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‘MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING BETWEEN THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY ‘AND THE DIOCESE OF SYRACUSE RELATING TO TAE REPORTING OF SEXUAL MISCONDUCT OF MINORS BY CLERGY AND RELIGIOUS TL Tnfraduetion ‘This Memorandum of Understanding i a working agreement between the Roman Catholic ‘Diocese of Syracuse and the elected District Attomeys ofthe seven (7) counties within the ‘geographical jurisdiction of the Syracuse Diocese. The purpose ofthis document isto create and {implement a consistent policy and reporting protocol with regard to sexual misconduct and abuise ‘of minors by all members ofthe clergy and religious under the auspices ofthe Syracuse Diocese. ‘The undersigned, hereby understand and agree to all terms and conditions contained inthis document. U. Terms and Conditions of Understanding ‘A. Sexual abuse of a mins isa crime, The age of eonsent in the State of New-York is17 ‘years of age. Minors under the age of 17 cannot give consent. Whenever a complaint is received by a Diocesan offical that a member ofthe clergy or religious, who is under the ‘nspices of tho diocese, has sexually abused a minor, regardless of thc age ofthe incident, ‘the complainant will be strongly urged to report the complaint immediately and direedy to the appropriate Distt Attomey’'s Office. B. _ Whena Diocesan offical has leamed or has reason to suspect that a member of the clergy or religious, who is under the auspices of the diocese, has sexually abused a minor, the ‘Diocese will immediatly refer the matter to the appropriate District Attomey's Office for investigation, regardless of the age of tho allegation or whetber or not the clergy member or religious is active, [If the Diocese has reason to suspect that a member of th clergy or religious, who is lunder the auspices of the diocese, has sexually abused a minor it will make efforts to _preserve any evidence of the incident and will coordinate with the District Attorney's Oltice with respect tothe preservation and collection ofthat evidence. “The Diocese shall not io its own independent investigation ofa complaint prior reporting itt the DisictAttomey’s oie, oer than a preliminary inguiry to establish ‘hat there isan allegation that consists of conduct that ists toa sexual offense. If thee is ‘question ast the criminality, the Diocese shall consult withthe appropiate Distt ‘Attomey's Office 14a E.The Diocese, ater noting tat District Atay’ Odi, wil take appropiate econ _with regan ott menber of he cegy oF nigious, as warrant, ncuding removing ‘the individual from his or her assignment, to ensure the safety of minors. However, once the Distiet Attorneys Office ha ben noted, the diocese should coordinate withthe District Atomney to ensure that any cima investigation isnot compromised. To that ‘end, the District Attorney's Office must also tecognize the obligation of the diocese to teks appropri actor with ogard to a menber of tho okay arrligios, who i under the auspices ofthe diocese, accused of abuse, within cern time constants presribed by the noms ofthe univeral Church. TH Signature Lines yA a ppsfism ‘SeottD. ‘District Attorney, Oneida County bub ppp, ofa fs on. Gerald ¥en, Distt Atforaey, Broome County Ds Lelisfy ia, Gregory & Opes, Dstt torn, Onwagn County Date Mat. AL~ 1° foeps- Fo: Mn Suen, Dre Aorey, Corlnd Coty 7