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Mountain Dew, is a yellowish green sugar rich drink with a relatively high
degree of caffeine. Pepico, took over this product in 1964 in an effort to
complete its product line up in the CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) category.
Ever since 1974, the ad agency BBDO has been taking care of the
advertising campaign of Mountain Dew. Through its creative ad
campaigns, Pepsi co and BBDO succeeded in taking Mountain Dew to the
number 3 position in its category with a market share of 7.1. by 1999.
However, both Pepsi and BBDO felt that the current campaign has become
more or less saturated and predictable. Also competitors have been
catching up following the similar campaigns based on extreme sports. So
Pepsi co came up with a strategy to revise the mountain Dew campaign to
focus the development of new creative which should symbolize that
Drinking Mountain Dew is an exhilarating experience
Since then, BBDO has been challenged with the task of coming up with a
new set of 3 creatives for Mountain Dew that are to be selected for the
next years campaign and the best 2 to be played during the next season
of Super bowl. The decision filters suggested to BBDO were:1.Expand appeal of Mountain Dew to new users while reinforcing it
among current users. Target 18 year olds as epic centre of the creative
while ensuring appeal amongst 20-39 age group (current users)
2.Communicate that drinking Dew is an exhilarating experience
3.Drive universal appeal (white, African American and other
4.The creative should bring out the Product benefi ts viz:
Energizing, Quenching, and great taste, Emotional benefits viz.
Exhilaration and suiting to an irreverent, daring and fun personality
BBDO came up with a set of 5 creatives from which 3 are to be short listed
They are:1. Labour of love
A humorous spot about the birth of a Dew drinker. The doctor calls
out, code green and retreats to a catching position. The baby
shoots out of the mother inside the labour room like a canon and the
doctor catches the baby wearing a baseball mitt.

This ad picturize that the father dew dude is a young boy in his
teens. in a way to portray the point 1 above.

It also captures the fun part with the hilarious spot.

However, it misses out on the universal appeal (the whole labour

plot would be perceived as a sensitive issue by the conservative

Also with the baseball glove it loses its generic nature , that it
cannot be displayed during a super bowl event. Not shortlisted

2. Bad Cheetah
In the African plain, one of the Dew dudes is chasing a Cheetah. The
Dew dude catches up to Cheetah, holds its mouth, put his hand into
the mouth and through to stomach and takes out an empty Dew
can with few holes. Apparently the Cheetah has stolen his Dew can
and has even drunk it. The ad ends with a Bad Cheetah comment.

This ad picturize that the daring personality of the Dew dudes that
too in a naturistic rural back ground.

It also captures the fun part with the Dew dude taking the can out
of Cheetahs stomach and warning the Cheetah.

It has the universal appeal as the selection of Dew dudes (all 4are
shown at the end) themselves belonging to different ethnic groups
and the plot being a generic one dealing with African wild life.

However, the ad could be perceived as a predictable one, on the

similar ones that Montain Dew has been using based on Xgames.

3. Dew of Die
A hilarious plot where a villain plans to blow the planet. The dew
dudes are called in and in a sequence of daredevil manoeuvres; they
accidentally save the world, powered by a spilt can of dew.

This ad picturize that the daring personality of the dude

simultaneously portraying them as fun-loving and care free guys

However the plot looks to be on the extreme side appealing only to

the kids and not to the teens or adults. So it does not have the
universal appeal. Not short listed

4. Mock Opera
A parody of Queen Song Bohemian Rhapsody. The ad portrays the
story of altered lyrics. Alternative sports action in which the athletes
just miss cans of dew as they shoot by

This ad picturizes the fun part, and has a universal appeal through
the opera plot. Also the message is communicated through the
lyrics. Hence short listed

5. Showstopper
Choreographed production number that mimics a Buzby musical
dance from 1930s. Where the dancers are silver clad BMX riders and skate
boarders who performs for the dew dudes posing as directors.

This ad picturize the fun part, and has a universal appeal through
the dance plot. Hence short listed

Title: 'Darr Ke Aage Jeet Hai'

Brand: Mountain Dew
Client: Pepsico India
OOH Agency: Platinum Outdoor
Campaign Brief:
Build a high impact, high intensity, large scale campaign around the
brand. Use a wide range of large format media to build impact, stature &

create 'Buzz'. Use smaller formats to get reach, spread & frequency. Use
innovations to draw additional eyeballs & stand out from clutter.
Moving Neon's used on the propellers3D Bottle in Backlit