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There were 200 respondents of the survey. The survey was done mainly online.

survey was the researchers primary way of collecting data.






71% of the respondents were Male and 29% of them were female.

Age Group






The survey respondents were mostly aging from 22-25(74%). There next age
group was 18-21(21%). There were also a few respondents below the age of 18 and
over the age of 25.










Most of the respondents were from Bangladesh (80%). A few were from USA and the
rest of the respondents were from different countries like Canada, Pakistan and








Most of the respondents were Muslim (75%). There were also a few Hindu (12%) and
Christian respondents (10%) and the rest of the respondents were atheists. Some of
the respondents also stated Secularism as their religion.


Do you think Islam is a religion of Peace?




Almost every respondent believes that Islam is a religion of peace. There were only
one or two respondents among the 200 respondents who thought Islam is not a
religion of peace.

Do you think Islam encourages Violence?




Almost every respondent stated that they do not feel that Islam encourages
violence (95%). However, there were a few respondents who stated that they
believed Islam does (5%).

Do you think there are Extremists in every religion?




94% of the respondents thought that there are Extremists in every religion and its
not a Muslim monopoly. A few respondents said that they thought extremism was a
monopoly of a few specific religions.

Do you think there are religions that encourage violence?





Almost 81% respondents said that they thought religion has nothing to do with
violence; there is no religion that encourages violence. Only 17% respondents
stated that there are religions which encourage violence and violence has a
relationship with religion.

What do you think is responsible for the endorsement of violence, in other words, terrorism?



71% of the respondents stated that they think International politics is the reason
behind terrorism and violence. 19% people said International media is the reason.
However, they believed that International politics manipulates the media and these
two variables are interconnected.

Do you think Islam is being misrepresented?





Almost everyone stated that they believe Islam is being misrepresented (92%). A
few thought that Islam is being represented just as it is (8%).

What do you think1is responsible

for3 this misrepresentation
of Islam?




37% of the respondents blamed international media for the misrepresentation of

Islam. However, at the same time, 33 % respondents blamed international politics
for this issue. This shows that there is a correlation between these two variables. A
few respondents thought that Societal views (15%) and threats to other religions
(6%) were the reason behind the misrepresentation of Islam.

Do you think the media plays a role in how Muslims are misportrayed?
No 2%



Almost all the respondents thought that media plays a great role in misrepresenting
Islam. Only 2% respondents thought media does not play any role in shaping the
image of Islam.

Do you have any friends who are Muslims? If so, did you ever wonder whether or not they were terrorists?



Yes I have Muslim friends but I have never doubted them for being

93% of the respondents said that they have Muslim friends and they never doubted
them for being terrorists. Only 5% of the respondents said that they doubted their
Muslim friends for being terrorists.

Do you have any Non Muslim (Hindu, Christian, Jew etc.) friends? If so, did you ever wonder whether or not they were terrorists?
No I dont have Non Muslimfriends and I still dont think they are terrorists 5%

No I dont have Non Muslimfriends but I highly doubt that they are terrorists 1%

Yes I have Non Muslimfriends and I have wondered if they are terrorists or not 3%

Yes I have Non Muslimfriends but I have never doubted them for being terrorists.


90% of the respondents said that they had Non Muslim friends and they never
doubted them for being terrorists. Some respondents (5%) also mentioned that
even though they never had any non Muslim friends, they never doubted anyone for
being terrorists.
What is your understanding of Islam?
Most of the respondents stated that they believed Islam to be a religion of peace,

purity, truth and honesty. They considered Islam to be the best guideline to live
their lives with mutual respect and understanding. Islam has the solution to the
problems of humanity and it teaches them to live life peacefully and respectfully.
The word Peace has been mentioned quite a few times. The respondents also
stated that according to Islam, there is only one God which is Allah; Hazrat
Mohammad(PBUH) was the last prophet. According to the, Islam is the only religion
which can be explained with logic and science. Islam has the most appropriate
solutions for humanity. Most of them also stated that they are proud to be Muslims.
The word Islam means peace. It is a way of living a peaceful life.
just another brick of the idea "religion"
Islam is a religion that promotes peace and Condemns violence of all kinds.
Belive in Allah and follow his instructions
Purity, Truth, Being Honest and believing in nothing but ONE.
Best religion
Religion of Peace and a total guideline for a lifetime.
Islam is about peace!!!
Islam,the only religion which is established with the basis of peace and equality has given rules and regulation for
every single activities in human life with valid reasons. The concept of any religion is providing the inner peace and
believing in the higher power but Islam is the only one there is with logic and facts.Along with providing inner peace
and meaning of mortal life it also provides a systemic way to be a better person, for himself, for his family and for the
entire Islamic or non-Islamic community .
the religion of peace!
Islam is religion of peace.
a perfect way of living the life.
A religion of peace and tranquility
Islam means to attain peace by submitting one's will to Allah (SWT). I have loved this religion since the day I started
knowing what it actually deals with.
Religion of peace and harmony
Islam is a religion of peace.
In Allah i trust
Islam religion has the complete solution of human life.
It is a way of life.Teaching us to do good and bring peace to ourselves and those around us. Gives us flexibility to
make our own decisions while also setting required rules and limits.
Islam means peace !!!
It is religion of Peace. Islam is based on strong logic and evidence.
Religion of peace, equality and unity
Islam doesn't support fights. It only wants peace.
No comments, religion is a personal belief
I feel I have very little knowledge of Islam. The Holy Book (Qur'an) is the guide for us to know our purpose of life and
how we are supposed to live our life, and many more. Alhumdulillah, I'm seeking Islamic knowledge.
The religion of peace and tranquility which has the solutions for all the problems.
Islam is a religion of Peace

Islam is a religion of peace! It also means a total submission to the one Almighty God. The word Islam is a noun, and
the verb for this word is Aslama, which consists of Surrender, Submission, Obedience Sincerity and Peace.
Islam, the religion of peace is the only solution for all of us to solve all sort ofproblems that we encounter in our
everyday life. Rely on Allah for everything. Follow Islam properlg
Islam is my religion and I am proud to be a Muslim
My understanding of Islam is the same as all the other religions, that it is an outdated concept and that it's rules and
regulations cannot be implemented fully in modern societies
I've grown up in a muslim family, my parents are quite religious. I know most of the basics and through attending a
few lectures I like to think I know the religion Im following.
There is no other god but Allah !
The best way of life .
Its a religion of peace and it does not promote any sort of violence.
I think Islam is a very peaceful religion. It has taught me to think positively and be true to myself and others. I have
learned to follow in the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him and make better decisions. I have also
gained a better understanding of what is right and wrong through Islam.
To fear Allah, to pray namaz
I believe that God is one and incomparable and that the purpose of existence is to worship God
Islam is all about peace and leading our life through a correct path.There's absolutely perfect solution for every
problem in the holy Al Quran, we just need to obey them for our present and further betterment.
A peaceful religion.
Believe in Allah
Islam is a religion of purity and chastity. However, people (mostly following other religions) fail to recognise it. Islam is
the only religion that can lead to eternal peace.
I think Islam is all about peace and mutual understanding. It helps us to understand the true meaning of life and it
guides us to lead a peaceful life.
its a religion of peace and unity. this religion is the final pathway for humanity.
Islam is a religion of values, morals, ethics & discipline. Perform salat ,keep Roja, give zakat, be helpful, be equal to
everyone, be honest, trust worthy, don't do anything haram (forbidden), live your life in a hallal way- these are the
basic concepts of Islam.
Islam is the complete life guide of life style.
Peaceful Religion
Islam the only complied religion. Non-muslims should not judge Islam based on the activities of some followers of this
religion rather they should do proper research about Islam (at least know the meaning of Qur'an) before coming to
any conclusion. Islam is 100% perfect but all muslims are not 100% perfect. hence, Islam cannot be blamed when
some muslims are misguided.
Peace and beautiful
Islam means peace. It teaches us how we should treat with a human being. Islam doesn't support terrorism. Allah is
only one and nobody should compare anyone with him.

Was raised Muslim; have substantial understanding

Islam is peace through submission
Only true thing to survive in this world with no harm.
Islam is the most beautiful and knowledgeable religion that can give appropriate answer to everything.
Religion of truth and peace
I think Islam is the most peaceful religion.
faith, hope, way of life
Islam is all about being good and peaceful.
Islam is a religion, but also a culture, both socially and politically.
Islam is all about peace
Islam is the religion I inherit from my parents and ancestors. Its a very peaceful and pure religion. It tells us that, we
have come to world for a few days and we are giving tests set by almighty Allah. Islam clearly stated what is sin and
what is pious works. It tells me how to lead my life. It also says that, I will be tempted by greedy offers and sins but I
have to control myself from them and practice 5 basics works including performing salat 5 times, give zakat, attend in
haj and declaring there is only one almighty Allah and follow our profhet PBUH.
Islam is the only real religion and it is to solution for the problems in today's world
I believe Islam is a peaceful religion in every way, the problem is that many people use it as a tool of radicalization,
and target the weak minded.
It is a peaceful religion that teaches us to accept and love people of all religions. Islam does not promote violence of
any sort, but the wrong interpretation of the Quran has led some Muslims to create unnecessary violence, thus
ruining the name of Muslims as a whole.
A religion which consists everything. It is a a total lifestyle. There is no lacking, no divisions. Only one Allah and his
last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
Submission to God.
Islam is the best religion. Islam is the religion that promotes peace. Islam follows a doctrine directly from the Almighty.
Submission to Allah
Islam try to implement a complete code of life
Islam is a peaceful and perfect religion. Our god is Allah and our prophet is Hozrot Mohammad (S), Allah is The First:
Nothing is before Him. The Last: Nothing is After Him. The Most High: Nothing is Above Him. The Most Near: Nothing
is beyond Allah Reach. Allah Begets Not, Nor was Allah Begotten. The Creator, Provider, and All-Rich. The All-Seer,
The All- Knower. Allah is One and Self-Sufficient. Allah is not Nature, or any part of it. Allah ascended above His
Throne, High above the Seven Skies. No Vision can encompass Allah, but Allah Grasp is over all vision...
keep me away from bad things!!
Laa Ila Ha Illalla Hu Muhammdur Rasullah!!! The is no God but Allah and Prophet Mohammed Sallalla Hu Alayhewa
Sallam is the last and final Messenger!!!
I love Islam
Religion of peace
Islam is the faith on only One GOD, that is Allah. Allah is the most merciful and the most beneficent. Their is none
second to HIM. Islam helps to maintain a code of conduct which deliberately includes the most possible virtues of life.
Islam is a religion based on believing on the one and only God.

Islam means peace. It helps people to create humanity among each other. The religion was brought upon for people
to live peacefully.

Do you think Islam encourages violence?

I don't believe it encourages violence, but the socioeconomic conditions of many Muslim-majority countries may
make violence seem a viable answer to issues
Past history. Well everyone dont interpret the Islam in same way. Some people use it as tricks and create violence.
Islam never encouraged violence. Actually people who doesn't follow the proper guidance of islam, and misuses it are
the creator of violence. Islam always talks about maintaing balance and peaceful life.
Violence was never the solution to establish peace
Islam help one to stand against the bad. But before doing so, one has to understand the whole situation.
Islam encourages Peace, and I believe there are extremist in every religion. In our Holy Book Quran, it has been said
that "if they fight you, you fight back" and "if they stop you stop" so if by any chance we don't stop then we are not
considered as Muslims because there is no space for violence in ISLAM.
The Prophet SAW never fought outside of war
Our prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam was a very peaceful human being. There are many evidence in
his history of life that, he did not choose the path of violence where the kafirs were teasing and punishing innocent
muslims for no purpose. There were a few wars among muslim and non-musilm during his life time. In every war,
muslims just defended themselves from the attack of non-musilm. Although , some of the verses in the Quran
indicates that, if any non-muslim(kafir) attacks you, you should attack him. But those verses came from previous
verses where muslims were executed for no reason and thus Allah ordered them to fight for their survival. But now a
days, we are not in that condition, and according to most of the hadis given by our prophet PBUH, we should not
participate in act of terror or violence, rather we should go forward to help our poor helpless muslim brothers. In one
word, Islam never encourage violence.
In Quran that we follow as our holy book, always talk about peace. also give a peaceful and logical solution to every
problem a human can face. Some people mis-leading the world that Islam encourage violence, I challange them find
me a solution or idea provided in QURAN that encourage violance.
It encourages violence that protects from transgression. Like: the criminals will be terrorised of Muslims coz Muslims r
against social crimes. Tai being terrorised they call Muslims terrorist
Because i know
because from all the scenarios that we have seen through the different phases during the formation of the religion,
almost all were of peace despite our Prophet being harassed and abused, he showed resilience and chose peace
over violence.
you should have been more specific about the definition of violence. If you are talking about killing innocent people
for achieving something, then no, Islam is not encouraging violence.
I think Islam encourages self defense not violence, there are some people who use religion to justify their own
misguided sense of justice.

Islam doesn't promote violence because Islam is nothing but following the commands of Allah and Allah has told us to
love all His creations and be generous to all.
The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some
are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding.
Muslims who do not join the fight are called 'hypocrites' and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join
the slaughter. Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are
mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are
part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran. The
context of violent passages is more ambiguous than might be expected of a perfect book from a loving God, however
this can work both ways. Most of today's Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book's call to arms
according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence. Apologists cater to their preferences with
tenuous arguments that gloss over historical fact and generally do not stand up to scrutiny. Still, it is important to note
that the problem is not bad people, but bad ideology. Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace
to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept
humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad's own martial legacy - and that of his companions - along with
the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran have produced a trail of blood and tears across world history.
read the Quran, you'll get your answers.
It always forbid to do violence.
It is because nowhere in the Holy Book of Qur'an can anyone find directly or indirectly any evidence of encouraging
violence .
cause Islam is the religion of peace. The core rules of Islam never encourage violence. and in Quran, It's written
Islam is all about peace and unity not war and bloodshed.
Absolute not. Islam never encourages people for violence. There are some bad people who claim themselves as
Muslims and do evil things. It humiliates Islam. Our loving profit Hazrat Muhammad (Saw) is the true example of
peace. He had suffered a lot at the time he was proclaiming Islam. But he never did harm or took revenge on the
Atheists. If Islam believes in Violence, then why was he calm? Islam is one, it is great.
Allah is divine. His name As-Salam means that He is the source of peace and safety, and also means that He is free
from any kind of defect or imperfection.
Our Prophet (pbuh) Himself had endured pain and suffering from those who opposed Him. Rather than resorting to
violence he forgave those who wronged Him.
Yes, but that is to defend yourself not attack others. Violence is the last step one muslim should take. No mercy
should be shown.
Islam is a religion of peace and its the main theme of Islam. So why Islam encourages violence ever!
Islam is a religion which is completely against any bloodshed ! A part of Islam is Jihad. If you believe in Islam then
Jihad is mandatory,but that remains in a extreme situation which Palestine is facing now.
I think violence is created due to some basic & core reasons. Money (But in Islam Halal income is compulsory ),
share of property (Islam has clear rules for this), lie (it's forbidden ), ........ more or less there is Islamic Laws for every
issues, by following these laws there will be no problems, so not the violence. So as this Islamic laws direct towards
peace so I don't think Islam provokes violence.

It does not promote violence!!! But war has been enjoined upon us !! This is the war against falsehood and
oppression!!! N nowadays people who stood against oppression and fighting for haqq( truth), they r marked as
terrorists!! Plz let ppl know abt this truth!! In sha Allah
No. Islam encourages brotherhood. It is in no way a violent religion!
All religions encourage certain amount of violence and Islam is no different. There are lines in the Qu'ran that
explicitly tell the followers of Islam to execute other people in certain conditions. [I feel too lazy to google those lines
and give proper reference right now]
by definition,Islam means peace.In every holy book in Islam,one thing is reminded over and over again, that is fear
Allah.It is highly discouraged to create or influence any sort of violence or injustice.injustice. Infact, Islam is the one
who established the freedom and rights for women,orphans and slaves.But when it comes to a a threat of the name
of religion or it's artifacts,it is justified to attack the opponent as a defense if it is not possible to negotiate verbally.
Then again, it is ordered to show mercy and not go with animal instinct in such fights.These simple facts are twisted
and presented to the world.
It talks about justice and establishment of justice, to some its law may seem harsh but those tough laws are there for
the betterment of the society
No religion that I am aware of encourages violence. Islam is one of them.
Islam suggests and supports brotherhood among all the people. Islam tells its followers to talk to a Non- Muslim even
more politely.
Because it teaches us how to lead a happy and honest life.
Islam is a peaceful and great religion. Islam doesn't allow any violence. because it's establish for peace and any kind
of violence is strictly prohibited in islam. The holy Quran is a great evidence for this.

Do you think Islam is being misrepresented?

Because of few negative activities by some extremists.
Islam has its own way of living and praying. But now everyone practises Islam in whichever way they
want. We are allowed to protest in Islam but now we try show peace(where we should have protested).
Ex- People can comment bad about our Prophet, and he wont be given much punishment. But if one says
something bad about Bangabandhu immediately he will be arrested. It seems like we are more into
Bangabandhu's track than our Prophet's. Sorry to say.
Islam is being judged by the world because of the actions of a few. Well what about the KKK? why aren't
they terrorists?
Because people always tries to prove that their religion is better than others
people blaming the whole religion for only a couple of bad people
Some blind people understand Islam by looking at people who r Muslim but don't have proper knowledge
of Islam, more- over they believe that this fool people r the representative of Islam but which is not. If u
want to judge any belief or ideology you have to go deeper, If you want to judge Islam then you have to
read and understand QURAN first,because Quran is the core or main ideology of Islam

By many media outlets, yes - they in fact largely do not "represent" Islam at all, only telling stories about
extremis politics calling themselves Islamist, etc. By certain more independent/less corporate media
sources, Islam is well represented.
Yes it is being misrepresented by the international media for political and monetary gain
I agree there are some people who are engaged in illegal activities and they are often known as the
"Black sheep". But we should not forget the majority of Muslims are not involved in violence. But here
comes the media who would take out the black sheep from our community and project Islam in wrong
Due to some bad deeds done by certain groups the entire religion is labelled as extreamist or terrorist
specially the Muslims.
In many country's people think Muslims are only criminals
Because International or Western media never do represent good and solid factors of Islam. As a result
people who are not Muslim, consider Islam as a bad religion (Astagfirullah). This is not good.
Due to international media as they are portraying negative sides.
Islam is being misrepresented for 1.lack of proper knowledge suppress a growing power and
sabotage the economy get a backup while taking a policy esp in international trade. sell out
papers or movies.
Showing only the negative things is confusing peoples
Same response as before
for achieving personal gain.
Actions of maybe a thousand or even a million Muslims cannot be used to judge the BILLIONS that are
living in this world. If one Christian/Hindu commits a crime then I guess we have to say all the
Christians/Hindus of the world are criminals.
Because we don't read or understand the Holy Quran properly, even if we read we don't understand it.
Lack of Islamic knowledge is there, so is the rest easy to mislead us, if we Muslims are being mislead so
easily, so will be others, we won't be even able to clarify.
manipulated by us for the sake of their own benefit.
Everyone Knows!!!
we're judging a whole religion based on a the actions of a misguided few.
Because nowadays the so called Muslims who calls themselves Muslims beacuse his/her father is a
muslim too. This tendency is the root level for which the west is able to instill falsehood in them!! To be a
muslim one has fulfil the obligatory duties and most importantly he/she has to strive for true knowledge!!
Because the first word revealed to our Messenger Sallala Alayhewa Sallam was *IQRA* which means to
read!! So it is must for every muslims to earn knowledge abt Islam individually, not from any Mollas who
are selling their deen!!! Wake ummah before its too late
Because the powerful countries having different religion don't want another religion especially Islam to be
a trademark sign which defines peace , harmony , love and betterment for all .

The thing that is being misrepresented does not state Islam or any of its concern.
Like I said in the previous answer, there are parties/people in the world who would not hesitate to
misrepresent anything or anyone be that religion or something else to further their own cause/gain
As islam is the religion of justice and parity the people ruling the western world dont want to lose their
seats and let equality prevail.

Do you think media plays a role in how Muslims are misportrayed?

Media is an extension of politics. There are no neutral media or news channels. That being said, there are many
parties who would do anything, including defaming a religion for their own benefits. So yes, owners of these media
strategically deliver news about Islam in such a way that the general people are more inclined to believe that Islam
supports terrorism.
Yellow medias are harmful every way, these media expose those wrong things by making it 1000 times bigger which
a Muslim does who doesn't have proper knowledge of Islam or what Islam says, they also spread some spice mixture
news of Muslims. In that way media plays a role in how Muslims are misportrayed.
you believe what you see. Getting into the inside story is way different and not affordable for everyone.
Media highlights the bad things which can not emphasize islam with justice.
No religion can encourage violence
Typically portrayed as inherently violent
Media plays role in everything.
International media are totally covered on anti Islamic views thats why.
They sometimes conveys the terrorist image to normal civilians because of some terrorist group like ISIS
Sometimes they published many fake news
When ever any muslim commits a crime they tend to highlight how it was all about religion, it doesnot matter if the
man is mentally unstable so long as he says he did it for Islam, Islam is to blame. The media focuses on a few bad
eggs instead of the millions of muslims who are not committing an crimes.
I can tell one thing, suppose you are innocent but you have been somehow punished by the ruler and sent to the
prison. There you found some real bad people who originally committed in crime. At first you will not adjust at the
prison but when the time goes, you will certainly feel like one of them cause they are not too much different than you
in an ordinary life. So some of their bad influence came to you and you became something else that you were never
been. Why I am telling that? because the media is also doing the same thing. They are playing the act of the judge.
Whether or not they have the prove, their going against muslim. Its a fact that , there are people who are acting in
terror in the name of Islam cause people normally don't argue with anything that is close to religion. So they use the
weakness of common people to use it in their act of terror. But the way media is portraying them is so pathetic for
common muslims and I can bet, some of them got influenced by it and also take part in terror. So media is doing two
thing, they are labeling muslims as a dangerous object and also they are encouraging in hidden to join in the terrorist
force. Since more terror news will increase their TRP. Govt also may be involved in it.
The media only talks about the radicalized Muslims, they wouldn't care to show a Muslim person saving 10 people
from a burning building. But they would be willing to discuss a Muslim man blowing up people.
They only focus on the religion of the criminals

Bcoz ppl are now pretty much controlled by media

Because most of the mainstream media is being controlled by the western countries and the leaders of the these
countries often looks down upon the religion and the media portrays it that way.
Everyone Knows!!!
this survey is a pretty dumb one. i mean could it be anymore biased than this?? the person who designed this
questionnaire should have paid attention to his research methodology course!! anyways the idea of religion is a
disease for mankind. and as one can assume there's no law for outlaws!
Because i think so
The question is worded a bit problematically - the media "portrays" everything and everyone, so technically it does
play a role in portraying Muslims. I think your question is more whether media plays a significant role in affecting
peoples' perceptions of Muslims, in x/y/z way.
because majority of the people believe what they are getting from the media.
Only violence by Muslims are considered "terrorism", but when other races/religions do the same it is to DEFEND
themselves. A very hypocritical viewpoint which the media usually portrays.
We all have seen international media bringing and highlighting the names Islam and Muslim if any Muslim terrorist
group or individual like Bin Laden does any damage or does anything . They try to make a bad impression and let the
world have a bad idea about all the muslims and which is not true at all . A religiion cannot teach , define of relate to
terrorism alone .
Lets talk about international media, they have some kind of propaganda about Islam, we also find that they are
bombarding misinformation about Islam. It is projecting Islam as though it is a Religion of Terror. The main strategy of
media is that they pick the "Black Sheep" of the Islamic community and portray them as the exemplary Muslims.
Instead of doing that our question should be why don't they pick the Muslims who are not engaged in violence?
When a Muslim does something bad, Islam is blamed, instead of the person
Everyone does commit crime but if a muslim does he will be highlighted. And media is controlled by jews and
christians, they cant tolerate Islam. If the truth gets spread, it will arise as a threat to them.
Started as a way to influence international politics and trade, media starting to highlight the features where a muslim
involves into a crime, not judging other factors like:psychological state, moral state, location etc. Soon it became a
buzz word for selling out their works and with the pseudo-high-demand created by them, it now become a trend to
blame the act on the basis of religion with little or no knowledge about the individual or the religion.As maximum
media's objective is to sell out and earn profit,not "revealing the truth", they finds themselves blaming or pointing out
on Islam to increase their sales, caring little to the image and effect it is creating.
media writes and shows blaming the whole religion. media should point at them as killers and Bombers not as
Muslim, because by this media is humiliating an entire religion.
The entire world media is run by Jews and asslicking pricks of USA