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7024 Federal Register / Vol. 70, No.

27 / Thursday, February 10, 2005 / Rules and Regulations

ways to enhance the quality, utility, and ■ 2. In § 902.1, the table in paragraph (b) 20 feet at mean high water and 24 feet
clarity of the information to be under 50 CFR is amended by adding in at mean low water. The existing
collected; and ways to minimize the numerical order entries for § § 660.707, regulations are listed at 33 CFR
burden of the collection of information, 660.708, and 660.712(d) and (f) as 117.799(g).
including through the use of automated follows: The bridge owner, Nassau County
collection techniques or other forms of Department of Public Works, requested
§ 902.1 OMB Control numbers assigned
information technology. Send comments pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.
a temporary deviation for the Long
or any other aspects of the collections of Beach Bridge to facilitate scheduled
information to NMFS (see ADDRESSES). * * * * * maintenance repairs, gear rack repairs,
(b)* * *
Notwithstanding any other provisions at the bridge.
of the law, no person is required to Current Under this temporary deviation the
respond to, and no person shall be OMB con- Long Beach Bridge need not open for
subject to penalty for failure to comply CFR part or section where the trol num- vessel traffic from February 21, 2005
information collection require- ber (All through February 27, 2005.
with, a collection of information subject ment is located numbers
to the requirements of the PRA, unless begin with This deviation from the operating
that collection of information displays a 0648–) regulations is authorized under 33 CFR
currently valid OMB control number. 117.35, and will be performed with all
* * * * * due speed in order to return the bridge
Small Entity Compliance Guide to normal operation as soon as possible.
Section 212 of the Small Business 50 CFR Dated: January 31, 2005.
Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act of * * * * * Gary Kassof,
1996 states that for each rule or group Bridge Program Manager, First Coast Guard
of related rules for which an agency is 660.707 –0204 District.
required to prepare a FRFA, the agency 660.708 –0498 [FR Doc. 05–2557 Filed 2–9–05; 8:45 am]
shall publish one or more guides to 660.712(d) and (f) –0498
* * * * * BILLING CODE 4910–15–P
assist small entities in complying with
the rule, and shall designated such
publications as ‘‘small entity
compliance guides.’’ The agency shall [FR Doc. 05–2531 Filed 2–9–05; 8:45 am] ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION
explain the actions a small entity is BILLING CODE 3510–22–S
required to take to comply with a rule
or group of rules. As part of this 40 CFR Part 52
rulemaking process, a small entity DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND [WV100–6030; FRL–7861–3]
compliance guide was prepared for the SECURITY
HMS FMP final rule. This guide will be Approval and Promulgation of Air
posted on the NMFS SWR website Coast Guard Quality Implementation Plans; West
( and a hard Virginia; Revised Format of 40 CFR
copy will be sent to all interested parties 33 CFR Part 117 Part 52 for Materials Being
upon request (see FOR FURTHER Incorporated by Reference
Drawbridge Operation Regulations: AGENCY: Environmental Protection
List of Subjects
Long Island, New York Inland Agency (EPA).
15 CFR Part 902 Waterway From East Rockaway Inlet to ACTION: Final rule; notice of
Reporting and recordkeeping Shinnecock Canal, NY administrative change.
requirements. AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS. SUMMARY: EPA is revising the format for
50 CFR Part 660 ACTION: Notice of temporary deviation. materials submitted by West Virginia
that are incorporated by reference (IBR)
Permits and Reporting and SUMMARY: The Commander, First Coast into its State implementation plan (SIP).
recordkeeping requirements. Guard District, has issued a temporary The regulations affected by this format
Dated: February 4, 2005.
deviation from the drawbridge operation change have all been previously
regulations governing the operation of submitted by West Virginia and
Rebecca Lent,
the Long Beach Bridge, at mile 4.7, approved by EPA. This format revision
Deputy Assistant Administrator or Regulatory across Reynolds Channel New York.
Programs, National Marine Fisheries Service. will primarily affect the ‘‘Identification
This temporary deviation allows the of plan’’ section, as well as the format
■ For the reasons set out in the preamble, bridge to remain in the closed position of the SIP materials that will be
15 CFR chapter IX, Part 902, is amended from February 21, 2005 through available for public inspection at the
as follows: February 27, 2005. This temporary National Archives and Records
deviation is necessary to facilitate Administration (NARA), the Air and
15 CFR Chapter IX
scheduled bridge maintenance. Radiation Docket and Information
PART 902—NOAA INFORMATION DATES: This temporary deviation is Center located at EPA Headquarters in
COLLECTION REQUIREMENTS UNDER effective from February 21, 2005 Washington, DC, and the EPA Regional
THE PAPERWORK REDUCTION ACT: through February 27, 2005. Office. EPA is also adding a table in the
OMB CONTROL NUMBERS FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Judy ‘‘Identification of plan’’ section which
Leung-Yee, Project Officer, First Coast summarizes the approval actions that
■ 1. The authority citation for part 902 Guard District, at (212) 668–7165. EPA has taken on the non-regulatory
continues to read as follows: SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The Long and quasi-regulatory portions of the
Authority: 44 U.S.C. 3501 et seq. Beach Bridge has a vertical clearance of West Virginia SIP.

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