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The Timeline Letter from a Whistleblower... The Anglo

Saxon Mission
Los Angeles, March 2010

Reprinted below is a
copy of a letter sent to
Kerry Cassidy for
publication in order to
provide a more
comprehensive view
of the Anglo-Saxon
Mission as well as
events surrounding
these revelations that
have not until now,
been released to the
public. This release
augments the original interview and video commentary by Bill Ryan
presented on Project Camelot under the title The Anglo-Saxon Mission. The
letter below has not been edited or revised in any way by Kerry Cassidy and
is presented here for the first time.

By the time I had become aware of the Timeline I had already travelled all
over the world with the UK military and was involved in many conflicts, and
had witnessed many mind changing events some of which are difficult
describe in any sensible manner.

One the most difficult events to rationalise was a gathering that took place in
1975 that involved Admiral Hill-Norton, who was then, I believe, Chairman of
the NATO Committee. I cannot go into the detail of this since to do so might
compromise the Official Secrets Act. Suffice to say this event was pivotal and
key to later events in providing evidence for the existence of the Anglo-Saxon
Mission or better described as the Timeline. Therefore, no more can be
publicly said about this event, other than to state that this Timeline was very
much in existence 35 years ago, backed up by a very creditable insider, later
referred to as ‘CW’ and from what I witnessed personally.

During 1980’s, due to certain personal career events, which I am not yet able
to disclose, I could establish beyond any simple suspicion, that a future
wartime government of the UK will be conservative, right wing in nature, and
of high ranking military office, not civilian, with the officer cadre from all 3
services properly inducted to be in obedient support. I felt at the time that we
would soon be in an extended state world wide armed conflict, where this
type of totalitarian/military Government would be put in place.

I continued on with my military career and was now project working with
various military contractors such as BAE, Westland, and Plessey & Marconi
Systems. It was during this time that I was introduced into the future naval
weapons programmes then running in the late 80’s and early 90’s. However,
by then, I was totally disillusioned and really did feel that ultra-right wing
hands were at hard at work manipulating people and events. Again, what CW
had told me (CW was insider, known since 1975 and whose identity still
needs to be protected) previously told me came back with more solidity than I
could have imagined.

In effect CW was turning out to be right, and in effect, I had a major mindset
change as I knew that everything I was told was based on ordinary people
being kept compliant and ignorant.

Cape Wrath Scotland

Anyway, these future weapons in themselves, I must say, were not
remarkable. They are of the kind anyone could read about in the glossy
monthly defence industry magazines. However, due to my combat experience
I was sent to various weapon testing ranges in the UK, mostly at Cape Wrath
in the North of Scotland. My job, with many others of my rank, was to conduct
range tracking exercises against aerial targets. At the time we were using
development stage surveillance and fire control radars to see if we could
detect and lock-up small very fast moving targets coming in from high
altitude. We used a whole series of targets from fast jets to unmanned
drones, to artillery shells.

On one occasion, during these range trials, I was on one weapons desk and
a BAE civilian technician (in the military we called such civilian technicians,
‘Boffins’) was on another weapons desk with much different equipment. This
time there was much more pre-exercise setting up than usual before the
target run in. So it was some time before we got the normal, ‘Range Clear,
Start Recording’ to commence the exercise. My job, as always, was to get the
best possible use out of the equipment for analysis.

This is where things started to get weird. The target, whatever it was, since I
wasn’t told, was not detected on the equipment I was operating. However, the
BAE technician, the ‘Boffin’, did ‘see’ the target on his equipment and was
voice reporting target information. To cut a long story short: The target came
in from an extremely high altitude, which I later deduced
(time/speed/distance) had to be in excess of 200 miles, i.e., coming in from
outside the earth atmosphere and at an incomprehensible velocity, and most
certainly outside spectrum of the kit I was operating. Now, this wasn’t some
sort of UFO as the ground operators were actually talking, clearly, to
someone inside the target throughout the exercise. Later the ‘Boffin’ said,
“don’t worry, its one of ours!” I recall saying, “Thank f**k for that! because I
didn’t see a Scooby!” He said, “Well, you were not meant to see anything and
if you did, then we would have had some serious snags”. Later, I thought, I
had been engaged in a tracking exercise against a missile with an extremely
low radar echoing area, launched from a platform in orbit. This was not so
since, as I discovered, the target was most definitely piloted, manoeuvring,
and came to an abrupt stop at the end of the range. I instinctively knew better
to ask anymore questions about this. Instead I was more resolved to see if I
could pick the bloody thing up on my kit – as a matter of professional pride. I
never managed to pick it up. We conducted several more runs against this
type of target and it sounded as if there was more than one of them and not
just the same target repeating the runs.

You will realise by now I am taking about something akin to what is termed
‘Black Projects’. The type of target that I was engaged against was apparently
over 30 years in development and this is by the early 90’s; under joint project
control by BAE and other well known defence contractors. These ‘targets’ are
known only to a select few; however, as I later discovered, that some officers,
above the rank of Lieutenant Commander, have most definitely been briefed
on them. As a career military officer I was witnessing war winning technology
at work and was pleased we had this sort of kit in our armoury. But once
more, things began to get a bit strange, and what follows still remains difficult
for me to properly describe:

After the last Cape Wrath exercise (I did many) I was bussed down to
Glasgow for the flight back down south to England. On the way to Glasgow
the bus diverted to a place near the town of Ayr, on the West Scottish coast,
about 30 odd miles from Glasgow.

There we were taken to room in an ordinary looking red sandstone tenement

type building. Inside the room we were introduced to a group of uniformed
people. The uniforms were black military looking flight suits with silver insignia
on the collars. These were silver bars, not unlike US military rank insignia.
However, they were not from the US. They all spoke with crystal clear English
accents. It soon donned on me that we were now in the company of the pilots
of the same craft used in the range exercises - due to the ensuing
discussions that took place, which was a kind of post exercise de-briefing.

The pilots were all relaxed, very friendly and radiated extremely good health.
One of them, a very healthy looking middle aged man, took time with me to
reassure me that all this was quite normal. He must have noticed that I was
nervous and new to all this.

Also, in the same room were other people. These were young males and
females, wearing some sort of uniform, but not the same uniforms as the
pilots. They (I think?) wore blue coveralls, making what were clearly
goodbyes to others (families?) who were present with them. This ‘goodbye’
scene was actually quite emotional albeit quite surreal. The middle aged pilot
mentioned they were going up for spell. He pointed upwards with a finger as
he said this. I was then given what I can only describe as an instant telepathic
vision that I knew must have come from him. This was a vivid description of
the interior of a circular vehicle with the same people, the ones in the room
making their goodbyes, sat inside the craft and whishing up through the
atmosphere to dock with a massive structure in space - still with the earth in
full view. In this structure I briefly saw what I know to be Greys glancing at us
and then completely ignoring us. He then said, “This is how we get around
and everyone is a volunteer and no one is forced to do this”. He strongly
emphasised this point. I must say that I felt this person, the middle aged pilot,
to be quite benevolent and understanding. He knew I was balking at the
thought of going into space and seeing aliens and he understood this. I had a
kind of quasi-religious feeling from this man; he simply emanated complete
understanding and care. I can’t remember how long we stayed there in the
building, but I recall feeling very much at peace afterwards – as if it was
indeed all was very normal, but knowing at the same time - it most certainly
was not.

I went back to my normal naval duties with very little inclination of what I had
witnessed was in any way fantastic. However, towards the end of my military
career I became very stressed to the point of having a breakdown. I thought it
was all the conflicts I had been through or my difficult personal life, but
somewhere in my mind was this vision of this massive structure in space,
vividly dreaming I was regularly going back there. These dreams became
very intrusive, but thankfully stopped some time ago. Together with this and
the other knowledge I had - I knew my story was hopelessly and ridiculously
unbelievable. How can anyone talk about such things? This is what upset me
most: knowledge that I could not possibly talk to anyone about.

Over Government
1999. Now a civilian after a long naval career, reaching middle officer rank, I
took up a senior post within a City of London institution, which I felt fortunate
to get since London was my home town. I was directed to and recommended
for this job by my last Commanding Officer, a Commodore, who seemed to
have some high connections in the City. I realise now that I was forwarded for
this job because I was, ‘in the know’ and a, ‘safe pair of hands’ - someone
who could be trusted. (They assumed I was a Mason) Soon after starting with
the City I was invited to become an associate member with various City of
London Livery Company’s. I felt that I was being elevated into the City’s inner
circles, which indeed Livery Companies are. However, I decided, in my
defence, to keep myself to myself. None the less, I was always invited to
dinners whose guest list was a ‘whose who’. These were mostly well known
people from the world banking community, well known politicians together
with and serving and ex-serving military. This was a real ‘band of brothers’
and I knew many of them on a first name basis. It was at these dinners and
other social events that I realised I was being ‘vetted’ by them. For my part, I
played the role very well and was soon incorporated as a trusted senior City
employee, with middle rank – so I knew my place, as it were, and was
accorded their trust.

What I picked up immediately from this ‘band of brothers’ is their cold disdain
for the ordinary lives people live, as if the general public mattered little, unless
they were employed by them. (Those in their employ are very obedient and
servile) This ‘band’ all operated as if they were governing the country, which
indeed they were doing dealing with events with extraordinary persuasive
weight, wielding power through making direct - mostly financial decisions that
were repeated exactly, as they determined, to the so called ‘elected’
government in Parliament. They always exude a kind of overwhelming power,
so much so, that being in their company, for any length of time, is really not
for the faint hearted.

It soon became apparent that the government of the UK is directed from the
City’s Financial Institutions, to which I was connected and also the Livery
Company Buildings, the Guildhall, (the City’s HQ) and Mansion House.
(Mansion House is the traditional seat of the Masonic elected Lord Mayor of

The guise for all this is very simple. The City is historically independent from
anything emanating from the outside. No government body regulates or
audits their activity. They are a law unto themselves, answerable to no one,
save themselves, or the Monarch who is revered by the City with a Goddess
like passion. Anyone, and this became clear, operating at any significant level
of management in the City’s financial and government structure is a Mason
and every meeting, social or otherwise, will always be an extension of Livery
Company Masonic dealing. The more one delves into their activity, and I
have, the more one can see that the City is very much like the Vatican. That
is a tiny City state with an obscure power wielding political structure, dating
back more than 1500 years with no recognisable change save the passage of
time. I personally believe, unquestionably, that the City of London extends its
power over the other major world financial centres with anecdotal evidence
that the City controls the US Federal Reserve. I feel no one should be
surprised that all political and financial power is held firmly within the City of

The Timeline
In late 2005 I attended what I thought was a normal 3 monthly City security &
financial planning meeting since the usual crowd were emailed listed for
attendance. The meeting turned out to be something entirely different. To my
surprise (shock) this was very much a Masonic level meeting instead. No
notes taken - word of mouth only.

At the meeting mention was made that the Timeline for war against Iran was
being delayed to a point where other contingencies had to be put in place.
Contingencies were then mentioned, in quite a matter of fact fashion. First
was the Israeli reluctance to strike and provoke Iran into armed action and
that Israel promised action that action would soon take place in order to
provoke the required Iranian military response. (Israel soon after attacked
Iranian backed Hizbollah bases in the Lebanon) That was my first surprise.
The second was mention of Japanese reluctance to create havoc within the
fledging Chinese financial sectors. China was growing too quickly with the
Chinese military the being main beneficiary. The third surprise was open talk
about the use of biological weapons – when they would be used since timing
appeared to be crucial. Then there was more talk centred on how Iran must
be engaged militarily in order to provoke the desired military response from
China. The talk continued about how long conventional weapons should be
used, knowing they would be hopeless against a Chinese military onslaught
in the region. It soon transpired that they were not making decisions. They
were discussing something that had already been planned and so they were
simply sharing that information between themselves. It also became clear that
the central issue of the meeting was when the ‘balloon’ would go up. Further
issues dealt with finances, the moving of resources and protection of assets
and the central control of these resources: the bringing in outlying assets. I
recall the chain/sequence of events, which ran something like this:

They needed either the Iranians or the Chinese to be guilty of first use
nuclear weapons in order to justify the next stage. (My information shows that
the Iranians do indeed have a tactical nuclear capability) The next stage
would be a measured regional nuclear response, enough to cause an
immediate ceasefire. This ceasefire would create the time needed to put in
place unified totalitarian western governments. Thereafter, or concurrent,
biological weapons would be used against the Chinese population. This
would then set of another chain of events that would collapse the whole
Chinese political and social infrastructure. This was mentioned as: Disease,
followed by wide spread food shortages, followed by mass starvation.
Somehow, this would then cause the Chinese military to attack eastern
Russia. The biological agents were described as being flu like and would
spread like wild fire. It shocks and sickens me to describe these events. It
shocks me even more to know that plausible events are being manipulated to
cause the extinction of a whole part of the human race.

The evidence was clear. There does indeed exist a Timeline for future conflict
that this country, the UK, was using this as some sort of world government
business plan and many millions would die as a result. The plan is openly
described in these circles as the Anglo Saxon Mission.

For those living in the UK

Interestingly, the meeting was attended by a former Commissioner for Police
(name withheld). His role, it became clear, is gaining enough legislation to
empower the private security industry to enable him to be head of what he
himself called: ‘The Greater Policing Community’ to control dissidence within
the UK population. Few people realise, that, at this moment, there are some
500.000 people working in the UK private security industry. Fewer still realise
this industry has already been empowered through government backed public
control policing powers, linked to the Public Order Act. This Parliamentary Act
of police empowerment is currently being extended to include more powers
such a direct powers of arrest and detention - the same as those currently
being sought for Community Police Officers and Civil Enforcement Officers.

In time of war Britain will become a totalitarian police state headed by a

military government empowered through the City of London. I can be certain
of this, and to which, people living in the UK remain, by and large, oblivious.

Just to re-cap
The above can only be considered as simply a background briefing, knowing
that its contents can be checked and easily verified by those with the will to
do so. However to be clear:

Iran will soon be attacked, possibly within 18 months of writing this.

China will come to the aid of Iran to protect its own interests.
Nuclear weapons will be used by either Iran or China, with Israel provoking
their first use.
Much of the Middle East will be laid to waste. Millions will die in a very short
period of time.
China will forcibly move into parts of Russia to extend ‘ceasefire’ lines.
Biological weapons will be deployed against China. ‘China will catch a cold’.
There is some sort of malevolent ET alliance at work, profitably being used by
the UK, US and other western powers, including Japan. Refer to ‘Black
I also understand that other, more humanitarian ET entities are working
against this Timeline and are, somehow, maintaining a precarious balance
without taking any direct intervention themselves.

I have more to add to this

The western powers are actively seeking a ‘perfect war’ and have been
engaged in doing so throughout the 20th century up to present times. WWI
and WWII were simply stepping stones - both pre-determined and successful.
The next Great War is now just round the corner. This war will significantly
reduce the world’s population, possibly by half, in a very short period of time.
This ‘over government’ feels this course of action to be wholly righteous and
is pursuing this action with astonishing determination.

For my part I feel that I have contributed in some way to all this happening,
more so, since I knew about this many years ago, but failed to see its full
significance- a denial on my part no doubt. There is only so much that a
person can take in not unless one willingly gives over their own spirit to their
cause – the greatest of evils.

Stay with me on this… The wider picture remains to me quite unclear. None
the less, I have ‘seen’ what will become of the physical shape of this world in
a few short years to come. The over-government knows this too and is using
this Timeline as way of preparation. They know that the survivors from what is
about to happen will determine the physical future of mankind on this planet
for millennia to come. They see this as a race against time before time itself
prevents them. You see, they are governed by time, while most everyone
else living on this planet is not. I discovered this phenomena some time ago
and came to understand why those involved with this over government are
desperate not be caught in the present moment. They can’t stand still and
must at all costs keep striving towards their own manufactured goals. By
doing so they are corralling everyone else, sheep like, into pens. The fuel
they use to do this is fear.

The wider picture I mentioned, while much of it still remains unclear to me, is
most definitely signalling a massive geo-physical change, a change that is
very much like the seasons albeit a season that only occurs once in every
11500 years. Those in over government are very much aware of this ‘season’
and are driven to survive this change with their bloodline intact and to remain
in overall control, very much as it is now.

One big question, to those awake to this change, is when will happen?
Personally, I have little idea of an exact time other than it will be soon. I
regard precise timings, such as 21st Dec 2012, with much suspicion.
However, I say soon. Soon, to me, is something that is highly likely to happen
in my own lifetime. I say this since I was here during the last season of
change and see again, quite clearly, a chain of events that cannot be
confused with anything other than this change taking place again - soon.

Before this change happened last time, 11500 years ago, there was much
warning from those who were coming and going between space to earth.
These people were very much part of the human race at the time and not
regarded as Gods. They had always been here and were, by and large,
though not always, quite compassionate in nature. They lived among us and
shared what they could, being able to do so, since the population then living
on earth was far fewer in number since people then lived to very old age –
compared to the 3 score and 10 of today. Then the visible changes were
noted as the earth magnetic poles drifting further and further away from true
north and south. This caused seasonal differences that badly affected
agriculture and living conditions, causing many of the larger settlements to
migrate away from both Polar Regions. Incidentally, the space travelling
people were known then as the, ‘Alhoo’ (that’s how it sounds) The Alhoo went
to great lengths to ensure that as many people as possible would survive the
change. There was no discrimination as to who would be saved. Additionally,
around this time, other ET races appeared on earth. Some of these races
interfered with the preparations being made by the Alhoo causing much
disruption, which finally led to open conflict both in space and here on earth.
This was a battle of domination that continued right up until the earth’s
surface finally changed its position. This is when the earths crust shifted
some 30 degrees towards the south. It is worth knowing that the Alhoo came
back to earth afterwards, but, unfortunately, only remnants of the civilisation
they had built was left, scattered along the coastal regions of the Atlantic and
Pacific Oceans. It should also be known that the Alhoo were not suited to life
on earth and so never became permanent residents. They came, stayed a
while and then went, very much like visiting parents. Now, after the last
change, came the other races, some able to live more comfortably on the
planet. The pre-dominant race was reptilian and did not resemble any human
made after the Alhoo. It is the reptilian residency that was to mark the new
season that had just begun in the aftermath of the change. These people
were not kind or compassionate and far less spiritual in nature. They were
cold and demanding, regarding fear and total respect from the human
survivors as values. I shall come back to this period later.

The Pyramids of Giza

As part of the preparations for the coming change, the Alhoo built what is now
known as the Giza Complex, just outside Cairo. This site was built well in
advance of the change and took just 5 years to complete with most of the
effort going into planning rather than construction. These pyramids contained
every example of Alhoo technology, serving principally as a beacon that could
be heard far in space, providing a vast/diverse range of geo-physical
information regarding the real time state of the earth. This meant that the
Alhoo could remain in space and ‘listen’ to what was happening on the
surface. Other less known sites were constructed on a ‘belt’, crossing the
continents at latitudes 60 degrees north and south of the equator. I knew
about this then as did most other people alive at the time. There was an
‘energy’ that our civilisation would physically survive the coming change.
Much discussion has ranged over what type of technology was used to
construct the Giza complex. It wasn’t ropes, tackles and muscle. It was
sound. Everything has a frequency - even stone. Stones were cut and lifted
just by tapping into the frequencies contained within. Nothing more was
needed. More than this the pyramids were self illuminating and shone brightly
throughout the night. All this was possible just by changing the frequency. I
will add, for sake of argument, that the pyramids fell into disrepair, though
misuse, thousands of years before the Pharaohs came into power. Cheops
did not build them; he and others attempted a repair without knowing fully the
original purpose of the complex. I feel this is important to know.

I am asked what life was like before the change and while the Alhoo were
present together with mankind?

There were 2 main cities situated on the North Antarctic coast. The first and
oldest city was called Charmaran with a population of around 300,000 souls.
The second city was called Charmaran Te, whose population was far more.
This newer city resembled a mountain from the distance since it was building
upon building rising high - almost into the clouds. Both cities were separated
by a mountain range and both enjoyed temperate weather conditions
throughout the year. There were very little differences in the seasons, very
much like the South Africa of today. This means of course that the Antarctic
land mass was situated further to the north in those days. Life was based
around subsisting on agriculture and maritime trading mostly from the east
from the lands where India and China now are. This was a healthy trade that
lasted many thousands of years with communities on both sides of the world
developing together with very little effort. However, the Charmarans were
quite spiritually evolved. This was mostly due to the patient influence of the
Alhoo. Therefore, other human communities were very much attracted to
them but were not allowed to cross breed. This was forbidden by the Alhoo,
simply because of the time it would take to develop those other communities
to a similar level enjoyed by the Charmarans. I am reminded that long life was
apparent throughout the world in those days and having children, though
welcome, was quite a rare occasion. It was not unusual for someone to live
healthily for over a 1000 years. Try to imagine your physical body continually
renewing itself in a healthy mature condition until such times that the spirit
must move on. 1000 years here on earth is quite enough time for any soul.

The short life span of this age is a by product of a further cross fertilisation
processes conducted by the reptilians. However, physical life span is not
such an important issue. I can tell you, however, that mankind is able to live
long lives, as before, if simple measures were taken to readjust the human

Who are these reptilians?

11500 years ago not much was known about the reptilian looking race other
than they shared knowledge of space through time travel with other races
such as the Alhoo of earth. What became apparent is their low spiritual
development and disdain for anything they feel is weak, even among their
own kind. As I mentioned their lives are determined by time. They are not
aware of a timeless present due to their low level of conscious awareness.
However, this low level of conscious awareness is superbly masked by their
ability to live extremely long lives and the ease at which they can control
anyone who comes into contact with them. The live on fear and are
energised/empowered through this. The reptilians became the dominant
controlling entity on earth because of their abilities to sustain themselves
here. The Alhoo, while they have never left, can never be permanently
resident. However, it must be known that the Alhoo do live through us since
we are them and they are us. We are no different from the Alhoo when all is
said and done. The Alhoo are essentially now space dwellers and are far in
advance of the reptilians. Now, the reptilians know very well that the Alhoo
started civilisation here on earth doing so through the early human forms and
that we, the current form of humankind, look and think very much like them.
They also know that we have a level of conscious awareness that can be
easily affected through fear in order to gain our compliance. That fear network
has been with us and developed by them throughout this current age. All
through this present time the reptilians have held kingship over mankind,
dominating and controlling all aspects of our physical lives on earth. This age
has been marked by them as one of continual conflict and forced
manipulation shaped by fear. The Alhoo have been aware of this, but to them,
as it is to us, time means nothing at all. Time is meaningless even in the
physical world we think we know so well. Now, the Alhoo will change this
experience once it has seen itself out. The reptilian experience is about to
end and of course they do not wish it to end and are trying extremely hard to
ensure it doesn’t. They cannot and will not, understand that their experience
here is transitory. They believe it is eternal, since they are unable, at any
level, to comprehend otherwise.

We are very shortly about to enter into this period of change, where the
earth’s crust will displace another 30 degrees southwards, doing so during a
24 hour period, or a day and night, if you understand this. Before this comes
about, and it will happen quite suddenly, the reptilians will cause the war I
mentioned before. The destructive nature of this conflict will reduce the
earth’s population by around half. The earth’s displacement will further reduce
the population by about half again. There are some who think this will be a
good thing since they have lived their physical life experience through the
reptilian mind and not their own. That will change to. Throughout the world
people are becoming more and more aware of themselves and giving
themselves time to think away from the fear generated by their rulers,
whether they are democratically elected or not. People now are more aware
than they have been since the last change that took place 11,500 years ago.
They recall who they are and what they know to be as spiritual beings first
and infinite as opposed to being physical beings with one life only – that being
this life. That awareness will spread leading to the probability that all power
held by the reptilians will be lost leaving them very isolated but more
physically dangerous than ever. No matter, their time here will pass suddenly.
Will they move on? I do not yet know. All I know is that they will lose the
power of fear over mankind and by doing so lose any level of power they now

So, another new age will come to earth with the Alhoo returning as they did
before. They will enjoy, with us, all that is known of our conscious existence
that is infinite, something we know to be and is. Fear will be gone and our
humanity will once more return. A new Golden Age? No, not quite. Life on
earth will remain difficult and painful in human form, but it will be lived without
fear and can be a most rewarding experience that will brighten the spark of
our infinite selves.

Enough for now I think.


Another version of the above letter was originally sent to both Kerry Cassidy
and Bill Ryan of Project Camelot including personal details that have now
been removed by the sender. The content is unaltered by the whistleblower in
any other way except to protect his identity. The above letter was provided to
Kerry Cassidy for publication upon her request about a week ago.

Kerry Cassidy | March 2010