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Coliseum BusinessAlert

Safety & Security Survey

AABAs Coliseum BusinessAlert Committee would like to know more about the safety and security concerns
of companies doing business in the Hegenberger Corridor. Please take a moment to complete our survey.
Your answers will serve to identify specific issues and provide an overall snapshot of the safety and security
needs of the Airport-Coliseum area. Thank you for your participation. All answers will be kept confidential.
Company Name

Contact Name/Title


E-Mail Address (print clearly)

Type of Business

No. of Employees

Do you currently employ on-site security guards and/or patrol? Yes No

Hrs. of Operation/Shifts
Armed? Yes No

Does your company or property management firm contract with private security? Yes No
Do you feel the use of private security has made a significant impact on deterring crime? Yes No
If no, why not? If yes, explain.
Would your company be willing to pay into a group fund that provides private security services? Yes No
Does your company utilize a camera system to monitor the facility after hours? Yes No
If so, has the system been effective in deterring crime? Yes No Why or why not?
Are you visited by OPD patrol or a Problem Solving Officer on a periodic basis? Yes No
Is OPD visible on your commercial block? Yes No

Have you met your OPD beat officer? Yes No

Would you welcome a visit from OPD to discuss security issues at your place of business? Yes, please make the referral.
What type(s) of security- and/or blight-related issues have you experienced over the past year?

Dumping/abandoned vehicles
Copper/metal theft
Vehicle break-ins/thefts

Facility break-ins

Gun violence

Other, please explain:

Approximately how many incidents of crime/blight have you experienced over the past year?

Coliseum BusinessAlert Commercial Block Watch

A Commercial Block Watch is currently being formed. Would you like to:

Participate in an email loop being established for your block to stay abreast of security issues?
Assist in networking one or more neighboring companies to participate in Commercial Block Watch?
Serve as Commercial Block Watch captain or co-captain?
Attend bi-monthly Coliseum BusinessAlert meetings to report security issues occurring on your block?

I have comments about this survey and/or ideas to improve the commercial corridor. Please contact me!
I am interested in a free City of Oakland on-site commercial facility assessment to identify weaknesses in security.
Please notify me via email of Coliseum BusinessAlert meetings and other Airport Area Business Association activities.
I am interested in learning about membership in the Airport Area Business Association.

Fax your completed survey to (510) 261-4112 or email a PDF to

Coliseum BusinessAlert Co-Chairs
Jim Curtis, The Art Sign Company & Dora Muoz, Motel 6
For more information, contact:
Airport Area Business Association
Debbie Hauser, Executive Director
(510) 545-7773

Oakland Police Department

Jacqueline Long, Neighborhood Services Coordinator/Supervisor
(510) 238-7750

Coliseum BusinessAlert Mission

The Coliseum Business Alert Committee assists business managers in the Coliseum-Airport Area to address
the issues of safety and security in a proactive manner. The BusinessAlert Committees goal is to create
a safer commercial corridor for area residents, employers, workers and visitors.