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US or PH has authority

All Prosecutions for public offense will be People of the Ph vs

offender. Constitutional

People vs Santiago

43 Phil 120

1922 Power of the State and Punish Crimes

Automobile hit child on the side of the road

US vs Pablo

35 Phil 94

1916 Power of the State and Punish Crimes

Was able to raid a jueteng game, but was bribed not Should be punished for committing
to tell the truth in court
Penalized Presion Correccional and fine of P1000

Pesigan vs Angeles

129 SCRA 174

1984 Publication of a Law

Carrabaos were conficated because of crossing


Should be held liable for a crime

which was not posted in the OG

Publication is necessary before a law should take effect

Taada vs Tuvera

136 SCRA 27

1985 Publication of a Law

All laws should be printed in OG/News paper of

general circ to make people aware of the law
because, ignorance of the law exempts noone.

If they have legal standing

The interest is for the general public

In re: Kay Villegas Kami Inc.

35 SCRA 429, 431

1970 Ex post facto

They should be recognized as a non-stock, nonRA 6132 violate freedom of

profit org, and freedo of expression is Ex post Facto expression and is it ex post facto

It is a constitutional act, and not ex post facto

People vs Villaraza

91 SCRA 95

1987 Ex post facto

Issued Bouncing cheques before there was a law

regarding estafa and swindling

If law should be ex post facto

It violates Article 21 and 22 or RPC

1922 Ex post facto

P300 debt with 5% interest a month before 12%

annum was implemented

If Usuary law is ex post facto

Usuary law is not ex post facto

ASA is bill of Attainder

They should be held trail before punishment

US vs Diaz-Conde

42 PHIL 766

People vs Ferrer

48 SCRA 382

1970 Bill of Attainder

Anti-Subversion Act / Feliciano et al built

organization to over throw the Govt

US vs Sweet

1 PHIL 18

As a general rule, jurisdiction of civil courts is not

1901 affected by the military character of the accused.

Sweet was an employee on the US Army and

caused injury to POW

If it is under jurisdiction of CFI

CFI has juridiction over cases more than 6 mos

imprisonment and within territorial limits

Raquiza vs Bradford

75 PHIL 50

1945 Writ of Habeas Corpus

Raquiza was not aware of reason why they were


Supreme court has juridiction

They have the right to due process

Liang vs People

323 SCRA 692

2000 Immune from Suit

Liang Committed Oral defamation on Co-worker

Covered by immunity

Slander is not covered by immunity and is not part of official


Schneckenburger vs Moran

63 PHIL 249

consul is not entitled privileges and immunities of

an ambassador, subject to laws and regulations og
1936 his country
falsification of private documents

CFI Manila has Jurisdiction to try


CFI has jurisdiction to try him

Cruelty to animals is a criminal offense in the Philippines,
which is under the English Rule

US vs Bull

15 PHIL 7

1908 Foreign Vessel on philippine jurisdiction

Animal Cruelty and neglect in a foreign vessel

Court has juridiction on offense in

the ship

People vs look Chaw

18 PHIL 573

1911 Foreign Vessel on philippine jurisdiction

unlawful possession of opium -> Hongkong to


Philippine courts have jurisdiction

Mere possession of a thing of prohibited use in the

Philippine Islands - English Rule

US vs Ah Sing

36 PHIL 978

1917 Foreign Vessel on philippine jurisdiction

Bought opium from Saigon and trip to Cebu- was

not meant for importation

Philippine courts have jurisdiction

The importation is not the making entry of goods

People vs Lol-lo & Saraw

43 PHIL 19

1922 Piracy

Lol lo violated a woman, other than piracy

Philippine courts have jurisdiction

Courts have jurisdiction but no laws on piracy, only rape.

People vs Wong Cheng

46 PHIL 729

1922 Foreign Vessel on philippine jurisdiction

Smoked Opium in the vessel in philippine waters

Miquiabas vs Commanding
Ramirez vs CA & Garcia
People vs Jabinal

80 PHIL 2621948
G.R. No. 93833
55 SCRA 607

Ruffy vs Chief of Staff

75 PHIL 875

Revised Penal Code or other penal law is not

applicable when a military court takes cognizance
of the case

Kuroda vs Jalandoni et. al.

83 PHIL 171

Offenders accused of war crimes are triable by

military commission

US vs Cuna

12 PHIL 241

When the new law and old law penalize the same
offense, the offender can be tried under the old law

People vs Almueta
BP 129

69 SCRA 410

US vs Abad Santos

36 PHIL 243

US vs Fowler

1 PHIL 614

Cessante ratione legis cessat ipsa lex (the reason for

the law ceasing, the law itself also ceases)


strictly construed against the government and
liberally in favor of the accused
PH court has no jurisdiction over the crime of theft
on high seas on board a vessel not registered or liscensed in PH

People vs Sara

People vs Silvestre and Atienza 56 PHIL 353

People vs Gonzales

G.R. No. 80762

People vs Ramirez

48 PHIL 206

CULPABLE FELONY: the wrongful act results from

imprdence, negligence, lack of foresight or lack of
skill (p.36 Book REYES)

55 PHIL 939

The omission must be punishable by law. Because

there is no law that punishes a person who does not report a

1935 crime which he witnessed. (p.35 Book REYES)

That the act is performed or the omission incurred

by means of (deceit) dolo or (fault) culpa (p.33 Book

RECKLESS IMPRUDENCE: consists in voluntary, but

without malice, doing or failing to do an act from which material

damage results (p. 39 Book REYES)

US vs Ah Chong

15 PHIL 488

1910 Mistake of Fact / Self Defense

People vs Sia Teb Ban

US vs Catolico

54 PHIL 52
18 PHIL 504

1929 Habitual Deliquncy


US vs Pealosa

1 PHIL 109

People vs Taneo
People vs Beronilla

People vs Oanis

58 PHIL 255
96 Phil 257

74 PHIL 257

People vs de Fernando

People vs Gullien
85 PHIL 307
People vs Bayona
61 PHIL 181
US vs Catangay
28 PHIL 490
US vs Siy Cong Bieng et al
30 PHIL 577
People vs Lucero
109 PHIL 500
US vs Go Chico
14 PHIL 132
US vs Divino
12 PHIL 175
People vs Bindoy
56 PHIL 15
US vs Villanueva
31 PHIL 412
People vs Gona
54 Phil 605
People vs Mabugat
57 Phil 967
People vs Cagoco
58 Phil 524
People vs Tomotorgo
136 S 238
People vs Monleon
74 S 263
US vs Brobst
14 Phil 310
US vs Mallari
29 Phil 14
People vs Toling
62 SRCA 17
US vs Valdez
41 Phil 497
People vs Buhay
79 Phil 372
People vs Quianzon
62 Phil 162
People vs Ilustre
54 Phil 594
People vs Rodriguez
23 Phil 22
People vs Reyes
61 Phil 341
US vs Marasigan
27 Phil 504
Vda. De Bataclan, et. al. vs Med102 Phil 181
People vs Martin
89 Phil 18
People vs Piamonte, et. al.
94 Phil 293
Gumabon vs Director of Prisons 37 SCRA 420
People vs Narvaez
121 SCRA 389
People vs Ringor
320 SCRA 342
People vs Pimentel
288 SCRA 542

49 PHIL 75



Ah Chong stabbed his room mate when he tried to

enter the rooom because he thought the roommate
was a burglar
He is criminally liable

He is not criminally liable because of mistake of fact

He is being blaimed for a stolen watch which was

found on him

He is criminally liable

Mistake of Fact

She did not know her real age because her father
told her that she was older than she was

She violated Art 475 Penal Code

She did not know her real age, it was false belief

Sleep walking / insanity

He got out of bed in his sleep and stabbed his wife

in the abdomen

He is criminally liable

Not criminally liable, but was sent to an insane assylum

Acted out of order of a superior / Line of Duty

He killed Borjal for siding with the enemy and it was He is guilty and not entitled for
an order by the 15th infantry

He was only acting out of orders

Mistake of Fact / Line of Duty

They are guilty for murder and

He and Galanta was ordered to arrest Balagtas dead should they be granted amnesty
or alive, but ended up killing the sleeping Serpio
because they arted in the line of

The person was sleeping and the killing was not necessary

Mistake of Fact / negligence

He shot a person thinking that he was one of the

escaped prisoners

He was charged of Homicide and he should have found out

who the person really was

Frustrated Murder / insanity

He was planning to kill Manuel Roxas but bomb was

He is criminally liable
kicked killing someone else

He is guilty of Negligence

He was not insane and he did all acts to be able to kill the

Tuates vs Bersamin
Benedicto vs CA
People vs Garcia
People vs Gonzales
US vs Apostol
People vs Puno
People vs Delim
People vs Temblor
People vs Hassan
People vs Carmen
People vs Pugay
Lozano vs Martinez
Magno vs CA
Ladonga vs People
People vs Mananquil
People vs Iligan
People vs Sabalones
People vs Albuquerque
People vs Balamones

G.R. No. 138962

G.R. 125359
85 Phil. 651
183 SCRA 309
14 Phil 92
219 SCRA 85
396 SCRA 386
161 SCRA 623
157 SCRA 261
355 SCRA 267
167 SCRA 439
146 SCRA 323
210 SCRA 475
451 SCRA 673
132 SCRA 196
191 SCRA 643
294 SCRA 751
59 Phil 150
85 PHIL 493

1984 Criminal Liability
1990 Criminal Liability
1950 Impossible crime

Intod vs Court of Appeals

United States vs Eduave
People vs Enriquez
People vs Listerio
People vs Eriia
People vs Hernandez
People vs Orita
People vs Campuhan
United States vs Adiao
People vs Dio
Valenzuela vs People
People vs Lamahang
People vs Salvilla
People vs Borinaga
People vs Sy
People vs Trinidad
People vs Ravelo
People vs Kalalo
People vs Peralta
United States vs Bautista

215 SCRA 643

36 PHIL 209
281 SCRA 103
335 SCRA 40
50 PHIL 998
49 PHIL 980
184 SCRA 105
329 SCRA 270
38 PHIL 754
45 OG 3446
525 SCRA 306
61 PHIL 703
184 SCRA 671
55 PHIL 433
94 PHIL 885
169 SCRA 51
202 SCRA 655
59 PHIL 715
25 SCRA 749
6 PHIL 581


People vs Boholst-Caballero

61 SCRA 180

Self Defense

People vs Alconga and

United States vs Mack
People vs Sumicad
People vs Genosa

78 PHIL 366
8 PHIL 701
56 PHIL 643
419 SCRA 537


People vs Luague and

People vs Dela Cruz

62 PHIL 504
61 PHIL 344

Defense of Honor
Defense of Honor

Stages of commission / frustrated murder

Criminal Law Cases
Criminal Law Cases
Criminal Law Cases


People vs Jaurigue and Jaurigue 76 PHIL 174

People vs Apolinar
38 OG 2870
People vs Narvaez
121 SCRA 389

Defense of Honor
Defense of Property
Defense of Property

United States vs Bumanglang

United States vs Esmedia
People vs Hernandez
Ty vs People
People vs Delima
People vs Belbes
People vs Beronilla, ET. AL.
People vs Bonoan
People vs Ambal
People vs Puno

Defense of Property
Defense of Relative
Avoidance of Greater Evil
Avoidance of Greater Evil
Fulfillment of Duty
Fulfillment of Duty
Unlawful order of a Superior
Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity
Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity

14 PHIL 644
17 PHIL 260
55 OG 8465
439 SCRA 220
46 PHIL 738
334 SCRA 161
96 PHIL 566
64 PHIL 87
100 SCRA 325
105 SCRA 151

Eduave stabbed and raped the

daughter of his partner

He was be held attempted or frustated,He did all the acts to

kill her but did not succeed

People vs Dungo
People vs Yam-id
People vs Valledor
People vs Belonio
People vs Taneo
People vs Doquea
People vs Navarro
Jose vs People
People vs Jacinto
People vs Arpon
United States vs Taedo
Pomoy vs People
United States vs Caballeros
United States vs Exaltacion
United States vs Vicentillo
People vs Bandian
People vs Ural
People vs Leonor
United States vs Ampar
People vs Pajares
United States vs Hicks
United States vs Dela Cruz
People vs Javier
Canta vs People
People vs Rodil
People vs Daniel
People vs Bermas
People vs Manalinde
People vs Sangalan
People vs Torrefiel
People vs Alfanta
People vs Camano

199 SCRA 860

308 SCRA 651
383 SCRA 653
429 SCRA 579
58 PHIL 255
68 PHIL 580
51 OG 4062
448 SCRA 116
G.R. No. 182239
G.R. No. 183563
15 PHIL 196
439 SCRA 439
4 PHIL 350
3 PHIL 339
19 PHIL 118
63 PHIL 530
56 SCRA 138
305 SCRA 285
37 PHIL 201
210 SCRA 237
14 PHIL 217
22 PHIL 429
311 SCRA 576
353 SCRA 250
109 SCRA 308
86 SCRA 511
309 SCRA 741
14 PHIL 77
58 SCRA 737
45 OG 803
320 SCRA 357
115 SCRA 688

Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity

Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity
Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity
Exempting Cirumstances: Insanity
Sleep Walking
Uncontrollable Fears: Irrisistable Force
Uncontrollable Fears: Irrisistable Force
Uncontrollable Fears: Irrisistable Force
Uncontrollable Fears: Irrisistable Force
ART 13: Mitigating Circumstances
ART 13: Mitigating Circumstances
Immediate indication of Grave Offense
Immediate indication of Grave Offense
Immediate indication of Grave Offense
Immediate indication of Grave Offense
Analogous Circumstances
ART 14: Insult to Public Authorities
Evident Medication

People vs Lua Chu and Uy Se

United States vs Phelps
United States vs Diris
People vs Ong Chiat Lay
United States vs Indanan
People vs Kichi Omine
People vs Monte Alegre
People vs Simbra
People vs Nierra
People vs Doble
People vs Doctolero
People vs Talindang
Vino vs People

56 PHIL 44
16 PHIL 440
26 PHIL 133
60 PHIL 788
24 PHIL 203
61 PHIL 609
161 SCRA 700
117 SCRA 242
96 SCRA 1
114 SCRA 131
193 SCRA 632
84 SCRA 19
178 SCRA 626

Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation
Direct Participation