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Quiz 3

Week 7- Roofs
Hips and Gables
- Architecture tab, roof by footprint, by extrusion, by face
-require roof level, go to level, roof by footprint, draw outside lines over the
-can give an offset for the eaves
-triangles = a slope the the roof
-edit footprint to edit it, drag arrows up and down to adjust the roof pitch,
once clicked on, adjust slope in the properties tab
-gable on the end of the roof- turn off define slope to one end in the edit
footprint, wall meet roof, click on wall, then attach to top/base, then click on
wall, can always detach
Cutting around the walls
-cut out for a first storey, cut around walls, plan view, roof level, edit
footprint, draw around the first storey, remove slope of roof lines that form up
against the wall
Roof by Extrusion
-go to roof, roof by extrusion, select a workplane, vertical to the roof, the way
it will travel, select level, workplane, show, then draw a line on the
workplane, roof will follow the line, tick to accept, creates roof, can then edit,
line up witness lines to the walls below allowing you to edit overhang. can
change the rafter cut. can add a fascia depth. Can create a vertical openning
to cut away out of the first storey. Cut out use vertical openning.
Joining Roofs together
-line where they join no slope, modify panel, geometry, join or unjoin roofs
button, one must be larger than the other, click on the roof opennings of each
Parapet Roof
-create a flat roof, create a level for it below where the walls end, walls
become the parapet.
-If plan doesn't auto create go to view, plan views and then select the levels

which you want to create a view for

-draw in roof by footprint inside the walls, turn off the slopes, put angle in via
a slope arrow, and then define head or tail offset for the slope. Can draw
gutter in detail

Week 8
Duplicating View
-dupilcate before adding detailing , project browser, right click on he view,
duplicate view, then duplicate with detailing (to retain the 2d material).
duplicate gets rid of detailing. Copy of ground floor, rename.
Adding some Detailing
-add some annotation
-detail line under the annotate tab, can select different line styles
-dimension panel, aligned dimension, can only do parallel elements, tab to
cycle through different selections

Tagging Elements
-door and windows
-annotate, tag by category, comes with a leader, want to turn the leader off,
them just go around and click on the doors, will need to then re-number so
they are in order clockwise or anticlockwise.
-tag all- tags all elements of a types at once.
-tags independent objects, can be rearranged so that they are easy to read
Creating a Door and Window Schedule
-create a schedule, project browser, schedules and quanities, right click, new
schedule, comes up with a window, choose different categories to schedules
i.e. windows, information to add to the schedule, can change phasing,
different fields to add, width etc. Generates a table, can fill in information in
the schedule that is missing, will update everthings, including different
instances of the same element.
-filter the sequence, sorting and grouping, sort by mark, ascending order,
sorted by the door/window mark.
Week 9 (Detailing) - not sure if in the quiz
Create and prepare elevation
-annotation of section and elevation
-kitchen elevation, marker in kitchen, can crop the view to see only the
kitchen, change scale to 1:20, turn on the crop boundary, can crop using this
Adding detailing to Elevation
-annotate tab, detail lines, select a linestyle, can only see them in the view
that you draw them, wont see them in other views. Modify the model,
changes in other views. Elevation knows when things are cut through in
section. EQ- buttons evens everything out.
Creating Callout
-View, select callout, then draw a window around what we want to detail,
comes with a reference marker, appears in the elevations view section
Deatailing the Callout
-add regions to tells us what different materials are, select the different

regions from the properties tab, edit types, fill pattern to change the hatch of
the filled region, set to drafting pattern type, modify the thickness of the filled
region to reflect the thickness of the material. If seen in one view, use
detailing, if you see it in 2 or more views, then you model.
Adding Notes
- annotate text, can add in a leader, arrow pointing, text to the standards,
annonation crop, crops area where annotations may be seen.
-click on the text box, and add arrow in the modify tab, copy the text box so
that it is aligned throughout the layout
-legends or general notes go on the sheet not the view.
Week 10 Layout
Cleaning up the Plan
- set the scale correctly for layout, the text size change, section marker
disapear, can adjust the scale at which they appear, select section marker,
properties, hide at scales coarser, change so that it can be seen. If something
dissapears, check to see if scale specific.
-hide in view elements that you don't need to see, category hides all
elements of that category.
-can break the section line to clean up the plan, make it neater.
-use the arrows to nudge the dimensions out.
-adjust the text location to allow the text to be read.
Cleaning up the Elevations
- adjust the crop box so that we can see everything we need to.
- hide things we dont need to see
- align and adjust the levels as tight as possible but still able to be read.
-Detail to medium
-Dont need to see all of the ground
-turn off the crop region visible
-need door and window tag in the elevations, same process as in plan
Creating and Loading Sheets

-Project browser, right click on sheets, create new sheet, will need to load in
the sheet required in, create new sheet from the loaded layout.
-Sheets added after will automatically number
-Putting views on the sheet, drag and drop the view onto the sheet required,
can then adjust where it sits. Click on frame to adjust the view, as well as the
title line, adjust the title independent to the view, nothing selected then click
on the title. Dotted blue lines assist in lining up the views correctly. Can edit
the view within the sheet by double clicking, will update all other views as
Printing Sheets
- print to pdf, then print on paper from there, application, print, print dialogue
box, select printer pdf creator, combine multiple sheets check, print range
selected views/ sheets- filter turn off view- select the sheets you want to
print- save the set for future use, settings paper size and scale, zoom:100%
then it will be the correct scale, fills in the callouts elevations and section to
tell waht sheet they are on, always print actual size so print at correct scale.
Week 12
Place Street View
-lock the perspective layer, ideal site, nothing in front of the house, ctrl a
selects all, ctrl v to paster in the perspective drawing, street view layer below
the house perspective layer. Add layer mask to the street view layer to cut it
back to size.
Create Brick Wall
-open brick image, check the size of the brick image in relation to the
perspective image, transform, scale to resize the image, if the brick work not
long enough, need to make it bigger
-image canvas size , change the canvas, make it wider, copy and paste the
image to make it bigger, minimise the overlap so not as obvious, feather the
edge of the image, blends into the other image, gradient, foreground to
transparent, black to white, then change to transparent, can edit the
individual brick to break down the repetition of the image
Add bricks to Perspective
-marquee tool, draw marquee around image, edit- copy merge- to do all the
layers, need to scale the image down so that it will match the house, resize
using percentages, in small increments, or hold down shift and drag the
corners, scale until the bricks are a realistic size, masking region for the

house, turn of all other layers, polygonal lasoo tool and create a layer mask
to cut brick work to match perspective, tranform -skew to give the bricks
-side wall- create a mask, put in the brick work, merge down to combine
layers, edit, transform scale for the brick to fit in, fill of white, use magic
wand tool, select white and delete, edit- transform-skew, skew compresses
the brickwork together to complie with perspective, effect of the bricks
wrapping around.
Adding the Roof
-picture of the roof of the web, select portion that you need from the image,
copy the image into the right position of the perspective
-half the roof at a time, duplicate the roof, two different layers, which will
later be combined, transform, distort adjust the roof so that it lines up nicely,
want to get perspective of the fall correct as well, edit transform, mirror
horizontal to flip the other half around, again distort so that it matches the
other roof half, merge down to form one layer, consolidation of the layers