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Common malware types - find the answers in the following link.

1. What is a MALWARE? - software that can be used to compromise computer

functions, steal data, bypass access controls, or otherwise cause harm to the host
computer. Malware is a broad term that refers to a variety of malicious programs.
2. MALWARE is short for malicious software
3. Look for the names of the MALWARE or VIRUS that

A) Ransomware holds a computer system captive while

demanding money to release it.
B) refers to a collection of computers that can be controlled for
several attacks.
C) Virus has the ability to self-replicate and spread
independently of human actions.
D ) Spyware can collect data, logins and other information
without the user knowledge.
E) Adware... automatically delivers advertisement.
F) Bug is a flaw (problem) that produces an undesired outcome.
They are usually the result of human error and typically exist in the
source code or compilers of a program.
G) Spywareallows someone to remotely take control of our
computer (execute files, modify system configurations, etc)
H) is a type of malware that disguises itself as a normal file or
program to trick users into downloading and installing malware
I)Virus ... is capable of copying itself and spreading to other

J) the electronic sending of mass unsolicited messages

How an antivirus program works: (find the answers in following link)
4. What are the two different approaches used by antivirus programs to
detect virus? - In the first approach an antivirus has a library of signatures of
all popular viruses. During the scanning process, it compares content of all
computer programs with the library of viruses. If there is such a program found
that matches with a signature that is defined as virus, an alert is made to the
user about this program and further actions are taken as per the users choice.

The second type of antivirus identifies suspicious behavior of programs (like

modification of critical files/programs) and alerts the user about the suspicious
program or stop the program from running. These types of antivirus software
may be effective for the new viruses but the accuracy or these softwares are
less as they may identify legitimate files as virus.
5. Which one is good for existing viruses? Why? The first one
6. Which one is better for new viruses? The second

Protecting my computer . (find the answers in folloiwng link)

7. Four things I can do to protect my computer. Install an antivirus

program, do not open e-mail attachnments, keep windows updated and use a
8. Why is important to keep the OS updated? -

FireWalls - (find the answers in following link)

9. Why is important to have a firewall install in our computer? - A firewall

works as a barrier, or a shield, between your PC and cyber space. When you
are connected to the Internet, you are constantly sending and receiving
information in small units called packets
10. What is a firewall? A firewall is a barrier between your PC and cyber
11. If you are using a firewall, do you need an anti-malware programme?
Why? Yes, because a firewall has already been infected. provides critical
protection to keep your PC safe from unauthorized access, it cannot remove
malware from a system that

Web Document. (web.pdf)

12. What is a hypertext? - The most popular type of hypertext is the type
used for Web pages. The hypertext of Web pages is written in HTML
(Hypertext Markup Language). When we save a Web site to our
computer, it is saved with the extension .html or .htm. This indicates
that it is a file containing HTML content.
13. How do you say @ in English? - The symbol @ means at, and it
separates the user name from the domain name of the server in the
e-mail address.
14. What is the name of the programming language used for making web
15. The protocol used in the internet is
16. What is the main architecture the internet is based on?
17. Describe in two steps how this architecture works.
18. Identify the followings internet access technologies.

A) This option doesnt use a telephone line and it is not available

B) With this technology phone calls cant be made while youre online.
C) Telephone line is left free to use for making phone calls while
youre browsing.
D) It is a wireless technology that today it is being replace but a new
E) Do you know the name of this new technology?
19. A terminal needs to be connected to the internet with a Web server
program. What is its name? (navegador in Spanish). Write three
20. What is the name of the language used to write web pages?
21. What is a hypertext?
22. What does HTML stand for?
23. What is an Internet domain? Write an example.
24. What do these top-level domains refer to?


25. What do we understand by web 2.0?
26. What is the name of every entry in a blog?
27. What is the name for each of the discussions in a forum?
28. What is a search Engine? Write three examples.
29. Name of two suitable methods for dealing with big files?
30. What does FTP stand for?
31. What does P2P stand for?
32. Explain how FTP works.
33. Write two main differences between FTP and P2P.