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8756 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

35 / Wednesday, February 23, 2005 / Proposed Rules

* * * * * ‘‘anonymous access’’ system, which States, in order for these documents to

[FR Doc. 05–3451 Filed 2–22–05; 8:45 am] means EPA will not know your identity qualify for use by Federal agencies for
BILLING CODE 6560–50–U or contact information unless you identification purposes. The committee
provide it in the body of your will consist of persons who represent
comments. If you submit an electronic the interests affected by the proposed
ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION comment, EPA recommends that you rule, i.e., State offices that issue driver’s
AGENCY include your name and other contact licenses or personal identification cards,
information in the body of your elected State officials, the Departments
40 CFR Part 271 comment and with any disk or CD–ROM of Transportation and Homeland
[FRL–7875–6] you submit. Security, and other interested parties.
You can view and copy Mississippi’s The purpose of this document is to
Mississippi: Final Authorization of applications from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at invite interested parties to submit
State Hazardous Waste Management the following addresses: Mississippi comments on the issues to be discussed
Program Revisions Department of Environmental Quality, and the interests and organizations to be
Hazardous Waste Division, 101 W. considered for representation on the
AGENCY: Environmental Protection Capital, Suite 100, Jackson, Mississippi committee.
Agency (EPA). 39201; and EPA, Region 4, Library, 9th
ACTION: Proposed rule. DATES: You should submit your
Floor, The Sam Nunn Atlanta Federal comments or applications for
SUMMARY: Mississippi has applied to Center, 61 Forsyth Street, SW., Atlanta, membership or nominations for
EPA for Final authorization of the Georgia 30303–3104; (404) 562–8190. membership on the negotiated
changes to its hazardous waste program FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Gail rulemaking committee early enough to
under the Resource Conservation and Middlebrooks, RCRA Services Section, ensure that the Department’s Docket
Recovery Act (RCRA). EPA proposes to RCRA Programs Branch, Waste Management System (DMS) receives
grant final authorization to Mississippi Management Division, U.S. them not later than March 25, 2005.
for RCRA Clusters IV through X. In the Environmental Protection Agency, Late-filed comments will be considered
‘‘Rules and Regulations’’ section of this Region 4, The Sam Nunn Atlanta to the extent practicable.
Federal Register, EPA is authorizing the Federal Center, 61 Forsyth Street, SW.,
ADDRESSES: You should mention the
changes by an immediate final rule. EPA Atlanta, Georgia 30303–3104; (404) 562–
docket number of this document in your
did not make a proposal prior to the 8494.
comments or application/nomination
immediate final rule because we believe SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: For for membership and submit them in
this action is not controversial and do additional information, please see the writing to: Docket Management System
not expect comments that oppose it. We immediate final rule published in the (DMS), Room PL–401, 400 Seventh
have explained the reasons for this ‘‘Rules and Regulations’’ section of this Street, SW., Washington, DC 20590.
authorization in the preamble to the Federal Register. Commenters may also submit their
immediate final rule. Unless we get Dated: February 2, 2005. comments electronically. Instructions
written comments which oppose this A. Stanley Meilburg, for electronic submission may be found
authorization during the comment Acting Regional Administrator, Region 4. at the following Web address: http://
period, the immediate final rule will [FR Doc. 05–3364 Filed 2–22–05; 8:45 am]
become effective on the date it You may call the Docket at 202–366–
establishes, and we will not take further 9324, and visit it from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.,
action on this proposal. If we get Monday through Friday. Interested
comments that oppose this action, we persons may view docketed materials on
will withdraw the immediate final rule the Internet at any time. Instructions for
and it will not take effect. We will then Office of the Secretary doing so are found at the end of this
respond to public comments in a later notice.
final rule based on this proposal. You 49 CFR Subtitle A You may read the comments received
may not have another opportunity for by DMS at the address given above
comment. If you want to comment on [Docket No. OST–2005–20434] under ADDRESSES. The hours of the
this action, you must do so at this time. Docket are indicated above in the same
Driver’s Licenses and Personal
DATES: Send your written comments by location.
Identification Cards
March 25, 2005. You may also review all documents in
ADDRESSES: Submit your comments by AGENCY: Office of the Secretary (OST), the docket via the internet. To read
one of the following methods: DOT. docket materials on the internet, take
• Federal eRulemaking Portal: http:// ACTION: Notice of intent to form a the following steps: Follow the on-line negotiated rulemaking advisory 1. Go to the DMS Web page of the
instructions for submitting comments. committee. Department of Transportation (http://
• E-mail:
• Fax: (404) 562–8439 (prior to SUMMARY: Pursuant to the portion of the 2. On that page, click on ‘‘search.’’
faxing, please notify the EPA contact Intelligence Reform and Terrorism 3. On the next page (http://
listed below). Prevention Act of 2004 known as the 9/, type in the four-
• Mail: Send written comments to 11 Commission Implementation Act of digit docket number shown at the
Gail Middlebrooks at the address listed 2004, the Office of the Secretary, DOT, beginning of this document. Example: If
below. is establishing a committee to develop, the docket number were OST–2005–
Instructions: Do not submit through negotiated rulemaking 1234,’’ you would type ‘‘1234.’’ After
information that you consider to be CBI procedures, recommendations for typing the docket number, click on
or otherwise protected through http:// minimum standards to tighten the ‘‘search.’’, or e-mail. The security for driver’s licenses and 4. On the next page, which contains
Federal Web site is an personal identification cards issued by docket summary information for the

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