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MAY, 2015

31 years old male with meningitis case & culture shows gram +ve bacteria ( Questions
1) What is the suspected microorganism?
a) S. Pneumonia
b) H. Influenza
c) N. Gonorrhea

What is the DOC for treatment :

Ceftriaxone + Vancomycin
Vancomycin + Ampicillin + Ceftriaxone
Ampicillin + Ceftriaxone
Ampicillin + Vancomycin


What to give as add on therapy:

Normal Saline


What the legislation for Tramadol?

Written Rx only with refills
Written & Verbal Rx without refills
Written & Verbal Rx with refills & Part fill


What the legislation for Testosterone?

Written Rx only with refills
Written Rx only without refills
Written & Verbal Rx without refills
Written & Verbal Rx with refills
Written & Verbal Rx with refills with specified time interval

6) The best source of information that presents a gateway to immunization information

including vaccine safety, immunization schedules is :
a) Canadian Public Health Association
b) Institute of Health Research
c) Public Health Agency of Canada
d) Canada Immunization Research Center
e) Canada Health Act
7) Patient comes with prescription and you realize it is forgery what you will do? " Check "
a) Tell the patient you do not have the medication and he can come tomorrow to tell
the police.
b) Tell the patient it is forgery and dont dispense it & return the Rx to him.
c) Tell the patient it is forgery and restrain the patient until call the police.
d) Send the patient to another pharmacy to dispense the medication.
e) Give him advance of 2 tab. & ask him to come next day & call the police.
8) Diabetic patient on Metformin and Gliclazide and drinking 2 cups of alcohol per day
and 4 cups on the weekend what is the correct statement
a) Alcohol is contraindicated with Metformin
b) Drinking 2 cups of alcohol daily with Gliclazide is accepted.
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MAY, 2015
c) Excess alcohol will cause hyperglycemia.
d) Alcohol is contraindicated with Gliclazide
e) Patient will experience hypoglycemia during the weekend.
15 years old girl, smoker and had her last period 14 days ago, she came to your
pharmacy and asked about plan-B after 3 days of sexual intercourse. ( Question 9 & 10
9) What is the right action
a) Dispense plan-B
b) Refuse to dispense
c) Advise her to see a gynaecologist
d) Tell her there is no effect after 3 days
10) After that, she came again with prescription for combined oral contraceptive what is
your advice
a) You must use barrier for first few days (7 day pack up with combined)
b) It has a risk of breast cancer
c) Combined Hormonal therapy is not suitable for your age
d) Call the doctor before you dispense to confirm
11) Patient with signs of allergic rhinitis, watery eyes, nasal discharge & green respiratory
discharge for 3 weeks she tried taking Loratadine but it was not effective, why would
you refer this patient?
a) Symptom for more than 2 weeks
b) Green discharge
c) This is a complicated case and should be referred
d) Loratidine was ineffective
12) Which drug is known with its class side effect that causes hepatic cholestatic
a) Penicillin
b) Amino glycosides
c) Estrogen
d) Nitrates
13) Azithromycin caps auxiliary label.
a) With or without food
b) Separate for dairy product, Juice & Antacids
c) Take without food
d) Immediately after food
e) 1 hour before meal or 2hrs after meal
14) Regarding Chlorhexidine what is true?
a) May stain teeth if used for long term
b) Interact with Antacid
c) Contraindicated in old age
d) Available in oral and injection form

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MAY, 2015
15) A physician prescribed a fortified eye drops for a patient Tobramycin 13.5mg /ml gtt
ou twice daily. How much of the 40 mg/ml stock solution should be added to 5ml of
0.3% to get the desired concentration?
a) 1 ml
b) 1.5 ml
c) 0.5 ML
d) 2 ml
e) 2.5 ml.
16) A diabetic patient is using Humalog 50 Mix (50% Lispro and 50% NPH). He is taking
24 units of Humalog Mix before breakfast and before supper. He called today to get his
Humalog Mix. However, all of Humalog is back order. You've Humalog Lispro &
Humalog Mix ( 25% Lispro and 75 % NPH)
a) Give him 8 units of Humalog Lispro and 16 units of Humalog Mix "25:75 "
b) Give him 12 units of Humalog Lispro and 12 units of Humalog Mix "25:75 "
c) Give him 16 units of Humalog Lispro and 8 units of Humalog Mix "25:75 "
17) A diabetic patient type I. in the honeymoon period , what to advice him :
a) Keep Insulin dose because it's a short period time phenomenon
b) Keep Insulin dose but increase the frequency of glucose level testing
c) Decrease the dose of Insulin
d) Increase the dose of Insulin
18) What do you counsel on a patient newly diagnosed with dementia starting a
cholinesterase inhibitor?
a) If you fail one medication in this class you will probably fail all medications within
the class
b) Ginko Biloba will enhance the efficacy of this medication
c) Decrease the Repetition of question is a good goal of treatment
19) What is the true Tallman lettering?
a) DOPAMine, DOBUTAMine.
b) DOPamine, DOBUTamine.
c) DOpamine, DObutamine
20) Pregabalin may be used in all cases Except
a) Renal Impairment
b) Hepatic disease
c) Blood disorders
You have a prescription with Menthol and camphor,( Qs 21: 24 )
21) Which type of mixture is that
a) Liquid mixture
b) Eutectic mixture
c) Ionic Mixture
d) Liquid Crystalline Mixture
22) This mixture used for
a) Impetigo
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MAY, 2015
b) Back pain
c) Herpes Zoster
d) Pruritus
23) When you allow the technician to make this compounding
a) If he made this compounding before
b) If he do compounding in the field of the pharmacist's vision
24) Why do you keep the record of the compounding
a) To know the cost of the compounding
b) To be easy to make it again when asked for refill
c) To determine the stocks of the ingredient
25) Renal patient have a new Rx of Neofloxacin what you have to do.
a) Keep dose and decrease the interval
b) Keep interval and decrease dose
c) Decrease interval or decrease the dose
d) Keep interval and Keep the dose
e) Keep dose and increase interval
26) Pneumocystis Jirovecii Pneumonia (PJP) has been reported to be a leading cause of
death in HIV-infected infants. Which of the following could be used as prophylaxis
against PJP?
a) Amoxicillin
b) Folic acid
c) Vitamin E
d) Co-Trimoxazole
27) Side Effects of Sevelamer tablet
a) Nausea
b) Insomnia
c) Ascites
d) Neuropathic pain
28) All below references can be used for Drug-Drug interaction EXCEPT
a) CPS
b) Lexicomp
c) Remington
d) TC
Patient suffers from diabetic foot and ulcer, while doctor inspection he discovered that
it reach to the bone. ( Qs 29: 31 )
29) This called
a) Cellulitis
b) Osteomyelitis
c) Tendinitis
d) Ulcerative colitis
30) The duration of treatment is
a) 2 Weeks
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MAY, 2015
b) 1 Month
c) 3 Month
d) 6 Month
31) Which is the proper treatment
a) Cefazolin
b) Cephalexin
c) Cefamandole
d) Cefuroxime
32) Oral contraceptives are affected by all of the following EXCEPT :
a) Erythromycin
b) Clonidine
c) Phenobarbital
d) Gabapentine
33) Which one of the following is schedule I:
a) Oral potassium salt
b) Nitroglycerin spray
c) IV B12
d) Fusidic acid Cream
e) Epipen
Patient had a lot of chest pain and pain due to fibromyalgia is uncontrolled and is on
many medications, medications were : Bisoprolol 5mg daily ,Amitriptyline 10mg prn
( Qs 35 : 36 )
34) What may be the possible reason for his symptom?
a) Bisoprolol is too low (5mg daily)
35) Which one of his medications may at a suboptimal level
a) Amitriptyline suboptimal 10mg daily (still pain)
Patient has hypertension, Reynaud's, cold intolerance, with diabetes and has
fibromyalgia ( Qs 36 : 37 )
36) Which med is likely causing a therapeutic problem
a) Metformin 1g bid
b) Amitriptyline 10mg
c) Bisoprolol 50mg
37) Patient blood pressure is still high, what would you add on
a) Nifedipine XL
38) When to refer?
a) 2 year old child with low-grade fever.
b) 7 year old child with anal itching
39) Which of the following injections should be refrigerated?
a) Diphenhydramine suspension
b) Sumatriptan
c) Depo-Provera
d) Glatiramer
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MAY, 2015
A woman is admitted to the ER for Opioid withdrawal because of missed methadone
doses over the past few weeks. (Qs 40 :42 )
40) What could she be experiencing?
a) Epistaxis
b) Miosis
c) Seizures
d) Dry mouth
e) Diarrhea
41) Patient addict Opioid and he use Methadone, where he will be honest.
a) If he said, I stole a dose
b) If he decrease the addicted amount
c) If he said, l hide a dose
d) If he said, I will go to be treated at the hospital
42) When the methadone will reach the maximum withdrawal symptoms?
a) 1 Day
b) 2 Days
c) 3 Days
43) Complication of endocarditis
a) Hypertension crisis
b) Heart Failure
c) Liver Failure
d) Kidney Failure
Case about Bulimia nervosa ( Questions 44 : 48 )
44) What to give her?
a) Mirtazepine
b) Fluoxetine
c) Sertaline
45) Then her case is not controlled what will happen from that?
a) Esophagitis
b) Pancreatitis
46) What is the expected period of treatment?
a) 12 months
b) 2-3 months
c) 6 months
d) 24 months
47) What decrease the efficacy of treatment?
a) Purging after treatment
48) How to increase the efficacy of treatment?
a) Regulate medication with purging time
b) Use Ondansetron
c) Use Prokinetic
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49) Which medication should be stopped before IV contrast media?
a) Metformin
b) Acarbose
c) Pioglitazone
d) Gliclazide
e) Meglitinides
50) In order to weigh a compound that that has 5% accuracy on a balance that has
sensitivity error of 4.5 mg. What is the minimum weighable amount?
a) 4.5mg
b) 9mg
c) 45mg
d) 90mg
e) 180mg
51) A 10 week pregnant lady came to you in the pharmacy and said she has burning and
itching in the vaginal area and its the first time for her to experience these symptoms
and she said she has a white-grey discharge and malodorous. Why would you refer this
patient? ( K-TYPE)
Because this is the first time for her
Her symptoms are different from those of candidacies
A pregnant woman can take intravaginal medication
52) Patient has migraine she is seeking for something fast to relief her symptoms :
a) Naproxen
b) Naratriptan
c) Zolmitriptan
d) Subcutaneous Sumatriptan
A patient has shingles and she was admitted to the hospital due to her severe and
acute pain. Her pain is now controlled. You delivered the medication to her as
prescribed Amitriptyline 10 mg QHS. When she went home and read the leaflet, she
decided not to take the medication due to its side effects.
53) What should the pharmacist tell her?
a) The pain relief provided by this medication will outweigh any side effects.
b) The common side effects usually tolerated by most patients and can be managed.
c) This is a very low dose to cause these side effects
d) If you experience any side effects go right away to the doctor
e) Serious side effects does not happen to everyone
54) Doctor asks for unapproved use of drug , which reference
a) Micromedex
b) Pharmacological clinical data
c) Medline
d) CPS
e) TC
55) Old man coming out of hospitals, can be given all vaccines , EXCEPT :
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56) A week ago, you dispensed Nitrofurantoin to a patient. Today she came to the
pharmacy and told you that she got stomatitis. Her doctor and dentist did not find any
cause for her stomatitis. What to do?
a) Report to Med effect (health Canada)
b) Report to Institution of Safe Medication Practice
You are a hospital pharmacist. You discovered that one of patients had an order for Losec
and the technician who prepared the prescription misinterpreted it as Lasix. However,
the pharmacist who was there in that shift is on vacation today. The patient has been
taking the wrong medication for three days so far including this day.
57) Who is the first person you should contact?
a) The physician who wrote the prescription.
b) The pharmacist in charge of that shift
c) The technician who prepared the prescription
d) The patients family
e) The nurse on the patient care unit
58) What do you monitor for this patient?
a) Glucose
b) Lipase
c) Uric acid
59) Drug X / Drug Y / Drug Z, Ratio is 1:2:2 and he total quantity mitte 150g; If Con. of the
total mix is 0.1%, what is the Con. of X?
60) Why we give Vitamin D with Ca?
a) Increase the intestinal passive absorption of Ca
b) Increase the intestinal active absorption of Ca
c) Improve bone resorption
61) Patient is taking phenytoin & has to take Combined Oral Contraceptive :
a) Ethinyestradiol 50 g / Norethindrone 0.5 mg
b) Ethinyestradiol 35 g /Norethindrone 0.5 mg
c) Progesterone only
d) Spermicide
62) Seizure patient & he is taking Valproic & suffer from intolerable GIT S.E, what to do?
a) Lower the dose of Valproic
b) Change Valproic to its salt
c) Change to Ethosuximide
d) Add Ethosuximide
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63) Patient in ICU , what score used
a) Child PUGH
b) Modified Rankin scale
c) Framingham Score
64) Patient with Coronary Artery Syndrome, what score used?
c) Framingham Score
65) RRR Calculation with 20 event and 12 controlled and calculate NNT
66) Depression case with sexual dysfunction, hyperlipidemia and was taking Metoprolol,
Atorvastatin, ASA, Sildenafil, Gliclazide ,What to give him for depression treatment
a) Bupropion
a) Mirtazepine
b) Venlafaxine
c) TCAs
67) Which advice can you tell to the patient who is on Lithium:
a) Limit caffeine intake
b) Drink a lot of fluids
c) Stop smoking
d) Reduce alcohol intake
68) What is the laboratory sign of hypothyroidism?
a) Low TSH
b) Low free T4
c) Low T3
d) Low Antithyroid Peroxidase
69) What to do before start Dabigatran
a) Kidney function
b) Liver function
c) aptt
70) Caution when handling with:
a) Hydroxyurea
b) Digoxin
71) To determine the safety of taking insulin in hospitals and avoid errors, what do you
a) Use ml unit in insulin syringe
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MAY, 2015
b) Use the patient home insulin
c) Put insulin beside patient bed to decrease the time to take insulin
d) Use appropriate syringe unit that is clear enough to the patient and nurse
39 year old female on Escitalopram & started to feel some anxiety, shortage of sleep,
inability to listen, was recently diagnosed with ADHD,
72) What is the most prominent symptom of ADHD?
a) Anxiety
b) Inability to listen
c) Insomnia

73) What is the best course of action?

a) Keep Escitalopram & add Atomoxetine
b) Change Escitalopram to Fluoxetine & add Methylphenidate
c) Stop Escitalopram & add Atomoxetine
d) Increase the dose of Escitalopram to manage ADHA & Depression
74) Patient wants to know the effectiveness of Vitamin D in cancer, which reference will
you search for this information
a) Reviewed article about vitamin supplementation
b) Ask oncologist in cancer center
c) Therapeutic choices
d) Primary journal
75) What is false about chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting treatment?
a) Dimenhydrinate can be used
76) Why progesterone is added to OCT ?
a) Decrease cervical cancer
b) Decrease breast cancer
c) Decrease endometrial cancer
77) Patient on his profile :
Oxycodone , Methamphetamine , Lorazepam , Lactose , Amitriptyline, Losartan ,
Atorvastatin , so the number of narcotics , controlled, targeted subs.& regular
medication taken respectively is :
a) 1:1:1:4
b) 2:2:1:4
c) 1:0:2:4
78) Patient on his profile :
Barbital + Acetaminophen +Codeine , Oxycodone , Morphine , Diazepam , Captopril &
Metoprolol , then his physician add to him Methadone , So the number of Narcotic :
Controlled : Targeted : Regular medication taken respectively is :
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79) A physician called you to ask about the newest treatment for multiple sclerosis. What
is the most suitable method for the pharmacist to get this information?
a) Pub Med
b) E-therapeutics
c) E-cps
d) Clinical practice guidelines
e) Primary Literature
80) A physician called you to ask about the usage of drug X in pregnant woman , In which
reference do you look for this information ?
a) Mother risk
b) CPS
c) TC
81) What is the most appropriate council to give to a baby's mother her son suffer from
diaper rash ?
a) Use antifungal
b) Use Talc powder
c) Exposure his skin to air to dry it
82) A regular customer to your pharmacy on an insurance plan as follow : Deductable of
100 $ , he already paid 63.25 $ before , with a co-payment of 10 % of each Rx , One
day he came with a Rx its total price is 87.25 $ including 15 $ as a dispensing fees ,
his insurance cover 10 $ of the dispensing fees . What shall the pharmacist make his
customer pay ?
a) 50.xx $
b) 8.xx $
c) 40.xx $
d) 46.xx $
83) What is the odd ratio for a trial done on 2 products A & B in smoking cessation , the
result was as follow :
Product A : 44 Of 56 stop smoking
Product B : 29 Of 71 stop smoking
a) 1.9
b) 0.053
84) Which of the following switching between antidepressants require a washout period
of 10 days
a) Switching from Venlafaxine to Escitalopram
b) Switching from Phenelazine to Escitalopram
85) Sign of toxicity of Dextromethorphane is :
a) Delirium
b) Bradycardia
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MAY, 2015
c) Bronchospasm
86) A patient asked the pharmacist to meet her outside the pharmacy to discuss with her
something about her medical case , the pharmacist refuse so he follow ?
a) Professional act
b) Justice
c) Fidelity
87) A pharmacist received a recall for product X , his mother used this product so he
decided to keep all the stock of product X that he has for his mother , what ethics does
he violate :
a) Beneficence
b) Justice
c) Fidelity
88) A pharmacist in a providence which prevent dispensing the Rx after 3 days of its
writing date , A mother of a 2 years old boy came with a Rx wrote from 5 days , what is
the sentences that the pharmacist can tell the lady to show his sympathy with her ?
a) Sorry ,I Can't dispense the Rx
b) I can offer you a delivery to the physician office to change the date of the Rx
c) I have a children and know your responsibilities and duties toward your kids
89) A mother of a 2 years old boy came to your pharmacy with a Rx for her son who
suffers from AOM of Amoxicillin 45 mg/Kg/ Day for 5 Days , what is your concern about
this Rx ?
a) Low dose of Amoxicillin
b) Short Duration of treatment
c) No need for Antibiotic
90) Patient diagnosed with Endocarditis , take Piperacillin/Clavulanate , undergo dental
surgery , what will he takes as a prophylactic ?
a) Amoxicillin 2 gm once
b) Clindamycin
c) Gentamycin
91) Amiodarone , monitor all EXCEPT :
a) Chest X Rays
b) Eye Examination
c) Renal Function
d) TSH
e) Liver Function
92) Which one may cause hyperglycemia
a) Removing TPN while using Insulin
b) Giving 50 U of Insulin instead of 5 U
c) Giving Long acting Insulin without using Regular Insulin
93) In hospital patient has received 1 gm Vancomycin after 4 days the blood conc. was 17
m.mol/L .was 35 m.mol/L after injection & he has received a second dose of 500 gm
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MAY, 2015

Vancomycin. Peak conc. is 20 m.mol/L, trough 15 m.mol/L when should he take the
third dose?
1 day after the second dose
2 days after the second dose
3 days after the second dose
5 days after the second dose

94) What will happen if we increase the dose of a product X

a) Increase the Rate of Elimination
b) Increase the Volume of Distribution
c) Increase Peak Plasma Concentration
95) What is true about the usage of Granisetron oral tablet in a patient on
chemotherapy ?
a) It can cause headache & Constipation
b) It should be used after 2 days of chemotherapy
96) Which combination require pharmacist intervention
a) Isotretinoin + Tetracycline
97) Pharmacist concerned about not receiving the appropriate bonus after the annual
review, in his manager's opinion he was not performing well, while in his opinion he
was doing five clinical checks per week, which has increased to eight, which is a 60%
improvement, what is an appropriate criticism for that?
a) Pharmacist did not improve significantly over last year
b) Pharmacist was unfairly assessed
c) Objective was not measurable
d) There was no criteria set for measuring the objective
98) Which one of the below cant be used with Nave Opioid patient
a) Fentanyl Patch
b) Fentanyl Injection
c) Hydromorphone
d) Meperidine
e) Morphine
99) Acute Gout Case , what is the goal of therapy ( K-TYPE )
Reduce inflammation
Reduce pain
Reduce serum uric acid
High doses of Levothyroxine will cause :
a) Diarrhea
b) Constipation
Which of these Formula is an exempted Narcotic :
a) Codeine 3.3 mg + 5 ml of Solvent
b) Codeine 8 mg + Substance X " non narcotic "
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MAY, 2015
c) Methadone + Phenylephrine + Pseudoephedrine
d) Codeine 3.3 mg + 5 ml of Solvent + 2 substances " non narcotic "
Patient is on Morphine IV 15 mg Q4Hr. , Dr wants to switch him to SR Tab. form
if you know that the equivalent dose is : Morphine 30 mg , Oxycodone 6 mg , Codeine
200 mg , Hydromorphone 100 mg . what will be the suitable choice :
a) 300 mg Codeine Q12 Hr.
b) 60 mg Morphine Q 12 Hr.
c) 15 mg Oxycodone Q 12 Hr.
d) 100 mg Hydromorphone Q 12 Hr.
What to monitor with Gabapentine
a) Renal function
b) Liver function
c) CBC
Aspirin toxicity with the level given of PH 7.2, Co2, and HCO3 all are less than
normal. what is the Expected problem:
a) Respiratory Acidosis
b) Respiratory Alkalosis
c) Metabolic Acidosis
d) Metabolic Alkalosis
e) Mixed
After Alcohol withdrawal treatment , need to transfer to
a) Social worker
b) Occupational Therapy
c) Physiotherapy
Diabetic Patient with some heart problem , will need help from
a) Social Worker
b) Diabetic Educator
c) Orthopedic
d) Dietician
e) Occupational therapist
You will hold a meeting for patient who had a stroke , who will you invite to
speak :
a) Dietician
b) Occupational Therapist
c) Social Worker
Which is the most drug may cause Hepatotoxicity
a) Valproic acid
b) Topiramate
c) Phenytoin
d) Gabapentine
MAY, 2015

What is true about Atopic Dermatitis (Pruritus)

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MAY, 2015

Oil baths before taking a shower to prevent dehydration

Topical Pimecrolimus is more effective than corticosteroids
Oatmeal bath not equal effective as pre oil bath
Loratidine better than Diphenhydramine

All should be taken on empty stomach EXCEPT :
a) Indinavir
b) Cefuroxime Axetil
c) Azithromycin
d) Levothyroxine
f) Residronate
Which substance that may be biologically interact with Quinolone
a) Erythromycin
b) Calcium
c) Warfarin
d) Digoxin
Hypertensive , Hyperlipidemic , Diabetic , Obese patient got chest pain ,
dyspenia & diagnosed as Pulmonary Embolism , what is the main cause for his case :
a) Hypertension
b) Hyperlipidemia
c) Diabetes
d) Obesity
SW is 9 years old. He takes methylphenidate for ADHD. Today he came to your
pharmacy and told you that he wants to stop his medication because it makes him
drowsy at school and he found difficulty to fall sleep at night, furthermore he fells
embarrassed when he takes the medication at school , What is your advice to SW
a) Suggest changing to ER formula
b) Tell him don not be embarrassed
Which one not used in Colonoscopy in case of diverticulitis
b) Ferrous Gluconate
Which one is C.I to patient with Sulfa allergy
a) Celecoxib
b) Furosemide

What is the NNT if the Event Rate was 12 & 20 % ( Answer 13 )

Which preparation doesn't contain preservatives :
a) Total Parenteral Nutrition
b) Eye drops
c) Ear drops
d) Nasal spray

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MAY, 2015
Patient was taking Oxycodone and the doctor want to change it to Fentanyl
patch what is the right dose:
a) Fentanyl 25 mcg/12hr
b) Fentanyl 25 mcg/24hr
c) Fentanyl 25 mcg/36hr
d) Fentanyl 25 mcg/48hr
Which RX need pharmacist intervention
a) Azithromycin orally once a day for 5 days
b) Azithromycin tid / 5 days
c) Azithromycin qd / 3 days
d) Azithromycin orally as a single dose
a) 10
b) 20
c) 30
d) 60
e) 90


Metformin is Contra Indicated at which Cr.Cl level

/ min
/ min
/ min
/ min
/ min

Hospital pharmacy suffering from workload what to do:
a) Decrease hours on weekend
b) Hire student and intern and pay them.
c) Decrease overlap between shifts and automate you work and decrease stuff in weekends
A 65 yrs old male was diagnosed with MI, what are the markers of ACS, all
a) Troponin 1
b) Troponin 2
c) CK
d) Serum Creatinine
e) Myoglobin
Terazosin is used in all EXCEPT :
a) Prostate Hypertrophy
b) Prostate Hyperplasia
Patient with Pre cataract surgery in her left eye then will do it in right eye after 8 weeks ,
doctor prescribe for her 3 eye drops one was prednisolone and other 2 were
moxifloxacin, sundilac (anti-inflammatory) TID for 7 days then:
What the best action to do:
a) Dispense all drops
b) Too high a dose
c) Too long duration
What was the reason for prescribing these eye drops
a) Prevent infection and control inflammation
b) To decrease IOP
c) Decrease inflammation
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MAY, 2015
After she did the surgery in her eye, she still has many left home. What to do
a) She has to buy new eye drops
b) hold for her till she need them
c) Give her prednisolone only & use other two she has at home
d) Give her other two & continue on prednisolone she has at home
When you counsel patient what is true to increase absorption of the eye drops?
a) Blink the eye quickly for 1-2 min
b) Leave the eyelids closed and the finger pressing gently for 2 min
c) Separate between each drop from 3-5 min
d) Put cold pack for 2 min on closed eye
Which eye drop will cause Iris Pigmentation
a) Latanoprost
b) Dorzolamide
c) Timolol
d) Brimonidine
e) Pilocarpine

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