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The Essential Tool


PRODUCT ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)
RECRUITMENT ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)
SONYA RECRUITMENT ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)
WORKING PARENTS ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)
CLEAN 9 & NUTRI-LEAN ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)

Background information

Background information


The Ad Pack is your essential tool to ensuring you effectively and legally communicate your Forever
business to the world. It is advised that you become familiar with the Forever Company Policy but this pack
is designed to act as a reference guide to advertising the products and the business opportunity. This pack
refers back to the Company Policy for greater detail. A copy of the Company Policy is available for download


Email to or fax to 01926 626638 or post to Head Office FAO Sarah Acklam,
Compliance Coordinator. Please allow 7 working days for approval.
If you require advise or assistance please call Sarah Acklam on 01926 626630.




The new Eagle logo can be downloaded from FOREVERknowledge:


The DSA logo is free to Distributors as long as it is used in a section about the Company and it is
made clear that Forever is the member of the DSA and not the Distributor. It should not be used in
adverts/flyers/business cards. Available by e-mail from the Marketing Communications Dept. The
DSA are raising their profile in the eyes of the consumer, they have developed a strap line that you
can use in adverts/flyers or any promotional material:

The following logos

be used by Distributors as they are strictly for use by Head Office:

OFT (Office of Fair Trading)

The IIP (Investor in People) *
IASC (the International Aloe Science Council)
Kosher Symbol
Islamic Seal of Approval

Advertisements may include photographs of the products. Photographs of discontinued products or

out-of-date product packaging are not permitted. You may download photographs of the product
from FOREVERknowledge.

* An assessment report on how Forever achieved the required standard is available for download from




All Adverts

contain the following:

The Company name

Distributors are

A description of the goods sold by the Company (Aloe Vera drinks, supplements, skincare and
personal care products)
If over 30 words it must state that Forever is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
Adverts for publication in magazines, newspapers and on display boards must clearly show the
approval code (supplied by Head Office on submission of advert). If a pre-approved advert is used
(from the Ad Pack), then this code too must be visible within the advert.


ASA (Advertising Standards Association) requirement; advert must be legal, decent, honest, truthful
and accurate.


do not make claims


Examples of words to be avoided: healing, miracle plant, natural healer, therapeutic properties, first
aid, remedies etc, a list of medical conditions (the latter implies a medical claim when used in an
advert). It is your responsibility to ensure you comply with the law (we are merely making


Exterior signs and window displays are not allowed except for notice boards in newsagents, libraries
and gyms.


We suggest you say our a

awarded by the Soil Association).

Distributors must

sell or display Forever products or literature on



All recruitment advertising

contain the following:

name as well).
e.g. Aloe Vera drinks, supplements, skincare and personal care products.
When promoting the business opportunity, you must also emphasise the retailing aspect of the
business i.e. that you will be selling products to consumers.
(required by law as the promoter
the address as this is for Head Office use only).
Promote the opportunity as a self-employed business relationship with the Company and
If over 30 words it must state that Forever is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association)
, should be included (unless the advert is to go in a magazine,
newspaper, TV or radio). This means any website, business card, excuse me card, flyer or interest
generator of any sort, if giving any information likely to lead to someone signing up,
contain the
statutory warning below.

This warning must not be at the beginning or end of an advert and must be given the same
prominence as other information in the advert i.e. size of text must not be smaller. If on a website it
must be on each page with information or benefits of joining the business.
If the item gives NO information likely to lead, directly or indirectly, to someone being recruited, e.g.

The eagle logo can be used and downloaded from All other logos
should be avoided i.e Kosher, IASC, OFT, IIP. The only possible exception to this is the DSA logo
with on it, which could be used on a website, on a page about the Company (not the home
page) and it must be clear that the Company is the member and not the Distributor.

approval, and display the code on the advert.


If the following are referred to within the advertisement please make sure that:
1. Earnings claims are achievable. Make sure you can give examples of key people who are
representative of this earning potential. (Please note all earnings claims must relate to an identifiable
person and be capable of verification. They should be representative and not achieved by just one
2. Income claims are balanced. The key here is to avoid suggestion o
This means you need to make reference to hard work, commitment and time needed as well as
(Please note words we can no longer use
are unlimited, legacy, passive, financial independence/freedom and residual income).
3. Images are suitable to use. These include product images that have eagles on and are the latest
design. No seagulls please! If you use the ones from the image library on,
use them.
(Please note it is best to avoid pictures of palm beaches, yachts and fast cars unless they are yours,
as this could be misleading).

All websites must comply with both product and recruitment advertising (see Product Advertising and
Recruitment Advertising sections). All websites must be checked by Forever Living Products Head Office
before going live. Please note Distributors may not sell any Forever Living Products brand products online
through independent websites (see Company Policy section 16 Internet Policies for further information. This
can be downloaded from
Please use


We do not vet or approve these.


A Distributor may place an advert next to an editorial in the same publication.


Editorial is an article appearing in a magazine or newspaper, which the Distributor has not paid for.





Do not make medicinal claims.


Company Products and/or Literature may be offered for sale at craft fairs, exhibitions and shopping
malls up to a maximum period of two weeks at the same venue in any one year.


We recommend you use Company approved literature. If you choose to create your own literature
rather than use Company literature you must seek approval from Head Office first.
Do not use text from the Product Manual or Forever magazines as these are for Distributor use only.
Neither should you use text from either David Urch or Dr Peter Ather
aloe in general and the text is therefore not suitable when promoting Forever products specifically.
Their text is also copyrighted.

you directly. If you are looking for labels try or telephone 01865 893220.
You can also order them via our website where there are special offers
and discounts available through Stationery King in the Suppliers & Offers section (they also do
business cards, letterheads and compliment slips). If you have any other design or print
requirements, go to and select the Suppliers & Offers menu option.


Please be aware that leaving leaflets / flyers or cards on cars can be considered littering, which is an
offence under section 87 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. You must first seek permission
from the land owner of any area you wish to leave such material.


PRODUCT ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)

Please note these adverts have been allocated an approval code (Ho
somewhere on the advert if you use this exact text just adding your own contact details. Any changes must
be approved by Head Office.

Forever and its affiliates are the worl

era products
Extensive range from Health Drinks to Skincare products
60Millions of delighted customers

about maintaining good

Forever Living Products and its affiliates are the World leaders in the production of aloe vera
Our products contain 100% stabilised Aloe Vera Gel



Have you found out why?

Forever Living Products offer an exclusive range of nutritional and skincare products for those wise people who have
learned the benefits of aloe vera.

RECRUITMENT ADVERTS (pre-approved examples)

If these are to be used as Excuse Me cards on websites or as Interest Generators/Flyers they also need to feature the
statutory warnings as in the Company Policy Section 12.27 & 12.28.

You need to be self-motivated, enthusiastic and have a need for the finer things in life. If this is you please contact
(your name) on the number below for more information about this business opportunity.


International Health & Beauty Company expanding in UK & Europe

If you want to earn an extra income without compromising your current career/business

Lifestyle changing opportunity for self motivated individuals/couples

Part-time/full-time no investment required.

seeks key people with business experience

If you are this person please contact (your name) for more information


(pre-approved samples)
If these are to be used as Excuse Me cards on websites or as Interest Generators/Flyers they also need to
feature the statutory warnings as in the Company Policy Section 12.27 & 12.28.

Working from Home

Full & Part Time
Transport Essential
Contact :

Experience preferred but not essential

as full training programme offered
Flexible working hours
Transport Essential

Full & Part Time, Own Transport Essential

for more information contact :


Imagine working for yourself, in control of when you work. You could earn an extra 250, 500 or even 1000 a month
or more! With support and training from a major international company.

(pre-approved examples)
If this is to be used as Excuse Me cards on websites or as Interest Generators/Flyers they also need to feature the
statutory warnings as in the Company Policy Section 12.27 & 12.28.

Would you like to find a way of seeing more of your children without compromising your income?
Are you worried about childcare after school and in the long school holidays?

I can show you a way to address these issues

For more information please contact me on:
Independent Distributor of Forever Living Products


(pre-approved examples)

A Nutritional Cleansing Programme

designed to take the guesswork out of a balanced diet:
Aloe Vera Gel for a healthy digestive system
Nutritionally balanced meal replacement
Probiotic to help support the immune function
Bee Pollen for energy and vitality
Garcinia aids natural metabolism

Clean 9 is a 9-day nutritional cleansing programme

designed to cleanse your body of toxins and unnatural chemicals.
Then follow with


Background Information
Forever Living Products (Forever) was founded in 1978 by Rex Maughan, the President and CEO and
celebrated its 30 anniversary in 2008.
In 1997 Forever purchased a 92,000 square foot headquarters building in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona
now known as Forever Corporate Plaza.
Forever has experienced over 30 years of soaring sales and growth.
Forever operates in over 145 countries. In 2008 there were over 9 million Distributors and over $2.5
billion in retail sales worldwide. We also have 58 exclusive resorts across the US and around the
Forever and its affiliates are the world leader in the growing, processing and distribution of aloe vera
health, nutrition, skin care, cosmetics, weight management and animal care products).
Forever was the first aloe vera company in the world to have the International Aloe Science Council Seal
of Approval on its aloe vera products (ten years before any of its European based competitors).

art production facilities in places like Dallas that house research facilities that are comparable to any
cosmetic laboratory in the world.
Forever offers an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee on all its products.
era company in
the world to operate a totally vertically integrated system, i.e. from plant to product to end-user/customer,
ensuring unmatched levels of quality control, assurance and customer service.
Forever owns and farms over 6000 acres of aloe vera plantations in Texas, Mexico and the Dominican
Forever owns patents for its unique aloe v

Seal of Approval on a selection of its products.

environment, rich soil and unique flora and fauna.
Forever is actively involved with many leading medical institutions in the USA that are using its products,
both internally and topically, including the Arizona Burns Centre in Phoenix.


Forever and its sister company, Aloe Vera of America, are member companies of PETA (People for the as a
consumer product company that does not test on animals.
Forever is expanding in the USA. Our sister company, AVA (Aloe Vera of America), has built a new
manufacturing facility on the same site in Dallas, Texas, which is 66% larger than the previous
premises at 273,000 sq ft. They currently bottle 2.7 million litres per month but the new facility will
produce 6 million litres per month.
Forever has over $1.5 billion of wholly owned assets including head office buildings, hotels, inland
waterway mari
tourist attractions in the USA. It also owns several safari lodges in South Africa and is investing in other
leisure and corporate assets world-wide.

In 2009, the world-wide direct sales industry is expected to be worth close to $110 billion. It involves over
30 million Distributors world-wide and is one of the fastest growing industries in the world.


Background Information
Forever Living Products (UK) Ltd was registered in 1988.
In 1993, Forever purchased its UK headquarters, Longbridge Manor in Warwickshire (a Grade II listed
manor house) for circa 1 million +.
In 1998, in a survey conducted by Dun & Bradstreet and published in the magazine, Real Business,
Forever was listed as the 12th fastest growing privately owned company in the UK.
-2008 were in excess of 180m.
Forever is
In 2000, in a survey published in The Independent on Sunday, Forever was ranked fifteenth in its Top
Independent Performer list.
Forever is t
era and beehive products - serving the health, nutrition, skin
care, cosmetics, weight management and animal care markets.
In 2000, Forever invested over 1 million in a network of regional support centres for its Distributors.
Forever is a leading member of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) - an organisation which regulates the
direct sales industry which is expected to expand to circa 2 billion in the UK in 2007.
Bob Parker, UK Managing Director, is a director of the DSA and a full Council Member.
In 2000, Forever was recognised by the DSA for its commitment to Distributor support and presented with

In 2003, Forever was the first Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company ever to be awarded the Investors in
People Standard.
In 2000, Forever worked closely with DEBRA, the charity for sufferers of the genetically inherited skin
disorder, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) and Great Ormond Street Hospital, raising around 120,000 for the
charity to help fund specialist EB nurses and providing one of its products for use in helping to alleviate the


-blind, placebo controlled, cross over, clinical

trial for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) using its Aloe Vera Gel drinking juice. The trial is being
conducted at the Morriston Hospital in South Wales. It is also developing initiatives with other medical
institutions in the UK to launch trials involving a number of its Aloe Vera products for both internal and
topical use.
Another clinical trial using the Aloe Vera Gel drinking juice has been conducted at the Royal Free
Hospital in London for Ulcerative Colitis. 44 patients were involved in this trial with encouraging results
suggesting that further evaluation of the therapeutic potential of Aloe Vera drink in inflammatory bowel
disease is warranted.
Forever operates a Profit Share scheme for its Distributors. In the last seven years, Forever has
shared over 2 million with its Distributors, with individual cheques ranging from around 2,500 to over
Forever has a Professional Advisory Board comprising a doctor, a nutritionist, a beauty therapist and a
vet to advise on all medical and related matters.
It is estimated that the UK now spends over 130 million annually on complementary and alternative
therapies. This figure is expected to rise to over 200 million by 2008 (Mintel, 2003).
In April 2007, Forever Living Products UK Ltd was awarded the Investor in People Standard for the
second time, and is the first multi-level marketing company ever to achieve this status. In May 2010
Forever achieved the Gold Standard of Investors in People, and Champion Status for outstanding

On 1 March 2005, Forever, as a member of the Direct Selling Association is now authorised to carry
the prestigious OFT (Office of Fair Trading) approved logo.
Forever & Macmillan
Forever have chosen Macmillan Cancer Support as the Charity of the Year, to help in their aim of
improving the lives of people affected by cancer. We shall be raising funds at events organised by
Head Office but we also hope that you will get behind this campaign to raise money at a local level
with your own events.
Macmillan is a charity that deals with cancer and it cannot be seen as endorsing the benefits of

that the products can help in the treatment of cancer.

Please do
example, you must not claim that 10% of your sales from a Product Launch will be donated to
Macmillan. You can tell your Customers that you will be making a donation but it cannot be
advertised as a percentage of sales.
For more guidance use our Forever Information Pack with suggestions on how to get involved, how to
create posters, obtain logos and how to use them properly, gift aid forms, how to make donations etc. This
can be downloaded at > marketing information > charity fundraising.


As a Distributor and consumer of the products, you are obviously eager to tell everyone about these great
products you use and why you think they should try them as well. The tricky part, however, is doing so
without actually making a medical claim. So the question you may find yourself asking is: How do I inform
my potential Customers and downlines about the wonderful benefits that these products have to offer
without making a medical claim? The answer is simple: let them try the products for themselves!
We sell our products as foods, cosmetics and dietary supplements not as drugs. That is because
according to the law, the general public and our Distributors are not allowed to sell drugs. We fully comply
with the guidelines and regulations. We, as a Company and you, as an Independent Distributor are not
allowed to make any medical claims.

mood or enhance normal performance

products. In fact, there are a couple of misconceptions related to this that you may inadvertently believe to
be acceptable when talking about the products:


and you would actually be making a medical claim; this, unfortunately, would also be in violation of the law.



This is another common misconception that is easy to make if you are not aware of the legal limitations.
these studies they found that Aloe, for example, had curative effects on this disease. While the obvious
temptation would be to promote this book along with a particular product, this would be considered an
disease that the authors were discussing in their book. Again, you would be referencing specific results of
using our products, which is not allowed by law.
We know that promoting the products is an important part of your business, we are therefore providing you
with the tools you need to effectively and legally do so. An excellent resource you should always have on
hand is the Product Brochure code 1057, which describes the products and generalises on their benefits.
The Product Manual code 1601 is very useful too, each page highlights a particular product and includes
details of its benefits, ingredients and directions for use, but that information is for Distributors only.


Remember that the law does not take making medical claims lightly neither do we. While you may
occasionally hear Distributors from other companies making such claims when selling their products, just
because they do it does not make it justifiable or legal for you to do the same.
At Forever, we hold our products and business ethic to the highest standard, and we ask that you help us
by doing the same. Please make time to review any materials you have independently printed, such as
handouts, brochures, books, etc., as well as any information you have posted on your own website. Head
Office do not approve these, it is your responsibility to ensure they conform to Company and legal
regulations. Advertisements to be used in newspapers, magazines, and on display boards must clearly
show the approval code (supplied by the Marketing Dept. at Head Office on submission of advert).
performance as well as the names of, or words that imply any diseases or illness.
benefits of using Forevers amazing range. Now let your Customers experience their benefits firsthand and
you will find the products will sell themselves!