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Think Big, Think Global in



Making Big Growth In Indian Franchising

A Reality
World Franchise Congress is a Franchise Leadership Convention
brought jointly by Franchise India & PepsiCo. India and will bring
together the smartest futurists and franchise leaders from all over
the world to explore the impact of current and franchise future
trends in business, government and technology and society.
Meet 30 smartest minds in global franchising & Join 250+ of the
Indias brightest franchise thinkers, investors and forecasters in
New Delhi for a day of large Franchise Impact with keynotes, panel
discussions, master classes, exhibiting, and networking that will
change the way you think about your franchise business for
years to come.

5 Reasons to Join The Franchise

Leadership Convention

You cant do it alone: Genuinely new dialogue begins

with open minds, collaboration and networking with peers,

Will be the first ever professional, educational and Business

mentors, investors and valuable connections are just a

networking Congress specifically designed for growing franchisors

start for and they continue onsite with networking group

discussions, breakaway sessions and a networking reception.

D Shivakumar,

Samudra Bhattacharya

Gaurav Marya,

Chairman and CEO, PepsiCo India

Vice President and GM, India Franchise

Commercial Unit, PepsiCo

Chairman, Franchise India

The franchise model

is one of the most
versatile and flexible
business models. It is
the most sought after
model in all categories
from luxury goods
retailing to distributing
basic consumer goods.
The franchise model
helps build powerful
ecosystems. The World
Franchise Congress is an
initiative supported by
PepsiCo to help discuss
and debate the best that
this model offers. You
can look forward to an
excellent day.

In the last twenty five years

since PepsiCo entered India,
our Franchise partners have
played a critical role in
setting up and growing
the business. Same is true
for thousands of other
businesses across the world
and in India. Our association
with Franchise India is
aimed at building greater
awareness and appreciation
for this business model.
We are positive that this
platform will benefit the
franchise world immensely
as it will give the business
the focus it deserves and
build franchise management
capabilities in India

The distinction Between

Small & Big Growth,
between thinking local,
regional, national &
Global in Franchising
lies in seeing things
on a bigger canvas.
Indian Business scene
is at juncture where
one should DARE TO BE
BOLD. if you dont risk
anything, you risk even


Great minds dont think alike: Internationallyrecognized franchise & business speakers are experts at

expand the rate of growth in their franchise systems.

Representatives of franchise companies from across categories
of Consumer Businesses like Retail, Wellness, Education, Services,

opportunities to uncover new business attitudes when youre

Food & Beverages who want to grow will benefit from attending

interacting with your future business partners.

this conference.

Hibernation is not an option: Franchising did not

Franchisors, franchisees, owners, executives and members of

work for your business first time around. Initial downturns

environment and continue to invest in the future

Answers are here: Franchise Leadership Convention

the senior management team;

VPs of franchising, directors of franchising, and other franchise
development executives;

is the only learning congress that will help you think big in
franchising and how you can get your business to create
greater value.

and members of their executive team who want to significantly

challenging conventional thinking and theres even more

just need for your to find new ways to adapt tothe

Who Should Attend

The Franchise
Leadership Convention

Complex questions require concrete

solutions: This is the place where business gets done.
Interact with and learn from more than 200 solutions
providers from tech, finance, legal to get your business
systems sharpened.

VPs of finance, chief financial officers, treasurers, controllers

and directors of franchise organizations
Franchise Financing Banks & Financial Institutions and their
credit personnel, private and public equity investors, brokers,
bankers, accountants, dealmakers, attorneys, consultants, and
other intermediaries who have a financial interest in franchising.

Awards Categories
Franchisor Awards
Excellence in Technology
The award recognizes a Franchisor responsible for creating a
successful business innovation with the use of technology; which
eventually resulted in better output for the Brand and the Franchises.

Excellence in Customer Service

For Franchisor that go above and beyond in their commitment to
deliver the best customer experience. They will demonstrate to the
jury that their customer service strategies have resulted in measurable
improvements to their business on top of what would be the standard
for their network.

Excellence in Relationship management

The Award will recognize the Franchise Brands who has built a
large network on the strength of relationships between Franchisor;
Franchisee and the Professional team.

Excellence in Human Resource Practices

Franchising is a people business and this Award will recognize the
franchise brand; which not just looks after its Franchisees but is also
considered a top place to work by its professional team. The Award will
rest on the inputs given by employees of the franchise system.

To Nominate

Excellence in marketing
This Award is for excellence in strategy and execution of a marketing
program within a franchise system. A marketing program can be
anything designed to drive profitable consumer sales and/or positive
brand awareness or could be a combination of franchise marketing and
Brand marketing.

Abhinav: 09313034080

Excellence in Franchising
Awards 2015
The Awards will recognize and reward excellence in franchising
and provide a platform for companies and individuals to
showcase the amazing work they are doing in this sector.

The purpose of the Franchise Excellence Awards is to provide
recognition to those individuals and organizations that have
contributed to the growth and success of franchising as a
method of distribution in the Indian economy. Franchising is
today in its pink of health in India and the Franchise excellence
Awards will bring forward shining examples of creating
new possibilities within the sector, acknowledged for their

Nomination & Evaluation

Each applicant would be required to fill in a Self-Nomination
form and send it to us by August 20th , 2015.
Only companies, firms or businesses registered and based
in India can apply
Any organization/ individual from franchise sector can
Each applicant can apply for one or multiple categories
prescribed fee to Franchise India. The nominees in
each category will be presented to the final jury for
determination of winners.
Jury decision is binding on all applicants.
Ernst & Young would be the Process Advisor for the awards.
Information received will be treated confidential and not
used for any purpose except for determining the winner of

hoped that others will be inspired to emulate those honored

the awards.

to come. The resulting publicity will help inform and educate the
general public about franchising as a concept and highlighting
its benefits to society as a whole

This Award recognizes a Franchisors outstanding commitment and

contribution to regional; national; and global communities and the
natural environment. Contributions can include; but are not limited to;
betterment projects and involvement in community groups in the areas
of health; education; improving the environment; knowledge sharing;
youth engagement initiatives; poverty reduction; encouraging social
inclusion; human and animal rights; anti-discrimination and equality;

Incomplete questionnaire in any manner will disqualify a

participant from participating in the awards.
Right to permit participation is reserved with Awards

This Award is recognition of outstanding business people who have

harnessed the support found in ethical franchising to achieve their selfemployment goals. The finalists should demonstrate the difference
theyre making in their communities across West India.

Franchisee Excellence in South India

(Andhra Pradesh; Tamil Nadu; Karnataka; Kerala and
This Award is recognition of outstanding business people who have
harnessed the support found in ethical franchising to achieve their selfemployment goals. The finalists should demonstrate the difference
theyre making in their communities across South India.

Individual Awards
Women Entrepreneur of the Year in Franchise
The judges will be looking for a strong female who can demonstrate how
her passion, drive and commitment has led to exceptional results in the
field of Franchising.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Franchise Business

This award recognises that franchising isnt all about experience.
Judges will be looking for an Individual who has established a
profitable franchise although they may not have come from a business
background. Finalists will be dynamic, driven individuals that have
achieved success beyond their years.
Eligibility: Franchisees aged 30 years or under

Entrepreneur of the Year in Franchise Business

Celebrating individuals whose wealth of experience has seen them
make a big impact in their franchise. Perhaps they have used their
knowledge and expertise to create new avenues of growth for their
business, which have been expanded out to the wider network.

Franchise Professional of the Year

An Individual who has demonstrated leadership and taken the business
growth to a scalable size.

Franchise Leader of the Year

Franchisee Awards

Self- Nomination forms should be sent along with the

dedication, acumen and results. With such recognition it is

and thereby make franchising even more successful in the years

Corporate social responsibility award

Franchisee Excellence in West India

(Goa; Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and

Franchisee Excellence in North India

(Punjab; Haryana; Uttar Pradesh; Uttarakhand;
Himachal Pradesh; Jammu & Kashmir and Rajasthan)
This Award is recognition of outstanding business people who have
harnessed the support found in ethical franchising to achieve their selfemployment goals. The finalists should demonstrate the difference
theyre making in their communities across North India.

Franchisee Excellence in East India

(Arunachal Pradesh; Assam; Manipur; Meghalaya;
Mizoram; Nagaland; Tripura; Sikkim; West Bengal;
Jharkhand; Bihar and Odisha)
This Award is recognition of outstanding business people who have
harnessed the support found in ethical franchising to achieve their selfemployment goals. The finalists should demonstrate the difference
theyre making in their communities across East India.

A CEO or a Managing Director of a company who has demonstrated

leadership and taken the business growth to a scalable size.

Special Awards Category

Excellence in Franchise Supply
This Award recognizes supplier excellence in contributing to the
franchising sector and helping Franchise Brands -(Franchisors or
Franchisees) within the sector achieve their goals. The support can be
for any of the operational activities such as technology, innovation,
financial or legal services.

Franchisable Concept of the Year

This award recognises an enterprise for its vision and innovation.
Judges will be looking for innovating a non-existent Franchise system.

Conference Agenda

Partner selection - lessons learned.

10:00AM - 10:05AM

Milestone & mindsets: how to overcome growing pains and


Ms. Ritu Marya, Editor-in-Chief, Franchise India

take your franchise expansion to the next level by identifying

and recruiting coachable franchisees

10:05AM - 10:10AM


Planning for multi-unit system growth: getting on board high

performance multi-unit franchisee organizations

10:10AM - 11:30AM

Balancing growth and profitability with the quality of the

The Current State & Strategic Future of

Franchising Vision 2020

How to get from here to there

The State of Franchising: Where we are and Where
we should be
Franchisors and Franchisees -The changing patterns
of ownership
Addressing Sustainability & Complexity in growing a

franchise system.
Getting your front line to care about your bottom line: why
human productivity & winning teams create best franchise

12:45 PM - 13:30 PM Session 2

Capital Market Trends & Business Valuations
In Franchising

Globally private equity groups love franchising. The business

Franchise Organization
Government and Franchising:

11:30AM - 11:45AM

Strategic market planning for optimum penetration & growth


11:45AM - 12:45AM Session 1

Building a Great Franchise Performance
Are you realizing the Full Potential of Your Franchise:
A Blueprint for Big Growth

Brand growth comes through quality franchisees executing the

model enables brands to grow fast because the onus of financing

new units is placed on smaller companies (franchisees). Because
franchisees are funding their new units either through debt or
their own cash, franchisors have low capital requirements and

Balancing the Interest of Franchisors,

Franchisees and the System as a Whole

Operations 2.0

How to create the right culture the core of the franchise

relationship driving unit-level economics from the top and
franchisee performance is much easier said than done. In this
session, well explore the psychology of working with your
franchise partners post sign-up and a tactical approach to help
franchisees run more profitable businesses.
What can you do to ensure your new franchisees are
successful? How to transfer and maintain the support from
The different stages of a franchisees life and the different
types of support needed during each stage.
The role of the franchisor and franchisee in developing and
managing the continuum of change.
Create a culture of communication in your franchise system.

Using private equity vs. Conventional financing to

franchise systems, including franchisors, franchisees interests.

Private equity funding of franchisors

to do to help position new franchisees and drive maximum sales

Private placements for franchisors and franchisees

Crowd funding for franchisees
Using private equity as an exit strategy.

The adage development courts the franchisee but operations

marries them is true.
What franchise companies must streamline in-house for fast
track brand growth- insights on franchisor operating systems,
products and services that benefit franchisees.
Lessons in learning: why an operational challenge of a
franchisee could take actually be a training issue
How to select and negotiate real estate sites & plan exit
strategies in down locations
Franchisee performance benchmarking & projecting y-o-y
franchise growth

17:30 PM




15:30PM - 16:15PM Session 4

This session will address the legal issues involved in protecting

then closing a deal, infact it is just the beginning. What you need


16:30 PM - 17:30 PM Session 5

How investors value intellectual property

achieve growth, unit-by-unit or by acquisition.

16:15PM - 16:30PM

14:30 PM - 15:30 PM Session 3

A Legal Outlook on Franchising

Initial public offerings of franchisors & franchisees

ensure a smooth start for your franchisee?


thus are generally more profitable.

vision. Therefore, franchise development is about much more

and profits. How do you have a well-orchestrated process to

13:30 PM - 14:30PM

The importance of understanding the interests, values and

needs of the parties behind franchise disputes
The new generation of ip challenges emanating from the
digital media
The top considerations for franchisors and franchise systems
going public

To Register
Himanshu: 08595350505

Conference registration fee

Payment method

` 10,000 + taxes per delegate

Option 1: Cheque / Demand Draft drawn in favour of

Franchise India Holdings Ltd payable at par and to be sent to
3rd-5th Floor, Charmwood Plaza, Eros Garden, Charmwood Village,
Surajkund Road, Faridabad - 121009

(Includes Conference Access, Exhibition Visit and Lunch)

*14% Service tax applicable in all packages

Option 2: Wire transfer

For account details, please contact: 08595350505

Award nomination fee

Option 3: Online payment

` 20,000 + taxes per nomination

(Includes one award nomination and one networking dinner pass)

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PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and in a short period, has grown into one of the
largest MNC food and beverage businesses in the country.PepsiCo's growth in India
has been guided by Performance with Purpose, its goal to deliver top-tier financial
performance while creating sustainable growth and shareholder value. In practice,
Performance with Purpose means providing a wide range of foods and beverages
from treats to healthy eats; finding innovative ways to minimize our impact on the
environment and lower our costs through energy and water conservation.

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