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A. Luna St., Majayjay, Laguna

23 October 2015


Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas
ng Bayan (PDP-Laban)
512 5th Flr., GSIS Bldg.,
Financial Center,
Roxas Blvd., Pasay City


Head Political Affairs
Endorsement/Nomination of Danilo
A. Vito As A Replacement For PDPLaban Member In The Sangguniang
Bayan Of Majayjay, Laguna
-andApplication To Become Municipal
Chairman/Head In Majayjay And/
Or Provincial Chairman/Head For
The Province Of Laguna of PDPLaban

Dear Hon. Sen. Pimentel,

The undersigned would like to first extend our grateful gratitude
to you in giving me and my team the privilege to become members of
PDP-Laban and the official candidates of PDP-Laban for the 2016 Local
Election in Majayjay, Laguna (Majayjay). As bonafide member of PDPLaban and in behalf of the other members of PDP-Laban in Majayjay,
the undersigned would like to request for the recall and withdrawal
of the nomination of Mr. Danilo A. Vito (Mr. Vito) as the nominated
member of PDP-Laban for the vacated position by a member of the
PDP-Laban in the Sangguniang Bayan (SB) of Majayjay. If you would
recall, Mr. Vito has been nominated by PDP-Laban to replace the

position vacated by PDP-Laban member Valeriano O. Vito, Jr., who

have taken the position of Vice Mayor of Majayjay when the former
Vice Mayor was found administratively guilty in an administrative
case and meted out the penalty of perpetual disqualification from
holding public office by the OMBUDSMAN.
During the 2013 Local Election in Majayjay, Mr. Vito is not a
member of PDP-Laban as he is an independent candidate. He applied
for and became member of PDP-Laban a few days before his
endorsement/nomination as the representative of the PDP-Laban for
the said position vacated in the SB of Majayjay by a member of PDPLaban. However, after his appointment as member of SB of Majayjay,
Mr. Vito had abandoned his membership with PDP-Laban without
even giving PDP-Laban the simple courtesy of informing it that he
has already transferred to the Nacionalista Party. In fact, he is now
the official candidate for Vice Mayor of Nacionalista Party in Majayjay
for the 2016 Local Election.

In this connection, and so as to avoid a bad precedent in our

town of a politician applying for membership in PDP-Laban for the
convenient purpose of getting the endorsement/nomination to be a
replacement for a PDP-Laban member in SB, the undersigned would
like to respectfully request your good office to recall and withdraw
the nomination of Mr. Vito as the representative of PDP-Laban for
the position vacated in SB by a member of the PDP-Laban. In lieu of
Mr. Vito, the undersigned would like to request to replace him by Dr.
Jhoul V. Barba who was elected Number 10 among the candidates
for members of SB in Majayjay during the 2013 Local Election. Dr.
Barba is most qualified to become a member of the SB of Majayjay
and he is the official candidate of PDP-Laban for Vice Mayor of
Majayjay for the 2016 Local Election. Verily, the undersigned would
like to further request for the issuance of formal notice of recall and
withdrawal of the said nomination of Mr. Vito and to issue a new
notice of endorsement/nomination for Dr. Barba to be the duly
authorized representative of PDP-Laban to the position vacated by a
PDP-Laban member in the SB of Majayjay.
Finally, the undersigned understands that PDP-Laban does not
have Municipal Chairman/Head in Majayjay and/or Provincial
Chairman/Head for the Province of Laguna and thus he would like to
apply for the honor and privilege to become Municipal Chairman/

Head in Majayjay and/or Provincial Chairman/Head for the Province

of Laguna of PDP-Laban.
Thank you very much.
Very truly yours,

Candidate for Mayor


Candidate for Vice Mayor