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Good day!

The advocacy for children with special needs has become more evident
these days and so many people are now more familiar with the different ‘special
cases’. Because of this, I, Guennesse Aina Marie Paguyo, a student taking up Social
Science I would like to know how well aware the Fine Arts Students taking up
Industrial Design are. Kindly answer the questions as honestly as possible. I assure
you that this will be held confidential. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Name :

Course: Area of Concentration:

Age: Birthdate:


High School graduated from:

Father’s Occupation: Mother’s Occupation:

1. How do you define the ‘special child’?

2. What comes to mind when the following are mentioned?

a. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ ADHD)

b. Autism

c. Cerebral Palsy

d. Down Syndrome

e. Giftedness

f. Learning Disability

g. Mental Retardation

h. Speech and Language Delay

3. How did you come to know about ‘special children’?

a. Personal experience

b. Television

c. Magazines

d. Newspaper

e. Internet

f. School

g. Radio

h. Doctor

i. Hearsay

j. Others: please specify

4. Have you had any encounter with a special child? If yes, where? If no, please
proceed to question number 6.

5. What did you do during the encounter and what did you feel towards the

6. Should you have an encounter with a special child, what will you do? How will
you feel?

Below are statements. Tell whether these are true or false. Please check the
column of your answer.

Statement True False

1. People with autism, mental retardation, learning disability,

Cerebral palsy and speech delay have an emotional or mental disorder.

2. Autism, mental retardation, learning disability and speech delay are

3. People with autism have odd physical features.

4. People with autism are violent and dangerous.

5. Children with autism are incapable of learning.

6. People with Down Syndrome are institutionalized.

7. Children with Down Syndrome are born to older parents.

8. Learning disability denotes lack of intelligence.

9. Underachieving kids have emotional problems.

10.Mental retardation is a hereditary problem.

11.Mental retardation is caused by pregnant women not following

food restrictions.

12.Teens and adults with mental retardation have poor sexual control and

pose danger to others.

13.A gifted child does not need special assistance or support.

14.Gifted children are always on top of the class.

15.Children with cerebral palsy are slow-learners.

16.Children with cerebral palsy have low life expectancy.

17.Speech delay is due to laziness.

18.Bilingualism causes speech delays.

19.ADHD makes children incapable of paying attention that is why it is

called attention deficit disorder.

20.Children with ADHD do not excel academically.

Thank you very much!