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AspenONE Software for engineering calculations and simulations are the basis for
designing new processes or upgrading existing processes to improve their
performance. Software AspenONE used to construct models and decision-making
simulation results, providing:
* Consistency of data. AspenONE Software for engineering calculations and
simulation help to reduce time to implement the project and make the design
process more convenient due to the integration and the possibility of sharing data
and knowledge between professionals and managers. Reliable simulation tools
provide greater confidence in the correctness of decisions.
* Communication of design, management and business - processes. Due to the
open architecture software products AspenONE significantly expands the scope of
the models created for the purpose of engineering calculations. These models can
be used to control the factory settings, optimization, real-time planning and
business decision-making.
* Increased productivity and improved quality of engineering calculations. With the
most complete , powerful and modern means of modeling and optimization ,
extensive databases , libraries of modular Operations , the opportunities of
economic analysis , software AspenONE for engineering calculations and simulation
can significantly reduce the time to solve engineering problems .
* Improved efficiency of plants and reduce the payback period of the project.
Accurate thermodynamic models allow to design the optimum material, thermal and
helper threads, pick up suitable for the process equipment that helps you make
better use of capital and increase profits with minimal additional investment.
* Business - Forecasting. AspenONE Software for engineering calculations and
simulation can accurately assess the various options for investing in the early
stages of project development.
All models in the software products AspenONE based on the knowledge of
technological processes, and combines all previous engineering innovations and
advances in information technology, and yield reliable results, tested in real
industrial plants.

AspenONE V8 complex includes a new version of Aspen HYSYS, solids modeling

technology acquired when SolidSim takeover in 2012 and integrated in Aspen Plus,
a new solution Aspen PIMS Platinum, a new version of the software Aspen
Collaborative Demand Manager, as well as innovative functionality in advanced area
of process control , oil and gas , and economic analysis.

The updated aspenONE V8 novice users and staff regularly use the process control
system , quickly examine the functionality of the product , and experienced
professionals can take advantage of several new features . "This is an important
factor for working in industry companies , which often lack qualified staff - believe in
AspenTech. - Improvements in aspenONE V8 usability and visualization processes
simplify sharing system , while reducing the duration of the project and increasing
productivity . "

aspenONE Engineering (DVD1, AspenONEV8.0DVD1.iso)

The new version of Aspen HYSYS, software for process simulation ,
brings to the simulation process more user-friendly features with improved interface
, streamline workflows and interactive analysis tools . thanks to new HYSYS can
simplify and speed up the simulation optimized production processes in the oil and
gas industry - from mining to refining .
Integration into the simulation environment Aspen Plus technology SolidSim brought
together before the separation process of modeling of solids and liquids . Because
of this the first time you can optimize all the complex processes of oil and gas
production , highlighted by AspenTech.
At the same time , in Aspen Plus and Aspen HYSYS added a new function "Activation" , which allows technologists to effectively evaluate the potential for
energy savings and reduce costs. Thus, through the button "Activate" technologists
can quickly determine the cost of design changes to reduce power consumption ,
reduce juices drafting and saving operating costs in the future.

aspenONE Manufacturing & Supply Chain (DVD2, AspenONEV8.0DVD2.iso)

The new " Adaptive management processes (APC) in aspenONE APC serves to
automate many of the tasks that the traditional approach demanded involvement in
staff. Thanks to the functional APC processes automatically adapt to the new
technological conditions . Companies can achieve stable high performance process
control due to the adaptability of systems in claim AspenTech.
Aspen PIMS Platinum - the best new product in the aspenONE Petroleum Supply
Chain for production planning in enterprises refining industry . Enables professionals
to work together to create optimal plans . Tools This module provides an opportunity
to visualize and evaluate different scenarios in accordance with production data to
make the right and best solutions for the enterprise .
UI Aspen Collaborative Demand Manager is used to obtain detailed information
necessary to meet different customers projected needs. Continuous production
enterprises can improve the accuracy of estimates of the demand to improve
customer service, reduce the amount of excess reserves and provide more accurate
data when making purchasing decisions.

1. Read this manual from beginning to end , drawing attention to claim 5, 6 and 9.
2 . Check whether the system requirements for running capabilities of the computer
which it is installed .
3 . Check the integrity of the distribution program .
4 . All programs desirable to install and activate an account
5. During the installation, it is desirable to disable antivirus and Internet.
6. Concerning the possible problems and solutions - see page 15.

1. Patch folder run 1-LicGen.exe (ordinary self-extracting archive, which is

packed in a license generator). Window appears:
"Administrator" ( not to be confused with a user account that has administrator
rights ) . Information on how to enable / disable the built-in account "Administrator"
on the particular operating system , look for the search on the internet.

2. After unpacking, start the generator licenses:

Forward to the successful completion (the process can take a few minutes, this is

The generator can be closed, the license LSERVRC_004_26B5B.lic (numbers will be

different) ready to install the program and is in the folder C: \ AspenONE
3. After 3 successful generating licenses assemble Floppy
AspenONEV8.0DVD1.iso virtual drive (Pre Installed) zapuskaem
Choose Install aspenONE products.
4 The following window accept License Software Agreement:

Choose Install aspenONE products.

4. In the next window, accept the license agreement:

And click

And click NEXT

If the program requires additional components, the following window will indicate
that you want to install:

Pressing Detailed Report, you can get more information.

Close the window by clicking Exit, and install those components that are needed.
Necessary program components can be found in the folder image - 3rd Party
Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5 SP1 and Microsoft. NET Framework 4.0 are selfexplanatory to install, as well as Microsoft Windows Installer 4.5 - it is hardly
Microsoft SQL Express 2008 R2 SP1 - all installation options reserve by default,
only during installation Database Engine Configuration will need to select Mixed
Mode, enter the password twice (anyone remember it or write just in case):

Run the installation again (repeat 3-4). Once the prerequisites are installed, the
following window appears:

choose Custom Install

8. AspenONE Products tab, select the programs that want to install:

On the File Location is better not to change anything:

Click Next.
9. May see the following window:

ISS services are part of the OS, but disabled by default - you must include them. For
Win7-x64, it looks like - just tick:

10. Run the installation again (repeat 3, 4 and 8). Once the prerequisites are
installed, the following window appears, where you must specify the license file:

Press Next.
11. The following window appears where you must specify the name of the
computer (look in the properties), user name and account password (if no
password - need to create):

Press Next
12. A window appears, showing all selected for installation:

Click Install Now and wait for the end of the installation:

For reference - the installation of all programs on a virtual DVD1 Win7-x64 c 4 GB of

RAM took about an hour.

Click Finish and reboot by clicking on the next screen Reboot Now (or reboot
yourself, if the installer does not offer a reboot):

13 From Folder STRGXI2.dll copying the file in two folders:

- C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ Hyprotech \ Shared
- C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Common Files \ AspenTech Shared (with replacement file)
14 sgenerirovannyj copying the license file in the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \
Common Files \ Hyprotech \ Shared
15 Run to test one of the programs, for example, AspenONE. In the window that
appears, click Register Later:

16. The program, create a new account, and if the license is the "catch" that will be
able to further work with the program:

If something is done incorrectly, the following message appears:

Then something done wrong and need to look at all points where the error
When replacing STRGXI2.dll folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common
Files\AspenTech Shared appears that the file is in use by a process.
1. To unlock use Unlocker (program can be found in the folder Unlocker):

2. Now go
to the

Task Manager and stop the service, which is an executable

AOLService270.exe, - AOLSvc270:

3. After replacing the file again to run the service.

When replacing STRGXI2.dll folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Common
Files\AspenTech Shared appears that the file is in use by a process.
1. Try STRGXI2.dll archive STRGXI2_v7.3.rar.
2., Just in case (you suddenly obzavedetes license or will a new drug) - folder
Patch \ Backup archive STRGXI2_original.rar preserved the original
STRGXI2.dll, which will then need to copy the folder C: \ Program Files (x86) \

Common Files \ AspenTech Shared (about possible problems when copying

written above)...