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MTAP Reviewer
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Read and Analyze the following carefully then answer. Write your answer on
the blank.
______ 1. Round off 76.67 to the nearest tenths.
______ 2. What is 84.987 rounded off to the nearest hundredths?
______ 3. What is the difference between 41.25 and 21.36?
( 4-8 refer from the figure below and answer the question that follow. )




______ 4. Which line is parallel to line GH?

______ 5. What are the lines that intersect line JK?
______ 6. What lines are perpendicular to line JK?
______ 7. How many lines are parallel to line EF?
______ 8. What are the line that intersects EF?
______ 9. Abi brought bundles of newspapers for her school fund drive. Each
weighs 3kg. How many grams are there in 15 bundles?
______ 10. A pugon consumes about 8 ags of charcoal to bake pandesal in an
use. Each bag of charcoal weighs 2kg. How many grams of charcoal
will the

pugon consume if it will be used for 6 hours?

______ 11. Mr. Perkins changed the oil in his car. He bought 6 liters of oil. He
put 4 500
ml in his car. How many milliliters of oil did he have left?
______ 12. A water jug contains 5 000 ml of water. Lander poured 2 L of water
into a
pitcher to make some juice. How many liters of water remained in the
______ 13. The cooling system of a car has a capacity of 15 L. If the system is
with 7 000 ml coolant. How many more liters of coolant is needed to
fill in full
the cooling system.
______ 14. A 5-liter energy drink is shared equally among 10 athletes. How
many ml of
the drink each athlete get?
______ 15. Find the missing side of the rectangle if the perimeter is 108 and
one of its
side measures 4 cm.
______ 16. Find the measure of the side of the square if its perimeter is 80m.
______ 17. Find the measure of the sides of a rectangle if its perimeter is
12m, and the
ratio of the length is 1:2.
______ 18. Find the measure of the third side of the triangle if its Perimeter is
and two of its sides measures 25ft and 16.5ft respectively.
______ 19. The perimeter of a triangle is 26cm. The length of one side 9cm.
The length
of another side is 7 cm. What is the length of the third side?
______ 20. Two rectangular garden plots are situated on opposite sides of a
street in a
barangay. On the right of the street is a garden plot 9m long by 7m
wide and

the garden across it is 12m long by 5m wide. Find the areas of the
garden plots.
Which plot has the smaller area?
______ 21. Mr. de la Rama wants to buy a residential lot which costs 1 500
square meter. If the lot is 35m long and 20m wide, how much will it
cost Mr. de
la Rama to pay for the lot?
______ 22.Find the product of 8 and 15 minus the quotient of 15 000 divided
by 3 000.
______ 23. Divide the sum of 84 and 35 by 12.
______ 24. Subtract the quotient of 640 divided by 8 from 987.
______ 25. Multiply 16 by the quotient of 205 divided by 2..
______ 26. Add the product of 15 and 6 to the estimated quotient of 235
divided by 12.
______ 27. There are 365 days in one year and 100 years in one century. How
days are there in one century?
______ 28. A regular hexagon has a perimeter of 72dm. How long is one side?
______ 29. What two factors of 48 have a sum of 16?
______ 30. What two numbers have a sum of 25 and a difference of 3?
______ 31. What is the largest number less 1000 that is divisible by 8?
______ 32. Rica is painting dots on a box. There are 12 dots in the first row,
16 dots in
the secondrow, 20 dots in the third row. If the pattern continues, how
dots will be in theseventh row?
______ 33. My uncle is 7 years older than twice my eldest brothers age. My
brother is 19years old. How old is my uncle?
______ 34. In the class of Ms. Benitez, there were 18 girls. There were twice
as many
boys. Then,5 pupils left but 3 new ones come. How many pupils are
now in the
class of Ms.Benitez?

______ 35. In a classroom, the desks are arranged in 8 rows. Each row has 7
desks. All
the desks in7 rows are full except the last which has only 5 pupils.
How many
pupils are in theclass?