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Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Saturday, Oct 17th 2015 3AM 19C

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'I don't know why you're out for blood... I'm

not paying': Mothers' Facebook battle after
schoolboy is handed 15.95 invoice for
missing classmate's birthday party
Alex Nash missed ski slope party and went to see grandparents instead
Weeks later his shocked father Derek found 'no show fee' in school bag
It had been put there after being handed to a teacher by the boy's mother
Mr Nash, 45, from Torpoint, Cornwall, said: 'I thought it was a joke'
He refused to pay - and 'has been threatened with small claims court'
Plymouth Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre: We didn't write the invoice
Manager said boy's mother could have had credit on the bar instead
But unrepentant mother said: 'All details were on the party invite'
PUBLISHED: 09:21 GMT, 19 January 2015 | UPDATED: 08:27 GMT, 20 January 2015



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Two mothers became embroiled in a bitter Facebook battle over an invoice handed to one of their
sons for missing the other's birthday party.
Tanya Walsh and her partner Derek Nash were appalled when their son Alex, five, arrived home
from school with a 15.95 bill for missing his classmate Charlie Lawrences big day at a local ski



Daily Mail


Daily Mail

Daily Mail

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After refusing to pay, Alex's parents were threatened that they would be taken to court.

Since then Miss Walsh and Charlie's mother Julie Lawrence have become entangled in a war of
Scroll down for video

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Baffled: Derek Nash took his son Alex to see his grandparents instead of turning up to a friend's birthday
party - and was handed an invoice for 15.95. The bill was given to the five-year-old via a teacher

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No show: The parents received this invoice from the mother of the birthday boy - and the ski slope involved
said it was nothing to do with them. 'We don't have any such things as no-show fees', said the manager

'I messaged Julie on Facebook to say sorry and let's resolve this amicably. And she said: "The
amicable way I believe is for you to pay me the money. And let that be a lesson learnt,' Miss Walsh,
30, said.


From goofy schoolgirl
to star striker who
turned Ronaldo's...

Parents have until

midnight to apply for
primary schools but...

'The next thing I heard she was taking us to small claims court. My partner went to see her and it
ended in an argument. She shouted down the street: "Don't mess with me".
'Every time I spoke to her previously she was always very polite,' Miss Walsh added.

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Nothing else on TV?

'All of this is very shocking.'

Julie could have tried to contact us before issuing the bill. If she had spoken to us we would have
considered paying it.

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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under threat
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Defence: The host's mother Julie Lawrence (left with her family) said 'all details were on the party invite'

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I could totally understand her point. It is not about the money for us and we did not mean to let
them down. It is the way she has gone about it.
But Mrs Lawrence said in a statement: 'All details were on the party invite. They had every detail
needed to contact me.'
Alex's father however said he had no means of contacting the woman, resorting to trying to find her
at the children's school gates to apologise.
'My partner looked out for [Mrs Lawrence] to apologise for Alex not showing up to the party, but
didnt see her.
But on January 15 she looked in Alexs school bag and found a brown envelope. It was an invoice
for 15.95 for a childs party no-show fee.
Mr Nash said he visited Mrs Lawrences home
and told her he was not happy. He added: I
thought it was a joke to begin with. I am lost for
He had confirmed Alex would attend the 'slide
and ride' party before Christmas at the
Plymouth Ski Slope and Snowboard Centre.

could totally understand her

It is not about the
money for us and we did not
mean to let them down. It is

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Costing 15.95 a head, it would have included

half an hour on a snow tubing run, three
toboggan rides, a hot meal, ice cream, jelly and

the way she has gone about

Alex's mother Tanya Walsh

But he then realised he had already arranged

for their daughter to go on a day trip with her
The host's mother could have little luck getting back the 15.95 in court - where the administration
fee to make a claim is 25.
The ski centre's manager Louisa Duggan said: 'It seems to be a dispute between two parents and
the parent who wrote the invoice has put us on it, which is crazy because we have nothing to do
with it.
'We ask for a small deposit on booking and 48 hours before the party we ask hosts to confirm
numbers and pay us the full amount. It's 15.95 a head for a slide and ride party.
'But there's no such thing as a no-show fee. We don't invoice private individuals, we just ask for
payment 48 hours before.
'If the child doesn't show, to be honest we're pretty flexible. We might give the hosts some extra
toboggan rides or some credit at the bar.
'I understand people being upset because people outlay a lot of money for these parties, so I
understand their frustration.
'Whether invoicing another parent is a good idea or not is not for me to say, but it's certainly not
something I'd do.'

From Tanya Walsh: Hi Julie. This is Alexs mum. I was very shocked to see the invoice in Alexs
school bag.
The only reason Alex did not attend the party was because his nan and grandad were going away
for Christmas and the only day the kids could go see them was on the same day as the party.
I apologise for not letting you know, but I did not have a phone number or an email for you. If I had
known that I would have to pay if Alex did not go, then I would have paid you the money, no
problem. I do not like fighting with people, and would prefer to settle this amicably.
From Julie Lawrence: Hi Tanya, I confirmed with all parents on the Thursday before the party
that they were going as I had to pay that day, and Derek told me Alex was looking forward to it
and would see us there, to me that is confirmation.
My phone number was on the invitation that was sent out to Alex.
I dont like fighting with people either, and was not best impressed when Derek turned up on my
doorstep, and said you wont get any money out of me, rather rudely.
The amicable way round this I believe would be to pay me the money and let a lesson be learnt. I
hope this is agreeable. Julie
TW: The only reason Derek was angry was because of the fact that the envelope was put into
Alexs school bag, when it has nothing to do with the school.
Like I said before, no money was mentioned when we spoke, and I feel it would be inappropriate
to pay you the money, when I dont know what its actually paying for.
Like I said before I didnt have your number to let you know. And exactly what lesson would I be
learning. I am not a child, so please do not speak to me like I am one.
So, to answer your question, unfortunately no. This is not agreeable.
JL: You are paying for 1 x childs party at the ski slope including snow tubing and tobogganing and
TW: Just so you know, small claims court cost 60 just to start a claim. Also Im not paying for
something we didnt use.
JL: It doesnt cost that much
TW: It does. I dont know why you are out for our blood.
If you had come up to us the first day back and explained about the money, then I could have
explained about Alex, then maybe we could have sorted something out. Instead you send an

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Row: Mr Nash confronted the party host's mother on the doorstep of her Cornwall home (pictured)

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Invoicee: The home where Mr Nash lives with his partner Tanya Walsh and their five-year-old son Alex

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Woods' wardrobe

Bemused: The bill for the no show fee at the ski centre (left) and Mr Nash with his son. 'I thought it was a joke
to begin with,' he said. 'I told her I would not be paying her the money. She should have spoken to me first'

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ex-husband David
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Johnny McDaid

Family attraction: The 'slide and ride' party at the ski centre in Plymouth would have included 'snow tubing',
three toboggan rides per child and a hot meal with a pudding of jelly and ice cream

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17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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Jasmin Walia leaves

little to the imagination
as she flashes both her
cleavage and underwear
in plunging bodysuit
and double thigh-split

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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trousers at fashion bash

Ioana Manoliu, london, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

Did she bring boy's party food and thank you goody bag as well or just the invoice? What a snob
Click to rate


ShirleyGirl, Melbourne, Australia, 8 months ago

Good for her. I've been tempted to do the same thing myself in the past. When a party is booked
for a child, you have to tell the venue how many children are turning up and you get charged for
that number of children - regardless of no-shows. So next time, parents of Alex Nash, show
some manners. If you rsvp and say you're going, turn up - or pay for your absence.
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mailmailer, london, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

this news has put me off b'day parties for ever

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Hair's a thing! James

Franco grows bushy
moustache and dons
vintage attire for HBO's
Seventies porn drama
Slipped into the look
Kobe Bryant hits back
at Master P after the
rapper accused him of
being a phony friend to
Lamar Odom
Taking the high road

notasignorantasyou, elk falls, United States, 8 months ago

Thats as stupid as certain schools over there fining parents for taking there kids out of schools.
I'd tell them to cram that invoice.
Click to rate


Harrup, Devon, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

For the life of me I can't figure out which of the 2 parties is the most bonkers in this absurd
scenario. Father-going-to-the-press is the current favorite. But not by much. Poor kids.
Click to rate


Fromthenorth, Sussex, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

OMG DM you are so funny - loving that you've photographed their houses for our
comparison/judgment. I'd sue you if it it were me but as it's not it's just hilarious :-)
Click to rate


curly, St Helens, 8 months ago

Yes Raymond Cysm. The FATHER'S bnehaviour. It is common decency to let the other party
know that you wont be attending. The mother was perfectly within her rights. No self respecting
parent would leave their child with somebody without their contact details. They had spoken
more than once about the details, so he is OBVIOUSLY lying by saying he didn't know how to
contact her. It is not about the money it is about the value of common courtesy which the father
is obviously lacking. All it would have taken was a quick text call or email. Do the family not
posess a phone between them? It is about that poor mother paying for an empty space, I'm sure
if she had been told, she would have GIVEN a free place to another child, so she is perfectly
within her rights. It's about courtesy and decency it would taken under two minutes to contact
her and cancel, if he can't be bothered to at least then, yes, he is the one at fault.
Click to rate



Philmike2015, Staines, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

If you read the full story you will find that at the last moment the Family discovered this would be
the last time the Family would see the Grandparents until after Christmas, so of course he chose
to see them. In fact had it been me i would have insisted he go to his Grandparents. As always
there is more to this story than has been reported. I would let the mother take me to court and
when asked to see the evidence and contract the case would be thrown out with costs to her.
We have all arranged parties where children had not turned up it's not the end of the world. It's a
children's party! The children will have forgotten all about it in a few day (or would have if it were
not in the press). Good example of how silly things have got these days, bring back the good old
days when people got on with each other, had a row then carried on as normal. Next time I have
a adult party and someone does not tun up should i invoice them for the wine got in for the
Click to rate



david_hughes_uk2000, cardiff, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

Only takes 20 seconds to pick up the phone and explain to the party organiser that the
boy cant attend because of a family engagement, not hardship doing that is there.
Click to rate



Easygo, Bournemouth, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

We may have views on the rights and wrongs of this but it is very concerning that Mr Nash has
not put his child first. Initially, what does he think he's teaching his child by offering him a choiceparty or grandparents- on the day? Children need to understand that you honour commitments
whenever you can. Second, putting his child's name and photo all over the press; and third, that
poor, poor child will, thanks to his dad, have no one to play with and never be invited to a party
again. But, the poor kid's mum says it doesn't matter because 'he's a tough cookie'. ..... Ow

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break from Strictly
Looked a bit chilly
Back for good! Take
That are mobbed by
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Reliving the dream
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plane crash in new book

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

9 de 36

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Blink-182 drummer lived

to tell the tale

proud to be british, belfast, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

seriously like people getting their heads cut off everyday and this makes the news???
Click to rate


david_hughes_uk2000, cardiff, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

well what do u want, a news site just about people having there head cut off ? we like to
read other stories too and with regards to news about people having there heads cut off
it is all covered here also for you to read.
Click to rate

proud to be british, belfast, United Kingdom, 8 months ago

your entitled to your opinion David like im entitled to mine..

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boyfriend Nick Jonas,
Mind the age gap!
Bleary-eyed birthday
boy Ant McPartlin is in
high spirits as he
staggers out of
star-studded 40th bash
with barefoot wife Lisa
Forgiven for feeling tipsy
Cristiano Ronaldo
poses with Brazilian
model Alessandra
Ambrosio on set of their
new 'top-secret' project
Aren't giving away any
Make-up free Jessica
Alba showcases her
flawless complexion as
she goes casual in
oversized jumper, maxi
dress and trainers
Not her chicest look
Rosie O'Donnell and
Tatum O'Neal 'split' after
tumultuous four-month
Intense few months

End of the house of

York: 15million former
home of Prince Andrew
and Sarah Ferguson
dubbed SouthYork is
finally pulled down 19
years after divorce
Wedding gift from Queen
'I will never go back to
how I was before. I'm a
lot healthier now': Chris
Evans reflects on
'midlife crisis' after 100
booze-free days and
marriage counselling
Natural beauty!
Orange Is The New
Black star Laverne Cox
ditches her weave and

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

10 de 36

make-up in a stunning
stripped back selfie
Toned down her look

Brooding four-piece
One Direction return
with music video for
Perfect... as it emerges
each member earned
19,000 a day last year
They're rolling in it!
High-spirited Davina
McCall indulges in
sweet PDA with
husband Matthew
Robertson as she
leaves Ant and Dec's
star-studded 40th
birthday bash
Dr Jekyll and
(strangely sexy) Mr
Hyde: Forget the
doctor's monstrous
alter ego in ITV's
fantastical update he is
a handsome charmer
Elfie Kemper!
Unbreakable Kimmy
Schmidt star Ellie wears
a festive costume as
she arrives on set with
Tina Fey
Second season filming
'I've been vindicated':
Randy Quaid speaks out
after he and wife Evi
were freed on American
soil for the first time
since 2010
Wants to return to acting
How Britain fell in love
with the Labrador:
They'll eat anything
including your flip-flops
and now Ben Fogle's
written a magical book
about the breed
Kardashian family post
statement suspending
their subscription apps
'while we support and
pray for Lamar'
Khloe hasn't left her ex's
'Is this where you post
photos of babies?'
Jimmy Kimmel joins
Facebook and is quick
to share picture of
adorable daughter
Finally took the plunge
'I think he had a death
wish': Father of Lamar
Odom's late best friend
believes the basketball
star is 'done' as Khloe is
joined by Caitlyn Jenner
at the hospital
Dreams do come true!
James Corden jumps
into bed with stunning
Cindy Crawford while
she flirts and feeds him
grapes... as part of
hilarious TV skit
Who is YOUR favourite
Bond girl? From Honey
Ryder and Pussy Galore
to Jinx, vote for the
leading lady who gave
you (and 007) a licence

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

11 de 36

to thrill

A magical tribute to
the extraordinary
character who for 20
years edited the Dales'
most eccentric
magazine. Never mind
Compo - real Yorkshire
wit is as dry as stone
Rolling with it! Lady
Gaga rocks zany round
glasses as she hops in
her Rolls Royce after
lunch date at the
Chateau Marmont
Interesting ensemble
ITV2 ordered to pay
more than 4MILLION in
damages to reality TV
producer over dispute
involving Peter Andre
after judge branded
Strictly star a 'liar'
Gail Porter wraps up
warm in quilted jacket
as she goes casual on
rare night out since
Celebrity Big Brother
Happy to be out
Naomi Campbell wraps
up in a blue poncho and
thigh-high boots as she
enjoys a shopping
session in New York
Wrapped up warm in
colbalt blue pashmina
Lenny Henry holds
hands with smiling
girlfriend Lisa Makin on
rare romantic date night
in London
Comedian and partner
looked in giddy mood
She's got a lot of front!
Iggy Azalea leaves little
to the imagination as
she goes braless in a
plunging criss-cross
Showed off boob job
'I don't care who
people think it's about':
Taylor Swift slams
rumors claiming her
song Bad Blood is
about Katy Perry
They were frenemies
'Grief is the most
painful experience that
any child can endure':
Prince William gives
moving speech about
the death of Diana
Joined Gary Barlow
A spook-tacular day!
Liv Tyler cradles baby
son Sailor, eight
months, in her arms as
they decorate their
home for Halloween
What a cutie
Stella McCartney cuts
a fashionable figure
with chic satin trousers
and a leopard print
carry-on as she jetsets

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

12 de 36

in style at LAX
Low-key style

That's a wrap! Selena

Gomez looks leggy in a
chic LBD and heels as
she arrives home to
LAX after whirlwind
promo trail
Always turns on the glam
snapping at 77 - David
He's losing the allure he
once had.

Stylish sweats! Eva

Longoria manages to
make a casual look chic
as she heads out for
Desperate Housewife in
the mood for Japanese
Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley highlights her
svelte frame in tight
leather trousers and
chic blazer at store
Not at an airport for once
Louise Redknapp
ditches grown-up style
in favour of quirky
prints and bright logos
as she predicts that
fashion will be all about
fun this autumn
It's a girl! High School
Musical vet KayCee
Stroh welcomes second
daughter with husband
Ben Higginson and
names her Lettie Louise
Played Martha
Hulk smash! Marvel
nears deal to bring
Avengers star Mark
Ruffalo into the
upcoming feature Thor:

Veteran The View

producer sues 'bully'
Rosie O'Donnell, saying
she feared comedian
would assault her
Lost her job after being
'publicly disrespectful'
Amanda Holden looks
lovely in halterneck LBD
as she joins husband
Chris Hughes at Ant and
Dec's joint 40th birthday
Showed a lot of leg
It's Holly Willoughbooby! Star shows off
her ample assets as she
goes braless in extreme
plunging mini dress at
Ant and Dec's 40th bash
Showed off sexy figure
Cheryl FernandezVersini is sensational in
fitted gown with racy
thigh-high split as she
husband Jean-Bernard
attend Ant and Dec's

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

13 de 36

joint 40th party

'It still hurts every

day': Lisa Osbourne
speaks of her grief at
the loss of son Theo...
two years on from
devastating late-term
Even Jay Z forgets
about Tidal's existence:
Rapper in court on
copyright charges
doesn't mention flopped
music streaming site
when asked what his
businesses were
The comeback king!
Tracy Morgan is back to
his best in a bold regal
cape as he continues to
move on from traumatic
brain injury
Getting his joy back
'We ask for your
continued prayers':
Lamar Odom's children
Destiny and Lamar Jr.
release heartfelt
statement hours after
visiting their father
'Pray for Lamar':
Kylie's boyfriend Tyga
takes TWO Rolls
Royces to work, while
making it clear he has
NBA star on his mind
Rapper out in LA
Kanye West is 'taking
care of daughter North
and Kourtney's three
children' as Kardashian
sisters visit Lamar
Sweeping aside his busy
New mother Terri
Seymour shows off her
incredible post-baby
figure as she takes
daughter Coco out for a
Simon Cowell's ex
Ready for bed? Jaime
King slips into black
plunging pyjama-esque
silk robe as she parties
with Nicola Peltz at
store launch
Party time in LA
Newlyweds Ronan
Keating and Storm
Uechtritz cosy up as
they enjoy a night out
on the town at Ant and
Dec's joint 40th birthday
Alesha Dixon flaunts
svelte figure in a red
jumpsuit at Ant and
Dec's party... as beau
Azuka Ononye sports a
band on his ring finger
amid wedding rumours
Newsroom star
Thomas Sadoski and
wife Kimberly Hope
divorcing after eight
Best known for playing

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

14 de 36

Don Keefer

Leggy Charlotte
Crosby looks worse for
wear as she leaves
fashion party in skimpy
playsuit with business
owner Adam Frisby
Smoky eyes
Pregnant Coleen
Rooney displays her
baby bump in a blue
bikini as she hits the
beach in Barbados with
her family
Relaxing paddle
Lena Dunham oozes
sophistication in
unusually demure floral
shift dress... after going
topless for daring new
It's a cover up!
Donal MacIntyre
denies affair after wife
'found messages on
phone' and insists that
she has 'got the wrong
end of the stick'
Wife had Facebook rant
Busty Bianca
Gascoigne showcases
curvy figure in sparkling
form-flattering dress as
she attends drinks
launch party
Certainly stood out
Fearne Cotton looks
slim in white lace mini
at Ant and Dec's bash
with husband Jesse
Wood just weeks after
second child was born
Post-baby body
Charlotte's ladylike...
but George is lively,
says Prince William as
he opens up about his
children during a visit to
One proud father
American idol!
Beyonce shows her
patriotic side posing in
a swimsuit in front of
the Stars and Stripes
Poster girl for the
American dream
A jet-set romance:
Robin Thicke, 38, and
girlfriend April Love
Geary, 20, dress in black
outfits as they arrive at
LAX airport
Co-ordinated couple
ABSolutely fabulous!
Demi Lovato displays
her toned tum in a
double denim crop top
and flares as she
performs surprise gig in
New York

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

15 de 36

'We had different

visions of how we
wanted to live our lives':
Kate Hudson discusses
'painful' split from Matt
Bellamy in candid new
Oh mama! Elisabetta
Canalis shows off her
trim figure in skinny
jeans just TWO WEEKS
after giving birth to
baby daughter Skyler
George Clooney's ex
Bono's daughter
Jordan Hewson is
dating French social
media star Jrme Jarre
as they share loved up
pictures on Instagram
Gone public
Aussie model Jessica
Hart puts on a leggy
display in sequined mini
dress as she lights up
the red carpet at New
York awards night
Looked fabulous
Here come the girls!
TOWIE newcomer Kate
Wright puts on a busty
display as she joins
co-stars Lauren Pope,
Billie Faiers and Jess
Wright at fashion party
Chloe Sims looks
bleary-eyed as she
models very racy lace
dress and thigh-high
boots at Binky
Felstead's fashion
'You were project
manager of a disaster':
Aisha Kasim is the
second candidate to be
fired by Lord Sugar after
her over-50s shampoo
fails to impress
Ooh La La, Cantona:
Former Manchester
United captain strips
naked for the front
cover of magazine
Joined by his wife for Elle
Taking the plunge!
Jessica Chastain
flashes her cleavage in
low-cut black jumpsuit
as Tom Hanks joins her
on talk show
Effortless style
Wrecking Balls! Miley
Cyrus and Ellen
DeGeneres play a saucy
game with some 'dangly
things' that both fear
may never make it to a
television screen
Kate Hudson, Diane
Kruger and Emily Blunt
flaunt their style
credentials in elegant
sleeveless frocks at
Golden Heart Awards
Very toned

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

16 de 36

Has Ben Haenow

FINALLY broken the X
Factor curse? Last
year's winner unveils
debut single with Kelly
Clarkson... and his
plans to crack America
Mad Men's Kiernan
Shipka shows off her
vintage style in floral
flares as Jena Malone
rocks a retro laser cut
mini dress
Keeping vintage theme
Rachel Weisz is every
inch the English rose in
burgundy and gold
strapless gown as she
attends Youth movie
Looked incredible
She's working it out!
Jennifer Garner goes
make-up free showing
off her svelte figure in
clingy exercise gear
after hitting gym
Couldn't stop smiling
Downton's Laura
Carmichael puts on a
leggy display in
colourful layered dress
at Burn Burn Burn
Strutted her stuff
Halloween through the
ages: From spooky
1900s masks to 'Kim
Kardashian breaks the
internet' outfits in 2015,
how costume trends
evolved over 115 years
Odom poured out his
heart about split from
Khloe to brothel madam
he kissed 'like a mother'
- in between romps with
two blondes and
gorging on KFC and
Khloe Kardashian hits
back at 'publicityseeking' boss of Nevada
brothel where Lamar
Odam was found who
said TV family tried to
silence him
'Let's dance again
together soon': Kylie
Jenner posts throwback
photo with Lamar Odom
then gets back to
business after hospital
visit with work tweet
Khloe Kardashian
'battles with guilt' and
'overwhelming' duty of
making medical
decisions for Lamar as
they are still technically
A sheer statement!
Naomi Watts flashes
glimpse of her bra
beneath flirty frock as
she attends nude
artwork auction
Looked youthful
Home & Away star
Demi Harman clutches
onto her ample cleavage
as she emerges from
the sea in striped bikini

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

17 de 36

Spent day on beach with

her boyfriend Alec Snow

She gets her kicks!

Fergie embraces some
va va voom showcasing
cleavage as she
launches footwear line
in New York
A yummy mummy
Showing Arg what he's
missing! TOWIE's Lydia
Bright puts in a chic
solo appearance at
music bash... after
falling out with
boyfriend James
Defiant display
Like father like son!
Colin Hanks looks the
spitting image of father
Tom at All Things Must
Pass premiere
Talent must run in the
Puppy love! Irina
Shayk looks chic in a
black suit with red
pumps as she cuddles
up with a cute pooch at
ASPCA event
Bradley's been replaced!
Oliver and unlikely
guest Orlando Bloom
film Food Fight scenes
together... as he is seen
for the first time since
burglary at his 7m
Paloma Faith enjoys
popcorn as she makes
demure appearance in
elegant dress at Youth
premiere alongside
boyfriend Leyman
'Man, I'm like
borderline suicidal':
Blink-182 drummer
Travis Barker talks
about his darkest days
in revealing interview
Rita Ora's new boyfriend
'He wants to lock me
up': Eddie Redmayne
fears for safety as he
seeks sex reassignment
surgery in new trailer
for The Danish Girl

'I can't believe he

would ask that!' Olivia
Wilde's fianc Jason
Sudeikis makes her
'admit' to lesbian
experiences on US talk
Vintage classic! Jonah
Hill puts stunning 1950s
home on the market for
$2.9million... on sale for
only the second time in
its history
He's the second owner
'Hey, good looking!'
Tom Hiddleston cuddles
Elizabeth Olsen in new
stills from biopic about
life of Hank Williams

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

18 de 36

Country music legend

died aged 29

Bryce Dallas Howard

takes the plunge in a
VERY revealing LBD...
but covers up before
emotional presentation
of award to her father
Ron Howard
Putting on another
Dressed-down Nicole
Kidman blows kisses at
her fans as she leaves
West End theatre after a
night of treading the
Vogue Williams puts
on a leggy display in
mini-dress as she's
rumoured to be 'giving
marriage to ex Brian
McFadden another go'
'I'll be home soon!!!'
Dave Gardner posts
sweet picture of son
Sailor with fiance Liv
Tyler as she gets their
house ready for
Red hot! Shanina
Shaik sizzles in
skin-tight scarlet dress
as she show off her
Victoria's Secret figure
at Golden Heart Awards
in New York
Newly single Megan
Fox shares precious
Instagram snap of her
blue-eyed boy Bodhi
two months after split
from husband Brian
Austin Green
The band's back
together! Justin Bieber
teams up with James
Corden again after their
previous Carpool
Karaoke segment set
'It was such an
honour!' Vampire
Diaries star Candice
King reveals she had
her baby bump blessed
by the Pope
That's a big honour
Little Mix's Jade
Thirlwall admits her
secret crush on James
Blunt... and confesses
to 'fantasising' about
the singer
Unlikely crush
Selena Gomez
confesses she has
'absolutely' questioned
sexuality and 'loved'
hearing rumours that
she was romancing
Cara Delevingne
Albert Square reunion!
EastEnders' Jessie
Wallace and Barbara
Windsor join forces at
the star-studded Amy
Winehouse Foundation

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

19 de 36


Cheat on the wife? A

nice boyo like me? Tom
Jones has a remarkable
life story to reveal - but
he doesn't always tell it
JAN MOIR on his
remarkable life story
Lauren Goodger
flaunts her recent
weight-loss in
slim-fitting workout gear
as she hits the gym
Daily training session for
curvy reality star
Putin is 'genuinely
lovely', says Elton
John's husband: David
Furnish reveals Russian
president called singer
to discuss gay rights
Through the keyhole:
Rose Byrne and partner
Bobby Cannavale buy
three-bedroom Brooklyn
house for $2.2million
Latest celebrities to buy in
Boerum Hill
Caroline Flack shows
off her slim pins in chic
mini-skirt... as she
returns to work with her
arm in a sling following
painful injury
Looks painful
Princess Eugenie
mingles with art crowd
at gallery owner Jay
Jopling's champagne
reception in London
Mixing business with
Salma Hayek flaunts
her curves in a fringed
little black dress as she
cosies up to her
husband Franois-Henri
Pinault at star-studded
London art class
good looking guy':
TOWIE's Jessica Wright
admits she would give
CBB winner James Hill
a chance... after he
professed his love for
'I chose this life':
Drake reveals he was
kicked off Canadian
teen soap after refusing
to give up his music...
and is now worth $75m
Started From The Bottom
Crazy For You! Sean
Penn can't take his eyes
off ex-wife Madonna as
she does shots with
Amy Schumer at
Vancouver concert
Packed house
Proud daddy! Vin
Diesel shares adorable
snap of youngest
daughter Paulina and
reveals unexpected text
from older daughter

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

20 de 36

Surprised Jimmy Fallon

Shady duo! Juno star

Ellen Page and
girlfriend Samantha
Thomas don identical
sunglasses for trip
through airport
Channeling The Blues
Hair chameleon
Zendaya rocks high-top
fade in high-fashion
homage to Grace Jones
Make-up artist Allan
Avendao contoured the
19-year-old ingnue
Shakira dresses up her
simple jeans and T-shirt
outfit with sexy
knee-high boots as she
heads to games launch
in Barcelona
Style sensation
Christie Brinkley, 61,
displays eternal youth
on another cosy outing
with new boyfriend
John Mellencamp as her
kids pose for Town &
How they've grown!
Celine Dion poses with
her teenage son Rene
Jr. for a selfie and treats
her twins to fun day at

'Destroyed by fame!'
Spencer and Heidi
proudly frame their
most salacious covers...
as Pratt admits he
started Lauren Conrad
sex tape rumours
Morgan's nice! Happy
Tracy embraces fans as
he arrives to rehearse
for first Saturday Night
Live since horror brain
He's recovering well
D-I-S-C-O! Braless
Daisy Lowe wears
glittery vest top and
spangly skirt as she
attends Christopher
Kane's art class
Showed off her curves
'Feeling under the
weather': Willie Nelson,
82, cancels gigs due to
mystery illness
Pulled out of South
Carolina and Virginia
She just keeps looking
younger! Cindy
Crawford, 49, glows as
she hits Live Talk LA
event to chat up new
book Becoming

Supermodel Candice
Swanepoel is the belle
of the ball as she dons
pretty pink gown to star
in new campaign for
Juicy Couture's Viva La

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

21 de 36

Juicy fragrance

John Stamos faces six

months in jail after
being officially charged
with driving under the
Arrested in Beverly Hills in
Hello sailor! Dawn
O'Porter shows off her
retro style in navy and
white coat dress as she
joins a star-studded
line-up at fashion and
culture festival
Sofia Vergara's
wedding dress designer
is revealed... as
make-up artist hints at
her look for the big day
Tying the knot in
Jon Hamm's ex
Jennifer Westfeldt
pictured for first time
since split as she walks
their dog Cora in NYC
Central Park stroll

I'll be bike! Arnold

limbers up to take over
from Donald Trump on
The Apprentice with
cycle ride in Santa
Sheree Whitfield duped
by producer who cut
back her role and then
took her idea for a show
about African-American
real estate agents
Supermodel turned
actress Agyness Deyn
wears green leather
sleeveless coat over
sequin dress to Sunset
Song screening


Nicole Scherzinger
highlights her trim
figure in roll-neck
jumper and bold,
high-waisted pink
trousers as she steps
out in NYC
Ooh la la! Cressida
Bonas is a Sixties siren

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

22 de 36

as she channels Twiggy

for playful French
magazine shoot
Clumpy lashes, freckles
and unkempt hair

American country
singer Jessie James
Decker lifts up top to
show off 'C-section scar
and pooch' in selfie...
just one month after
Elle Fanning goes
grungy for cover shoot
as she talks 'beating up'
big sister Dakota and
what it was like to play a
transgender teen

Make-up free Liv Tyler

looks naturally beautiful
in oversized tweed coat
as she holds hands with
son Milo on day out
Wrapping up against the
She's still a little wild!
Demi Lovato wears
leopard print heels and
bag with sleek outfit as
she rehearses for her
upcoming Saturday
Night Live performance
Mark Wright doesn't let
his broken foot get in
the way of business as
he enjoys low-key pub
meeting in south
Former TOWIE star is
keeping busy
EXCLUSIVE - 'Khloe is
the one person who can
reach Lamar. It hurt him
that they are not
together': Coach who
was father to Odom
says Kardashians
became his family
Martini? No make mine
a Tequila Slammer,
says Rachel Weisz
Mrs Craig prefers the
Mexican tipple to vodka
Hollywood golden age
ingnue Joan Leslie
dies aged 90 in Los
Danced with Fred Astaire
in The Sky's The Limit,
and starred with Ronald
Back to black! Rachel
Zoe shakes off her boho
style to dress in black
and take young sons to
Stylist certainly has her
hands full
Fringe of fashion!
Blake Lively attracts the
gaze in purple leather
jacket and jeans while
leaving NYC photoshoot
Working hard on Woody
Allen's new film project
'I'm taking a stand!':
Caitlyn Jenner flashes
her purple manicure in
support of the Spirit Day

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

23 de 36

anti-bullying campaign

'I've battled
depression and anxiety
my whole life': Lady
Gaga reveals her
emotional struggles
while posing on the
cover of Billboard with
Elton John
'You are going to be
the most wonderful
daddy': Pregnant Sam
Faiers celebrates one
year anniversary with
gushing message for
boyfriend Paul
Let's get physical!
Olivia gives her old pal
Cliff a special 75th
birthday hug after
joining him on stage at
the Albert Hall
Celebrity friends
Fast-talking Russell
Brand jokingly labels
Aussie model Lara
Bingle a 'racist' for
gifting him self-tanner
Appeared on Australian
talk show
Lana Del Rey looks the
ultimate pin-up girl as
she camps out at the
home of sex symbol
Jean Harlow in
nostalgic Marfa Journal
Oozing cool demeanour
Make-up-free Home &
Away star Kate Ritchie
showers one-year-old
daughter Mae with
affection on play date in
the park
Plays Sally in the soap
Potty Peter Pan in
need of fairy dust:
Largely ham-fisted
attempt at a prequel

Jack O'Connell is going
to pot in a thriller about
Former Skins actor Jack
is returning to the London
These identikit twits
have the shelf life of a
prawn sandwich, Sir
STEVENS reviews last
night's TV

Randy Quaid and his

wife free in U.S. for first
time since 2010 as
judge dismisses
charges which they
went on run in Canada
over for five years
Katy Perry's life before
fame: I Kissed A Girl
star sings back-up for
Christian rock band

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

24 de 36

POD in unearthed clip

Big into her God rock
aged 21

Chelsea Handler
slammed by fans for
making miscarriage joke
on Pregnancy and Infant
Loss Remembrance Day

'Should have kept your

day job': Oprah Winfrey
reveals naysayers were
almost proved right
during 'dark moments'
following launch of her
OWN cable channel
She's a strawberry
blonde now! Rumer
Willis shows off lighter
locks as she promotes
her musical Chicago in
New York City

'Superman, Wonder
Woman, Tarzan... and
Bruce Lee:' Walking
Dead's Sonequa
Martin-Green reveals
her zombie apocalypse
Back together? Shia
LaBeouf and Mia Goth
pictured hand-in-hand
in LA as they reunite
days after his very
public arrest in Texas
Took two months out
Here's your future
stepmother! Kendra
Wilkinson's father drops
bombshell as he
introduces her to new
love Amy... then reveals
they're engaged
No shirt required!
Chmerkovskiy flaunts
his perfectly sculpted
abs as he strips off for a
workout in the sun

Effortlessly stylish
Jessica Alba channels a
hip nineties vibe in a
sheer kimono and
high-waisted jeans as
she runs errands
Understated look
The best book of the
year? No, Man Booker
Prize winner 'Seven
Killings' is actually the
Nervous readers should
start at the end
'With my two real
gurus': Shakira is every
inch the adoring mother
as she posts sweet
snap with sons Milan
and Sasha
Two under two!

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

25 de 36

'Vicki covered for

Brooks and threw her
own daughter under the
bus': Tamra Judge
reveals she's cut RHOC
co-star Gunvalson out
of her life
'She slapped me!':
Taylor Kinney says Lady
Gaga was violent the
first time he kissed her
Met filming a video back
in 2011

Nelson's not a patch

on James Dean: Actor's
autograph is deemed
the most valuable of any
Would raise 18,000 at
Rocco's girls have
found their forte
Millionaire hotelier's wife
gives her two daughters a
run for their money
'You can see her
boobs!' Kids offer up
their brutally-honest
opinions on the craziest
trends from fashion
week - including Kim
Kardashian's skin-tight
Yeezy ensemble
Bruce Willis, 60, 'will
star in a SIXTH Die Hard
film which aims to be
both a prequel and a
sequel at the same time'
Franchise won't die

Dancing With The

Stars couple Alexa and
Carlos PenaVega
rehearse their Britney
Spears and Magic Mike
moves for Famous
Dances Week
Bruce Springsteen, 66,
and wife Patti Scialfa,
62, look more in love
than ever after 24 years
of marriage as he puts
his arm around her in
Bryan's back in the old
groove: ADRIAN
THRILLS reviews Bryan
Adams' Get Up
Returned to the styles that
first inspired him to pick
up a guitar
That's the spirit: A
classic Gothic ghost
story to send chills
down your spine... and a
stately home like
Downton's evil twin,

Lance's Tour de
France is no tour de
reviews The Program
This dramatisation of the
rise and fall of the morally
delinquent cyclist
Football nostalgia fest
in documentary trip
down memory lane:
Believe In Miracles

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

26 de 36

Brian Clough had plenty

to be big-headed about

Wobbly bits and a

rather dodgy bard:
reviews Measure for
Modernising doesn't make
much sense
This farce in a frenzy
is OTT with knobs on!
reviews A Wolf In
Snakeskin Shoes
Breathless rewrite

It's super effective!

Ronda Rousey dresses
up in giant Pokemon
Pikachu costume as
she prepares for UFC
bout in spoof video

Another royal baby on

the way! Princess Sofia
of Sweden announces
pregnancy of first child
with husband Prince
Carl-Philip on Facebook
Modern announcement
Making a foo' of
himself! LMFAO rapper
Redfoo gets ridiculous
and raunchy with bikini
clad models in water ad
He's a wild one
Kim Zolciak and
husband Kroy have
violent disagreement
over Brielle's plans to
skip college on Don't Be
Tardy as reality star
says she can get
internship for daughter
Reclusive Tara Palmer
Tomkinson looks gaunt
in a hoodie and
low-slung joggers as
she steps out with sister
Rarely seen these days

'I'm on good terms

with my ex-boyfriend
and I don't want him to
think I'm firing shots':
Taylor Swift showcases
body as she talks
protecting her song
Chris Evans rocks a
bold slicked back look
as he steps out in
running gear... after
claiming concept of
marriage 'doesn't work'
Interesting new 'do
Geordie Shore's
Charlotte Crosby looks
leggy in thigh-high
boots and a burgundy
minidress as she joins
ex Gaz Beadle at radio
'Stay strong brother':
LA Lakers fan David
Beckham reaches out to
Lamar Odom with
heartfelt message... as

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

27 de 36

star spends second day

'fighting for his life'

Kim Kardashian's best

friend Jonathan Cheban
says he's 'sure'
Kourtney and Scott
Disick will get back
together as she's 'pretty
Lena Dunham goes
topless for Harper's
Bazaar 'daring' issue as
she reveals she's
excited about turning 30
She's never been short of
body confidence
Gisele's athlete
husband Tom Brady
calls Coca-Cola 'poison
for kids' and questions
whether Frosties is
'actually food' in rant
against junk food
'It did not cause my
blood clot': Ex-Real
Housewife Of Atlanta
Kim Zolciak denies her
waist-trainer triggered
mini stroke as she dons
corset for selfie
Fancy seeing you
here! The Queen is
reunited with a horse
from her royal mews as
she opens 45million
veterinary school with
Prince Philip
Flower power! Kate
Hudson shows off her
slender shape in a
cobalt strappy sundress
as she arrives at US TV
Rather summery
'She was smoking fags
in a tracksuit and using
a bottle as an ashtray':
Nick Grimshaw reveals
details of first meeting
with Cheryl FernandezVersini
Molly Sims styles up in
black and brown dress
as she lends support at
Women's Brain Health
Initiative event in
Beverly Hills
Flew 3,000 miles
No make-up needed!
Diane Kruger shows off
her natural glow as she
heads to the gym in
New York
German-born actress let
her skin breathe
Jesse Eisenberg
makes co-star Kristen
Stewart giggle as she
cuts a ladylike figure in
vintage white dress on
the set of Woody Allen's
latest movie

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

28 de 36

Kelly Rutherford steps

out solo as she
prepares to return to
Monaco for another
custody hearing in
international fight for
her two children
Fitness fanatic
Michelle Heaton shows
off impressive
upper-body strength as
she works up a sweat in
exercise tutorials
Toned after two children
Liam Neeson cuts a
healthier figure as he
focuses on fitness in
NYC... months after his
gaunt appearance
sparked concern
Spotted jogging
Little Mix beat Ellie
Goulding and Sam
Smith to be named Best
UK & Ireland Act at
forthcoming MTV EMAs
They keep riding the wave
of success
Bare-faced Danielle
Lloyd goes make-up
free as she hits the gym
in skintight workout
gear and a cosy parka
Rarely seen without a
face full of slap
'Channelling my inner
Kelly Kapowski': Nicole
Scherzinger ditches her
sleek luscious locks for
a retro hairstyle as she
poses for fun TV sketch
For Best Time Ever
Jennifer Lopez and
boyfriend Casper Smart
paint the perfect family
portrait as they lock
hands with her children
Emme and Max on
Shades of Blue set
Check her out!
Australian model Lara
Bingle dons plunging
plaid jacket and lacy
thigh-high boots as she
arrives in Melbourne
'We just hope he pulls
through': Magic
Johnson sends heartfelt
message Lamar Odom's
way as his good friend
fights for his life in
'I'm devastated!':
Oprah Winfrey reveals
she's pained by Lamar
Odom's overdose
because it reminds her
of her own sister's
battle with addiction
Lamar Odom gets a
visit from former Lakers
teammate Trevor Ariza
as NBA stars send their
prayers to the player
'with the biggest heart'
who used to buy new
suits for rookies
Karlie Kloss gives a
lesson in off-duty
dressing as she heads
to fashion meeting in
wide-legged trousers
and trainers

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

29 de 36

In New York

Prince Frederik to
make a fleeting cameo
in miniseries about his
and Princess Mary's
fairy tale romance after
he drove past the
Copenhagen TV set
'If I was in a movie, I'd
have a sex scene, or
have to show nipple':
Ashley Graham hits out
at the constant
'sexualization' of curvy
women in
Stressful role?
Katherine Heigl enjoys a
cigarette and a fizzy
drink as she takes a
break from filming new
show Doubt
Bad habit!
Hoping to be the next
Bond Girl? Holly
Willoughby tries to
replace This Morning
co-host Phillip Schofield
with new Daniel Craig
wax figure
Bella Hadid goes
make-up free as she
steps out with her pet
pooch... days after
revealing secret battle
with Lyme disease
Dressed down
Surf's up! Orlando
Bloom goes shirtless as
he enjoys a day at the
beach with a bikini-clad
mystery brunette
Lord Of The Rings
heart-throb looked relaxed
A licence to thrill!
GMB's Susanna Reid
and Charlotte Hawkins
are suited and booted
as they channel 007 in
new James Bond shoot
Shaking and stirring
Not feeling FINE:
Ferne McCann's mood
quickly changes when
she discovers she's
been slapped with a
parking ticket in Essex
Not impressed
Victoria Beckham
nominated for
womenswear designer
prize at the British
Fashion Awards 2015...
a year after winning
best brand
Gym bunny Lucy
Mecklenburgh shows
off her slender physique
in vest and tight
leggings as she works
up a sweat in Spain
Preparing for Kilimanjaro
Mason Noise WILL
replace X Factor
drop-out Tom Bleasby
following controversial
outburst during Six
Chair Challenge

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

30 de 36

Nick Grimshaw's team

Harry who? How One

Direction's Liam Payne
transformed his boyish
looks with hardcore
gym sessions and an
edgy quiff to be
crowned 'sexiest man
Elizabeth Hurley puts
on a leggy display in
tight lace dress as she
proves she's the
ultimate social butterfly
on third glamorous
night out
She's having a girl!
Justified's Natalie Zea
shows off her bump
while revealing baby's
gender during applethemed shower in LA
Her first child
Australian pop star
Dannii Minogue flashes
trim pins in African print
mini skirt as she
reclines on a chair in
seductive photoshoot
InStyle shoot
Jessie J 'splits from
boyfriend of 11 months
Luke James amid fears
he was using her to
raise his profile in
music industry'
Back on the market
No one would
kimo-know! Pregnant
Coleen Rooney shrouds
her baby bump in a
stylish beach kaftan as
family take Barbados
Back in her old favourite
Seann Miley Moore
rocks a plunging silk
jumpsuit and loud fur
coat as the X Factor
boys head to meet
mentor Nick Grimshaw
at Radio 1
Inside Uri Geller's
mind-bending mansion:
YSL's cast-offs, Michael
Jackson's favourite sofa
and 'talking' toilets in
Berkshire pad on sale
for 15million
Eddie Redmayne
packs on the PDA with
wife Hannah Bagshawe
as they enjoy amorous
smooch while house
hunting in London
One way to keep warm
VERY friendly exes
Vogue Williams and
Brian McFadden
continue to fuel
reconciliation rumours
as they head home
together after night out
Pregnant Kim
Kardashian 'cancels
baby shower at the last
minute to continue vigil
for brother-in-law Lamar

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

31 de 36

Not in the mood to party

Pregnant Cat Deeley

shows off a hint of a
baby bump and plenty
of leg as she sports
little black dress to
boutique opening
Expecting her 1st child
'It looks like my nan's
curtains!' Apprentice
candidate Ruth Whiteley
comes under fire on
Twitter for wearing a
pink tartan suit in the
It's here! Balmain x
H&M lookbook unveiled
and it's full of the
sparkly designs that
Hollywood's brat pack
have made their
Rita Ora shows off her
ample cleavage and
washboard abs as she
models racy underwear
for sizzling lingerie
She's got the X Factor!
Sienna Miller and
Bradley Cooper are
co-ordinating co-stars
in preppy royal blue
jumpers and shirts for
Burnt photocall
All-American look
Daring Selena Gomez
displays her cleavage in
a seriously plunging
dress with a high thigh
split as she leaves TV
Got an album to promote!
Is non-stop partying
taking its toll on
Cressida? Harry's ex
looks worse for wear as
she heads home after a
THIRD event this week...
along with Eugenie
What a waist! Emily
Ratajkowski shows off
TINY mid section in
crop top as she films
scenes for new movie
Cruise in New York
Seriously flat abs!
Kate Winslet looks
stunning in a chic LBD
as she admits her Best
Actress Oscar is kept in
the bathroom
Looked stunning in a
classic black dress
That's not model
behaviour! Cara
Delevingne goes
make-up free and sports
a baggy tracksuit as she
jets into LAX
Comfort first
There's no concealing
it! Demi Lovato suffers
make-up malfunction
after forgetting to blend
white powder under her

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

32 de 36

Not her best look

Doting dad Kelsey

Grammer, 60, carries
son as wife Kayte
Walsh, 35, flaunts
fabulous figure while
taking family dip in the
'Just the best of buds':
Kaley Cuoco and
Johnny Galecki slam
rumours the on-screen
lovers are dating in real
She's split from husband
Scott Disick checks
into rehab: Kourtney's
ex seeks help for drug
and alcohol addiction
while Kardashians rally
around Lamar Odom
after 'overdose'
'My brother': Rob
Kardashian posts
throwback with Lamar
Odom as Kris Jenner
urges followers to 'pray'
for his recovery'
They were very close
Paula Patton shows off
her cleavage in
plunging paisley-print
dress as she heads to
the Attitude Awards
American actress partied
in London
'I can't sell, I can't
cook - shoot me': Dan
Callaghan is the first to
be fired by Lord Sugar
on The Apprentice after
his team's 'disgusting'
1.87 profit
TOWIE's James 'Arg'
Argent hints Lydia
Bright romance is on
the rocks as she storms
out of filming after he
admits to lying about
his whereabouts
Tulisa Contostavlos
puts on a busty display
in plunging velour
trouser suit as she
leads celebs at Attitude
Suits you miss!
The new Beckingham
Palace? David and
Victoria Beckham
'preparing to splash
5.4m on a six bedroom
country home in
Frankie Bridge looks
sensational as she
shows off her post-baby
figure in sexy
lattice-style black
jumpsuit at Attitude
Gave birth in August
Quick change artist!
Selena Gomez wears
SIX different chic outfits
as she hits the
promotional trail and
visits US talk show

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

33 de 36

Rarely wears one long

Hollywood golden age

ingnue Joan Leslie
dies aged 90 in Los
As an actress, the star
danced with Fred Astaire
in The Sky's The Limit
Snakes are a girl's
best friend! Liv Tyler
shines in serpentinspired diamonds as
she shows off her slim
figure at Bulgari party
That#s slithery stuff!
Gaga's The Countess
has steamy sex with
model before turning
him into a vampire on
American Horror Story:
'There's white stuff
coming out of his mouth
and blood out of his
nose': Chilling 911 call
made by prostitute after
discovering Lamar
Odom unconscious at
Las Vegas brothel
All grown up! Former
Neighbours child star
Rebecca Ritters is
virtually unrecognisable
from her days as
Hannah Martin
Now a journalist
Kate Beckinsale oozes
sex appeal and glamour
as she accentuates her
slim curves in cut-out
LBD at star-studded
movie soiree
Pulled the 'fish gape'
How heavily pregnant
Kim Kardashian is
leading support for
sister Khloe at Lamar
Odom's hospital
bedside after mercy
dash to Las Vegas
Nice suit, shame about
the fluff in your
turn-ups! A book on the
history of clothes
explains the reasons for
weird fashions

Revealed: Khloe
Kardashian and Lamar
Odom are still legally
married... and she is
'making medical
decisions' as he fights
for his life in a coma
Nevada brothel boss
tells Kardashians to 'go
to hell': Owner of sex
ranch where Lamar
collapsed says reality
family asked him not to
speak to press - and 'let
Khloe deal with it'

Today's headlines

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My lonely childhood as Superwoman's

daughter: Nicola Horlick proclaimed she
could juggle her large family...

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

34 de 36

EU deal risks new wave of migrants: Plan to

hand Turks millions of EU visas is bordering
on insanity, says...
Is Nigella's trendy cooking fad a recipe for
heart trouble? Coconut oil could be worse
for you than butter
Homeowner hauled to court and fined 550
for leaving wheelie bin in front of his own
Disturbing proof the online review that
made you book your holiday may be
FAKE: Investigation reveals an...
Brought down by the politically correct dogma
she preached: The very modern morality tale
of the brilliant...
50 Shades of Grey and a spanking that left
tycoon dialling 999 and his GP lover in
court after she left him...
Secret. Smug. Sinister: They've covered up
torture, led us into an illegal war and are now
placing the Press...
You clap because you want to live: North
Korean defector reveals the truth behind
Kim Jong-uns staged...
Half-term break at Center Parcs 670
cheaper in France: British parents pay
hundreds of pounds more than...
The wand that could shrink our
waistlines: Portable scanner claims to be
able to detect how many calories...
My child slept with me till he was 10:
Dragon's Den star Hilary Devey admits her
son still gets into her...
Damn this crass trade in obscenity: Mugs,
birthday cards, even school pencil cases.
LIBBY PURVES deplores...
Royal mail: What the Queen wrote back to
frustrated American who asked her to take
back the USA because of...
Six degrees of FRANCIS BACON:
Interactive relationship maps shows
'friends of friends' for historical...
Watch flesh-eating beetles at work:
Gruesome video shows creatures swarm to
strip bodies to the bone for...
A trip down memory lane! TFI Friday
returns for a new series with U2, Take That
on a slip and slide and an...
Victory for father who refused to pay 120
school fine for taking his daughter, 7, on
Disney World holiday...
Hospitals are STILL hiking car park fees
despite Health Secretary's pledge to
clamp down on the rip-off...
Revealed: The hardworking mother-of-four
who runs a nail salon and stunned a Tory
minister into silence on...
PETER OBORNE: This is one cut that
could derail the Tories, George
The smile that says he's out of a coma:
Lamar Odom's children pictured after athlete
awakes to Khloe saying...
EXCLUSIVE: Lonely visits to strip clubs
where he just talked to the girls and
befriended a transsexual...
EXCLUSIVE: Lamar Odom injected
'speedballs' and ranted about the
Kardashians 'ruining his life' and forcing...
Lamar Odom watched episode of Keeping
Up With the Kardashians during his
four-day brothel bender according...
Kourtney Kardashian and Kanye West are on
full parenting duty at birthday party for Tyga's
son... as North...
The terrifying moment Palestinian
disguised as a reporter stabbed an Israeli
soldier before being shot dead,...
Lost your favourite pullover? Your wife has
probably thrown it out: One in three British
women has secretly...
What single women REALLY say when
men arent around revealed in toe-curling
video (and social media makes it...
The natural world can bring such solace: Sir
David Attenborough reveals why he feels so

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

35 de 36

lucky and how nature...

Britain's FBI launch investigation into

claims corrupt police protected Stephen
Lawrence's racist murderers
The teacher who can talk to the DEAD: Scoff
if you must, but scientists can't explain the
powers that have...
'It was kind of heart-breaking': Adam
Levine meets little girl whose tear-filled
tantrum upon hearing he was...
'May the poppy go to hell': Men accused of
plotting Lee-Rigby style attack filmed
themselves stamping on...
British man described as 'Abu Hamza's
personal assistant' is sentenced to 20
years in prison after he tried...
Set me free so I won't miss my daughter's
18th birthday: Shaker Aamer, the last Briton
in Guantanamo Bay...
Afghan translator who risked his life for
Britain wins right to live here along with
his family after they...
Horrific moment three women are crushed to
death in South Korea as an out-of-control
cement mixer lorry...
Sex abuse police were told four times that
Brittan had no case to answer, but
Scotland Yard refused to drop...
Tory candidate for London mayor Zac
Goldsmith faces Commons grilling for
refusing to apologise over VIP sex...
Trident-row Corbyn set to be new CND
vice-president: Labour leader poised to
take top nuclear disarmament...
Hidden 5bn tax raid to hit six million workers
from next April
Mother spent 20,000 turning her
22-month-old baby into a beauty queen
complete with makeup and hair...
GPs refuse to visit elderly in care homes
unless they are paid fees of up to 100,000 a
Doctors could be cutting womens odds of
pregnancy by pumping them full of
expensive and too strong IVF...
secret lovechild with Sotheby's art expert
BEL MOONEY: Will our daughter EVER let
us see our grandchildren?
Thousands of migrants left stranded in
Croatia as Hungary closes its border at the
stroke of midnight
The moment a husband's quest for a new
life ended with the death of his beloved
wife: Iraqi relatives weep...
Migrant women are being forced to become
10-a-time prostitutes at German asylum
camps where sexual assaults...


JAN MOIR: Four mothers who epitomise
everything that's awful about Britain
EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: The zipless dress once
considered 'risque'... that has proved a hit thanks
to the Duchess of Cambridge
DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Co-op, Labour and a
betrayal of values
TOM UTLEY: At last, a genuine medical condition
that explains why I never listen to a word my wife
RICHARD LITTLEJOHN: Life's too short to
measure a goldfish
Press the panic button... Lucifer's legged it: The
Mail's theatre critic is directing his village's Easter
play. So why has the Devil disappeared and did the
Bible really feature green underpants

17/10/2015 02:16

Alex Nash's mother's Facebook battle over invoice for missing birthda...

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