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1::-> Intiating Process Group

Exp :
2:->Planning Process Group
Exp ::
3:->.Executing Process Group
Exp ::
4:->.Monitoring & Control Process Group
Exp :
5.:->Closing Process Group
Exp ::
4:: Project Integration Management
4.1 Develop Project Charter
4.2 Develop Project Mangement Plan
4.3 Direct and Manage project work
4.4 Manage and control Project work
4.5 Perform Integrated change control
4.6 close projects

4.1 :: Develop Project Charter (Initiating Process)

Exp:: its shows the existence of a project, Project manager is assigned to the
Project charter is not considered a contract as there is no money exchanged.
Input ::

Project Statement of Work

## :: Document which contains all the deliverables for the project,

In case of external project, the customer produces the document

Business case :
## : Determined on the project stand point, whether the project is worth
All the cost and investments.

Agreements or contract are done when understand of the work performed
Contract is when a project is done for an external customer.

Environmental Factors

Government standard etc, influencing the projects.

Organzation assets
Project record and documents, historical information etc.

Tools & Techniques ::

Expert Judgement
## Judgement used to develop the project charter, Expert judgement is applied to
all technical and managerial details for the project.
Facilitation TEchniques

Output :: Project Charter

Existence of the project , detailed understanding of requirement for the project.
# Measurable project requirements
High level project requirements.
Name and authority of signatiory, etc.

4.2 :: Develop Project Mangement Plan (Planning process group)

Defining all project plans, defining all subsidiary plans and co-ordinating into one
Plan, that forms the basis of all (Project Mangament plan).
PM plan defines how project is executed, monitored, controlled an closed.

Exp ::
Input ##
Project Charter
Outputs from all other processes
Enviromental factors
Any baseline and subsidiary plans

Tools and Techniques

Environmental t

Output :
Project management plan

4.3 :: Direct and manage Project work(executing process group)

Direct and manage project work is the process of defined in the project

Plan and implementing project change to mange projects objectives.

Input ::
Project management plan ::
Approved change request

Correction Action
Preventive Action
Defect Repair

Approved change requests

## Output from Process Integrated Change Control and other processes
Approved Change request may require corrective actions
Enviromental factors
Organization process assets

Tools and techniques

Expert Judgements

Project management informations systems




Project Plan updates

Approved Change Requests
Project Mangement Plan updates
Updates, Scope Mangement plan, Requirement management plan, Schedule
manamgement plan
Cost management plan, Human Resource, Risk management plan, Stakeholder
management plan
And process baselines

4.4 :: Monitor & Control Project Work (Monitor & control process group)
(More study required).
Is used to understand progress of the project, stakeholders info the progress of the
Project, etc.
Inputs :::
Project Mangement Plan :
Project mangement plan is used
Schedule forecasts
Work performance information etc.
Cost Forecasts ::
Cost Forecasts are derived from the cost baselines and computed estimate to
complete (ETC).
Tools and Techniques ::

Outputs ::
Change Requests :
Confirmed Change Requests

4.5:: Project Integrated Change Control (monitor & control process group)
(V.imp) :
PICC is the process of reviewing all Change Requests, appoving changes
and managing changes to deliverables
Project Management Plan

Change Requests
Enterprise environmental factors
Govt. factors influencing the project.

Organization process assets

Project record and document information

Tools & Techniques

Approved Change Requests
Updates to the project log as part as part of the updates to project docuements.
Change Log ::
Changes that occur during the project, this logs and impact to the project in terms
of time
Cost and risk are communicated.

4.6 :: Close Project (closing process group).

Project management plan

Tools and techniques

Expert Judgement
Analytical Techniques

Project closure
Final products

5:: Project Scope Management