
report, where to submit, the elements to information, but decided not to
gas storage fields reporting on the EIA–
be reported, detailed instructions, implement that proposal at that time.
provisions for confidentiality, and uses EIA promised to continue to monitor the
(including possible nonstatistical uses) EIA–191M LNG market and reconsider the
In an effort to reduce respondent proposed survey at a future time. LNG
of the information. For instructions on
burden, EIA proposes to eliminate the has an increasingly important role as a
obtaining materials, see the FOR FURTHER
request for ‘‘Peak day’’ and ‘‘Peak day source of natural gas supply, especially
withdrawals’’ from the EIA–191M. The during periods of peak demand.
II. Current Actions addition of a check box to signal Therefore, EIA is proposing to conduct
EIA will be requesting a three-year capacity change for the field will be LNG storage surveys, subject to funds
extension of the collection authority for being provided in the FY2007 budget. If
each of the above-referenced surveys, funding is made available, the survey
including the proposed new EIA–913. In Form EIA–857, ‘‘Monthly Report of would most likely not begin until
addition, EIA proposes the changes Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries to calendar year 2007.
outlined below that affect the EIA–176, Consumers’’ The current LNG survey proposal is
No significant changes are proposed different from the 2003 LNG Storage
EIA–191, EIA–857, EIA–895, EIA–910,
for the Form EIA–857. The instructions Report proposal. The current proposal
EIA–912, and EIA–913.
will include minor changes to provide would have the survey operate
Form EIA–176, ‘‘Annual Report of seasonally and monitor monthly storage
simplicity and clarity. Although EIA
Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply levels during September through March
proposes to continue the collection of
and Disposition’’ only, whereas the 2003 proposal would
the ‘‘Purchased City-Gate’’ data, EIA is
No significant changes are proposed requesting comment regarding the have monitored monthly storage levels
for the EIA–176. Minor changes will be practical utility of the data. throughout the entire year. The current
made to the survey form and proposal also requires that respondents
instructions in order to provide Form EIA–895, ‘‘Annual and Monthly report only one monthly data item; i.e.,
simplicity and clarity. Although EIA Quantity and Value of Natural Gas the amount of LNG in storage as of the
proposes to continue the collection of Production Report’’ report date. The 2003 proposal required
the ‘‘Operation type’’ data, EIA is In addition to several minor changes respondents to report the amount of
requesting comments regarding the to the instructions of Form EIA–895, LNG in storage, LNG additions, LNG
practical utility of the data. EIA EIA proposes significant revisions to the withdrawals, LNG peak day and LNG
proposes to add a question about the use data collected under Form EIA–895 as peak day withdrawals. Additionally,
of alternative fueled vehicles to assist in detailed below: unlike the 2003 proposed survey, the
the development of a comprehensive 2005 proposed monthly survey would
EIA–895A be administered via the telephone in
survey frame of respondents for the
EIA–886, ‘‘Annual Survey of Alternative EIA proposes to continue collecting order to increase timeliness of product
Fueled Vehicles Suppliers and Users.’’ the annual data with no significant dissemination and reduce respondent
change. burden. The proposed annual survey
Form EIA–191, ‘‘Monthly and Annual form is similar to the one included in
Underground Gas Storage Report’’ EIA–895M the 2003 proposal. Respondents will be
In addition to several minor changes EIA proposes to eliminate the current required to report: Storage facility name,
to the instructions and monthly and monthly schedule for Form EIA–895 as state location of the storage facility,
annual schedules of Form EIA–191 for a source of production and disposition storage facility design capacity,
the purpose of simplicity and clarity, of natural gas components and used to maximum liquefaction design capacity,
EIA proposes significant revisions to the calculate monthly marketed production maximum vaporization design capacity,
data collected under Form EIA–191 as estimates. Estimates based on the EIA– trailer loading/unloading ability and
detailed below: 914, ‘‘Monthly Natural Gas Production number of bays, and whether the
Report,’’ will replace this monthly data capacity had changed from what was
EIA–191A source. Thus, there will be no monthly previously reported.
In an effort to reduce respondent reporting with Form EIA–895. All operators of facilities that store
burden and simplify reporting LNG for baseload, seasonal, and peak
requirements, EIA proposes to eliminate Form EIA–910, ‘‘Monthly Natural Gas demand delivery in the United States, or
the ‘‘Pipelines to which this field is Marketer Survey’’ for delivery to United States customers
connected,’’ as well as to eliminate the No significant changes are proposed for these purposes would be required to
check boxes used to note if data have for the EIA–910. Minor changes will be complete the mandatory report. This

VerDate jul<14>2003 18:15 Mar 04, 2005 Jkt 205001 PO 00000 Frm 00065 Fmt 4703 Sfmt 4703 E:\FR\FM\07MRN1.SGM 07MRN1
11000 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No. 43 / Monday, March 7, 2005 / Notices

will include operators with LNG resubmission of data for revisions B. For what purpose(s) would the
inventories such as distribution greater than 4 percent? information be used? Be specific.
companies, pipeline companies, C. Are the instructions and definitions C. Are there alternate sources for the
liquefaction facilities, LNG wholesalers, clear and sufficient? If not, which information and are they useful? If so,
and marine terminals providing peaking instructions need clarification? what are their weaknesses and/or
storage services. The survey coverage D. Can the information be submitted strengths?
will not include LNG inventories held by the due date? D. Would the information be more
by any industrial, residential, E. Public reporting burden for the useful if published uniformly in Btu
commercial, or power generation surveys included in the Natural Gas rather than volumetrically? Which is the
operations for ultimate consumption. Data Collection Program Package is perceived industry standard?
Respondents would be required to shown below as an average hour(s) per Comments submitted in response to
complete the EIA–913 Annual Schedule response. The estimated burden this notice will be summarized and/or
at the start of the survey and includes the total time necessary to included in the request for OMB
subsequently once a year in September provide the requested information. In approval of the form. They also will
thereafter and whenever a new facility your opinion, how accurate is this become a matter of public record.
begins operation or a change in storage estimate for the proposed forms?
(1) Form EIA–176, ‘‘Annual Report of Authority: Sec. 3507(h)(1) of the
operator or storage capacity occurs. The Paperwork Reduction Act of 1995 (Pub. L.
Natural and Supplemental Gas Supply
EIA would contact the respondents on 104–13, 44 U.S.C. Chapter 35).
and Disposition’’; 12 hours per
the first Monday of the month or the response. Issued in Washington, DC, on March 1,
first business day after the first Monday (2) Form EIA–191A, ‘‘Annual 2005.
of the month in the event of a holiday. Underground Gas Storage Report’’; 1 Jay Casselberry,
The aggregate data collected on the hour per response. Agency Clearance Officer, Energy Information
Form EIA–913 for the United States and (3) Form EIA–191M, ‘‘Monthly Administration.
several multi-state regions would be Underground Gas Storage Report’’; 2.5 [FR Doc. 05–4343 Filed 3–4–05; 8:45 am]
used to develop national and regional hours per response. BILLING CODE 6450–01–P
level estimates for publication in the (4) Form EIA–857, ‘‘Monthly Report
NGM, MER, and NGA; no State level of Natural Gas Purchases and Deliveries
data would be published. EIA proposes to Consumers’’; 3.5 hours per response. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY
that monthly respondent data would be (5) Form EIA–895, ‘‘Annual Quantity
treated as sensitive, proprietary and Value of Natural Gas Production Federal Energy Regulatory
information while respondent data from Report’’; .5 hours per response. Commission
the annual schedule would not be (6) Form EIA–910, ‘‘Monthly Natural
Gas Marketer Survey’’; 2 hours per [Docket No. CP05–72–000]
III. Request for Comments (7) Form EIA–912, ‘‘Weekly Columbia Gas Transmission
Underground Natural Gas Storage Corporation; Notice of Application
Prospective respondents and other
interested parties should comment on Report’’; 0.5 hour per response. February 28, 2005.
the actions discussed in items II and III. (8) Form EIA–913A, ‘‘Annual Take notice that Columbia Gas
The following guidelines are provided Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Storage Transmission Corporation (Columbia),
to assist in the preparation of comments. Report’’; 1 hour per response. filed on February 16, 2005 an
Please indicate to which form(s) your (9) Form EIA–913M, ‘‘Monthly
application under Section 7(b) of the
comments apply. (September–March) Liquefied Natural
Natural Gas Act (NGA), as amended,
Gas (LNG) Storage Report’’; 0.5 hour per
General Issues and part 157 of the Commission’s
F. The agency estimates that the only regulations for permission and approval
A. Is the proposed collection of to abandon four storage wells, together
cost to a respondent is for the time it
information necessary for the proper with associated pipeline and
will take to complete the collection.
performance of the functions of the appurtenances, located in Ashland
Will a respondent incur any start-up
agency and does the information have Guernsey and Holmes Counties, Ohio,
costs for reporting, or any recurring
practical utility? Practical utility is all as more fully set forth in the
annual costs for operation, maintenance,
defined as the actual usefulness of application on file with the
and purchase of services associated with
information to or for an agency, taking Commission.
the information collection?
into account its accuracy, adequacy, G. What additional actions could be Any questions regarding this
reliability, timeliness, and the agency’s taken to minimize the burden of this application should be directed to
ability to process the information it collection of information? Such actions counsel for Columbia, Fredric J. George,
collects. may involve the use of automated, Senior Attorney, Columbia Gas
B. What enhancements can be made electronic, mechanical, or other Transmission Corporation, P.O. Box
to the quality, utility, and clarity of the technological collection techniques or 1273, Charleston, West Virginia 25325–
information to be collected? other forms of information technology. 1273; telephone (304) 357–2359, fax
I. Does any other Federal, State, or (304) 357–3206.
As a Potential Respondent to the
local agency collect similar information? Any person desiring to intervene or to
Request for Information
If so, specify the agency, the data protest this filing must file in
A. Would burden be reduced if element(s), and the methods of accordance with Rules 211 and 214 of
applicable data were collected in Btu collection. the Commission’s Rules of Practice and
(heat content) rather than Mcf basis Procedure (18 CFR 385.211 and
(volumetric, as it is on some surveys)? As a Potential User of the Information 385.214). Protests will be considered by
B. Would burden be increased if EIA To Be Collected the Commission in determining the
adopted a standard mandatory revision A. Is the information useful at the appropriate action to be taken, but will
rule for its natural gas surveys requiring levels of detail to be collected? not serve to make protestants parties to

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