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Procedures and Regulations


The present regulation has been duly registered with the secretary of tourism and therefore it forces for its fulfillment to the
establishment called Grand Miramar Hotel and the entire management.


Any person staying at this property is obliged to register at the front desk paying the corresponding fee.


Time for check in is at 3:00 pm and the check out time is at 11:00 hrs. The hotel provides 60 minutes of tolerance after the set
time a charge will be made for 1 day more.


If some guest/s get ill, the reception of the establishment must call the doctor where the guest/s could be taken care of in their
room, if the disease is contagious for reasons not imputable to the establishment, the guest/s will be transferred on their own
to the right place, the fees and expenses of drugs or hospitalizations will be paid by guests.


The hotel is not responsible for losses that the guest might suffer on money and values not deposited in the safe that are
inside the rooms.


It will not be allowed for customers within rooms or facilities to have any kind of pet.


No scadalize in Rooms and corridors


The rights are safe for the establishment as well as for the guests for complaint to the competent authority, any illicit or made
to give place to liability, by any of the parties in its people and goods, provided it occurs within the establishment.


Any complaint, suggestion or compliment must be deposited in mailboxes, which are installed at the reception, according to
guidelines set by the secretary of tourism for this purpose.

10. The establishment should have in sight in the reception area the current public rates and a copy of the present regulation in
each room approved by the secretary of tourism.
11. The hotel is obliged to respect the booking of guests duly confirmed and guaranteed.
12. The management shall give notice immediately to the competent authority, in the event they discover that there is a risk of
infection or any event out of the ordinary. Noting what is established of article 5 of this regulation.
13. The person in charge of the management must issue a proof or detailed invoice for the rendered services and the amount
covered by them.
14. The guest shall give rational and moderate use of furniture, clothing and other objects of service, otherwise there will be
corresponding charges.
15. At this establishment security measures have been taken by installing a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, water faucets
and hoses to be used in case of an eventual sinister. The inappropriate use of these teams may be sanctioned by the
administration or by the regulations of civil protection.
16. The guest must behave with decency and morality within the establishment, being forbidden to alter the order, make sounds
that are inconvenient or annoy other guests as well as using the room to run events or games forbidden by law. The
Administration may cancel the services of lodging in these cases.
17. In the presentation of services by the hotel shall not have any discrimination for reasons of sex, political or religious creed,
nationality or social status, but the establishment can refuse to provide their services when the guest present to itself, while
intoxicated or under influence of drug or narcotic drugs as well as when their luggage containing animals or intended purpose
other than the service.

18. The employees of this company must respect the possession of the rooms occupied by any guest under the established
relationship and during the term that is ensured as well as the privacy of such and can only have access to occupied rooms by
staff authorized and related service to the rooms, and in fully proven cases that guest security is threatened or at the request
of this.
19. It is federal crime and therefore it is strictly forbidden to introduce, sell or consume any kind of drug or effervescent within the
20. It is forbidden to all the guests of the hotel to make use of elevators when they are completely wet. This is for their own safety.
21. The objects or values forgotten by any guest at any of the facilities, will remain in the custody of the Administration for 30
days, if completed the term there is no claim, they shall be deposited in the department of forgotten objects.
22. When the host makes a scandal within the establishment, or deliberately violates any of the articles of these regulations, the
administrator with the help of the authority if necessary, will require the immediate vacancy of the room.
23. The hotel is covered within general civil responsibility issued by a legally authorized insurance company policy.
24. In cases not provided for on the present regulation will serve to those established by the federal tourism law, the regulation of
establishments of lodging in force, and also provisions of the matter.