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23 Ayats from the Quran.(concise meaning)
It cannot be found, in the Quran, to prove that the word "AWLIYA"
refers to a particular Muslims or group of Muslims whom we
should follow and we should ignore the instructions of Allah and
his prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). Even, no verse (Ayat)
is found to prove that such AWLIYA are allowed to preach Islam
by way of mocking, accusing and abusing other group of Muslims
and to create hate and dispute among Muslims.

Now let us see, what is

the meaning of AWLIYA in The Quran.
(1) Al Baqra- 2/3&4 ::: Definition of Muttaqin

Allah gives Hidayat to the Muttaqin, who has the following six
(1) Iman (faith) on unseen (Ghaib),
(2) Establish Salah (namaz),
(3) spends from the Rizk given
(4) Iman on Quran
(5) and on heavenly book revealed before Quran and
(6) Iman on Akherat (life hereafter)
(In this Ayat, Allah says - He gives guidance /
hidaayat to Muttaqin. Therefore, all Muslims
have to make all possible efforts to be better
Muttaqin. So, every believer / Muslim is more
or less Muttaqin of lesser or higher degree.)
(2) Al Anfal- 8/34 - Definition of Awliya
No one can be Awliya except who are Muttaqin
(3) At-Tauba -9/71
Muslims (Momineen) are Awliya (friends / protector) of each other.
(4) Al Maida - 5/55

Do not take Awliya (friend, guardian, protector) other than Allah,

Rasul and believers (Imanwala).
(5) Yunus -10/62 -

Awliya (means Muttaqin) does have no fear and no grieve.
(6) Al A'araf -7/3
Follow only Quran and Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace
be upon him) and do not take Awlia (friend or protector) other than
(7) Hud- 11/20
No Awliya except Allah (8) Al Ra'ad -13/16
Have you taken them Awliya other than Allah who have no power
to benefit or to harm ?
(9) Ash-Shura -42/9
Have they taken Awliya other than Allah?
(10) Ash-Shura - 42/6

Allah is watching them who have made Awliya other than Allah and
you (O Muhammed - peace be upon him) are not responsible for
(11) Ash-Shura - 42/46
No Awliya (protector) to help them other than Allah.
(12) Al Isra (Bani Israel) -17/97
Those, who are misguided, they will not find Awliya (protector)
other than Allah.
(13) Al Kahf - 18/102
what?, unbelievers think, they can make my banda (servants)
Awliya other than me?
(14) Al Furqan - 25/18
It is not appropriate that we make Awliya (protector) other than
you (Allah)
(15) Az-Zumar - 39/3
Surely, the religion (i.e. the worship and the obedience) is for Allh

And those who take Awliy' besides Him say (they say): "We
worship them (other than Allah / so called AWLIYA) only for the
reason that they may bring us near to Allh."
Surely, Allh will judge between them concerning that wherein
they differ. Truly, Allh guides not him who is a liar, and a
(16) Fussilat (Haamim Sajda)- 41/31
We (Allah) are your Awliya (guardians) in this worldly life and in the
hereafter (Akherat), and you shall have therein what your souls
desire (tashtahi) and you shall have therein what you ask for.
(17) Al Jathiyah - 45/10
In front of them there is Hell, and that which they have earned
(good deeds) will be of no profit to them, nor (will be of any profit
to them) those whom they have taken as Awliy' (protectors,
helpers) besides Allh. And theirs will be a great torment.
(18) Al Jathiyah - 45/19
Verily, they can avail you nothing against Allh.
Verily, the
Zlimn (polytheists, wrong-doers) are Awliy' (protectors, helpers)
of one another, but Allh is the Wal for the Muttaqn.

(19) Al Ahqaf - 46/32

And whosoever does not respond to Allh's Caller, he cannot escape
on earth, and there will be no Awliy' for him besides Allh (from
Allh's Punishment).
(20) Al Baqra - 2/166 & 167
When those (so called Awliya) who were followed, will disown (will
reject) those (their Murid) who had followed (so called Awliya), and
they (Murid) will see the torment (azab), then all their relations
between them will be cut off (in Akherat).
And those (Murid) who had followed (such so called Awliya) will say:
"If we had only one more chance to return (to the worldly life), we
would disown (declare ourselves as innocent from) them (so called
Awliya), because they (so called Awliya) had disowned (declared
themselves as innocent) from us (in Akherat)."
Thus Allh will show them their deeds, as (Murid) will regret for
them. And they will never get out of the Fire (Jahannam)

Translation of A'ala Hazrat Ahmed Raza Khan:

(The day) when the leaders will be disgusted with their followers
and they shall see their punishment, and all their links will be cut
And the followers will say, If we were to return (to earth), we
would break off from them like they have broken off from us; this
is how Allah will show them their deeds as despair for them; and
they will never come out from the fire (hell).
(21) Al Furqan - 25/17+18 (please refer to the following NOTE)
And on the Day of Qiyamat (Day of judgment) when He (Allah) will
gather them (those who worship and call other than Allh) and will
gather them ( those who were worshiped such as, angels, pious
men, saints, peer, awliya, 's (Jesus) son of Maryam etc.) He (Allah)
will asked (those who were worshiped): "Was it you who misled
these My slaves (banda) or did my slaves (themselves) stray from
the (Right) Path?"
They (those who were worshiped) will reply : "Glorified are You
(Allah)! we did not tell them to worship us (to take up as their
awliya, Protectors, Helpers) besides You, but You gave them and
their fathers so much comfort that they forgot the warning, and
became a lost people (doomed to total loss).

(22) Al Baqarah - 2/257

Allh is the Wal (Protector or Guardian) of those who believe. He
(Allah) brings them out from darkness into light. But as for those
who disbelieve, their Awliy (supporters and helpers) are Tght
[false deities and false leaders], they bring them out from light into
darkness. Those are the dwellers of the Fire, and they will abide
therein forever.
(23) Al Baqarah- 2/107
Do you not know that it is Allah to Whom belongs the kingdom of
the heavens and the earth, and that besides Allah you have no
Awliya or helper?
Ayat NO: 25/17+18 above does not refer to Idols, because, every thing (as
evidenced by The Quran) other than human and Jinn, all (including
mountains, animals, birds etc) will turn into dust at the day of judgment
(Qiyamat). Therefore, there is not at all any possibility to have such
conversation with Idols.
Allah's friends (Awliya) are always very pious and highly righteous, moral
/ honest /decent people who have attained high level of TAQVA by
tremendous worship, strictly practicing Allahs orders and Sunnah of the
prophet p.b.u.h. They NEVER ask Muslims to follow them, but always ask
Muslims to follow The Quran at the first stage, Allah and his messengers

(p.u.b). They always speak good words, pray even for the Muslims who do
not practise Islam correctly and do refrain from causing any dispute
among the Muslims.

May Allah guide all of us.